Cabinet Artisanal / Mikkeller Co-Brew # 1 “Singel”

31 May 2012


Our original story on the Cabinet Artisanal / Mikkeller group of three co-brews is here…and another update today is here.  Based on the great photo of our pal Terry Hawbaker above (Note the Bullfrog T-Shirt), I suspect the yeast has arrived and co-Brew #1 w/Thomas from Mikkeller is underway.  The first beer will be named “Singel,” it will use Trappist yeast & be fermented (primary & secondary) in red wine barrels.  Details here from the Mikkeller Blog:

Today the Trappist yeast arrived to Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse, and finally we could start brewing. The first beer to be brewed is called Singel. It’s a simple malt profile, American hops, primary fermented in a red wine barrel with Trappist yeast. Secondary fermentation will also take place in a red wine barrel, but with brettanomyces.

The picture on this blog entry shows Terry filling a wine barrel.
You will find many more pictures from this brew day at Mikkellers Facebook page.


Redhook Issues Update on Exploding Keg Investigation & Upcoming Tribute Beer


Redhook Brewery released a statement today on the latest details in the keg explosion that killed Ben Harris in late April.  This from Redhook:

On Tuesday, April 24, 2012, a tragic accident at the Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH claimed the life of Ben Harris, a member of the Redhook Brewery team. Craft Brew Alliance is conducting an internal investigation and is cooperating with OSHA as the organization conducts its own investigation. Although we are still awaiting conclusions from OSHA, we recognize the importance of sharing information about the accident with the brewing industry in hopes of preventing similar accidents. This investigation has been especially difficult because there were no witnesses to the accident. However, based on our investigation and findings thus far, we currently believe that:

  • The plastic keg involved in the accident was delivered to the brewery as part of a delivery of empty keg returns.
  • The plastic keg involved in the accident was not owned by us.
  • It is common for the Redhook Brewery and others in the industry to receive a certain number of other brewers’ kegs as part of deliveries of empty keg returns.
  • CBA does not use plastic kegs.
  • We believe that Ben Harris may have been engaged in performing the process of emptying the keg prior to stacking it on a pallet.
  • As with our own kegs, when we receive kegs that we do not own we often empty them using compressed air and a Sankey tapping device.
  • We empty the kegs in order to increase their stability when stacked on a pallet prior to being returned to their respective owners.
  • For years, this process for emptying kegs has been performed without incident in a substantially identical manner at the Redhook Brewery and all of our other breweries.
  • The explosion split the keg around the middle seam where the two halves were joined.
  • The explosion split the keg into two pieces.
  • The keg was not clearly marked with a manufacturer’s name.
  • We have contacted the company that we believe manufactured the keg.
  • Material portions of OSHA’s investigation and findings will be publicly available after OSHA has completed its investigation.

Unfortunately, we have not yet determined the exact cause of the failure and we do not know definitively what caused the plastic keg to explode. As a result, we have invested in an independent investigator to assess the keg and equipment involved in the accident. Because there were no witnesses, we may not be able to ascertain the exact cause, even after we have completed our investigations.

In the meantime, CBA remains committed to safety at all four of our brewery locations. Our safety manager and local safety coordinators continue to hold monthly on-site meetings with each of our brewing and operations teams. Ongoing training remains a top priority for our team. Additionally, we are making capital investments this year to improve safety as a result of our annual safety audits. We are also retaining outside safety consultants with brewing industry experience to perform safety audits beyond those we had planned prior to this accident. We will continue to work towards improving safety at all brewery locations to ensure that we provide the safest work environment possible for all of our employees.

As our team continues to grieve with the family after losing Ben, we want to thank the craft beer and brewing communities for the continued support and patience during this difficult time. In the coming weeks, our team will brew & release a memorial beer to celebrate Ben’s life and help support his family. More than anything, we hope that the information we’re able to share in the wake of this tragic accident contributes to greater awareness about safety and to safer work environments throughout the industry.


