WILK Friday BeerBuzz–29 Apr 2011 (Fullers London Pride)

29 April 2011

WILKFridayBerbuzz8I’ll readily admit up front that it was a lot of fun poking a little fun at the royal wedding and British accents…but more importantly I’ll admit I have VERY fond memories of drinking today’s beer in London last year, and I am a huge fan of Fullers.

Fuller's London PrideIn honor of the “royal wedding” I decided today to choose a brewery that is London’s only remaining traditional family brewery; Fullers.  Fuller, Smith and Turner has been operating a brewery on Chiswick Lane in London since 1845.  It’s also interesting to note that there has been brewing going on at that location under various names for over 350 years!

File0499I chose Fullers London Pride for two reasons.  First, it is a beer that I enjoyed many a pint of while visiting London last summer (see the close up photo left taken at the Leinster Arms on Hyde Park by ME!).  Cask London Pride is very popular in the 367 Fullers pubs and for good reason.  Second, this is Fuller’s most popular brew worldwide and it’s widely know as Britain's leading “premium” ale.  Combine this with it’s easy-drinking character and the fact that it’s readily available in the US & NEPA and you have a winner.

London Pride is well know for it’s balance and drinkability and to me this is why it’s such a great brew.  The malt and fruity flavors are well balanced by the Challenger and Target hops, and the 4.7% ABV make it a great session beer as well.  Be sure to try this one for yourself and see if you agree.

to  Prince William, Princess Kate, Nancy, John, Joe, Bosco and all of “me mates”  for yet another fun Friday. 
The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together
As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE

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Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 09:31  

You guys crack me up. That was a funny show.


mybeerbuzz 29 April, 2011 09:34  

Thanks Emmy...we had fun doing it.

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 09:35  

I love this beer! My cousin brought some last weekend and was flavorful and not too strong. Everyone should try this one.


Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 09:35  

I love the queen of england accent thing you did. Ewwwww it's a beer!

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 09:37  

I forgot about Beer Cam. Where's the video?

mybeerbuzz 29 April, 2011 09:37  

Thanks everyone...working on the video for Beer Cam now so stay tuned!

John Webster 29 April, 2011 09:43  

I say old chap, a delightful radio presentation, eh what?


Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 09:58  

I think I busted a gut laughing today. Cheerio!

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 09:59  

Fullers has been making great beer for years. Nice choice buzzers.

James (Dallas)

mybeerbuzz 29 April, 2011 09:59  

166 Years James...and brewing has been occuring on that property for over 350 years!

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 10:01  

Can;t wait for the May 13th party. I'll be there! Nice show and a funny idea playing with the Royal wedding. Thank god WILK and the buzz had the sense to make fun of it.


Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 10:02  

Now I get your clue! I DO!

The wedding. I should have known.

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 10:38  

A+ dudes

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 10:38  

Very funny stuff Gday mayte!

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 10:40  

I've been drinking Fullers London Porter most of my adult life, yet they never seemt o get the recognition they deserve. I think it's a telling sign that you chose this beer. You obviously know your beer. Thanks Bill.


mybeerbuzz 29 April, 2011 10:43  

Thanks Jason. Mrs BeerBuzz & I have most of a case of Fullers Vintage Reserve inthe basement from 2004...great stuff and a very underrated brewery.

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 10:44  

Holy crap I love it. First Mary Poppins on the show and now your Beer Cam with the Beatles. Rock on buzzers.


Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:00  

I love Beer Cam! MORE MORE MORE!

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:01  

Had this one myself in Manchester UK. Excellent beer.


mybeerbuzz 29 April, 2011 11:02  

Thanks Steve..mee too. A little less than a year ago I was sitting in a London Pub calle dthe Leinster Arms enjoying a hand drawn London Pride and it was delish!

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:03  

The wedding itself is a joke but I love what you guys did with it. And Nancy making the biscuit cake is fantastic.

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:03  

Supercalafragisisticexpialadocious is now stuck in my head and I blame Bosco!

mybeerbuzz 29 April, 2011 11:04  

I traveled all around the world and everywhere I went, I used the word and everyone thought I was a proper Gent.....

Stuck in my head too!

Umdiddle-iddle-iddle um diddle li
Umdiddle-iddle-iddle um diddle li

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:08  

First time for me commenting but I think I've heard every show, or almost every show. I think whoever chooses the music is amazing. I love what you do with the songs and the beer and I think it's a great idea.

Alan Peters

mybeerbuzz 29 April, 2011 11:09  

Thanks Alan....and credit goes to Bosco for most of our music and to the rest of the beerbuzz team for their musical talents as well. I agree the music is always fun.

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:09  

Cheers buzzers (that's my best british accent)


Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:10  

Brilliant show. :)

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:10  

Excellent beer choice and I love the wedding show idea.


Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:11  

This is a really mild all-day-drinking beer. Very low ABV and very easy drinking too. Nice choice and I hope you do some more stouts in the weeks to come.


mybeerbuzz 29 April, 2011 11:11  

Thanks everyone...and yes Chris there will be more Stouts in the future.

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:19  

I forget how much I love beer cam. I missed you so much beer cam!

Chris J (Old Forge, PA)

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:20  

Ewww Neeewwwwww no beer at the wedding. How low brow to even suggest it buzzers :)


mybeerbuzz 29 April, 2011 11:20  

Is that the Queen's voice Tom?

Very funny....and of course beer is perfect for every occasion.

mybeerbuzz 29 April, 2011 11:21  

YES! My accent came through!


Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:25  

It's open season on Brit accents. Brilliant choice of beer!

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:26  

One of my favorite Fullers brews and now I need to go get me some.


Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:26  

This beer is great but much better on beer engine. Just my 2-cents.


mybeerbuzz 29 April, 2011 11:27  

I agree Kyle. Even better if you sip it in a London Pub.

Anonymous,  29 April, 2011 11:27  

great show WILK. This is my favorit 15-mins all week and I don't miss the buzz ever. See you on May 13th.

John C

mybeerbuzz 29 April, 2011 11:28  

Thanks John...we'll be there so be sure to stop in and say hi.

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