Lion Brewery – Label Fun Stegmaier Anniversary Brew

30 January 2010

 LionStegAnniversaryLabel Here’s another great label courtesy of Jesskidden.  This one features.Stegmaier Anniversary Brew in the 32oz (! quart) size.


Breaker Brewing Co – 16-Ton IPA is Out!

29 January 2010

BreakerBrewing16TonLabel I just heard from Chris and he tells me the new Breaker Brewing Co 16-Ton Double IPA is being delivered  today.  He’s not sure when any of these places will actually tap it, but kegs are going to Kelsey’s, Jessup Beverage, Sabatinis and Purvs, with more to follow.  They’ll be brewing a double batch tomorrow for 22oz bottles so expect to see those in the future as well.  Chris tells me they’re real happy with how it came out so watch for it on tap and in bottles soon.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Stone CEO Greg Koch

StoneGregKoch I am keenly aware that the words “beer” and “alarm” should never be put together in a sentence.  So with that in mind, I had quite a conundrum on my hands when I heard last night that Chip the Beer Guy would be making a 7:15AM appearance on Rock 107.  At the mybeerbuzz shack in sunny Siberia, the FM reception is not only sketchy, but limited to my alarm clock and an old transistor radio whose antenna fell off during the Nixon administration.  I begged John last night to crank up all the transmitter-hamsters at Rock 107 and I even offered up the flux capacitor in my 1972 Delorean in an attempt to boost their transmission enough to reach Siberia.  In the end it worked, and I was able to catch the 7:15 and 8:15 shows…and what funny shows they were!

For the two or three people in North America that don’t read or listen to Rock 107, I’ll recap.  During last weeks show John mentioned Blind Robins, a salt-cured pickled herring snack that used to be sold in corner bars.  Now don’t get me wrong; in Siberia we are well aware of the virtues of odiferous salted fish snacks and how they marry well to beer, especially in ice fishing shacks and on long horse-drawn sleigh rides, but as I was chasing down a clever Blind Robins picture for last week’s post, Chip was chasing down ACTUAL blind robins.

So at 7:15AM the guys (and NOT Ruthie) set off to taste the fish.  Right out of the gate Jay refused and Ruthie threatened that there would be vomit if she ate one, so that left John & Chip to polish off the pound of fish(and I say that with all due respect to actual fish.)  As a vegetarian I can only imagine the horror of salted, pickled, iced Herring FedEx’d from Minnesota (, but the boys had no problemo.  Now keep in mind that blood pressure gauges all across Northeastern PA were tipping off the scale as they ate, but I do give them credit for finding AND eating said fishy snacks.

The real CBG show today featured a return visit by Greg Koch (CEO of Stone Brewing) to “assist” the guys (and Ruthie) in tasting some Stone Beverages.  Greg is a very funny young man and a wonderful advocate (make that representative) for the craft beer culture.  Greg not only exudes humor, but has an obvious love for craft beer.  It was funny to hear him intro with the words “Yo Scranton” and then explain that the 5:15AM time on the west coast explains why “Yo Scranton” was the best he was able to come up with.

The guys tasted Stone Cali-Belgique, Vertical Epic 9-9-09, and one of my new Stone-favorites, Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale.  This is a beer I was lucky enough to try on hand-pump at the Port Brewing Real Ale festival in Carlsbad, CA.  It was fantastic on hand-pump and great in bottles too.  Greg also talked about how the Vertical series beers get more and more “Epic” as they age and that 2-2-02 is one of the rarest of the bundle.  Greg explained that the series should have started in 1-1-01 but his “epiphany was a year late.”

The big news of the day is that Greg will be speaking with the British Consulate later this afternoon to submit an RFP to further the possibilities of Stone opening a brewery in the UK.  Stay tuned here and on Stone’s website for further details as “Stone Skips Across the Pond.”

