WILK Friday BeerBuzz–29 July 2011 (21st Amendment Brewing Hop Crisis w/Shaun O’Sullivan)

29 July 2011

WILKFridayBerbuzz8I’ve followed along as 21st Amendment Brewing started back in 2000 and progressed to where they are today.  Maybe it was the fact that I simply liked their name and what it stood for (the 21st Amendment repealed prohibition), or maybe it was the fact that I simply liked their beers…but either way it’s been a fun ride.

Today’s guest on the Friday BeerBuzz, Shaun O’Sullivan, is the co-founder and brewmaster at 21st Amendment.  I remember a few weeks ago calling Shaun and as we spoke about doing today’s show Shaun was actually crossing the Golden Gate Bride…so needless to say 21st Amendment Brewing Co is located in San Francisco and it’s just 2 blocks from Giants Park.

21st Amendment brewing began with a dream to bring back the neighborhood brewery not only as a place to buy a fresh beer, but as a gathering place for local neighborhoods, and after talking to Shaun it’s apparent that 21st Amendment has succeeded.
21st Amendment has a ton of great beer, but I really wanted to sample their Hop Crisis Imperial IPA.  Ever since I broke news of this new brew from 21st Amendment, I’ve been anxious to try it…and what could be better than to try it with Shaun.

This is a big beer for sure.  At 9.7% ABV and 94 IBU it's big in flavor and really big in ABV…but be not afraid.  This is a tasty Imperial IPA with an interesting backing oak flavor created by the addition of the oak spirals.   After just one taste I can tell you I really like beer and the way Shaun decided to deal with the Hop Crisis.

Try this one for yourself and see if you don’t agree.  Thanks
to  Shaun O’Sullivan from 21st Amendment Brewing, Nancy, John, and Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 
The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together
As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE.

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Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 09:50  

You guys were lucious today! What a great guest and I'll be chasing down Hop Crisis. It sounded great.
Ryan W

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 09:51  

Hey I saw you on TV today! Why not do more friday beer buzz on the Fox show? I like JOhn's suggestion to expand it to a longer segment.

mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 09:52  

Thanks Anon. Yes I was on the Fox show on Nancy's camera today...lots of fun...and you never know ;)

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 09:55  

Thanks Shaun. I love Brew Free or Die IPA.


Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:00  

What a great guest. I've been enjoying 21st Amendment beers for over a year and now you guys bring on their brewmaster. I think what you do on WILK is a great service to all of us. Now after talking to Shaun I'm even more excited to try more 21st Amendment beers.


Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:03  

Hell or high watermellon is my favorite 21st beer. Cool to hear Shaun on the radio. And very cool that WILK can get him to talk to us. If he can get up at 5:30AM to talk to us, we can drink more of his beer! Cheers Shaun!


Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:06  

Today's show was a lot of fun. I saw Bill on the TV too. You guys just seemed so relaxed today so it was even more fun than normal. Shaun was a great beer talker too. You should have him on again.


Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:18  

I think today was my favorite show so far. Does Krugel's have Hop Crisis?


mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 10:19  

Thanks AJ. Today was a lot of fun. We had an Internet Crisis, a guest phone n umber crisis but most importantly a Hop Crisis!

The last I checked it was available at Krugel's but call first...it was going fast!

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:21  

Nice show Buzzers. I love 21 beers and Shaun was a great speaker.


Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:26  

Nice show guys...I can't wait to see the video again. I swear I need to watch twice to catch everything. Chris S (Moosic)

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:33  

Wow yet another great brewmaster guest on the WILK Beer Buzz! I love the show and the guests have been incredible. Was it a coincidence that Bill when to Ireland and we have two Irish names in a row?

Jack Weston

mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 10:33  

Ha! Yes Jack it was actually a coincidence that I went to Ireland and then we had Brian O'Reilly from Sly Fox and SHaun O'Sullivan from 21st Amendment in a row....but a very good coincidence!

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:37  

Hey even Rob Neyhard got in on the show! Loads of fun today. I like when you guys do a relaxed Friday show. It starts the weekend off right.