Washington State Upholds I-1183 & Privatizes Liquor Sales


The Washington State Supreme Court just upheld the constitutionality of I-1183.  This initiative was approved by voters in Nov and takes effect June 1st 2012 (aka tomorrow)!  This now paves the way for businesses larger than 10,000 sq. ft. and some limited smaller stores to sell alcohol.  In other words Washington State has privatized their liquor sales.


Mike’s Hard Lemonade–Phil O’Neil Out Kevin Kotecki In As President

imageBBD is reporting that after just 5-years in office, Phil O’Neil is out and former Pabst chief Kevin Kotecki is in As President  From Beer Business Daily:

Kevin Kotecki, formerly the chief of Pabst, will take the reins of Mark Anthony Brands as Phil O'Neil retires as the company moves its HQ to Chicago


Boulevard Brewing Expands Distribution Into Washington DC Area

imageFrom Boulevard Brewing:

(Kansas City, KA – 31 May 2012) – Over the last few years, Boulevard Brewing Company has grown its selling territory, sharing the Midwest’s favorite craft beers with consumers in coastal cities including Seattle, Portland and Boston. Now, the Kansas City brewer is signing distributors in Washington, D.C., Virginia & Maryland and bringing its ales and lagers to their markets in the coming weeks.

“We’ve been exploring these markets for a while,” said Bob Sullivan, Boulevard’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The number of Midwest transplants residing in our nation’s capital made the market appealing to us. Add in our sponsorship of the Brewer Association’s SAVOR event, [an American craft beer and food experience taking place in DC on June 8th & 9th]  launching now is perfect timing.”

Boulevard will offer its flagship Unfiltered Wheat Beer and highly acclaimed Smokestack Series line of artisanal beers beginning June 4, immediately after the SAVOR event in D.C. The company has appointed Premium Distributors in D.C., northern Virginia, and part of Maryland, and Bond Distributing in greater Baltimore. Other communities in Virginia and Maryland will be added throughout the summer.

To oversee its sales on the east coast, Boulevard has appointed Rob Goodyear to the position of Regional Sales Manager, based out of Boston. Goodyear, a 13-year veteran of the beer industry, began his career as a sales rep with Burke Distributing in Boston, and most recently served as Chain Account Executive for MillerCoors.


Bell’s Brewery Inc.–Midwestern Pale Ale


Here’s another new artistic 12oz bottle coming from our pal Larry Bell @ Bell’s Brewery Inc. called Midwestern Pale Ale.  This 5.2%ABV Blond ale uses Michigan-grown barley and features a painting of the Bell’s Brewery Farm in Shepherd, MI.


Goose Island – Harvest Ale


We brought you the keg label for this Goose Island brew, so it’s no surprise to see the 12oz bottle label coming for Harvest Ale.  This one will be brewed & bottled at the Anheuser-Busch facility in Baldwinsville, NY and we’re looking at of course a fall release.


Boulevard / Pretty Things Smokestack Collaboration No 3 – Stingo English-Style Ale


We followed along with the road trip that Dann & Martha from Pretty Things did to Boulevard Brewing and ultimately to the CBC; and here’s the beer they brewed with Boulevard along the way.  This is Boulevard Brewing Smokestack Collaboration No. 3, Stingo English-Style Ale.  This beer was brewed by Steven Pauwela of Boulevard and Dann & Martha Paquette from Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project.  Stingo is a 9.5%ABV modern-version of a traditional English “Stingo” ale.  Stingo is a name held from the 17th century, named because the flavor “stings” the palate…and this brew will give you 750ml of stinging.