Thanks to Greg and everyone on the show today (welcome to Lee also) for a great start to the weekend.  Cheers to you all and thank you to Greg for “visiting” NEPA to talk beer.  Hopefully we get to hear from you again or share a Stone brew with you sometime in the future.


In a Perfect Beer World – What Do You Want?

28 January 2010

Smiley As I sat enjoying a beer at one of our recent happy hours, I couldn’t help overhearing our bar-neighbors saying over and over again how much they wished the bar had better lights in the beer cooler. Of course that got me thinking, and you know what happens when you mix beer and thinking?...Great ideas of course (wait what did you think I was going to say?) Our mission statement at is bringing good beers and good people together. I’d also like to think we as a beer loving audience have a unique and powerful connection to our local beer establishments. As such, I’d like to collect our opinions in a project I’m calling, “In a Perfect Beer World.”

As beer lovers we are keen observers of everything “beer”, and I’d love for us to pass those observations on to our local beer bars, craft beer distributors, bottle shops and local breweries. In a perfect beer world, what do we want? I’ll provide some general categories below, but I plan to keep things open. Please try to be realistic and please don’t slam anyone or any place specifically. For example I think it’s a great suggestion to say you think the lights in the beer cooler need to be brighter so you can read the bottles, but not very realistic to say everyone should have 100-tap handles and 500 bottles in stock. Let’s try to be creative and thoughtful here and I truly believe we can help improve our local beer scene.

I’ll throw out a few categories and an actual suggestion for each category, but please don’t limit yourself to my categories. Also feel free to agree (or disagree) with other suggestions made. The more people that suggest the same thing, the more likely it may happen.

Beer Bars: I think all beer bars need an up-to-date and easily available tap list on the bar or posted where it’s easy to see.

Craft Beer Distributors: I think posting prices on each case makes me more likely to buy more.

Bottle Shops: Organization is real important. Being able to find the brewery I’m looking for in some meaningful order makes me more likely to buy more.

Local Breweries: I love to know what you’re brewing and when it may be available.

Granted these are simple suggestions, but many times simple things make a big difference. I will accept suggestions via comments on, via e-Mail to and via comments on Facebook (and of course in person over a beer). I’ll correlate all of our insight, observations and suggestions and post them out over the course of several weeks AND pass that info on to our mybeerbuzz member bars, craft beer distributors, bottle shops and local breweries.

So readers…..In a Perfect Beer World, What Do We Want?


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Esslinger

 LionEsslingerLabel Here’s another great label courtesy of Jesskidden.  This one features Esslinger from Pocono Brewery Co (Wilkes-Barre, PA) in 12oz (355ml) size.


Beer News from Bullfrog

BullfrogBrewing I heard from Terry and he passed on a few exciting tidbits about upcoming beers at Bullfrog.

  • el Diablo, a Belgian-inspired golden ale aged on French oak chips will be tapping tomorrow (1/29).  Terry is also going to bottle about 40 cases bottle-conditioned w/ 3 strains of Brettanomyces to be released in July or maybe August (it will be labled 'el Diablo Deluxe')
  • The Duchess de Duryea fro the AuRants grand opening will be renamed 'the Jaspers' named after one of Terry’s favorite Frank Herbert novels, The Santaroga Barrier, and is still being released in May (first Friday).
  • Some other new drafts coming on in the next week or two... Black Light, a Belgian-inspired dark ale weighing in at 4.8% abv and Sunrise Red, a hoppy red ale weighing in at 4.6 - 4.8% abv
  • And one last tidbit and perhaps my favorite….and I quote, “

    I know I've really been into session beers lately but don't worry there will be more mayhem inducing brews following... can you say 3yr old, barrel-aged, chocolate and coffee infused, fully buggered Imperial Stout... more on that one later. “

    Thanks Terry….Count me in on the Imperial (and the others too)!


Troegs Scratch # 26 – Dumped !

