New Belgium Lips of Faith Super Cru

28 February 2011

We brought you the first announcement New Belgium Lips of Faith Grand Cru Abbey Ale…and also the mention of a new Lips of Faith Super Cru.  We showed off the keg packaging and here’s the new 22oz 10% ABV Super Cru Ale Brewed with Pear Juice.  This brew is part of new Belgium's 20th Anniversary celebration and uses the “backbone of Fat Tire” with twice the hops and malt, an addition of Asian pear juice and saison yeast.


Eel River–Earth Thirst Double IPA


We mentioned a few weeks ago the upcoming release of Eel River Earth Thirst Double IPA.  This brew celebrates earth day so it should be out in time for the April 22nd celebration.  This 22oz  8.2% ABV packaging carries the logo of the California Certified Organic Farmers (proceeds will benefit  CCOF).  Eel River is not only certified organic, but also uses highly sustainable brewing practices.


Fisherman’s–Greenhorn Double IPA

Here’s your first look at the new packaging for the Fisherman’s (aka Cape Ann Brewing Co, aka Releta Brewing Co LLC) Greenhorn Double IPA (Saratoga Springs NY).  Fishermans is a favorite at the Split Rock beer festival every year so I really look forward to this DIPA.  This is the 22oz packaging and the brew comes in at 9% ABV.


Flying Dog–In de Wildman 25th Anniversary IPA

imageThis appears to be the keg packaging for Flying Dog In de Wildman, a special version of their Raging Bitch IPA (American IPA with Belgian yeast).  In de Wildman is a bar housed in a former distillery in Amsterdam and this brew was created in celebration of their 25th anniversary.


Warsteiner Premium–11.2oz Cans


We’ve seen this more and more lately with some of the German brews, but we’re finally seeing Warsteiner Premium packaged in 11.2oz cans and sent to the states.  This is their standard 4.8% premium and it will be canned in Germany.


Mikkeller–Single Hop Series Palisade & Keg Labels

imageWe’ve see the 18 different Mikkeller Single-Hop brew labeling coming out over the last few months.  Today Mikkel received keg packaging approval for Willamette, Warrior, Tettnanger, Super Galena, Sorachi Ace, Simcoe, Palisade, Nugget, Mt Hood, Magnum, Galena, Columbus, Cluster, Challenger, Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo, and Palisade as well as the new 11.2oz bottle package for Palisade.image


Pyramid Brewing–Brewe’s Handle Lager

imageHere’s the latest in the Brewer’s Handle Series from Pyramid Brewing Co.  This is a brewpub-only release for the Pyramid Alehouses.  Pyramid has been releasing one version every 6 weeks (Porter, Tripel, Dunkelweizen, and Alt) with this latest one being a 6.5% ABV Lager.


Denali Brewing Co–Hibernale

imageIn the name of full-disclosure…I’ll admit that even though we don’t get Denali Brewing beers in PA, I’m tremendously fond of them.  I spent some time in Talkeetna AK at the Alaskan Lodge, and I can tell you their stuff is tasty.  Talkeetna is the 2nd stop heading north out of Anchorage AK on the Alaskan Railway, and it’s the launching point for many adventurers attempting to climb Mt McKinley.  This is the 750ml 9.1% ABV Hibernale Belgian-Style Christmas Ale 2010 Oak Aged Edition.


Fegley’s Brew Works–It’s Not My Alt!

BrewWorksLogoFrom Mike:

Now available in Bethlehem:
Our Altbier is a German style brown ale originating in Dusseldorf, and literally translate to "old beer". The creamy head of this copper hued beer leads to an aromatic hop presence, a subtle caramel flavor, and an ideal balance of hops and malt.  It's medium body produces a clean, crisp, and dry finish...the perfect session beer for this time of year. "It's Not My Alt!" 

On tap Today (Tuesday) in Bethlehem:
The invigorating smell of grapefruit...The fresh hop bitterness...The sweet malt finish...Brewed in the tradition of West Coast IPAs, we entangled tons of malt & tons of hops into the kettle to create this sensationally explosive ale. Could this be the hoppiest Brew Works beer yet? Hop Explosion goes on tap at BBW.