Sly Fox - Charles Bridge Pilsner & Axed Ale (Brewed w/Origlio Beverage)

image image

Two new keg-only beers coming form the Pottstown Facility of Sly Fox Brewing.  Charles Bridge Pilsner & Axed Ale.  I’m guessing the Charles Bridge Pilsner is a classic Czech Pils named after Prague’s famous Charles Bridge?…but less guessing on Axed Ale.  Turns out this is a sort-of-co-brew with Origlio Beverage (Sly Fox wholesaler.)  Back in March, Origlio Beverage held a homebrewing competition with Sly Fox to help train employees about brewing beer.  The winning beer named Axed Ale was brewed by Sly Fox in a 40bbl batch and it will be released in kegs only this summer.


Victory - Ranch Double IPA


Here’s another keg label in Victory Brewing’s series of “Ranch” IPAs.  The original Ranch IPA is here and today we have Ranch Double IPA.


Long Trail Pumpkin Ale, Blackbeary Wheat, Goodnight Irene Ale & Woody Brown Ale

image image
image image

Our pal Dan Hartmann from Long Trail has been a busy guy this week with label approvals for 12oz bottles of Pumpkin Ale & Blackbeary Wheat and keg approvals for some interesting beers….Goodnight Irene Ale & Woody Brown Ale.  Pumpkin Ale is Long Trail’s fall seasonal and I suspect this is the beer used as a starting point for the next Brewmaster Series Imperial Pumpkin Ale.  Stay tuned for details on the keg labels.


Mikkeller Blog @ Cabinet Artisanal


It’s a lot of fun to see our pals Terry Hawbaker, Mike Hiller & Kristen Mullen appearing with Thomas from Mikkeller in the Mikkeller blog.  You guys are having WAY too much fun!  Here’s the post from Mikkeller:

Yesterday we sat all day at the Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse and waited for the yeast that was delayed because of Memorial Day. The only meaningful thing to do in that situation was to drink a lot of the good beers.

Terry served one fantastic farmhouse beer after another. While we sat and enjoyed the good beer we came suddenly to talk about malt liquor – a terrible beer that is most often enjoyed straight out of a bottle, wrapped in a brown paper bag under a bridge by a homeless man.

The conversation led to a bum wine tasting – I do not know why we did it, but suddenly they good beer replaced with the most horrible cheap booze I’ve ever tasted.

After that experience, there was barbecue food and even more amazing farmhouse ales.

We ended early because the day after we were going to brew the first of three Mikkeller/Farmers Cabinet beers.

More from Thomas:

After a pleasant evening in Alexandria, with pizza and local beer in the company of Terry Hawbaker and his girlfriend, photographer Kristen Mullen, it’s finally time to see Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse.
The yeast to be used for primary fermentation has not arrived at the brewery yet, since it was Memorial Day yesterday, so today, Terry will show me around the brewery, and we will taste some of the beer he has brewed – which I really look forward to.

The picture for this blog entry shows Terry surrounded by some of the wine barrels that have been purchased for this Mikkeller / Farmers Cabinet collaboration brew. It is planned that both the primary and secondary fermentation should be carried out in wooden barrels. But more about that later on.

It’s by the way Kristen Mullen who has taken the picture of her smoking boyfriend and all the wine barrels.


THE Festival–Shelton Brothers & 12% Imports

From Shelton Brothers:

12% Imports and Shelton Brothers have partnered to present a unique international festival focused on artisanal brewers, as well as cider and mead makers. We aren't just throwing the words 'unique' or 'artisanal' around lightly here. We specialize in importing small-batch products, from tiny producers, in far-off places, in very small quantities. Never before has any festival in the U.S. featured such a broad array of traditional drinks from across the globe. That alone is unique, but what's even more special about The Festival is that the people who create these beers, ciders, and meads will actually be on hand to pour them! Every single producer will be there: more than sixty different artisans, bringing over three-hundred different beers, ciders, and meads! We have producers traveling from as far away as Japan and New Zealand -- all told, more than a dozen countries will be represented at The Festival.


A Stein’s Throw–The Bruery & Taps Fishhouse & Brewery Do a Stein Beer


Redhook – Allocation Ale

No real details yet (beyond 6% ABV), but today we have another Redhook “Specialty” keg called Allocation Ale approved.  We saw a bunch of these specialty kegs over the last week or so and I suspect we’ll see more.