26 January 2010

TroegsScratch It sounds like Scratch # 26 didn’t come out quite the way it was planned and instead of becoming a regular Scratch beer, much of it was dumped and the barrel-aged portion will become a super-rare low volume brew house beer some time in the future.

From John:

So the point of our Scratch Beer series is to experiment with new styles, techniques, and ingredients, throw some stuff against the wall and see what sticks. Sometimes the beers turn out just like we hoped, like Scratch #4, which became Flying Mouflan (don’t worry, it will be seen again, sometime after we brew a whole lot more Nugget Nectar this year…). And sometimes, as in the case of Scratch #26, it doesn’t quite come out the way we wanted.

As we detailed in an earlier post, we wanted to brew a very caramelized Wee Heavy through an ultra-long wort reduction and kettle boil. Unfortunately, the beer didn’t have the caramel character we wanted, and so we have decided to dump the non barrel-aged portion of the beer. Trust me, even though the brewing team tasted the beer and decided it wasn’t quite up to snuff, it still hurts to dump a pretty good, and quite warming, beer. I feel bad for the billions of yeast cells whose work is now for naught.

On the bright side, we will do something with the barrel-aged beer, which got the thumbs-up from the crew. The wood character is nice, and it is becoming nicely rounded. Tentatively we’ve decided on racking the couple of barrels we have of it and kegging it off for our tasting room. We’ll let you know more about the super-duper-exclusive Scratch #26 as it develops. Till next time.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Gibbons

LionGibbonsRWLabel Here’s another great label courtesy of Jesskidden.  This one features Gibbons Famous Light Lager Beer in 12oz size.


Krugel’s Yuengling Bock Taste Test

25 January 2010

KrugelsYuenglingBock Joe tells me there will be a Yuengling Taste Test event with glassware on 1/29/2010 4-6PM @ Krugel’s.  Come out and try Yuengling’s NEW Bock beer.

Read more... Welcomes Otto’s Pub & Brewery

OttosLogo Cheers and welcome to Otto's Pub & officially participating with Welcome aboard Ryan...the beer loving community Thanks you!  Click HERE to go to the Otto’s Page.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Gibbons Peter Pippin Porter

24 January 2010

LionGibbonsPeterPippinPorterLabel This label has been highly requested and I finally was able to find it.  I present for your viewing pleasure Gibbons Peter Pippin Porter.  Now I KNOW there has to be a great Peter Pippin story out there somewhere so please comment.


Breaker Brewing Co Expands!

23 January 2010

BreakerNewferment Chris and Mark tell me the guys at Breaker Brewing Co have expanded with 2 NEW 3 bbl fermenting vessels!  This is great news for BBC and for local beer lovers.


Troegs Nugget Nectar 2010 –12oz Cases Have Arrived

22 January 2010

TroegsNugget2010 Yes the 12oz cases of Nugget have arrived, but sadly I’m seeing very limited quantities.  I was able to get the case you see from Plaza Beverage, but Charlie tells me he received very few cases and continues to try to get more.  I’ll be sure to report in if more cases arrive.

On an unrelated note, Charlie also tells me they should be seeing cases of the new Yuengling Bock later today!


Bullfrog Brewing – What Fruit do You Want in a Lambic?

BullfrogLogo Just heard from Terry @ Bullfrog and he’s asking US a question.  What fruit would you like to see him brew in a Lambic?  Please let your Lambic-voice be heard!  You can comment here (click on comments below) or on Terry’s Facebook page, or even e-Mail me and I’ll be sure Terry gets our list.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Flying Fish Belgian Abbey Dubbel