Mark L

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:38  

So how do we get to be a gust on the friday beer buzz?


mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 10:39  

Hi Jim...I guess you can open a brewery and come on the show ;) But so far we haven't been able to invite "tasters" into the studio....but you never know.

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:40  

How hoppy was Hop Crisis?


mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 10:42  

T..it was 94 IBU and a big 9.7% ABV
great hoppy nose and flavor too. Try this one if you like Hoppy Beer!

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:42  

What did Joe Thomas start a NASCAR career and miss the show?

mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 10:43  

Ha Anon! So you saw Joe's ride with Clint Boyer @ Pocono. Who knows but it must be somthing big for Joe to miss the Friday BeerBUzz!

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:45  

Fun show today guys. Like the others have said there was a funny relaxed atmosphere on the show today, and Shaun was great. I look forward to the buzz every Friday and it just starts the weekend off great. Cheers.


mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 10:46  

Thanks Mary. We had a bit of a crazy morning at WILK, but the Friday BeerBuzz is always relaxed and fun. Glad you enjoye dthe show and I agree that SHaun was a great guest and a lot of fun to talk beer with.

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:48  

Shaun was great. I should have expected how fun his beer names are that he'd be fun too. Cheers Shaun & Bill!

mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 10:51  

Who couldn't love Bitter American XPA, Hell or High Watermelon, Brew Free to Die IPA, Monks Blood Belgian Dark Ale, Back in Black Black IPA, Fireside Chat Winter Spiced...great names, great beers and a great gues in Shaun!

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:55  

I didn't realize Monk's Blood was 21st Amendment too. Cool, I love that beer!


Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:57  

You WILK guys continue to choose great beer and great guests. I always read the comments but I never post. I can't resist this week. Shaun was a really fun brewmaster guest and I just finished a 4-pack of Hop Crisis and I love it. It's hard to find but worth the hunt.

Robert (Dallas)

mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 10:58  

Thanks for tuning in Robert...and a special thank you for commenting. It's always nice to hear from listeners/readers. I agree...Shaun was great and Hop Crisis is a great brew and well worth tracking down.

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 10:59  

Your streaming came up right before the Friday Beer buzz! I think the beer gods are happy with you and Nancy.


mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 11:00  

True RJ! The beer gods love the WILK Friday BeerBuzz and 21st Amendment Hop Crisis!

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 11:00  

Rock on Buzzers!

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 11:01  

Hop Crisis is in cans?

mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 11:01  

Yes Anon...12oz cans sold in 4-pack boxes....and it's great packaging!

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 11:02  

I'm amazed at how you've not had a big hoppy beer on in months. How could you resist so long?


mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 11:04  

True Andy. Unless you count my Mr Beer, May 20th Anderson Valley Hop Otting IPA was our last hoppy beer before today. Apparently I couldn't resist ;)

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 11:05  

I love that you chose a beer called Hop Crisis in a week of budget crisis. Topical beer is cool!

Beth Ann

mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 11:06  

Thanks Beth Ann....yes topical beer is fun....in fact all beer is pretty fun.

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 11:07  

I hope 21st Amendment makes this year round. We need a Hop Crisis all year long.Ry

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 11:09  

Cheers to Boscoe for picking the Amendment song! That was a funny choice for today's music. I love the whole music thing you all do. It's very creative.


mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 11:10  

Thanks Adam. This was a tough week too. Not too many songs featur ethe word "Crisis" or "amendment"

I agree...Cheers to Bosco

Anonymous,  29 July, 2011 14:00  

Where's the video?

mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 14:00  

We haven't forgotten Anon....Nancy is working on it now.

mybeerbuzz 29 July, 2011 15:05  

Actually we're having a few technical issues with the video from today's show.....Nancy tells me she'll try again tomorrow....stay tuned!

Nancy K,  01 August, 2011 19:29  

I had a technical 'crisis' but finally the video is up. Thank you for your patience. -Nancy Kman

mybeerbuzz 01 August, 2011 21:14  

Thanks Nancy...I LOVE the new intro!

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