What’s Next for Sour Beers (Lost Abbey, Cambridge, Avery, Odell, Cascade)

imageAn interesting article from the DenverPost highlighting Avery’s Sour fest.  What’s more interesting is the various brewmaster’s take on what’s next for

Sour beers:

Tomme Arthur, brewmaster and director of brewery operations, Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey, San Marcos, Calif.:

“I would have to think that the evolution of production methods will separate the producers of sour ales. Many breweries are dabbling in this production while others are going whole hog. Success is out there for those who do. We have seen breweries (like Jolly Pumpkin and Cascade Lakes) produce a range of sour(ish) beers and nothing else. Many of the breweries who are now entering the sour beer arena are looking at having separate facilities for these types of beers. Development of a “house character” will also need to manifest itself if a brewery wishes to distinguish their beers in a sea of sour patch wannabes.

There is a whole world of opportunities that can be explored in sour beer land. Look at Cantillon in Belgium. While they have been producing lambic for over 100 years they are still experimenting with herbs and interesting fruits. I have heard rumors that they are even doing some aging in Clay Pots (Amphorae) which takes it way back. If one of the best producers in the world keeps experimenting, we’ll have no problem developing new sour beers as well.”  Full article here.


Asahi Beer –Tornado Beer Dispenser

imageI couldn’t resist.  We’ve seen bottom-up/magnetic based cup dispensers before, but not with a Tornado!  Now comes Asahi Beer’s Tornado Beer Dispenser.  News from Inventorspot:

Designed for restaurants, bars and beer gardens, the Tornado Beer Dispenser from Japan's Asahi Beer pours a perfect mug of beer every time with an interesting side effect: a tiny, twisting tornado spins away in the center of the mug before joining the ideally engineered head rising over the mug's rim.

The dispenser features a pair of, for want of a better term, filling pads onto which the suddenly inadequate bartender locks a specially designed plastic beer mug. An injector nozzle built into the pad is forced into a complementary hole in the base of the glass. Flip a switch and draft beer (Asahi Super Dry, we assume) spurts into the mug – not upwards, but sideways so the beer won't be overly agitated and lose its carbonation  Full details and pictures here.


Seven Sheds “Original IPA” Brewed By a Boat

imageSeven Sheds Brewery in Tasmania is brewing a true to history IPA.  Two barrels of Seven Sheds IPA will travel 10,000km aboard the ship “Spirit of Tasmania II” in an attempt to replicate the original voyages that historical IPA’s took to the colonies in India.  While it may sound a little farfetched, in theory the motion of the boat may accelerate the barrel aging and may actually affect the beer itself.  This from the Mercury:

Head brewer at Railton's Seven Sheds Brewery Willie Simpson said his crazy idea to send barrels of beer back and forth across Bass Strait for about 10,000km, was a brewer's own adventure.

Two 100-litre oak barrels of beer yesterday were stowed below the car decks of the Spirit of Tasmania II.

Their contents were drawn from Seven Shed's one-off batch of India Pale Ale (IPA), super-charged with home-grown hops.

Mr Simpson hoped to create something similar to the original IPA brewed in England and exported to India in the 19th century.

TT Line's 23-lap re-enactment promises to give the brew authenticity, taking it about the same distance as the journey from England to India via the Suez Canal.

"My gut feeling is that the motion of the ship on the water will accelerate the wood-ageing maturation, hopefully there will be more woody characters in the final beer," Mr Simpson said.

He said another tantalising prospect would be the influence of the oak barrels, previously used for whisky at Hobart's Lark Distillery.

The never-to-be-repeated concoction will be bottled and sold at Seven Sheds cellar door and patrons at Hobart's New Sydney Hotel might get to try some on tap around August.


