Lion Brewery – Label Fun Steg Porter

28 February 2010

LionStegPorter7ozLabel Today we have another label from the smaller bottles like the previous label post.  This one is also 7oz and features Stegmaier Truly Brewed Porter.  Be sure to check out the hat and shoes on the little guy.


Nugget Nectar on Tap Now @ Dugan’s

27 February 2010



Just  a quick note to let everyone know that Troegs Nugget Nectar JUST went on tap at Dugan’s in Luzerne.  This is one of the first kegs we’ve seen in our area so don’t miss out.


Tap NY Beer & Food Festival Bus Trip

26 February 2010

I’ve heard from Rodgers Holmes from Taylor Beverage and he tells me he’s running a bus trip to the Tap NY event at Hunter Mountain.  The date is Sunday April 25th and the bus departs at 9:30AM and returns around 7:30PM.  The festival itself is from Noon until 4PM and the cost is $100 (the festival includes beer samples and food all day.)  For more info on the festival you can click HERE and for details on the trip you can contact Rodgers at or 207-2739.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Little Steg

LionLittleStegLabel I’m not sure about you, but I’m continually amazed at how many products have come out of Lion Brewery over the years.  Take my word for it or check out the WB Brewing History Page I added in January for a compendium of everything I’ve posted so far.

Today we have “little” STEG Gold Medal Beer in the 7oz size (thus the “little”).


Bavarian Barbarian 2x4 IPA is out!

24 February 2010

BavarianBarbarian2x4ipa Mike tells me the new 2x4 IPA is ready at Bavarian Barbarian and here’s a peek at the new label.  Be sure to stop in and check it out.  based on the description and what I’ve heard so far, it sounds great.


Allentown Brew Works Cask Beer Festival

BrewWorksCask2010Mike just let me know about a Cask Beer event Allentown Brew Works will be holding on March 20th.  If you’ve never been to a cask beer festival, I’d highly recommend trying it out.  The beers are always exceptional and based on what I’m hearing the choices will be great.  Further details can be found HERE or by clicking on the event poster above..


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Gibbons Half & Half

LionGibbonsHalfHalfLabel Here’s an interesting one I had heard of, but never seen, Gibbons Half Ale and Half Porter.  The size is 12oz and the copyright is 1937.  This does have the Tax Paid Stamp on it.


Weyerbacher Zotten - Update

22 February 2010

weyerbacherzotten I know we posted details on this a few days ago as the news was breaking but I thought I’d pass on the latest update.  Dan tells me they will be re-releasing Zotten under a new name (with “no jesters, fools of anything that would infringe on De Halve Maan’s trademark.”).  The beer will come out in May and the name they are leaning toward should be confirmed in a week or two.  They are also considering making it a year round beer so stay tuned.


If you’d like to check out the original press release and Dan’s comments on the beer naming…..


Original Press Release:

Press Release:
February 18, 2010
Weyerbacher Brewing Company, Inc., a small artisanal brewery from Easton, Pennsylvania, has ceased production of its beer "Zotten" due to prior rights and US trademark of "Brugse Zot", a beer produced and commercialized by De Halve Maan, a brewery located in Bruges, Belgium.
We take this opportunity also to announce a recall of any and all Weyerbacher "Zotten" beer to the brewery within the next 30 days, for full refund from Weyerbacher.
Weyerbacher was unaware of the US trademark of De Halve Maan and had no intention to infringe on the rights of De Halve Maan. We are particularly respectful of the part of small Belgian breweries in the world beer scene and hereby officially apologize to the family owners of De Halve Maan.
Daniel A. Weirback, Presdient
Weyerbacher Brewing Company, Inc.

