WILK Friday BeerBuzz–28 Jan 2011 (Terrapin Brewing Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout)

28 January 2011

Back in Aug 2010 we welcomed Brian “Spike” Buckowski (brewmaster for Terrapin Brewing) on the Friday BeerBuzz to help us sample his Big Hoppy Monster.  Brian was a really fun guest and of course it helps that Brian has been brewing some really unique beers.  Today I chose to challenge the palates of our Friday BeerBuzz team with an interesting combination of beer-styles with a new beer coming out or Terrapin. 

imageMy beer choice was Terrapin Brewing Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk  Stout.  This is Spike’s 2011 new seasonal and makes for an interesting combination of a sweet chocolate stout that also uses lactose (milk) to add to the fermentable sugars (i.e. a traditional milk stout).  This beer uses cocoa-nibs and cocoa shells from the Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co to add to the flavor and complexity of this stout……..so it’s a Chocolate stout that just happens to be a Milk-stout.

I knew going in that this would not be a safe choice as a beer everyone would love, but I’m also aware that this is a great flavorful beer, and no matter what you ultimately think of it in the end, it is well worth trying….and you HAVE to love the turtle in the cow-suit!

This beer is readily available so get out there and try some. 
to  John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 
The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together
As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE

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Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 09:32  

I ha dthis beer @ Sabatinis on draft and it's a really good one. My first taste was odd, but as my tongue adjusted it got better and better.


mybeerbuzz 28 January, 2011 09:33  

Thanks JJ...we had it last weekend @ Sabs too... and I always agree that you need to let your taste buds stretch out a little before judging any beer...especially if you've had something different before hand.

John Webster 28 January, 2011 09:42  

I admit that "chocolate" and "milk" connected to the word beer seems odd at least to me but we found out today that the "milk" part refers to lactose and it balances with the cocoa nibs and actual shells used in the brewing of Moo Hoo in an exceptional way!

Terrapin makes good beers, I have some Hopsecutioner at home in the fridge at the moment!

Long story short (too late?), if you're like me and wonder what does beer have to do with chocolate and milk? Try this one and then you'll know. And I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Another great show, thank you Bill!


Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 09:43  

Just when I thought I had tasted every beer. Leave it to mybeerbuzz (or ourbeeerbuzz as we call you at home) to find a new one. We're on our way to Krugels for lunch.


Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 09:50  

Another funny show and nice beer. So who spilled and how?!

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 09:50  

The cow and the spill were hilarious. Was that planned?

Ryan W

PS Great beer!

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 09:57  

You guys always make me laugh and always conmvince me I need to try your beer. Thankfully you've recommended all great ones. Thanks again and I'll admit I liked the spill too.


mybeerbuzz 28 January, 2011 09:58  

Ha! No the spill was not planned. When you see the video you'll see that for yourself. Nancy had a little spill trying to raise her glass, but only because she's a little out of practice having missed a few shows.

We'll do our best to keep up the good fun and maybe even a spill or tow ;)

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 10:11  

thanks for another great show buzzers!


Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 10:15  

A+ Show. I'm amazed at how many beers are out there. Thank you WILK

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 10:18  

So why not Wake n Bake instead of Moo Hoo? Tell me you can't put that name on the air?


mybeerbuzz 28 January, 2011 10:39  

JT...Moo Hoo is a new seasonal from Spike that I wanted to feature. I like his Wake n Bake, and technically it has another name...but no...the entire topic on Webster & Nancy's show today was the legalization issue....so no we're not afraid to say wake n bake on the air. Now double-bastard may be a problem.... ;)

mybeerbuzz 28 January, 2011 10:40  

Thanks John...I'd agree this is one that's worth trying.

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 10:40  

I thought yo guys were tasting YooHoo!
Nice show.


Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 10:50  

You guys and Nancy always have fun and that gets me excited about the beer you choose. I haven't had Moo Hoo but I will tonight for sure. Thanks again.

Bob K (Moosic, PA)

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 10:52  

You've had some amazing guests so I can't believe you have another guest next week too. I love Boaks beer!

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 11:06  

Every time you do a Stout an angel gets it's wings!

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 11:06  

Thank God Prohibition failed!

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 11:07  

I really like Hopsecutioner and Big Hoppy Monster, but this was a new one to me. Thanks for pointing it out.

Pat K

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 11:08  

I enjoy Lancaster Milk Stout and it's one of the few beers my wife will drink. Maybe now I can get her to try a new beer. Thank you Bill.


Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 11:09  

Bill I have to thank you for the gret beer choices you keep making each week but also for pointing out on Facebook that Shadoe Steele does such a great music show. Last week we saw your post and heard your music requests and we really love the show. Make that both shows. Congrats to WILK for two home run shows!

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 11:10  

I'm excited for next week!


mybeerbuzz 28 January, 2011 11:11  

Thanks everyone...and I'd agre...we love SHadoe's show on WILK Saturday nights too.

Next week we'll have Brian Boaks from Boaks brewing in the studio AND he'll be pouring samples from 5-7PM @ Krugel's so come on out to say hi and sample his beer.

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 11:14  

While I haven't loved every beer you feature, I do think you're doing a wonderful thing for our local craft beer business. Krugel's is a sign of just how big our craft beer market has become. Keep it up friday beer buzz crew and a thank you to Krugels too.


Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 11:15  

You always make it a great start to Friday. The only problem is now I have to wait all day to have a beer!! Maybe Georgetown for lunch??


Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 11:16  

I've seen this bottle. They have great artwork.

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 11:16  

I can't believe I've been a beer lover for 4 years and never had a Milk Stout. Well thanks to you I'll fix that tonight!


Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 11:17  

Yay Terrapin!

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 11:17  

Loved it on tap from Sabatinis, and I'll definitely buy some bottles too today.

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 11:18  

Where's the video? Not up on the friday beerbuzz page. Wait it IS on the main page but not the fbb page??

mybeerbuzz 28 January, 2011 12:51  

SHould be OK now. I'm watching it now.

mybeerbuzz 28 January, 2011 13:14  

For anyone interested in the home brewing event check out the wyoming valley home brewers link on mybeerbuzz.com

Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 13:21  

Moo Hoo YaHoo!

Nice beer


Anonymous,  28 January, 2011 13:32  

I could play that spill over and over again....VERY funny stuff!!

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