Point Brewery Expands Capacity & Adds 2nd Shift

imageFrom JSOnline:

For the first time in its 155-year history, Stevens Point Brewery will add a second shift.

The brewery in the town of the same name said it is adding the shift in its packaging department to keep pace with increased brewing capacity and steadily growing sales. The shift will add at least five new jobs, the company said.

Stevens Point Brewery said it has invested $2.1 million in new equipment and warehouse space in the past three years, and earlier this year finished an expansion that included nine new fermentation tanks and other equipment that brings its overall annual capacity to 120,000 barrels of beer.


Pedal Powered Party Pub (No Word on Pedal Powered Bathrooms)


Beer & Bicycles seem to go together, but would you pedal to keep your pub operating.  In comes the Pedal Powered Party Pub…this form the NYTimes and no word on a pedal powered bathroom yet:

A kind of pub on wheels, propelled by pedaling, the beer bike — which in Europe is usually but not always steered by an employee of the tour company rather than by one of the partygoers — is thought to have been invented in the Netherlands in the late 1990s.

But in recent years, the contraption, variously promoted as a social lubricant; an original, environmentally correct way to see a city; and a healthier, calorie-burning alternative to sitting in a bar, has expanded its appeal beyond the Dutch border to several European countries and the United States.

“We are just human beings,” said Ard Karsten, who started building beer bikes and running tours in the Dutch capital in 2005. “We like enjoyment.”

Mr. Karsten installed a new keg of beer on his bright blue, 20-foot-long, 1,500-odd-pound machine, which can hit speeds of five miles per hour and accommodate 12 riders on regular bicycle seats around a wooden bar, where beer is on tap. A bench in the back provides more seating.


SABMiller Facing Tough Task Turning Fosters Around


An interesting read on the challenges facing SABMiller as they work to turn around the struggling Foster’s brand…This from Reuters:

(Reuters) - World No.2 brewer SABMiller (SAB.L) is set for a tough battle to turnaround its Australian Foster's acquisition as its beer volumes sink and it loses key import contracts which will stretch management to meet new aggressive targets.

Investors are unconvinced that SABMiller, which has built up its business around fast-growing emerging markets to become the biggest brewer there, made the right move in buying the No.1 player in mature market Australia when its beer volumes, profit and market share were all going south. SABMiller's shares have underperformed its main rival Anheuser Busch InBev (ABI.BR).

SABMiller spent $11.8 billion late last year on Foster's and set out ambitious targets to reverse the decline of the perennial underperformer in an Australian market where beer has lost out to wine and volumes have been flat for nearly 20 years.


Oskar Blues Purchases Property & Releases Plans for a “Beer Train” From Longmont to Boulder

30 May 2012

imageExciting news coming from Dale Katechis & everyone @ Oskar Blues.  This from the DailyCamera:

The owners of Oskar Blues Brewery purchased the property that houses their Longmont restaurant in a transaction that could further a short-term goal of expanding the eatery and possibly set in motion a long-term dream to have a "beer train" run between the brewer's Longmont and Boulder locations.

County records that became public this week show that Red Clay LLC -- an entity registered to Oskar Blues' founders -- bought the property at 1555 S. Hover St. for $1.525 million. The seller of the 7,508-square-foot restaurant, which sits on nearly 5 acres, was Pratt Management Company LLC, according to the documents recorded on May 24.

Oskar Blues, based in Longmont, has leased the 1555 S. Hover St. property since 2009 when it

Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids & Solids in Longmont.

opened Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids & Solids at that site.

When reached Wednesday, owner Dale Katechis said the purchase would allow for the opportunity to expand the 340-seat restaurant by about 80 to 100 seats and also add to the on-site parking.

"It's been a good year of growth," he said. "The real estate acquisition ... made a great deal of sense."

The privately held Oskar Blues recorded a 40 percent increase in its beer sales in 2011 from the year before. The purchase of the Hover Street property was partially financed by a loan from Guarantee Bank, Katechis said.