Dan’s recent comments on BA

The story of zotten is an historical account of an actual event that occurred several centuries ago in Bruge, Belgium. We felt that since it was historical it couldn't be protected, but we were obviously wrong and were not aware of the trademark. Keep in mind we're a tiny brewery with 8 employees, and we've only sold a grand total of 1500 cases of this beer. We're also very enamored with Belgium and its history and this was a beer and a story that's very close to our hearts. The name was actually given to us as part of a contest at one of our wholesalers, and zotten was the submitted name that we picked as winner of this private contest. Just trying to be completely open about it all.
Dan Weyerbacher


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Pocono Blonde

LionPoconoBlondeLabel Here’s a relatively new label.  I know we already covered the Brewery Hill line and one or two of the Pocono line, but not this one.  Today I present Pocono Blonde Ale in 12oz size.  I’ll be driving around the Poconos this weekend, so I’ll be sure to watch out for those amazing snow covered rocky mountain peaks on the label ;)


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Lion Bock

LionBockOld Label This one appears to be a very old Lion Bock label.  Hopefully someone can fill in the time frame of this beer/label but I’m guessing around 1930 or so (no Tax Stamp).  This one is for a 12oz bottle and features the tagline “Enjoyed Everywhere.”


Lion Brewery Stegmaier Polka Fun

20 February 2010

LionStegmaierPolka Here’s a little Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer Coaster with the “Stegmaier Polka” on the back….and I quote.

Now if you want a beer that’s mellow
A beer that is really grand
Just Say “Make Mine Stegmaier’s”
The Gold Medal Beer of the land

And so at home or club or tap room
Always order the brew that they cheer
Served just right
Mellow cool and light
Stegmaier’s Gold Medal Beer


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Berwick Brewing Co

19 February 2010

OneGuyTom&Guy It’s always exciting for me to hear our local breweries represented on our local beer radio show, and of course today is no exception.  The featured guests on today’s Chip the Beer Guy show were Tom Clark & Guy Hagner from Berwick Brewing Company.  Today we sampled the new Berwick Brewing Co Porter called Bill’s Porter.  This is a traditional Porter that uses German Munich Malts to get it’s distinctive taste and as it turns out this beer is named after Tom’s father Bill.  It should also be noted that Bill’s Porter has become their second largest selling beer and you can get Bill’s Porter on tap locally at Sabatinis & Elmer Sudds.

The guys also delivered some great news for fans of the Berwick Brewing Co.

The really big news of the day is that Guy & Tom are expanding the brewing system from a 2bbl system to a 7bbl system.  We’re apparently drinking so much Berwick Brewing Co beers that Guy can’t keep up.  This upgrade will allow for not only larger batches of beer for the tap room, but more importantly it will give Guy & Tom the ability to bottle Berwick Brewing Co beers in the future.  I had a peek at the bottling lines Tom was working on, and it’s very exciting for me to hear that this may be happening soon.  Watch for 12oz, 22oz AND even the possibility of 16oz returnable's in our local markets in the future.

Finally, with St Patricks Day coming soon, Guy announced the upcoming release of Berwick Brewing Co Barleytown Stout.  Turns out the sister city of Berwick in the UK has a malt house called


Simpsons Malt, and Guy will be using some of the Simpson Malts in his Barleytown Stout.  Very exciting to see everything going on at Berwick Brewing Co, so be sure to get out and check out the tap room and try some of the great Berwick Brewing Co beers now available on tap locally.


Cheers guys (and Ruthie)….great show and great beers.  (and PS NO I don’t think Blind Robins count for Good Friday).


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Casey & Kelly’s Ale

18 February 2010

LionCaseyKellyLabel I know very little about this label other than it is a pre-prohibition label called Casey & Kelly’s Ale bottled by Anton Frank, Wilkes-Barre, PA.  Any info out there?


Zotten Bye Bye

weyerbacherzotten I’ve been hearing from multiple sources over the last few days that Weyerbacher was being forced to remove Zotten from the shelves due to a potential copyright infringement with Bruges Brewery De Halve Maan and their Bruges Zot beer.  An agreement is now in place and Zotten will be gone from our shelves very soon…BUT watch for it to return under a new name….hopefully very soon.  Click HERE for a translated story courtesy of


AuRants – Beer Dinner w/Terry from Bullfrog Brewery (SOLD OUT) !

17 February 2010

This event is SOLD OUT!  I’ve just heard from the guys at AuRants, and their next beer dinner will be March 21st at 5:30PM with Terry Hawbaker, Brewmaster @ Bullfrog Brewery.  Terry will not only be at the dinner, but they will also be featuring 4 of Terry’s beers as part of the food/beer pairing.  Cost is $50 per person and the dinner is filling up already so don’t wait. AurantsLogoFinal
Stay tuned here, or on the AuRants website (or Facebook page) for menu details.