Coming Friday on tap in Allentown Only
and in Bottles available at all 3 locations:
Our Monkey Wrench Saison is back!  This dry, crisp, golden-colored ale is brewed to impart the secrets of the higher intelligence through its monolithic flavor. It is an outstanding example of a classic Saison Ale with refreshing hints of lemon and pepper and a snappy carbonated bite.

Update on new breweries for the March 26th

Great Allentown Craft Beer Festival 
There will be a minimum of 22 beer selections at this festival, with samplings of:
Twelve (12) Allentown Brew Works beers
Six (6) Bethlehem Brew Works beers
Several one of a kind cask beers from the Brew Works, and other friends!
Yards Brewing
Sly Fox Brewing 
Weyerbacher Brewing
Hammersmith Ales - historic recipe casks


Appalachian Brewing Co- Broad St Barley Wine Ale–New Packaging

27 February 2011

imageAppalachian Brewing Co (aka ABC) has been redoing all of their 12oz labels to reflect their new bridge  logo.  We brought you Hoppy Trails and Grinnnin’ Grizzly, and even their new keg labels so today we bring you Broad St Barley Wine Ale.  As with the other packaging, the new oval bridge logo dominates the top and the beer name is relocated to the bottom of the label.


BridgePort Brewing Sampling Spectacular !

26 February 2011


When we visit family members out in the Pacific Northwest, one of the first brews I always have when we get on the ground is a Bridgeport Brewing IPA.  It’s a family favorite and a beer I look forward to every time…so I was really excited to be lucky enough to receive an amazing variety pack of BridgePort brews (and Big Brews Series beers) to sample over the next few weeks. 

Thank you to BridgePort Master Brewer Jeff Edgerton for sending this impressive sample pack!  I thought I knew all of the great beers BridgePort was brewing, but I had no idea the great variety of styles they brew.  Stay tuned as I sample Hop Czar Imperial IPA, Hop Harvest Ale, Nightcap Winter Ale, Highland Ambush Scotch Ale, Stumptown Tart Oak-aged Framboise, Café Negro Coffe Porter, Kingpin Double Red, and of course our family favorite IPA.


Cigar City–Papaya IPA

Here’s a new approval just released by Cigar City Brewing today.  Looks like they’ve decided to package the previous keg-only specialty Papaya IPA.  This is their Jai –Alai IPA with dried Papaya added after fermentation.  The fruit addition increases the sweetness and boosts the citrusy-hop flavor.  This specialty brew will be released March 5th at the Florida brewers Guild BeerFest 2011 in Ybor City and again at the Cigar City Hunapuh release party on march 12th.  According to the Florida Brewers Guild it will also be available at selected member pubs & tasting rooms in limited markets as a promotional benefit to the FBG.  It will be packaged in 750ml bottles and come in at 7.5% ABV.


Dogfish Head–Seasonale Ale

imageIt’s not much to look at right now, but here’s another odd one from Sam and the rest of the guys @ Dogfish Head.  This beer IS registered for release in PA, so it should be interesting to see which PA beer festival they decide to pour it at.  This appears to be a keg-only specialty brew so stay tuned for details.


Troegs Scratch # 42 Available Now

25 February 2011

TroegsScratchNOW AVAILABLE!! SCRATCH #42-2011
O.G.: 15.4
ABV: 7%
Malt: Pils, Munich, Crystal, Special B
IBU: 19
Hops: Tradition
Yeast: Mad Elf
Juju: Raspberries, Cacao nibs, vanilla beans
Code: Razz-ma-dizzle


WILK Friday BeerBuzz–25 Feb 2011 Southern Tier 2X IPA

WILKFridayBerbuzz15I’ve been drinking craft beer long enough to remember the very beginning of Southern Tier Brewing.  Back in 2005 we started to see a few beers like Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale, and Southern Tier IPA coming out of the Lakewood, NY brewery.  These were good beers, but it wasn’t until we started to see the creative masterpieces like Crème Brulee, Choklat and Pumking, that Southern Tier really marched onto the craft beer scene.

