WILK Friday BeerBuzz–30 Sept 2011 (Butternuts Brewery Snapperhead IPA)

30 September 2011

WILKFridayBerbuzz7Today’s beer choice came from several different inspirations.  First off Butternuts Beer and Ales has some of the most creative and irreverent beer-naming going.  Who couldn’t love Porkslap Pale Ale, Moo Thunder Stout or Heinnieweisse Wheat.  But what sealed it for me was a conversation I had many moons ago with a now-local brewmaster. …well at east he WAS local.

Back when he was making the move, Shawnee Craft brewmaster Leo Bongiorno shared a beer and a great story with me from his days at Butternuts.  I’ll leave out the funny details of many of the other names, but Leo’s story about today’s show beer made my mind up to feature Snapperhead IPA.

Product - Butternuts SnapperheadNow don’t get me wrong…this is a great IPA.  It’s probably a little more malty than a traditional IPA, but the hop is there.  According to the Butternuts website (and be SURE to check out their website!) Snapperhead is “every bit as rich and a little less bitter that other American interpretations of the breed”…but only because they are “smarter and better-looking brew masters.”  And this sets the tone for their entire website and line of beers.

Be sure to try Snapperhead IPA for yourself.  It’s readily available locally and easily affordable….oh and what was the story Leo told me?  As it turns out, as much as the can has a fish on it…Leo tells me the beer was affectionately named after his grandmother who had lost her hair thanks to a skin condition, She had many different wigs which were at times confusing to “install” so because of that she actually had “snaps” surgically attached to her head (and each wig) to allow her to comfortably wear them.  A funny story for sure, and a great IPA.


to Nancy, John, Joe, and Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE.

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Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 09:50  

OK it's official. You finally made me spit my coffee out on my desk this morning. I love the show and I was still laughing at 9:15. You guys need to do a TV show, hilarious show today.

Chris K

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 09:52  

Me too Chris. I just thought you guys had such fun with Butternuts I couldn't resist laughing out loud. Fun show buzzers!


John Webster 30 September, 2011 09:52  

I'm glad they settled on Snapperhead IPA and not Grandma's Scalp or worse, Ol' Skin Condition!

Love a good IPA no matter what they call it!

Thanks as always to Bill from MyBeerBuzz.com and of course to you for listening to The Friday BeerBuzz on WILK 103.1FM, online at www.wilknewsradio.com!


Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 09:57  

This is a golfing beer that my buddies and I have been drinking for 4 or 5 years. Leave it to Bill to get the real story on the name of the beer. I don't know how many times my buddies and I tried to figure out how a fish and snapper-head made sense for a beer. Great info, fantastic naming story and a really funny show today. I like the funny ones!

Rodger J

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 09:58  

Absolutely side-splitting today. Cheers to you guys. Wayne Orham

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:00  

I'm still laughing; All the way to Krugel's to buy some for myself. I love the name Snapperhead and can't wait to hand one to my friends tonight. Very funny show today.

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:05  

Sounds silly but I'm a huge Porkslap fan (I can't believe I admitted that). Butternuts makes some interesting canned beer and we take it camping allthe time. JT

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:06  

As soon as I heard the beer name I knew you guys would be giggling through the show. I know I was.


Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:14  

Today was my favorite show of all time on the beer buzz. I love the chemistry you all have and I can tell you are genuinely having fun on the show and not just performing. You killed me today and what a great way to start the weekend. Cheers WILK. I owe you a beer. Mark

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:16  

Anyone that can use the words butternuts, snapper head, pork slap and I forget what else in one sentence gets my vote for president. Bill for President in 2012! Marcus

mybeerbuzz 30 September, 2011 10:21  

Thanks guys. We definitely had a good time on the show today, and the names of the brewery and beers helped. I love the story about the naming of Snapperhead IPA so I thought it would be a fun beer to feature....and thanks for the nomination Marcus ;)

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:24  

You guys make beer fun. Cheers! Krista

mybeerbuzz 30 September, 2011 10:26  

Thanks Krista. Beer is and will always be a social beverage, and as such it should be fun. We want people to try new beer and get excited about craft beer, but first and foremost, we want you to have fun. Cheers to good beer fun! ;)

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:27  

Well put Bill. You make the beer exciting and that's a special gift you all have on the show. I always want to try the beer you put on the show and I always find a laugh in the process. Cheers. D

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:31  

All thes eyears I thought this beer was named after a fish! I lived in NY for years and have been a big drinker of Snapperhead and now I find out the real story here in PA. Kudos for a great story and great investigative reporting wink wink!


Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:32  

Best beer show ever! Cheers guys, that was a good one. (Jerry--Moosic)

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:35  

I don't really like today's beer but it didn't matter. You all made me laugh so maybe I'll give it another try. Cheers Mark L

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:35  

Does Krugels have this in stock?

mybeerbuzz 30 September, 2011 10:37  

You bet Anon....it's on the middle shelving in the IPA section in yellow cans....you can't miss it and if you do, just ask anyone at Krugel's for today's show beer.

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:38  

Thanks to you all at WILK I now spend lunch every Friday at Georgetown Deli. I love their subs and I try just about every beer you guys talk about. At that price I'll be taking home two sixers of Snapperhead today. Thanks for the great suggestion.

Bob JJ

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:41  

Bob I'm heading to lunch at Krugel's too. I'll have on a black baseball hat. Say hi if we cross paths. I go up there aevery Friday for lunch too so I probably have seen you there. Save me some Snapperhead! Thom J

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:42  

I tuned in early today and caught the cork & fork too. You guys have it made on Friday. How do I get a job in radio? Paul

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:46  

Who writes the show? The jokes were funny today.

mybeerbuzz 30 September, 2011 10:48  

"write?" We don't really write the shows Manon. We pick a beer and make some notes about the beer and beer news but the rest just live chatter. Glad you enjoyed our fun.

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 10:51  

I'm still laughing. Today's show was a riot. I can't wait to watch back the video too. Cheers buzers. Jim

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 11:04  

Butternuts makes some really good beers and the price is right. Pick up their sampler case. We get it up here in NY and love it. Jason

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 11:10  

I like the show, and I like most of the beer you bring on, but some of the beers aren't my favorites. I guess you can't hit it everytime, but I like lighter beers and I wish the show was a little longer too.

mybeerbuzz 30 September, 2011 11:12  

Thanks Anon. We have featured at least three light Kolsch beers on the show in the past and we'll keep trying to find some you like.

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 11:14  

Love the show today!

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 11:28  

Today was my first show. We just moved up here so I'm happy to see craft beer is strong in Penna. I'll be back! Tony

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 13:44  

There's too much odd flavor in Porkslap but the Snapperhead is pretty good. TJ

mybeerbuzz 30 September, 2011 13:46  

That's probablt the ginger thay use TJ. Some people find it odd. I'm OK with it in some beers and I think it works in Porkslap but it is different.

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 13:47  

Their website is a riot!

mybeerbuzz 30 September, 2011 13:47  


and it IS a funny site.

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 13:50  

I haven't missed a show yet! I just bought some Snapperhead too. Can't wait to get it cold and try it out tonight. June

mybeerbuzz 30 September, 2011 13:51  

Thanks June. Let us know what you think after you try it.

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 13:53  

I've been following the beer show back to Rock107, and I think you guys are the best. The show is always informative, at least for me. The beer choices are extiting and it always makes me laugh. I can't wait for next week and I will try Snapperhead. Ed J

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 13:57  

I'm on a quest to try every beer you've done on the show. Now I know I can't try the home brews you did, and I was able to even get down to Yards to try Cape of Good Hope, but I'm struggling with a few. Can I e-Mail you for sugestions about how to find some of them like Weeping Radish? I also know you featured some you brought from Wales. Are they available in the US?

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 14:45  

Based on what I've tasted at Shawnee. Leo was a much better brewer than what he worked on at Butternuts. All in all they do make some really affordable and drinkable beers, but I do like his Shawnee beer better. JohnJ

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 14:52  

Me too. Gem & Keystone beer is fantastic.

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 14:54  

I'm a regular at Shawnee and we will miss Leo.

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 14:56  

Where's the video?

mybeerbuzz 30 September, 2011 14:58  

Thanks everyone. I am checking now on today's video. Hopefully we'll have it ready shortly.

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 15:05  

We had a great time last week at Georgetown Deli and it was nice to meet you and John Webster. You guys are first class and a lot of fun too and thanks for the Carbondale Pioneeer festival tickets. Frank

mybeerbuzz 30 September, 2011 15:07  

Thanks for all the great comments everyone. I'd agree that today's show was a lot of fun, and Butternuts Snapperhead IPA is a beer you have to try for yourself. Stay tuned fo rthe video coming soon!

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 15:14  

Thank you for the Friday morning fun. I missed last week's happy hour but I hope to meet you guys sometime in the future. Jason

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 15:16  

So no one mentioned Foreigner Head Games!? Great music Bosco!

Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 15:17  

I forgot about the music today. Nice Choice Boscoe.


Anonymous,  30 September, 2011 15:23  

I remember lots of the shows and today's was numero uno, and not because of the beer. Good Stuff WILK has here! Jeno

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