Bethlehem Brew Works – Hop Explosion

BrewWorksLogo From Mike @ Fegley’s Brew Works: 

Hop heads - we've got some exciting news! Our Bethlehem brewery on Main Street has produced a batch of Hop Explosion (normally brewed in Allentown). This is the first time in two years that BBW regulars will get this Hamilton Street flagship on tap! It'll start flowing this Friday at 11am at 70 IBUs and 7%abv


FLOW Bar – Microcephalic Minotaur Porter Release

*** Snow Date for the Porter unveiling will be Thu March 4th

FlowPorter Here’s an interesting beer release from Joan @ Flow Bar & Restaurant:

Flow Bar and Restaurant is proud to release Microcephalic Minotaur Porter on Thursday, February 25th at 6 p.m. with a free beer tasting event.  Flow's co-owner, internationally renowned artist, Victor Stabin ( designed this cheeky label with the image of the minotaur holding a heart-shaped box of chocolates in keeping with this porter's rich roasted coffee and dark chocolate flavors. This beauty was brewed by Michael Simmons of Tunkhannock, PA.  Michael is a rising star in the beer world, he has been judging the Sam Adams Longshot competition and has been an avid home brewer over 15 years.

We are giving away one Minotaur Porter per customer (of legal drinking age). Quantities are limited and artist's signatures will be available for a limited time.

Part of the evening's fun will be sampling FLOW's new bar menu designed by Executive Chef Nate Weida and Sous Chef Austin Hollis - the perfect foods to nosh on while you enjoy our wonderful selections of craft beers and sample the Minotaur.

Appearance: Deep black with some ruby and amber highlights at the edges of the glass. the foam is tan and creamy with small bubbles and soft texture.

Aroma:  Rich dark roasted coffee and bitter chocolate dominate aroma with underlying aroma of traditional English Golding Hops.

Flavor: Reveals rich roasted coffee and dark chocolate flavors that are firm but are well balanced with a lower level of carbonation. Finishes dry and well balance with hop bitterness the leaves the palate longing for another taste.


Sonoran 200 – Anyone?

Sonoran200 Not that all of my posts aren’t a little odd, but here’s an odd one.  I have an opportunity to pick up some Sonoran 200.  This is a rare oak barrel-aged 2-row malt beer with Agave Nectar infusion that clocks in at 19.5%ABV and is only available in Arizona.  Needles to say it’s rare and not cheap…so has anyone tried this beer or it’s cousin from last year Sonoran 100??  Anyone?


Coming Soon @ Bullfrog…

Thanks Terry:


Palisades Pale Ale American pale ale brewed exclusively with Palisade hops; to draft
Endless Mountain Amber A German-styled Altbier; to draft
Roughneck A malty Scottish ale; to draft
Apricot Wheat
A local favorite; to draft
A wickedly hopped nitro double IPA; to draft
Poured formerly @ AuRants as Duchess de Duryea, coming in May to bottles
el Diablo Deluxe
Triple Bretted Belgian golden ale w/ oak chips; bottles only
Liquid Sunshine A TANK-aged Wild Blonde coming in bottles & on draft


Bavarian Barbarian 2x4 IPA To be Released Soon

16 February 2010

BavarianBarbarianLogo Mike tells me the new Bavarian Barbarian 2x4 IPA is tasting good and MAY be released this weekend (2/20).  Stay tuned for details.


Krugel’s Leinenkigel’s 1888 Bock Tasting

There will be a Leinenkugel’s 1888 Bock tasting with glassware on Friday Feb 19th from 4PM to 6PM @ Krugel’s Georgetown Deli & Beer.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun “BEER”

LionBeerLabel This is about as generic a beer label as you can get…simply labeled “BEER".”  Not that you can’t figure it out on your own, but the label has the tag line “No Frills.”  This one was bottled for Supermarkets General Corp out of NY.


In a Perfect Beer World – One Last Reminder

15 February 2010

Smiley I posted out THIS a few weeks ago asking what we, as beer lovers, want to see in our beer bars, craft beer distributors and local breweries.  The response has been amazing, it’s also been exciting to see the common themes that everyone is asking for.  I’ll be compiling this over the next few weeks, but I wanted to offer up one last reminder to contribute your ideas.  Come on beer lovers…in a perfect beer world, what do we want?