"The opportunity came up to buy it, and we went for it," he said. "I love the lot. My master plan is to put a beer train on those railroad tracks."

Katechis said his dream would be to have an open-air beer train shuttle customers between Oskar Blues' brewery off Pike Road and the Hover Street restaurant down to the planned Depot Square at Boulder Junction development in Boulder, where the brewer is planning to open a restaurant inside Boulder's historic train depot.


Troegs Scratch Beer Showdown Part II (Uncle Jack vs Cousin Lew)

Details are here and part 1 of the video is here.


Drakes Aroma Coma & Aroma Prieta Coming in Aug

imageDrakes Aroma Coma is returning in a big way and with a new dark? friend (Aroma Prieta)…this from Drakes:

This year... the Coma doesn't stand alone. We're shakin' things up.

Coming in early August 2012, Aroma Coma and Aroma Prieta.

Sister beers, entirely different hops. Stay tuned.


Ommegang iPhone App To Interact w/Gnome Week Coasters


From Brewery Ommegang:

Download the "Chouffe Little Gnome" application for iPhones and Droids, which will interact with special Gnome Week coasters that will be provided; when coasters are scanned with the phones consumers will be able to interact with a real time visual and be provided with a fun connection to Chouffe. To download the app visit the Apple app store or Google Play store and search “Chouffe”. To test it out scan the image posted below with the app.


Sly Fox New Pottstown Brewpub Coming Soon


Pottstown Circle of Progress!


Lost Abbey Vodcast # 17 - Red Barn (In Search of Ginger)


Friday BeerBuzz The Teaser–1 June 2012

WILKFridayBeerbuzz1We had a great time last week.  Perhaps it was reminiscing about my vacation weekends skiing Killington with my friends and drinking Long Trail beer, or perhaps it was just because we were lucky enough to sample not one but two great Long Trail beers…in any case we really enjoyed sampling Belgian White & Brewmaster Series DIPA with Head Brewer Dave Hartmann and I look forward to what he has coming next (stay tuned for a Brewmaster pumpkin beer this fall.)

So what will we be sampling this week? Hint: This weeks Brewmaster has joined us before, but now he’s at a NEW Brewery & not whining about it. 

Tune in at 8:30AM and see what beer we sample on the Friday BeerBuzz on WILK…bringing good beers and good people together. (103.1FM or


Susquehanna Brewing Co–Where Can You Find The Beer

imageAj's Soda Club
Angelo's Restaurant and Pizza
Anthracite Café
Arena Bar and Grill
B & S Distributors
Backyard Ale House
Barley Creek Brewing Company
Beer Boys
Beer Super
Brew's Brothers
Buca Del Vino
Chacko's Bowling Center
Charlie B's
Chicken Coop
Cooper's Seafood House Pittston
Cooper's Seafood House Scranton
Donahues Frogtowne Grille
Dugan's Pub
Dundee Beverage
Fox Hill Country Club
Georgetown Deli
Green Gables
Grotto Pizza Harvery's Lake
Grotto Pizza Kingston
Harringtons's Beer Distributors
Huntsville Golfcourse
Italian Club Hudson
Jessup Plaza Beverage Center
Joey B's
Kildare's Scranton
La Tolteca
Lake Way Beverage
Lizza's Mezzo Mezzo
Lone Star Wilkes-Barre
Long Branch Saloon
Lucky Lucianos
Marvelous Muggs Moosic
Mid-Town Sports Bar
Mountain Beverage
Original Pocono Pub
Pike's Creek Beverage
Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill Dickson City
Polish Club Hudson
Quality Beverage of NEPA
Ramada Hotel on the Square
Red Mill
Rygiel's Pub
Sabatini's Pizza
Sand Spring Restaurant
Smokey Bones
Stan's Café
TGI Friday's Dickson City
The Banshee
The Boulderview Tavern
The Dog House Saloon
The Dough Company
The V Spot
The Town Tavern of Duryea
Tiffany's Tap and Grill
Tipsy Turtle
Tipsy Turtle Owen Street Pub
Tony's Pizzeria Pittston
VFW Kingston
Wychock's Mountain Top
Wychock's Wilkes-Barre
Wyoming Valley Beverage Edwardsville