Today we sampled Southern Tier 2XIPA.  There is very little information to be found about 2XIPA, so it was fun to sample the beer and try to pick out the ingredients of the brew.  I’m a big fan of 2xIPA, so it was even more exciting to hear that we’ll likely see more of it with the recent installation of the new bottling line @ Southern Tier. 

2XIPA is a great hoppy beer so be sure to get out and check it out for yourself.  Southern Tier also makes a WIDE variety of other ales and lagers like Choklat, Pumking, Jah*va, Crème Brule, Krampus, Harvest, Unearthly, Gemini and Cuvee, and each one is unique and tasty!

to  John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 
The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together
As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE


Weyerbacher Oscar Release 3/26/2011

WeyerbacherOscarWe were the first to show you the new label for Weyerbacher’s Brewer’s Select OSCAR back in Dec…so I’m excited to report this news from Dan:


The latest in our Brewer's Select Series of one-offs, Oscar is a very hoppy Hefeweizen. Unfiltered and 6.2% abv. Oscar will be available in bottles only at the brewery during Saturday tour hours. Draft will be available in our best markets beginning immediately and over the next few weeks. Prost!
Dan Weyerbacher


Great Divide Brewing Co–17th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA

It’s always exciting to be the first to release an exciting new brew, so today I’m happy to push out the recently approved Great Divide 17th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA.  Much like last year’s 16th Anniversary beer, this will be a 22oz 10% ABV brew.  This brew is based on their Denver Pale Ale using “English & American hops, while French and American oak rounds off the edges and provides a touch of vanilla.”  This brew will be released in April in support of the brewery’s 17th Anniversary celebration.


Breaker Brewing Co–Reaching to NEW Heights!

24 February 2011

BreakerBrewingLogoNewWe’ve all followed along as our local hometown brewery Breaker Brewing Co has grown over the last few years…and I’m excited to report that Mark & Chris are reaching for new heights.    On March 8th, the guys will have a zoning hearing to approve their purchase of the former St Joseph’s Monastery on Northampton St in Georgetown.  Personally I’ve been really excited to watch a locally-owned and family-oriented small brewery take the next step to expand beyond their garage-brewery in Plains PA.  I’ve been even more excited to see two local guys, with a great sense for their locally community make the move to expand their business and reach for new heights.  Check out what Berwick Brewing Co has done for their local community in Berwick, and I think you’ll see a small portion of what the guys have in mind.

For those asking the questions, Breaker Brewing Co is a small family-owned local business looking for more space to expand.  Their plans do include moving their garage-based brewery into a small portion of the St Josephs property, in fact the classroom space currently available will be much larger than their current brewery.  I’m also excited to not only report that their plans include a small tasting room and growler fill area, but that their plans may eventually include a tap room.  It’s also important to note that Mark & Chris are members of our local community, and sensitive to the concerns of their local neighbors.  Breaker Brewing Co is a small community-oriented, family-owned local business.  This is not a late-night bar with flashy signs, in fact the guys are talking about very conservative hours and very respectful local craft-beer patrons.  This is not a business serving anything but locally brewed craft beer, and also a business interested in using some of the space initially as an art gallery for local artists and artisans.

I’m VERY happy to report that even with the pending zoning approvals, Breaker Brewing Company intends to remain small and join in with the local community.  I can personally attest to the fact that even with the expansion of brewing, fermenting, bottling and cooling spaces that are planned, when the doors are closed, brewing is actually a quiet and unrecognizable venture.

As a craft beer lover and member of our local community myself, I’m tremendously hopefully for this potential expansion of Breaker Brewing Co.  Not only do I enjoy the beers Mark & Chris brew, but more importantly, I love to see two local guys, with a tremendous sense of local community, expand a small family-oriented business into our local real estate.