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Hope Red Ale

14 February 2010

LionHopeRedAleLabel We’ve posted all sorts of Hope Beer labels including Red Rooster, but here’s a new one….Hope Red Ale.  This is the 12oz size.

Read more... Welcomes Fegley’s Brew Works

13 February 2010

BrewWorksLogo Cheers and welcome to Allentown Brew Works, Bethlehem Brew Works and Brew Works On The officially participating with Welcome aboard Mike & Beau...the beer loving community Thanks you!  Click HERE to go to the Fegley’s Brew Works mybeerbuzz page.


Berwick Brewing Co & Anthracite Cafe

12 February 2010


I’ve just heard from Berwick Brewing Co and Anthracite Cafe and I’m happy to report that the Anthracite is tapping a keg of Berwick Brewing Co new Rauch Bock.  Mike tells me the beer is on now so be sure to stop over and try it out.

In related news, Guy & Tom from Berwick Brewing Co will be featured on Chip the Beer Guy on Rock 107 next Friday (2/19) where I suspect they’ll be tasting the Rauch Bock among others.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Neuweiler

LionNeuweilerLabel Today’s label fun is Neuweiler Stock ale…limited prooduction brew crafted with British-bred barley malt and Imported Kint Goldings hops.  So what exactly is Nix Besser?   (Non better maybe?)


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Jim Koch

JimKoch It’s always fun to hear Jim Koch join the guys (and Ruthie) on the show.  Jim brings a relaxed and humorous confidence to the beer world that’s just plain fun to listen to.  One of my favorite all-time quotes of Jim’s came when he was asked how he liked being a giant in the micro-brewing industry, to which he replied that it was like being “the tallest midget.”

Jim brought with him some exciting news about a Sam Adams Co-brew and sent the guys a few beers to taste to…

The guys first tasted the new Beer Lovers Choice winner Samuel Adams Noble Pils.  This is also the new seasonal for Sam Adams replacing their White Ale as the spring seasonal.  Noble Pils was a beer Jim first brewed about three years ago for his daughters wedding, and sad to say NOT the beer I voted for in this years BLC voting.  Those that were there “sampling” with me will also admit I voted in my head before I even tasted.  Yes I love IPAs and no I typically don’t like Lagers.  As Pilsner style beers go, this one was tasty and did have a great hop character.

The second beer the guys tasted was a gift sent to Chip from the Sam Adams Barrel Room Collection.  This is a limited release, not currently in the NEPA market called Stony Brook Red.  Look for this 10% red in Mass, Michigan and Colorado currently, with a new batch large enough to hit our market in about 12 months.

The big news of the day was the announcement of the Samuel Adams / Weihenstephan co-brew.  This is not only exciting news for beer lovers, but as Jim said a wonderful nod from the oldest brewery in the world (1044) to the new world of brewing.  It will be an interesting beer to taste given that they are essentially trying to create a beer-style never before made in Germany, while still adhering to the Reinheitsgebot beer purity laws that state they can only use Water, Malt, Hops & Yeast.  Look for an interesting yeast variant in this beer to be the difference.

Thanks to Jim and the guys (and Ruthie) for an entertaining and frighteningly education show.  Imagine that, we somehow learned something at 8AM over a beer.  My mom would be proud.  Cheers!


Victory Stone Co-Brew

11 February 2010

VictoryLogoStoneFront I’m still chasing the details, but there will be a Victory Brewing Stone brewing co-brew starting March 4th in Escondido.  Can you say Lovebrew?? 


Stay Tuned!


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun Stegmaier Freinds

10 February 2010

 LionStegFriends This advertisement is courtesy of Jesskidden and features the tagline “Only the Very best for 95 years!”  Be sure to read the text of the ad and I love that it ends with “Also available – Ale and Porter.”


Weyebacher Heresy 2010 Coming out of the Barrel

09 February 2010

Here's a quick 2-minute video of the guys at Weyeracher transferring the 2010 Heresy out of the oak barrels.


