WILK Friday BeerBuzz 29 June 2012 Purple Healer LDB IPA w/Larry Degreen

29 June 2012

WILKFridayBerbuzz15Back in April of 2011 we welcomed a brand new brewer from a brand new local brewery.  We sampled his beers and watched a week later as he won the Taming of the Brew event award.

Jump ahead 14 months and Larry Degreen from Purple Healer is still brewing great beers, but in a new location.  Larry recently moved to Danville, PA and he’s not only still brewing great beers like his award winning  Rippinator Dopplebock, but he’s added 7 or 8 new beers to his lineup and even expanded his Puppy Hops line up of spent-grain dog biscuits.

imageToday we enjoyed sampling Larry’s new LDB IPA.  This is a mildly hoppy, slightly malty almost British-style IPA that has great body and an noticeable alcohol flavor.  It was fun hearing Larry’s story of the development of this beer *and it’s name), and even more fun to sample.

We were also lucky enough to sample some of Larry’s award winning Purple Possum.  This is a decidedly fruity & grape-flavored brew with lots of character and lots of flavor.  This was Larry’s fall seasonal offering and with the big body & flavor this beer carries, I think it’s a great seasonal offering for fall.

Larry has quite a few great beers so be sure to check out La Fontana Pizzeria in Bloomsburg & the other locations carrying Purple Healer beers.

Thank you to Larry Degreen from Purple Healer Brewing

, Nancy, John, & Joe for yet another fun Friday.

The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together.

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE.

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John Webster 29 June, 2012 10:22  

Aside from the great beers that Larry DeGreen and his Purple Healer Brewery brews is that, after the WILK Friday Beer Buzz, Larry and Bill and Nancy and Rocky from KRZ all came back to my office and continued the festivities!

It's a tough job but...

Thanks to Larry, to Bill from MyBeerBuzz.com, and as always, thanks to you for listening!


mybeerbuzz 29 June, 2012 11:53  

Thanks to Larry Degreen from Purple Healer brewing for joining us today. Don't let the small size of Larry's brewery fool you...these beers are big and really good. Cheers Larry!

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 11:54  

I tasted Ripinator at the Taming of the Brew event. Purple Healer has their stuff together. Ripinator is 1st class!


Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 12:07  

I visit the restaurant in Bloom that has Larry's beers. They are great. Cheers! Eric

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 12:43  

Another great local brewery. I love you guys!
Cheers Larry!


mybeerbuzz 29 June, 2012 14:09  

Sorry for the comment delay....lots of people spamming mybeerbuzz.com comments now. Good news is we're popular..bad news is that it clouds up the real comments....working on it!

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:10  

Larry makes a great beer. I love Ripinator! Amy

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:11  

Great beer Larry!

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:12  

I met Larry at the Taming of the Brew and he is a really nice guy. He deserves success and thank you WILK for having him on again. Cheers Larry!

Chris J

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:13  

Kudos to WILK for bringing us the best local brewers. Nice job Larry.


Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:14  

I've had pizza & La Fontannas in Bloomsburg and the RIpinator is perfect with it. Nice job on the beer Larry.


Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:15  

I've been able to try 2 different Purple healer beers and Ripinator is still my favorite.

Cheers Larry...

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:16  

I love your video but what music did Joe Thomas play for the LDB IPA?


mybeerbuzz 29 June, 2012 14:16  

Thanks to Joe Thomas...our music of the day was Deep Purple Smoke On The Water....our Purple Healer theme song ;)

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:17  

I'd love to try Purple Healer's IPA.


Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:17  

WOW 9% IPA! That's almost a double!

Joe H

mybeerbuzz 29 June, 2012 14:18  

Correct Joe....almost a double IPA....but that would be LDB-DIPA. Larry would need another bunny!

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:19  

I love how Joe Thomas puts you guys on Auto-pilot and comes in for a beer. Cheers to that!


mybeerbuzz 29 June, 2012 14:19  

We are professionals Rob. ;)

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:20  

Wow! Saffron & grapes in the same beer. I missed that on the live show. I want to try Purple Possum for myself. Jim

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:21  

I love your job

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:21  

Thanks Larry! We want more PH beer!

John in Moosic

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:22  

I love your guests every week. And the beer is amazing. Can I come visit?


mybeerbuzz 29 June, 2012 14:24  

Thanks Mary. We'd love to have vistors.....BUT...you'll have to settle for our bus trip or one of our appearances....our studio is too small ;)

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:24  

Your video credits get funnier every week. Who the Hell is Joe Thomas!!?


mybeerbuzz 29 June, 2012 14:25  

I know Ed...he sounds like an Osterich!

Anonymous,  29 June, 2012 14:25  

I love seeing the video because I'm reminded how much fun you have while still doing a great thing for our local craft beer community. I love you guys!

Keri (Dallas, PA)

mybeerbuzz 29 June, 2012 14:26  

Thanks everyone...and especially to Larry Degreen for joining us today with not one, not two but THREE great Purple Healer beers. We had a great time and of course the beers were fantastic.

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