BlindRobins Into every life a little rain must fall.  The best of friends and the closest of families are not immune.  What may appear to be one big happy beer-loving family may only serve to disguise the truth that goes on behind the scenes.  If you think drama is limited to General Hospital, and Days of our Lives; I’m here to tell you that there is strife and controversy at the Chip the Beer Guy show.  I know everyone seems so happy and drunk, but there is obvious tension on the show.  On today’s show Chip was hurling insults subtly disguised as beers.  First he slammed Ruthie by gifting her a “Hair of the Dog Ruth” beer named after both a grannie and a dog.  Low blow Chip.  Then he went on to slam John saying that much like the Flying Fish Belgian Abbey Dubbel, John had a generous body, a fruity nose and an immense head.  It’s hard to watch those you love not getting along, but especially hard to see an innocent beer used in a hostile manner.  Can’t we all just enjoy a beer and get along? ;)

Obviously I’m kidding, and even though commenting that a co-worker has a “generous body” can quickly get you on board the sexual harassment freight train, don’t go hiring a lawyer for John just yet.  I assure you it was all in good fun and mostly good fun for me.

Watch for Greg Koch (CEO of Stone Brewing) to be on the phone next week (1/29) to help the guys (and Ruthie) taste some Stone beers, and also Beau Baden, Jim Koch and Garret Oliver to appear on future shows.

Today we tasted Flying Fish Belgian Abbey Dubbel (2008 GABF Silver Medal).  Who knew it is a beer that goes well with Blind Robins.  Now I’ll admit that either I wasn’t hanging around in bars at that age, or I simply didn’t see them, but apparently a “blind robin” is a salted pickled herring and the guys remembered them, including the smell.  I have included a photo, but be warned… does NOT recommend performing a google image search on the words “blind robin.”  Since most of you are now running to google, I’ll simply say cheers….funny show guys.


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun

LionStegBoxer Now I know before anyone corrects me that there is a difference between the Lion brewery and the old Stegmaier Brewery.  For the purposes of keeping a common title I’m calling most things Lion Brewery.  Today we have a cool advertising post card from the 1950’s featuring boxer Tony Galento with the tag line “The Beer that Made Galento Famous.”  I’m sure there’s a great story here.


Berwick Brewing Co – Now in Kegs !

21 January 2010

DSC07457 Here’s a tasty little tidbit coming out of Berwick Brewing Co.  Not only is Sat (1/23) their 2nd Anniversary Party, but they are now distributing kegs to some of our local beer bars.  Berwick Brewing Co Atomic Punk IPA is NOW on tap @ Elmer Sudds and coming soon at Backyard Ale House and some of our other local beer bars.  Very exciting news…congratulations to everyone @ BBC.


Troegs Nugget Nectar 12oz Bottles

TroegsNN Just an update for those hundred or so that have asked.  Twelve ounce Nugget Nectar bottles arrived at Ace late yesterday (1/20).  I’m awaiting some updates as to when we can actually get our grubby little hands on them, but expect to see them very soon.

UPDATE: As of 3PM (1/21) Krugel’s JUST received 12oz Nugget Nectar Bottles (and Joe has 22oz bottles also)!



Lion Brewery – Label Fun

20 January 2010

LionStegBockKegLabel This keg label comes to us courtesy of jesskidden and it is for Stegmaier Bock Beer.  It has the union label, half-barrel size and the typical Steg tag lines.


Southern Tier Choklat – Yup!

Choklat2010 Again…need I say more?


Sabatinis – New Growlers, Black Ops, Choklat, Hopslam…

SabatinisGrowlers This is a multi-layered post that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a newspaper headline, so if you’re confused, read on.  I just stopped by Sabatini’s and I thought you’d want to see how cool the new glass growlers are.  The observant viewer will also note the case of Brooklyn Black Ops we used as the background.  Not only does Sabatini’s now have great growlers, Lindo also has Brooklyn Black Ops bottles, Southern Tier Choklat bottles (coming on draft soon) and Bells Hopslam ON DRAFT!  I also just updated the bottle list on the Sabatini’s page so be sure to check that out too.  I’m like a beer-kid in a beer-candy-store every time I visit, and I can’t say enough about the great selection; so be sure to stop in and check it out for yourself.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

LionStegBrewingLetter.jog Yes we’re crossing boundaries again, but I just thought this one was worth a look.  Today we feature some letterhead from the Stegmaier Brewing Co dated 17 July 1906.  Of note on this letterhead is the fact that their tag lines are :Lager Beer & Porter  and Brands: Export and Select Beer, Stock Lager, Porter, Malt Extract, Ales.”  Be sure to check out the cool drawing too.