Weyerbacher – India Release Sat (2/13)

weyerbacher Just a reminder that Weyerbacher will be releasing their Brewers Select series India beer this Saturday (2/13) at the brewery (1PM-3PM).  India is of course a west-coast IPA and really sounds good.  I’m looking forward to India, but keep in mind they are ONLY releasing 100 cases.


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun Liebotschaner Select Light or Dark

08 February 2010

 LionStegLiebAd1964 This advertisement is courtesy of Jesskidden and features the tagline “Liebotschaner Select Beer Dark or Light.”  It’s interesting that they referred to is as a “Munich Type” beer….but thankfully it is now “popularly priced” (whatever that is).


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun Gibbons for Easter

06 February 2010

 LionGibbonsEaster This advertisement is from 15 April 1949 and comes to us courtesy of Jesskidden.  It features the tagline “Easter Tips…You Can’t beat Gibbons for a GOOD Beer!” and yes those are Easter Lilies next to the beer.  Other notable details include Reuben Jaffee as the “Importing Distributor” in Philipsburg…and be sure to check out the phone number.  Importing from where…Wilkes-Barre?


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – BrewWorks Beau Baden

05 February 2010

Five Questions: Brewmaster Brew.jpg Today’s guest on the Chip the Beer Guy show was Scranton’s own Beau Baden, brewmaster at  Fegley’s BrewWorks in Allentown.  For those that may not know, Beau brews for the Bethlehem BrewWorks, Allentown BrewWorks and BrewWorks on the Green at Allentown Muni Golf Course.

Now you may be thinking already that my review is a little boring today but wait….

This may sound very tongue-in-cheek, but I assure you it’s not.  Fegley’s has a BrewWorks in Allentown, Bethlehem and even on a local Municipal golf course with 8-craft beer handles at a public course.  So with that in mind I have to ask Beau…why not?  You’re a local boy with local connections…BrewWorks beers have sold well in NEPA…so why not?  I say this in all seriousness.  Why not consider opening a BrewWorks in NEPA.  I know I’ve made this pitch before, but we’re an open market….Hell BrewWorks in Allentown is almost our closest brewpub as it is!  Wilkes-Barre has a ton of cheap available real estate in Keystone Opportunity and Keystone Innovation Zones, including the former Stegmaier Brewery Building.  All of this real estate is between two colleges with several thousand beer lovers within walking distance, and there isn’t another brewpub in WIlkes-Barre or Scranton.  Consider this the beginning of the petition to get a Wilkes-Barre BrewWorks.  So why not Beau??

Anyway…I digress…..back to the show…

In NEPA we’re familiar with the recent releases from Fegley’s like Hopsulutely and Rude Elf’s Reserve, both available locally in bombers and a rare keg or two on draft at places like Coopers Scranton and Purvs.  Today Beau announced the upcoming release of a barrel aged Imperial Stout (9% ABV) called Insidious Imperial Stout.  According to Beau this beer will be available locally in 750ml bottles in the next few weeks and it really sounded tasty.  Beau also talked about many of the other Fegley’s beers, and believe me there are quite a few we never see in our market….but we’d like to!

Cheers guys, great show and yummy sounding beers!  Here’s hoping we planted a little seed with Beau ;)


Local Brewing History -Bartels Delivery Cart

Bartels_Beer,circa_Early_1900s Here’s a great photo courtesy of the Stashu Milski p[rivate collection showing a 2-Horse Bartel’s Beer Delivery cart in Edwardsville, PA dating back to the early 1900’s  Thanks Stashu…very cool photo and we’d love to see more.


Seasons Restaurant – Ommegang Beer & Food Pairing

04 February 2010


Seasons Restaurant in Tunkhannock will be holding an Ommegang Beer Pairing Event Feb 9th from 5:30 to 7:30PM  For menu and details…


February 9th

5:30 & 7:30 Seatings 570-836-7268

From Michael:

Reservations Required (we are already filling up)

Because Seasons brought Beer Pairing Events to Tunkhannock do we have news for you!!!

We have stepped our game up and are bringing in the 4th Ranked Belgium Brewery in the US.

