WILK Friday BeerBuzz–25 Feb 2011 Southern Tier 2X IPA

25 February 2011

WILKFridayBerbuzz15I’ve been drinking craft beer long enough to remember the very beginning of Southern Tier Brewing.  Back in 2005 we started to see a few beers like Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale, and Southern Tier IPA coming out of the Lakewood, NY brewery.  These were good beers, but it wasn’t until we started to see the creative masterpieces like Crème Brulee, Choklat and Pumking, that Southern Tier really marched onto the craft beer scene.

Today we sampled Southern Tier 2XIPA.  There is very little information to be found about 2XIPA, so it was fun to sample the beer and try to pick out the ingredients of the brew.  I’m a big fan of 2xIPA, so it was even more exciting to hear that we’ll likely see more of it with the recent installation of the new bottling line @ Southern Tier. 

2XIPA is a great hoppy beer so be sure to get out and check it out for yourself.  Southern Tier also makes a WIDE variety of other ales and lagers like Choklat, Pumking, Jah*va, Crème Brule, Krampus, Harvest, Unearthly, Gemini and Cuvee, and each one is unique and tasty!

to  John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 
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As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE

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John Webster 25 February, 2011 09:38  

If you like an IPA (doesn't everyone?) you'll love Southern Tier's 2X! And speaking of Southern Tier, try their fall seasonal (make a note, tie a string around your finger, get a tattoo) Pumking!

Great beer Bill and not just because I'm a hop lover...but it has a lot to do with it. lol


mybeerbuzz 25 February, 2011 09:44  

Thanks John. 'tis the season for hoppy IPA's and Double IPAs so it's been fun featuring some of my favorite seasonals. 2XIPA and all of the Southern Tier brews (including Pumking) are great examples fo craft beer at their best.

Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 09:44  

I like 2X, but I find like many IPA's it is temperature sensitive and needs to be fresh.

mybeerbuzz 25 February, 2011 09:45  

I'm a bigger fan of cold IPA's Anon and yes I'd agree like most hopppy & fresh hop beers, they are best consumed when they are fresh if you want to get all of the flavors the brewmaster intended.

Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 09:47  

I've tried Phin & Matt's Ale and I don;t really like it, but I did like Harvest so I'll be sure to give 2XIPA a try. Does Georgetwon Deli have it?

Ryan W

mybeerbuzz 25 February, 2011 09:47  

Yes Ryan. Krugels has 2XIPA and many of the Southern Tier 22oz bottles too.

Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 09:48  

I stumbled on 2X last year on draft at Sabatinis and loved it. I've been buying cases ever since and 2X is the first keg I plan to run on my new draft system. Great choice for the show.


mybeerbuzz 25 February, 2011 09:49  

Gerry...I think I may have seen your keg....very few come into our area and I did see one @ Plaza Beverage. Lucky you! Enjoy

Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 09:49  

Yes it came from Plaza.


Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 09:51  

Loved the show today. I'm a hop head so you keep hitting on some great beers, especially since the new year started. I'm still shasing down some of the previous beers you featured, and I can't seem to find Hopslam yet but we'll defintely try today's beer.


Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 09:51  

Where can I get Hopslam?

mybeerbuzz 25 February, 2011 09:53  

Most of our beers come from Krugel's Groegetown Deli. I'd call them to see if they have any Hopslam left. If not you may have to call around to see if anyone else has bottles. For cases you'll have to travel to Emmaus (Shangy's) to get some.

Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 09:53  

Can't wait for next week's beer!

mybeerbuzz 25 February, 2011 09:55  

As I mentioned, next week we'll be doing the NEPA Premier of Victory Headwaters Pale Ale followed by a tasting event with Victory @ Krugel's Georgetown Deli & Beer (5-7PM next Friday)

Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 09:57  

Nice job today guys. I don't really like ST's regular IPA so I hesitate to try this one. Their regular IPA is a little too bitter for me.


mybeerbuzz 25 February, 2011 09:58  

2XIPA is definitely different than their regular IPA and I like it better. I'm not sure how to categorize it in terms of bitter, but I'd say it's a more citrus-hop flavor BUT a bigger hop presence which you may (or may not) perceive as bitter. Try it out.

Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 09:59  

Homerun beer choice! My husband already loves this one so we actually have a six pack in the refridgerator today!


Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 10:03  

I'm ready for summer. Maybe if you feature a summer beer next week we'll make the groundhog prediction come true.


mybeerbuzz 25 February, 2011 10:03  

Well we did do the beach-party BeerBuzz last week so you never know...and we are featuring a great sessionable Pale Ale next week so maybe we can march Spring through the door.

Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 10:06  

We tune in every week and we love the show. I have no idea how you know so much about beer but you always make me want to try it. I guess it's a good thing we d our Friday lunches at the big cow.

Andy (Pittston)

Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 10:06  

Is there a chance of you guys doing a live show somewhere?

mybeerbuzz 25 February, 2011 10:07  

No plans currently Anon but you never know. Any suggestions for a location?

Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 10:10  

I'll admit I wasn't sure how good a "beer show" would be. I listened to the Rock107 version and it got dull very quickly. You guys generate an excitement about beer and I'm happy to say I look forward to the show every week. I don't always love the beer like some people that comment on here, but I enjoy listening even if I know I don't like the beer. I guess that's the mark of a good program. Cheers WILK.

Brian K from Lehman

mybeerbuzz 25 February, 2011 10:11  

Thanks Brian...we DO have fun so hopefully that comes out over the airwaves ;)

Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 10:16  

I love Pumking and hop you guys feature that one too.


mybeerbuzz 25 February, 2011 10:17  

Thanks Anon, stay tuned in the fall when it comes out...and I like yout typo "Hop" and "hope"

Jim 26 February, 2011 12:24  

I actually think the regular IPA by Southern Tier is better and I'm a freak for DIPAs. Hey Brian K, you're from Lehman in Bushkill area?

mybeerbuzz 26 February, 2011 12:39  

Thanks Jim. I like them both, but I'm a bigger fan of the 2X and their Harvest. Have you tried Unearthly yet?

PS I assumed Lehman was the one in the back mountain but I'll let Brian reply if he's tuning in

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