Hopslam 2010 – Yup!

19 January 2010

Need I say more?


Hopslam on Draft! and Mad Elf, Celebration & Choklat on the way…

SabatinisCooler The title pretty much says it all.  Sabatinis currently has Bell’s Hopslam on draft along with Troegs Mad Elf, and Sierra Nevada Celebration and Lindo tells me Southern Tier Choklat (on tap) is on the way.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

18 January 2010

LionStegAleLabel Today’s label is Stegmaier Ale.  I know we’ve published a similar label, but this one is slightly different.  The one comes to us courtesy of jesskidden and if has a 1955 copyright, a 12oz size and also features the tag line of “Unexcelled Quality.”


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

LionStegPorterGreenLabel This is a classic label that is one of my favorites.  Lion Stegmaier Porter.  This one comes to us courtesy of jesskidden and has a 1955 copyright and is a 12oz label with the tag line “Unexcelled Quality.”


Label Fun - Liebotschaner but Not Steg!

17 January 2010



Here’s something we discussed a few days, and although it is not a Lion Steg product, I thought it was interesting to see a Genesee version of Liebotschaner.  Thanks to Jesskidden for the contribution and interesting details AND be sure to read the “apology!”

Read more... Welcomes Kelsey's Pub

image Cheers & welcome to Kelsey's officially participating with Welcome aboard Tara...the beer loving community thanks you! Click HERE to go to the mybeerbuzz Kelsey's Pub page.


Local Craft Beer History – What Is It?

16 January 2010

SSt OK local beer trivial experts.  I know this may seem inconsequential, ironic or simply unusual, but what you see IS a significant piece of local craft beer history.  A beer to the first person that can guess exactly what these are and what their significance is.


Loin Brewery – Label Fun

LionStegLiebotschanerSelectBocklabel So we march forward into spring with more label fun.  This one comes to us courtesy of jeskidden and features the Liebotschaner Special Bock Beer.  The size oz 12oz and the tag says “brewed & Bottled by the Lion Inc., Wilkes-Barre PA 18705


Berwick Brewing Co 2nd Anniversary Bash

15 January 2010

berwickanniv Event: 2nd Anniversary Bash!!
Start Time: Saturday, January 23 at 1:00pm
End Time: Saturday, January 23 at 11:00pm
Where: The Brewery, Berwick PA


Troegs Nugget Nectar & Bell’s Hopslam 2010

NuggetHopslam Since so many people have asked via e-Mail let me tell you what I know so far about the arrival of Bell’s Hopslam and Troegs Nugget Nectar in NEPA…and as you'll see it is very little.

I expect a VERY limited supply of Hopslam to roll into our area on Monday 1/18.  I’ll know more on Monday exactly how “limited” that is, but I suspect it will be easier to find in the Philly & Lehigh valley areas than NEPA.

While I am hearing from Troegs that Nugget Nectar in 12oz bottles has shipped, I’m hearing that Ace ONLY has a limited supply of 22oz bottles and NO 12oz bottles yet.  Krugel’s Georgetown Deli & Beer is also reporting that they have 22oz bottles currently in stock.

I wish I had more to report but that’s it.  I suspect all of this will change rapidly and I will update this thread so stay tuned here for the latest.

UPDATE x 4:  Sabatini’s has Hoplasm on Draft (and Choklat on draft coming soon).  The Beer Stop in Hazleton now has Hopslam.  Wegman’s now has Nugget Nectar 22oz for $7.99  I know this was poster earlier but Anonymous has reminded me that Shangy’s has Hopslam in stock (1 case per car or person limit).  Joe also tells me Krugel’s eorgetown Deli & Beer will have Hopslam in stock  tomorrow (1/18).