Featuring: Ommegang Belgium Beer

Salad Paired with Hennepin Farmhouse Saison

Orange Glazed Duck Salad

Organic Greens, Almonds, Carrots, yellow and red Peppers, Grilled Orange Glazed Duck breast

Appetizer paired with Ommegang Witte Ale

Oysters Rockefeller

White Wine, Crushed Garlic, Fresh Baby Spinach, Aged Parmesan Cheese

Cheese Break paired with  Bière de Mars

Cheese Break

Aged Cheddar and Gouda, Blue Cheese, Fresh Apple and Pear

Entrée paired with Rare Vos Amber Ale

Salmon Wellington

Fresh Salmon, spinach Boursin Cheese, wild mushrooms and wrapped in Puff Pastry. Finished with sauce Béarnaise.

Dessert paired with Three Philosophers Quadrupel

Chocolate Almond Ganache Tart

with a Kirsch Whipped Cream and topped off with a Dried Cherry Compote


Plaza Beverage - Belgian Beer SALE

Charlie @ Plaza Beverage just let me know he’ll be holding a Belgium Great Sale for a very limited time.  To check out availability and pricing Click HERE.


Troegs Cacaoabunga! – Scratch # 27 Feb 11th

TroegsCacao Looks like the chocolate-based beer we eluded to a few months ago will be hitting the streets as Scratch # 27.  For the full details…

From Troegs:

A cool recent development around the brewery is that John (the guy with his name on the bottle) has offered to allow us hop monkeys (aka the Troegs brewing team) the chance to create upcoming beers in our Scratch Beer line. For brewers, this is the fun part. The only catch is that John reserved final veto power over any recipe, which is good and bad. Because of that, the world will never see my Imperial Rauch Pumpkin Bock, alas… But we will otherwise be unleashing our creative talents on an unsuspecting public, or at least everyone who finds their way into the tasting room.

For my Scratch brew, #27, I wanted to do something with chocolate. None of us have brewed with chocolate before, so a little research suggested cacao nibs could be a fun way to integrate chocolate in the beer. Randomly, Jason in the tasting room happens to know the right guy at the premium chocolate company, Scharffen Berger, who was able to procure us a large quantity of nibs. Nothing wrong with a little luck now and again. For the recipe, we went with a chocolate malt-heavy stout/porter, gave it some lactose for additional body, added just a touch of citrusy hop, and then passed the beer through a bunch of cacao nibs in the hopback. As a side note, cacao nibs smell terrific, just the freshest and most aromatic chocolate smell you’ll ever find. Everyone in the brewery is a big fan.

As we’ve learned in our intensive chocolate research (OK, mostly eating a lot of expensive chocolate), the bitterness of chocolate is always accompanied by the sweetness of vanilla, so we’re adding a LOT of Ugandan Gold vanilla beans to the aging beer. I’ve spent many hours slicing and scraping vanilla beans for the 40 barrels of stout that we’ve brewed. We’re also aging the beer on even more chocolate nibs in the hopes of getting an over-the-top chocolate aroma and taste in the beer. It’s been a fun experiment so far and hopefully the beer brings some chocolate insanity.

When’s it gonna be ready? Well, we’ve got this one scheduled for a Thursday, February 11 afternoon release in the tasting room. A chocolate beer, right before Valentine’s Day? That’s right, we went there. Would you be interested if I told you we’ll have some firkins dry-nibbed with even more cacao nibs being readied for the release? For those stopping by, there have been rumors of free alcohol-soaking soft pretzels for the event. More details to come, be there or be square.

P.S. Not sure what will happen to the barrel-aged Scratch #26 beer. If we end up liking it, it will come out at some point TBD. If not, I guess it’ll just be our sacrifice to the beer gods…

Read more... to be Featured on BeerTapTV – Tonight (2/5) 5:30PM EST

AvatarMbbV2a Just a reminder…The segment will be aired today (2/5) at 5:30PM EST.
HERE to watch or tune into other episodes.  Thanks to Eli & Erik!

UPDATE:  The episode is up for viewing and despite having to follow “Bark for Beer” it was fun to see featured ;)


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun Gibbons Always tastes Good

LionGibbonsAlways This advertisement is from 26 March 1959 and comes to us courtesy of Jesskidden.  It features the tagline “Gibbons Always Tastes Good.”


Krugels Victory Old Horizontal Sampling

03 February 2010

Feb 5th 4-6 PM with glassware.