DC Brau - The Corruption & The Public 22oz Bottles By Kelly Towles

I n addition to their caned beers, it now looks like DC Brau will be producing 22oz bottles for The Corruption IPA & The Public Pale Ale.  Both bottles now feature artwork by Kelly Towles with a similar face theme so I suspect these may be a limited run of special packaging.


Redhook – Sampling Only Beer (12oz Bottles)

No details on this except that it is a 12oz bottle package for Redhook.  This is a “Sampling Only” beer and not for resale….and “It’s What’s Inside Redhook’s Package That Counts.”


Pretty Things American Darling Good Time Lager

Here’s a new brew from Pretty Things called American Darling Good Time Lager.  This new “un-lawnmower” beer will be packaged in 22oz bottles and come in at 7% ABV.  American Darling uses a decoction mash and German-Hallertau hops and yes at this ABV it’s best to leave the lawnmower in the garage.


Mikkeller - Invasion IPA (Mercury Brewing)


This new brew from Mikkeller called Invasion IPA American India Pale Ale is brewed & packaged in 22oz bottles by Somerville Beer Co / Mercury Brewing in Ipswich, MA.  This is a 7% ABV brew that has already been brewed with Anchorage Brewing (here) and Drakes (here.)


Goose Island – Fleur


Here’s the keg label for Goose Island Fleur ale with natural flavor added (steeped hibiscus flowers.)  Stay tuned for more info on this one.


New Belgium – Enjoy The Ride (Win The Bike)


As a follow up to last year’s “Joy Ride” New Belgium is launching a summer campaign called “Enjoy The Ride”  Details from NB:

(FT. COLLINS, CO—30 May  2012) - New Belgium Brewing, maker of Fat Tire Amber Ale, is ready to embrace the summer season with this year's "Enjoy the Ride" campaign.

As a follow-up to last year's 20th Anniversary "Joy Ride" campaign where fans submitted their Fat Tire stories, this year's Enjoy the Ride will share those stories on packaging, Point of Sale and online. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, friends of New Belgium will be able to Enjoy the Ride through
bike giveaways, storytelling, socializing venues, social media and more.

The Enjoy the Ride campaign is a fusion of Fat Tire love, the enjoyment of life, passion for bikes and socializing with friends in person and through social media.

Throughout the campaign, New Belgium will give away a total of 2,500 coveted Fat Tire cruiser bikes. The bicycles will be awarded in New Belgium markets, on the New Belgium website and through social media. People can experience Enjoy the Ride on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,; at Tour de Fat and Clips of Faith; and by following local Beer Rangers to learn about store giveaways and events.


Steve Hindy of Brooklyn & Scott Vaccaro of Capt. Lawrence Talk NY Tax Exemption


Courtesy of NY1 Inside City Hall.


Cigar City Tony Jannus Pale Ale @ Tampa Airport

Courtesy of Tampa Bay Online:

Cigar City Brewing's new beer is being brewed at Tampa International Airport and is named after Tony Jannus, pilot of the world's first commercial flight, which was from St. Petersburg to Tampa.


Brew Dog –Beer For Punks Delivery Truck


Imagine seeing this truck coming down the street.  This is not a US version, but I suspect we’ll see something similar very soon.  Courtesy of Brew Dog Here’s a peek at the new beer-truck advertising.


DuClaw Exile Series X-5 Sorachi Ace IPA

Here’s the 5th release in the DuClaw Exile Series of beers.  This one is a Sorachi Ace IPA.  X-5 will be 7.2% ABV & it will be packaged in 22oz bottles.  This is a “medium bodied IPA” and it of course uses the Japanese Sorachi Ace “lemongrass-like” hops.