For anyone looking for Hopslam in the SEPA and Lehigh Valley area, in addition to Shangey’s you can

Find Bell's Hopslam at: Beer Yard Bev, Stone Bev., Foodery's, Beer Mart, Brewers Outlet Germantown, Exton Bev, Goshen Bev, Frank Smith Bev, Narberth Bev, Food & Friends, Frosty Caps, Bell Bev, Abes Deli, Big Top Bev, Capone'...s, Kunda Bev, Bound Bev, One Stop Bev, Cold Spring Bev, Rite Buy, Tanczos Bev, Rose's Deli, Bryn Mawr Bev, Town Food Market, Franklin Bev, Townshipline Bev, Whitemarsh Bev, Plaza Beverage, Bella Vista, Liberty Bell Allentown.


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun

LionStegLiebotschanerSelectpromocardToday we feature another cool Liebotschaner Select advertising card courtesy of Jesskidden.  The advertising tag line reads, “America’s Finest Munich Type Beer…and old world “Munich Type” beer brewed of imported hops, one hundred percent barley malts and utilizing the crystal clear waters of the beautiful Pocono Mountain region of Pennsylvania.”  It’s mellow flavor is savored by discerning beer drinkers everywhere.”


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Stone Brewing Greg Koch

SanDiegoJune2008 209

Today’s we’re playing a little catch-up and doing a Chip two-fer.  I missed last week’s show in favor of shoveling snow (oh joy) so I’ll post up a little about last week’s show as the first half of our two-fer.  Last week’s show was the first of the new 2010 year and the first since John’s return from scenic sunny San Diego.  The beer of the week last week was Long Trail Hibernator scotch ale, and the guys loved it….so now onto today’s show!

Today’s cell-phone guest was Stone Brewing CEO Greg Koch, live from the left coast.  I was a little worried at the beginning of today’s show because it sounded something like this….”So Greg, how did you get into brewing…well I was living in LA and working on a music car eer&*(^^…… … +…. .zz zzand i zz z%!|:`:zz$zzzzz…… … …..z.z. z……… ….$(*//…… ….and that’s how Stone happened.”  Greg’s phone thankfully caught the signal and was OK from there, but it was funny to hear the guys vamping to fill in the gaps of static.  So lets get to it! 

I think the big news of the day is that Stone Brewing is planning to brew a collaboration brew with Bill Kovaleski of Victory and Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head so stay tuned for more on that.

I know you’re clicking read more to find out more about the co-brew, but so far no additional details.  Greg really turned out to be an interesting guest and you can really get a sense that the attitude Stone projects in their marketing is real.  I loved Greg's

response to the question of “how do you convert a macro beer drinker to Stone.”  Greg’s answer was that if they want to keep their “

white knuckle grip on mediocrity” who was he to stop them.  I also enjoyed the story and background Greg gave on their choice of their Gargoyle logo.  Apparently it was an attempt to help ward off fizzy-yellow beers. 


Greg also gave props to Ace Beverage as our local Stone distributor and in talking about Stone IPA and how a hoppy 6.9% beer now suddenly has become a “session beer”, Greg also noted VInnie Cilurzo’s (from Russian River) term that America was undergoing a “Lupulin-shift” and I could not agree more.  There was a day when a 6% ABV IPA was not a beer that was easy to even find.  Now we regularly sit and drink three 7% ABV super-hoppy beers, and they’re available everywhere.  I was also pleased to hear more details on the the possibility of Stone opening a brewery in Europe—something I consider a monumental shift in world-beer culture.  All in all a very funny guy and a very funny show, and keep in mind Greg was rockin’ a 5AM west coast start time.  Thanks to Greg and the guys (and of course Ruthie) for a very funny live show…and thank you for allowing a great guest to run a little long.

