Bud Light – Fantasy Football League (FFL Draft Code)

19 July 2012


imageHere’s a new 12oz bottle package from Bud Light for the Fantasy Football League.  This bottle will include a FFL draft code on the back label and be part of a new campaign for the NFL season from Bud Light.  The label will be available in the 4% ABV and 3.2% ABW blue state versions. And for those asking, this beer has 110 calories & 6.6g carbs per 12oz.

  Football is Back!

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Anonymous,  19 August, 2012 10:14  

how do you play???????????

mybeerbuzz 19 August, 2012 10:42  

Details are still coming from AB. This is a peek at a new label and fantasy league coming soon.

Anonymous,  23 August, 2012 21:38  

When does it start

mybeerbuzz 24 August, 2012 06:33  

I suspect it will start BEFORE the actual football league so look for this special packaging soon.

Anonymous,  26 August, 2012 15:35  

I have codes for who ever wants them.

good luck, I don't play but I drink bud light.

Anonymous,  30 August, 2012 19:32  

Person above me I like that I drink bud light too

Anonymous,  03 September, 2012 20:43  

none of the above codes are working for me, anyone else have any? THANKS!

Anonymous,  04 September, 2012 11:40  

where can i put these codes? im having trouble locating where to put them in.

Anonymous,  05 September, 2012 15:27  

Any more codes?

Jshults,  12 September, 2012 02:01  

Any idea of a blog where people share codes?

Bud light fan,  20 September, 2012 05:13  

Codes codes codes

Anonymous,  12 October, 2012 21:02  

Very upset with the Bud Light FFL. My roster consist of 75 kickers, 64 Defense, and 45 QB. I have no Wide Receivers or Running backs for this week. My whole roster has a lot of repeats. I just bought a 20pack of BL and out of the 20 I got 7 Ind. Colts Kickers, 7 Cincinnati QB, 3 Ind. QB, and 3 Ind. Colts QB. I have decided to stop playing because the Bud Light FFl is not fair. It is just a different way to make people buy beer. It worked for the first weeks but i will no longer be purchasing BL.

Anonymous,  19 October, 2012 18:49  

Budlight FFL codes only work once so there is no sharing. I too am disappointed with the overwhelming number of kickers and defenses i have on my 250 person roster. i had to play without a RB and WR one week. I agree the game is not all fair. The following code is for Peyton Manning QB Denver: please post if it works for anyone (it did for me). K3O3M6VML There are no ONES or ZEROS. O = letter O, I = letter i.

Anonymous,  04 November, 2012 18:28  

how do you draft players

Anonymous,  11 November, 2012 18:43  

Ok so we like to drink. I have these's codes where do I check them at???

ddaniel2006 14 December, 2012 12:57  

Drink Bud Light don't use codes here we go

On the last one I'm not seeing any numbers except for the 6 in the last code so some of those may be 0's good luck! First come first serve!

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