WILK Friday BeerBuzz – 8 Oct 2010 (AleSmith Speedway Stout)

08 October 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 I’m a big fan of sweet and imperial stouts and after the last few weeks I think that’s pretty obvious.  My problem with stouts is I like BIG stouts.  Regular stouts are OK, but for me if you’re going to sample a dark beer, it needs to be big.  After we paired up a Chocolate Stout with Mother Beerbuzz’s cookies, I started thinking that we needed a counterpoint beer.  A beer to show how great a sweet stout the Rogue was but also showcase how good a dark chocolate imperial stout can be.

My choice was driven not only by the fact that AleSmith beers are JUST reaching NEPA, (this beer arrived only a few days ago)….but also by the fact that this is a great imperial stout.  I used to have to travel to San Diego to get AleSmith beers (see photo below), but thanks to Bella Vista distributors in Philly, Krugels and of course AleSmith, now you can get their beers locally…and they are well worth seeking out.AleSmithSPeedway

This beer is not only big in flavor with strong coffee, caramel and dark chocolate flavors, but really big in alcohol.  At 12% ABV this beer will kick your butt and take your name, so enjoy it carefully.   It also comes in a larger 750ml bottle, so be sure to share it with friends.

AlesmithSpeedway2 Another big beer and another fun show. 
to John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE

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Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 09:36  

One of my favorite beers and another great choice. So who picks the beers??

Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 09:38  

Always fun to listen to you guys and I LOVE BEERCAMERA! Get the video up!

Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 09:45  



John 08 October, 2010 09:45  

AleSmith is the perfect name for a brewery that can make a beer as good as Speedway Stout. Truly "ale smiths!" High end ABV so make no plans that involve anything but relaxing with a glass or two because it will relax you without much effort. And it tastes GOOD!

A great FBB including the return of BeerCam! Nice job as always Bill and thanks!

Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 10:26  

Great show as usual!

mybeerbuzz 08 October, 2010 10:27  

Thanks everyone...BEER CAM is up and both video will be up on wilknewsradio.com soon.

PS We all pick the beers!

Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 10:29  

On my way to Krugels @ Lunch before this sells out.


Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 10:55  

I've been a listener since May and as great as the show was back then, you're all obviously developing chemistry that make sthe show even better. I'm a craft beer lover for many years and I always seem to either pick up a great new beer or I actually learn something new. Looking forward to next week already.

Ray T (Wilkes-Barre)

Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 10:56  

Wow I asked for a stout and you did two, and they are two of my favorites. I lov ethe Friday BeerBuzz, especially Beercam.


Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 10:57  

This is a great beer. I lived in San Diego county for 3 years and this was always our goto stout.

Al (Duryea)

Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 10:58  

Thanks for recommending Carbondale last week. My husband and I loved it and the Krantz beers were very good.


Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 10:58  

Beer is Fun

mybeerbuzz 08 October, 2010 11:00  

Thanks everyone...and Beer Cam says thank you too. We're really having a great time doing the Friday BeerBuzz AND watch for news of an upcoming appearance by the Friday BeerBuzz team at Krugels for Happy Hour AND come taste the beer we sampled on the radio too....STAY TUNED!

Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 11:12  

Nice beer choice.

Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 14:04  

Jus check out the two show video's on wilknewsradio.com and they're both really funny. I always miss a few jokes and beer tidbits so I like being able to play them back again and again :}

Beer Cam Rules and the vid there is really well cone. Thanks Friday BeerBuzz.

Morey (C Summit)

Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 14:04  

90 IBU is high for any beer especially a stout. Just sayin'

mybeerbuzz 08 October, 2010 14:06  

Thanks Anon...yes I'd agree 90 is high IBU for any beer, but this stout masks it well. Don't shy away from this beer if you're not a hop lover.

Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 15:23  

I haven't had this beer yet but you haven't let me down yet. On my way to Krugels.

Anonymous,  08 October, 2010 15:25  

FUN show. Be sure to take pictures if you do the big chair. Love the video.


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