In parting I should mention the beers of the week were Stone (

Sublimely Self-Righteous, Vertical 9-9-09 among others) but the tasting seemed to occur during the commercials because the interview ran a little long, so no real details there other than John loving them all.  I should also mention the photo above is from my most recent trip to Stone World Bistro Gardens, and as you can see, I was a little thirsty.  That’s one of every Stone beer they had on tap and yes of course I didn’t waste a drop.


Nude Beer for Sale!

LionNudeeBay We’ve been having so much Lion Brewery Label Fun that I simply could NOT resist posting this on a Friday.  This is an active eBay auction that I have no connection to featuring 54 different Nude Beer labels.  Of humorous note is the fact that this seller collected almost ALL of them.  Even more entertaining is that they are “unused” BUT the lottery ticket coating WAS scratched off!  Clicky HERE to check it out for yourself.


Narragansett Beer Father’s Day Tie Design Contest

Narrangansett I realize that Providence RI is a little out of our territory, but as I’ve said before, I like pushing out these fun beer-contests.  Who knows, maybe one of our readers will win and bring beer-fame to Northeastern PA.  Winners will receive cash prizes and (you guessed it) Narragansett Beer…and yes you probably do have to learn how to spell “Narragansett” beer to win.


New England Brewer Seeks Winning Design To Be Featured On 2010 Father’s Day Ties

Narragansett Beer is now seeking designers, artists and creatives of all types for design submissions to be considered in the company’s 2010 contest for the annual release of their limited-edition Father’s Day neckties. The winning design will be featured online at, and ties will be distributed throughout all leading New England package stores in June of this year.

The more creative the better; however, all ‘Gansett tie designs must incorporate Narragansett Beer elements and imagery. Judges will choose winners based on three main criteria: creativity, wearability and overall ‘Gansettness.

Final entries are due by Friday, January 22, 2010, and winners will be announced at a ‘Gansett Unveiling Party on January 30th in Providence, Rhode Island.

DETAILS:                  -All design submissions must be received by Friday, January 22nd, 2010.
-Design entries are to be submitted in the form of a low resolution JPEG to:

PRIZES:                     All finalists will receive a free case of Narragansett Lager, and cash prizes of $300, $200 and $100 will be awarded to the top three entries.

UNVEILING:            The ‘Gansett Celebratory Unveiling will be held on Saturday,

PARTY                       January 30th at 9pm @ AS 220, 115 Empire Street, Providence, RI.

For full rules and regulations and to review last year’s winners, visit:


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun

14 January 2010

LionGibbonsProof Today we wander even further from beer labels into some Gibbons advertising.  This one comes to us courtesy of jesskidden and it shows a print ad from 26 Sept 1952.  The ad features the tag line “The Proof is in the Taste"—Best-liked Beer in town because Gibbons is the best-tasting Beer!  Have a Gibbons and Prove it to yourself!  If it’s Gibbons it’s always Good—The Lion Inc. Gibbons Brewery Wilkes-Barre”


Wegman's WIlkes-Barre Beer & Food Pairing

Just a heads up that the next Wegman's Wilkes-Barre beer & food pairing event will be held Jan 30th from 11AM-3PM in the Market Cafe.


Breaker Brewing 16-Ton Double IPA

13 January 2010

BreakerBrewing16TonLabel Here’s a first peek at the label submitted to the TTB for Breaker Brewing Co 16-Ton IPA.  The guys tell me 16-Ton will be available mainly in 22oz bottles with perhaps a few kegs.  The beer comes in at 116 IBU with a strong malt backbone thanks to generous portions of Warrior, Nugget, Chinook and Columbus hops.  Adding to that hop bouquet, the guys dry hopped with Cascade & Nugget and aged the beer with lightly toasted oak chips to get the final brew.  16-Ton will be bottle conditioned, unfiltered, un-pasteurized AND 10.6% ABV.  Look for Breaker Brewing 16-Ton IPA to be available in a few weeks and stay tuned here and for the latest details.