Drakes Brewery To Begin Freshness Dating

Drakes Brewery is showing off the new equipment that will allow them to freshness date their bottles.  This is really good news and something I hope to se even more breweries install in the future.


AleSmith Releasing Nut Brown Ale Bottles Today

From AleSmith:

Today we tap cask of Anvil ESB and we still have just a little bit of the Decadence cask left! Plus, NUT BROWN ALE bottles go on sale in the tasting room today! You've asked and we've answered, come and get some delicious Nut Brown Ale today!


Troegs Brewing Scratch Beer w/Drafting Room (Exton, PA)


Stay tuned for more details on this one but it looks like Troegs is brewing a Scratch Beer today with the crew from the Drafting Room in Exton, PA.  There’s been some mention of an English Porter Scratch coming up…..could this be it?


Black Raven - Hochzeit Pilsner Coming 6/2

imageAnother new 22oz & draft beer coming from Black Raven Brewing:

The Hochzeit Pilsner is Black Raven's summer seasonal lager. Brewed each year in limited quantity, this clean and crisp lager is the perfect summer treat. Brewed with traditional Czech grown and malted barley for an authentic European malt flavor. Domestic and European hops provide a balanced hop bitterness and flavor.   (No growler fills or kegs to go)


Stone’s Greg Koch Giving Commencement Speech @ Cuyamaca College Today

imageI had a really great undergrad commencement speaker, but color me a litle jealous of Cuyamaca College's class of 2012.  I guess the real question is did he shave his beard first? (check the comments for Greg’s response)  News form the LaMesaPatch:

Stone Brewing Company CEO and co-founder Greg Koch is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at Cuyamaca College's 34th annual commencement ceremony today.

Nearly 700 students are expected to receive associate degrees and certificates of achievement during the ceremony, which is taking place at the college's Rancho San San Diego campus at 5:30 p.m. Koch was chosen to be this year's keynote speaker because of his longstanding commitment to resource conservation, according to the college's website.

"I hope to share a little bit of insight and offer encouragement to the graduates to make their own way in the world and at the same time, take personal responsibility to do their share to protect this place where we live," Koch said in a statement.


Beer Math–Why Do Guinness Bubbles Sink?

I guess I never thought to ponder the question of why some beer bubbles rise and some sink….but good news.  “Irish Mathematicians” are hard at work on the answer.  This from Redorbit:

Irish mathematicians have put their minds and glasses together to understand why Guinness bubbles sink and in the end—and several beers later—they have concluded it most likely comes down to the shape of the vessel.

By running the peculiarity of this liquid dynamic behavior through a simulator, an upward flow can be seen running up from the center of the glass as a downward flow carries the bubbles down to the bottom.

The Irish mathematicians have taken these results and have shown the simulations shift when you change the shape of the glass.

Eugene Benilov, Cathal Cummins and William Lee at the University of Limerick are the mathematicians responsible for this new research, and say the shape of the glass plays a huge part in the way the beer is circulated within.

As bubbles drift upwards, they exert drag on the liquid surrounding them. The mathematicians say this drag is higher in areas where the bubble density is greatest, such as the center of the pint glass. This creates an imbalance which sets up the famous circulation pattern where the liquid flows upwards but the bubbles fall downwards near the walls.

Benilov and company say if a Guinness is poured into a straight, perfectly cylindrical pint, there would be no imbalance and the bubbles and liquid would rise together in harmony; The bubbles would constantly be replenished from the bottom of the glass.


Green Flash 30th St Pale Ale Coming to Bottles

A perennial favorite for me on draft when I visit San Diego…. Green Flash 30th St Pale Ale is now coming to 12oz bottles.  From Green Flash:

You're welcome, San Diego! Make sure to come out to our SD Beer Series Release Party on 6/26 to purchase a case!


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2016 NEPA BlogCon Winner

2016 NEPA BlogCon Winner

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