I know I’ll be tuning on on March 8th, and of course you’ll hear the news here first.  Congratulations to Mark, Chris and their families on taking the next step toward moving Breaker Brewing Co. to new heights


Lagunitas–Tocaloma Amber Ale & Capp Stout

image image

Ever since Hop Stoopid  & Maximus rolled into the northeast, I became a big fan of Lagunitas ales….so it was fun to see keg pabel approval for Tocaloma Amber Ale (7.8% ABV) and Capp Stout Ale Brewed with Coffee (8.8% ABV).  Capp STout appears to be a lower ABV version of the Cappuccino Stout (9.2% ABV) and is coming back as a 2011 seasonal.  Tocaloma has been around before in bottles, but isn’t listed as a 2011 year-round or seasonal so stay tuned.


Samuel Adams Oktoberfest & Lager NEW

image image

We’ve been showing of the label re-designs for Boston Beer Co (aka Samuel Adams) Summer Ale, Light, and some of the other new brews like East-West Kolsch & Rustic Saison, so today the new Sam packaging marches on.  Under the category of planning ahead we have Oktoberfest, and also a new silver background label for Boston Lager.  These are both 12oz packages with neck bands.


Mikkeller -Kopi Coffee IPA Odoo Shakiso 11.2oz bottles.


I know what you’re saying…”hey…weren’t you the first to bring us Koppi already back on Jan 24th?”  Well yes we did do just that…BUT that was the 750ml package using Tomahawk hops & Guji , so today I’m proud to bring you the 11.2oz packaging Mikkel just announced today…but this Coffee IPA uses Tomahawk hops & Odoo Shakiso coffee (a region of Ethiopia that is part of the Guji zone).  This version will also be brewed & bottled at De Proef in Belgium.


Cigar City Brewing-Hugh MacFarlane English Style Pale Ale

imageI know this isn’t exactly the most exciting news to come out of Cigar City, especially with the great co-brews they have coming up….BUT I was surprised to find so little info about the keg packaging they just received approval for today.  This is Hugh MacFarlane English Style Pale Ale.  This is a keg-only release and so far I’ve only heard of it being tapped at their sampling room in Tampa…so stay tuned for details.  I believe the brew is named for Scottish immigrant, Tampa resident & State Attorney Hugh MacFarlane.  Hugh donated quite a bit of land & infrastructure in West Tampa to develop the cigar industry.


Friday BeerBuzz–The Teaser (25 Feb 2011)

23 February 2011


Last week we celebrated the 24-hour arrival of “Spring” with our beach party beerbuzz.  We also sampled one of my favorite beers in Bell’s Hopslam.  This 10% ABV hoppy monster is not an easy beer to find, but it has a flavor and double-IPA hoppy taste that makes it well worth the search.  Find some and see for yourself.

So what will we be sampling THIS week?  Hint:  This weeks brew comes from the north, or south and is twice what you think it really is.  And of course we’ll have a guest to help us sample! 

Tune in at 8:30AM and see what beer we sample on the Friday Beerbuzz on WILK…bringing good beers and good people together.  (103.1FM or


The Bruery-Bottleworks Imagination Series XII


Here’s your first peek at the 750ml and keg packaging for the new Bruery Bottleworks Imagination Series XII.  imageThis is an 8% ABV “Imperial sour Wit ale brewed with spices and aged in red wine barrels with raspberries.”  This beer is brewed for the Bottleworks (Seattle, WA) anniversary celebration and should be released this week.


Victory Brewing-Winking Lizard Bock

imageBack in December, I brought you the Jolly Pumpkin Bambic release for the 25th Anniversary of the Winking Lizard Taverns in OH.  Today we have a keg approval that looks like our friends at Victory Brewing in Downingtown, PA will be brewing a specialty Bock for Winking Lizard as well.  I’m still chasing down some of the details so stay tuned.


