Avery–duganA IPA

31 December 2010


I’ve been posting out the new packaging changes coming out of Avery Brewing, so here’s their duganA IPA.  This is the 22oz packaging and it comes in at 8.5% ABV and 93 IBU.  “Lupulin Rapture Incarnate!  As fervent devotees of hops, we found ourselves on a quest to create a transcendental IPA capable of quenching our voracious lupulin desires.  Our mantra became ‘unity of bitterness, hop flavor and aroma.’  Enlightened, duganA IPA was born.  A brutally bitter, dank, piney and resinous ale designed for those seeking a divine hop experience.””

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sam k,  31 December, 2010 10:07  

MBB, if I may be so bold...

Randomly listing every new label that's been approved is really junking up the MBB blog. It's making the more pertinent (and interesting) content harder to spot. That, plus I really don't give a hoot what round labels non-PA breweries are putting on their kegs. Maybe a focus on PA or regional labels would be better?

sam k

mybeerbuzz 31 December, 2010 10:21  

Thanks Sam...it's actually process I'm still sorting out. I do predominantly concentrate on local PA/Ny/NJ breweries and I do always keep our local brewery label releases at the top of the page as long as possible (and post them on their member pages), I also concentrate on beer that makes it into NEPA because quite simply our local craft beer lovers chase after info on more than just our locals...BUT with that said...a considerable amount of our traffic on mybeerbuzz.com also comes from out of NEPA. As much as mybeerbuzz.com is and will always focus on NEPA, our national and international readers represent a significant amount of our total readership. I'm not posting all label approvals (there are hundreds almost every day), and we are trying to focus on PA-market beers and quite simply label approvales that you won't see anywhere else. We very carefulyy track traffic to mybeerbuzz.com, so when I see my humble NEPA website showing up at the top of a google search, it's comething I can't ignore.

So yes you may be so bold and yes I'm still trying to balance the needs of our local market and the growing readership from outside NEPA....so please consider it a work in progress...and just as a simple example...the Avery duganA IPA post (this one we're commenting in) has over 600 unique hits in less than 12-hours.

Our local market ALWAYS comes first Sam...but I do think there's room for both.

mybeerbuzz 31 December, 2010 10:40  

I think it's also important to realize that the more traffic we see on myberbuzz.com, the more it helps grow our local craft beer market. Hopefully in the end it means not only more great beers coming to NEPA but more importantly more exposure and more growth for our local beer market.

Anonymous,  31 December, 2010 11:02  

I'm an avid reader of mbb but I rarely comment, but I have to say I think Bill has done a great job with this web site. To see our local beer blog competing on a national level really speaks well for PA. For me personally, I love the new beer label announcements and I check back every day now to see what new beer is coming out. I also love our local beer news, but lets face it, there just isn't that much local beer news. I guess the question I ask myself is would I rather tune in every day and find a mix of local beer news and new beer labels with constant updates, or tune in every week or so for just local beer news that only gets updated every week or so. For me I choose constant new content, hell I would not have known about Rochefort being on fire without mbb. If I can go to one source and get it all with constantly changing content, that's perfect. Keep it up mbb. It's good for your sponsors, it's good for our breweries and most of all it's good for your readers.

Ryan W

Anonymous,  31 December, 2010 11:05  

I agree. I like lots of updated content and mybeerbuzz always seems to be the first to post news and new labels, so if the only problem I have is having to click on the older posts link to read things that don't fit on the first page, I'm fine with that. Don't forget there's also an index on the right hand menu bar that shows all of the mbb posts and a scrolling recent posts box. I think we should be happy that we have a local beer blog that is now gaining national attention. Rock on mbb!

Steve (Taylor)

Anonymous,  31 December, 2010 11:07  

No one wants to read a blog that only updates every few days. I like the new label approval content. Mybeerbuzz seems to be the first and sometimes only one posting some of these great new beers. Now I look here before BeerAdvocate and mbb is first!


Anonymous,  31 December, 2010 11:54  

There's more content for sure, and I guess I can see where Sam has to pour thourgh more posts to get what he wants, but I love the new label postings so hopefully we can find a balance that we all like. More traffic is a good problem to have and I'd rather see our local beer blog have a ton of traffic to deal with than to have only local content, very few posts and very little traffic. I like mybeerbuzz.com growing up. This is good for all of us craft beer lovers.


Anonymous,  31 December, 2010 11:59  

I'm no expert but our local beer market doesn't always generate much news does it? Given the choice I'll take a frequently updated blog with local and national beer news over a quiet local-only blog. Again I'm no expert but I do see lots of Weyerbacher, Victory, Yuengling, Southern Tier, Bavarian Barbarian, Troegs, Ommegang, Stoudts and Brew Works label approvals, and I'll admit I love the Lion Brewery contract beer too.

Keeep it up mbb,

Anonymous,  31 December, 2010 12:06  

I really like the label approval posts and I do like the keg round labels even if the beer isn't coming to PA. I do travel and I do want to know what's going on outside NEPA in the beer world and in my opinion mybeerbuzz is outdoing the other beer news sources AND I get my local beer market too. How could this be a bad thing?


mybeerbuzz 31 December, 2010 19:55  

Good news everyone....moving forward I plan to also start using LABELS. This will allow you to ONLY see NEPA content if you like OR see everything if you don't.

Check it out:


sam k,  31 December, 2010 20:49  

I certainly understand that there may be more interest in the label postings than I find in them , and thanks to MBB for looking at an acceptable filter option, but what's with all these anonymous postings? Don't any of you have names? I can't imagine you have anything to hide...I sure don't.

Up front as usual,
sam k

mybeerbuzz 31 December, 2010 21:00  

Thanks Sam...I've actually asked a few of my Anon posters that I know why they post Anon...and the most common answer.....

It's just easier. Somce don't have a google account or open ID and some just would rather click Anonymous and type. I don't think those that I know have anything to hide and who knows about the rest. I DO moderate all comments and I am careful to watch when an Anonymous poster takes an aggressive stance. I tend to want a little less anonymity if you plan to be controversial...otherwise I'm OK with it. I lke participation and if it's easier to be Anon I'm OK with that.

mybeerbuzz 31 December, 2010 21:00  

And YES Sam I appreciate you being up front.

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