Berwick Brewing Co – Bluegrass Show 13 Feb

From Berwick Brewing Co:

Join us Saturday night Feb. 13 7-11PM  for a terrific show by our old friends, Stained Grass Window! Their virtuoso playing and harmony singing make them the premier bluegrass band in the area.
Cover charge is $7 and includes an appetizer buffet. Chicken parm and sausage and pepper sandwiches are available along with our famous pizza.
Come out and have a great time at the Berwick Brewery!!

This is a replacement for the Class & Grass Event.


Taming of the Brew – Advanced Tickets Today!

Tamingofthe Brew Just another quick reminder that the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble Taming of the Brew event tickets go on sale TODAY (2/3) beginning at 5PM. This WILL SELL OUT FAST! Limit is 4 per person and they can only be purchased at For further details of the April 10th Beer & Food Festival Click HERE or…

Taming of the Brew – April 10th 7-11PM

All sales will be online, and tickets will be available starting (and probably ending) on this Wednesday, February 3rd 2010 at 5:00 PM. Go to to purchase tickets. Save time and create a login at BTE's online store now. And, as they say, it’s all for a good cause: The Taming of the Brew is a fundraiser to support the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble.

Ticket sales are limited to four per person. NOTE: if you enter more than the number 4 in your order, the system will kick you out and you will lose your place in the queue for buying tickets. (this is how the system works, folks, we can't help it, so we just have to be very clear about it.)

Brewery and Restaurant lists for this year have been updated - check out our confirmed food and beer vendors for 2010.

The evening will be filled with fun. Taste and learn about new beer styles. Sample wonderful foods from a wide array of area restaurants and caterers. Try tasting beer and food together to find complementary flavor pairings. Vote for your favorite beer at the auction table (Who knows? It could win the People’s Choice Award!) Bid on a wide array of items generously contributed by local businesses and craftspeople at our silent auction.

So enjoy — but please remember to always drink responsibly.


Why Troegs Dumped Scratch # 26

02 February 2010

TroegsScratch From John: (Be sure to note the mention of the Ticeman’s Cacaobunga Stout (Chocolate Stout) coming out for Valentines Day.

I’ve been getting so many direct tweets and emails, not to mention hecklers in the streets, I thought I would let everyone know why we did it.  When I say “it” I mean the unthinkable Dump of Scratch 26.  It all starts with an empty tank.  Nothing bugs me more than an empty tank.  So even before the Scratch tank opens up we start dreaming up what should go into it.  It usually starts with a list of beers one of us, or all of us crave.  Time of year plays a huge part in this discussion.  We try to stay away from a current seasonal, we want something to add to the mix.  That usually leads the beer in ten directions, the kicker is time.  Sometimes we care about timing sometimes we don’t.  This one needed to be ready in two to three weeks so not to interfere with Ticeman’s Cacaobunga Stout (Chocolate Stout) set for Valentines Day release.  JeffJ happened to mention a ‘Scotch Ale’ more like a Wee Heavy…  Usually we don’t even think about styles, usually it starts with something small like a new hop or some other interesting ingredient.  Then we build around it, like malts that taste good with Bravo Hops or Cluster is great with Rye, or some funky yeast we want to try.  After we have everything lined out someone inevitably asks “what style is it?”  This time we wanted to aim at a target.  When JeffJ mentioned Scotch Ale I instantly flashed back to a beer brewed at the Oasis in Boulder Co.  The “O” took a simple malt bill and with an intensive 1st runnings boil, created an incredibly complex Scotch Ale with a real distinctive caramel backbone.  This was my starting point for 26.  A nice subtle smokey character would be nice, so we searched for peated malt, but couldn’t get it in time.  I thought I wanted to use a funky English yeast strain putting a spin on the underlying yeast flavor. The idea was to use a yeast with a nutty, malty accent to it.  The kicker was if you don’t grow it correctly it can taste like armpit (yeah that’s right) or butterscotch bomb..  Given our short timeline I decided to ditch the English yeast and to  play with it more before using it (basically chickened out).