As the bottle says, “After dealing with your day’s Sixteen Tons, kick back and relax with this Double IPA and let your worries blissfully fade away.”


The mybeerbuzz v2.1 – Beer Diet

Scale In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, the website has gone on a diet.  I launched mybeerbuzz 2.0 a few weeks ago, and since that time we’ve been working very hard to monitor the traffic.  It was my intent to try out some new resources on the new site and see what the response was.  In the end, it simply wasn’t worth the overhead to keep some of these new functions active given their limited use. 

As a result we put on a diet and I present to you 2.1.  We’ve removed some items I suspect most readers may not even notice, and worked to make the remaining items more efficient.

The resulting changes cut our page load speeds by over 75% and streamlined the content considerably.  Since we are dependent on some external resources (that are not always fast to load), I am working to streamline how we use these systems on to reduce our dependency on their load times…so stay tuned as we get even skinnier.  As always, your mileage may vary but please DO report your findings back.


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun – Steg Gold Medal Table Tent

12 January 2010

LionStegTableTent I couldn’t resist posting this one up.  It’s an amazing image from a Stegmaier table tent.  This one comes to us courtesy of jesskidden and it shows Stegmaier’s Gold Medal Beer “Brewed to the Taste of the Nation” with a wonderful wreath of hops around the beer glass.


Bells Hopslam 2010 Has Arrived

11 January 2010

ShangysHopSlam2010 I suspect a VERY limited supply will roll into our NEPA distributors in the next few days, but Nema sent along this photo showing that cases of 2010 Bells Hopslam have arrived at Shangy’s.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

10 January 2010

LionStegLiebotschanerSelectKegLabel Today we stray a little from our tradition bottle label posting to show a Keg Label from Liebotschaner Select Beer.  This label is courtesy of jesskidden and shows the union label, the half-barrel size and the tag “Brewed & Filled by Stegmaier Brewing Co., Wilkes-Barre, PA  Est 1857.


Chip The Beer Guy Rock 107 – Greg Koch

09 January 2010

StoneGregKochWith the snow hitting our neck of the woods last Friday, I was busy shoveling the driveway and missed the show.  Since it hasn’t show up on the podcast page yet, I thought I’d take this opportunity to let everyone know that Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing will be next Friday’s guest on the show.  Mark your dance cards since this should be a great show.


J&J Deli in Dallas Adding More Beer

08 January 2010

JandJDeliLogo OK Back Mountain beer lovers, I just found out that J&J Deli in Dallas (on Rt 415 near Center Hill Rd) has beer.  Now I was always pretty sure they had regular beer in the cooler, but now I hear they have 4 tap handles, their own growlers AND a keg of Breaker Brewing Co Goldies Blonde going on sometime next week.  I’m also hearing they’re interested in moving more and more into craft beers so stay tuned…


Troegs Nugget Nectar Firkin – The Keg Has Been Tapped

TroegsNNFirkin1 Here’s your almost live photo of the first ever Troegs Firkin Event courtesy of John as Phil H. taps the first Nugget Nectar Firkin of the year!


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Gibbons Bock

LionGibbonsBock2Label This label is a different version of a label I posted a few months ago.  This label is courtesy of jesskidden and shows us an early Gibbons Bock beer label.  The label is for a 12oz bottle and is copyrighted 1937.


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun Tony Galento Postcard

LionStegBoxer Now I know before anyone corrects me that there is a difference between the Lion Brewery and the old Stegmaier Brewery. For the purposes of keeping a common title I’m calling most things Lion Brewery. Today we have a cool advertising post card from the 1950’s featuring boxer Tony Galento with the tag line “The Beer that Made Galento Famous.” I’m sure there’s a great story here.


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