Paulaner Oktoberfest Wiesn Mug Can


Under the category of planning ahead, Paulaner just completed approval for their Oktoberfest Wiesn blonde lager.  This is a beer that was previously only available in the Paulaner tent in Munich during Oktoberfest.  As part of the 200th anniversary of the Oktoberfest celebration, Paulaner will release this special 6% ABV brew in a special 1-liter aluminum can MUG!  The specialty cans should hit out market in July and last through Oktoberfest.


Samuel Adams East-West Kolsch & Rustic Saison (Cherry Chocolate Bock)NEW BEERS!

image image

Our fiends at Samuel Adams / Boston Beer Co are prolific in their new releases, and today we have two brand spanking new beers coming out of Samuel Adams.  There’s very little info out there so far on these labels JUST approved a few minutes ago, but both will be in the traditional 12oz bottles.  First up we have East-West Kolsch (Kolsch style beer aged with southeast Asian night-blooming jasmine sambac flowers & Alsation hop), and Rustic Saison (Belgian-style farmhouse beer brewed with honey & Belgian yeast).

image image image image

As a bonus, I’ve included the new keg packaging approval for Samuel Adams Cherry Chocolate Bock, East-West, Rustic Saison & Oak Aged Porter (5.8% ABV)


Cigar City Brewing–Big Sound Scotch Ale

Here’s your first peek at the Cigar City 2011 Big Sound Scotch Ale packaging.  This years brew will be packaged in 750ml bottles and come in at 8.5% ABV.  “Big Sound Scotch Ale is dedicated to our good buddy Gino (from the Tampa Pipes & Drums), the most Punk Rock Bagpiper you will ever meet…Big Sound Scotch Ale pairs well with Haggis, Highland Games, Huge Heads, Enormous Pillows and of course Bagpipe Music.”


Deschutes Brewery–Black Butte XXIII


Here’s your first look at the 23rd Birthday Reserve release of Deschutes Black Butte Porter XXIII.  I’m a big fan of Deschutes and I always chase down their beer when we hit Spokane every year.  Black Butte will come in 22oz packaging, come in at 11% ABV and come with a cool tag stating it is best AFTER 11/15/11.  Hopefully after last year’s reclass of the 22nd version of BB, they have the quality issues worked out.  Black Butte XXIII is a “Porter with cocoa nibs, orange and natural flavors added, with 25% aged in bourbon barrels.”  The nibs come from Theo’s and there are also Pasilla Negra chilies in the crazy mix.

image image image

I’m also giving you a peek at the new Red Chair Seasonal keg packaging (6% ABV Northwest Pale Ale), Mirror Pond Pale Ale keg packaging (5% ABV) and Black Butte Porter (non-Imperial version—5.2% ABV)…all just approved today.


American Craft Beer Week May 16-22nd

Full Press Release from 

Nationwide Toast to the Craft Beer Community: May 16-22, 2011

acbwbeerBoulder, CO • Feb 22, 2011-Cheers. Salud. Prost. L'Chaim. The Brewers Association-the national non-profit association representing the majority of today's U.S. breweries, and publishers of celebrate American Craft Beer Week (ACBW) May 16-22, with local events held nationwide. 

Considered The Mother of All Beer Weeks, ACBW recognizes one of America's true culinary arts and provides a platform for small and independent craft brewers to salute supporters and connect with their local communities. Thousands of today's beer enthusiasts, beginners and hard core geeks will toast craft beer, with ACBW events predicted to take place in all 50 states.

"American Craft Beer Week is an annual celebration of these historic beer times and the amazing community citizenship of craft brewers," said Julia Herz, a spokesperson for the Brewers Association. "With an emphasis to savor the flavor responsibly and the resurgence of a rich brewing culture here in the U.S., the week is a chance to highlight and recognize the incredible contributions of America's craft brewers."

There are close to 30 local beer weeks/beer months in the U.S. annually, each with its own identity and organizer. Established in 2006, ACBW builds on these local celebrations and is the largest national effort focusing solely on American craft brewers. Economically, small and independent U.S. craft brewers contribute an estimated 100,000 jobs, accounting for $3 billon annually in wages and benefits.