Brew day rolls around and at first everything looks great.  JeffJ took first runnings into the mash kettle and reduced the heck out of it creating a really deep caramel flavor, perfect for this beer.  The gravity was nice and high somewhere around 23 plato, plenty of food for the yeast.  Well, our house yeast gobbled it up, fast!  That’s where we picked up a slight higher alcohol, solvent aroma; bugged the heck out of me.  The plan was to take a portion of this beer and age it in heavy char oak barrels we had coopered outside Pittsburgh.   They smelled amazing!  If that stinkin alcohol aroma wasn’t there it would have been spot on.  The vanilla, spicy tannic oak flavors really started to round it out nicely.

So, to sum it up when I tasted the beer it was fine, I guess, but I thought “if we are going to do this shouldn’t it be incredible?”  Our beers are based on what we like…for twelve years when I give a tour of the brewery it starts with the idea of building a brewery to keep our taste buds happy.  This one just didn’t live up to my expectation, so we move on and learn from it, hopefully not to revisit this mistake…….ever…




Shadowbrook Beerfest 2010

Shadow-BrookFor those that have not ventured north into the hinterlands, the Shadowbrook Inn & Resort is located just north of Tunkhannock, PA.  We actually attended the very first event @ Shadowbrook.  It was $10, a great small crowd and an even mix of bottles and tap handles (and one of the first places I encountered Mr. Webster from Rock 107.)  I’m not sure how the event has changed since then (other than the price)  but perhaps someone can comment in on their experience.  in any case here are the details in ALL CAPS courtesy of Shadowbrook Inn & Resort: 

BEERFEST 2010 - SHADOWBROOK INN AND RESORT - MARCH 27 FROM 1-5PM.....DON'T MISS THIS GREAT EVENT....CALL 570 836 2151 FOR ADVANCE TICKETS AND MORE INFO.  The guys at Shadowbrook tell me it will be $20 admission ($5 for a designated driver).  There will be live music and about 25 different beers to sample.


Weyerbacher News – India & Brew Schedule

Weyerbacher Of course India needs to be a West Coast IPA…..also note the new Belgian Imperial Stout named Tiny!

From Dan:

Weyerbacher 2010 Release Schedule
January - Fireside Ale
Feb - Heresy & Insanity, both in 12 oz 4-packs this year
March- Slam Dunkel
April - Blanche
May 15- Zotten
May/June- Riserva 2010, depending on when conditioning completes
July - Fifteen
August - AutumnFest & Imperial Pumpkin
September - Harvest Ale w/fresh hops
October- Winter Ale
November – QUAD

Cork n Cage schedule:
March-Double Simcoe IPA
April - Tiny - new beer: Belgian Imperial Stout 12%
May- Riserva, dependant on conditioning
June- Double Simcoe IPA

Ongoing now year-round: Merry Monks cork n cage
Of course we'll have our Brewers Select Series of One-offs approx. every other month. First up is India in February. India is a west coast style IPA with heavy hops signature but not a lot of underlying malt.

Notes from Production Manager Chris Lampe:
We are into full Barrel season right now. Our Cellarmen Chris Reilly and Sean Anderson are madly bringing Insanity and Heresy out of barrels so that the bottles and kegs are ready for distribution next week. The Insanity is going to be particularly good this year as we have some extra special bourbon barrels to blend with. Production Supervisor Geoff Michalski, and cellarman Chris Reilly are constantly testing the Heresy as we decide how to blend it! Hope to see y’all out and about soon!

Read more... to be Featured on BeerTapTV !

01 February 2010

BeeerTapTV I’ve heard from Eli Shayotovich of Beertap TV that will be featured on BeerTap TV’s “beer buzz” segment (perfect fit huh?)  BeerTap TV is an internet-based beer-related channel with about 6 different shows that Eli & Erik produce and star in.

The segment will be aired this Thu (2/5) at 5:30PM EST.
HERE to watch or tune into other episodes.  Thanks to Eli & Erik!


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun Stubbies

 LionStubbiesB&WAdvertisingToday we’re featuring a black & white ad for the Stegmaier family of Stubbies 12oz bottles.  The ad shows Gibbons, Bartels, Stegmaier, Esslinger, Liebotschaner Cream Ale and Steg Light.  Sad to say but I’m old enough to remember all of these (as a very young child of course.)


WILK Friday BeerBuzz

2016 NEPA BlogCon Winner

2016 NEPA BlogCon Winner

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