In 2010, ACBW logged 341 participating breweries that hosted 621 events with recognition at multiple retailers in 45 states. In addition, U.S. Congress passed House Resolution 1297 to support the goals and ideals of ACBW and recognize the significant contributions of craft brewers to the economy.

Throughout the week, a variety of events will be hosted by craft brewers and beer retailers across the country. Mirroring the diverse styles and brands of the industry, events include charity fundraisers, new beer releases, brewery openings, festivals, unique craft beer dinners and special brewery tours. Additionally, participating breweries will once again encourage beer enthusiasts to sign the Declaration of Beer Independence, an official document to support America's small and independent craft brewers.

For an ever-expanding list of events visit the official calendar on

2011 ACBW registered celebrations to date:

Augusta Brewing Company, Augusta, GA: BBQ food pairings and a special release craft beer.

Kreuz Creek Brewing Co., Sugar Land, TX: Limited release tastings, extended tour hours, discounted merchandise, and a Wranger National Patriot Fundraiser.

Kuhnhenn Brewing Co., Warren, MI: Free personal pizza giveaway for patrons who tape their signed Declaration of Beer Independence to the pub wall.

Intuition Ale Works, Jacksonville, FL: Will celebrate American Craft Beer Week at the Jacksonville Craft and Import Beer Festival on May 20.

Mountaineer Brewing Company, Martinsburg, WV: There will be daily brewery tours and on Saturday May 21, an open house with live music and a motorcycle stuntman.

Omaha Beer Festival, Omaha, NE: The largest craft beer festival in Nebraska, will include craft beer tastings, beer-related seminars, beer and food pairings, a comparative beer glass seminar, and live entertainment/local food vendors on-site.

Rogue Ales, Newport, OR: To benefit dog charities in Oregon, Brewer's Memorial Ale Fest will include over 30 microbreweries, live music, doggy musical chairs, dog wash, dog dancing, and celebrity dog look-alikes.


Andy Sparhawk, Craft Beer Program Coordinator
303.447.0816 x118

Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program Director
303.447.0816 x113

Based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, the Brewers Association (BA) is the not-for-profit trade and education association dedicated to small and independent American brewers, their craft beers and the community of brewing enthusiasts. Visit to learn more. The association's activities include events and publishing:, World Beer Cup®; Great American Beer Festival®; Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America®; National Homebrewers Conference; National Homebrew Competition; SAVOR: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience; American Craft Beer Week; Zymurgy magazine; The New Brewer magazine; and books on beer and brewing. The Brewers Association has an additional membership division of 24,000+ homebrewers: American Homebrewers Association.


Genny Light Beer–New Packaging

imageI know it’s not your traditional craft beer, and you can certainly categorize this as a “ macro watch” post…but since I grew up with Genny in our market, I have a soft spot for the High Falls (Rochester, NY) brew.  Genny imageannounced the revamped packaging for Genny Light and has be launching a pretty big marketing campaign…so here’s your first look.  This is the 12oz bottle packaging, however Genny Light will also be packaged in 12oz, 16oz AND 24oz Cans! (see 2nd photo)


DuClaw Brewing -Black Lightning NEW

imageWe brought you DuClaw Sawtooth last week, so it’s no surprise to see another NEW BEER release from our friends in Abingdon, MD.  Today we have Black Lightning American Black Ale (12oz 6.4% ABV).  This is a “Black Ale that is a stormy balance of thunderous roasted malt flavor and the aroma, bitterness, and electrifying finish of American hops.”


Long Trail Brewing–Brick Front Brown Ale, Wilderness Brown Ale & Pollenator Ale

image image image

Here’s a quick look at what appear to be some specialty on-off brews from Long Trail Brewing:  Brick Front Brown Ale, Wilderness Brown Ale and Pollenator Ale (yes that’s how they spell it).  There is very little (make that NO information) available for the brown ales, however Pollenator ale did appear at the 2010 Siptember Vermont beer festival as well as a few other local festivals in 2010.


WILK Friday BeerBuzz

2016 NEPA BlogCon Winner

2016 NEPA BlogCon Winner

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