WILK Friday BeerBuzz – 1 Oct 2010 (Rogue Chocolate Stout)

01 October 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 I’m a firm believer that if you choose a beer you love, and you talk about why you love it…people with love that beer too.  Now I know the word “love” appeared 3 times in the first sentence already, but I have to say, “I really Love Rogue Chocolate Stout.”  Not only is this the standard by which all other Chocolate Stouts are judged, it simply achieves what Rogue brewmaster John Maier is know for achieving in all of his beers…”balance.”  John balances malt, hops and other ingredients better than many other brewmasters, and so well that perhaps his brews seem to fly under the radar.  In these days of big bold aggressive flavors, John’s brews are simply delicious without hitting you over the head.

I’ll admit the flavor in Rogue Chocolate Stout is big, but taste it again and you’ll find it is big in flavor, but subtle in taste.  The chocolate is present for sure, but it melts into your palate like any good chocolate would, and leaves you wanting for the next sip. 
A big thank you to Sebbie Buhler (the woman actually pictured on the bottle) from Rogue Brewing for coming on the air with us this morning.  Sebbie has been with Rogue since 1991 and clearly knows a lot about the culture and beers of Rogue.  Rogue beers were one of my earliest experiences with craft beer in our area, and still today I really enjoy all of their beers.  Mrs. BeerBuzz and I met over a Rogue beer and John Maier was even nice enough to brew and specially label our wedding beer.  Rogue brews a huge variety of regular, specialty and even uniquely packaged beers AND their beers are readily available in NEPA and still a very good value. 

AND as if the Rogue Chocolate Stout wasn’t good enough on it’s own, we decided to launch the first Friday BeerBuzz beer and food pairing today.  Other than Pizza and cheese-fries, I’ll admit I’m fairly new to true food/beer pairings…so today I decided to go for desert.  Our pairing today included Mother BeerBuzz’s brown sugar drop cookies and our Rogue Chocolate Stout and it worked really well.  Knowing that Mother BeerBuzz will never give up her recipe, I’d suggest trying Rogue Chocolate Stout with vanilla ice cream (like a root beer float) or even any other sweet cookies or cakes.  Try it for yourself and please let us know your results. 

FridayBeerbuzz1Oct2010 I also want to say thank you to Beki Kosydar-Krantz from the home brewing Krantz Brewing Co. for joining us on the show today and sharing her Fuggles IPA.  Be sure to check out Krantz Brewing Co beers at the Carbondale Pioneer City Oktoberfest tomorrow (10/2).

Another wild and crazy show!…
to  Sebbie, Beki, John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 
The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together
As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE

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John 01 October, 2010 09:46  

The Rogue Chocolate Stout was tasty and Mother BeerBuzz's brown sugar cookies? Pfft. I was dunking. lol

Thanks to Beki Kosydar-Krantz of Krantz Brewing in Mayfield for joining us too. Beki and her husband Frank make truly excellent beers and if you want to taste a few get to Carbondale's Pioneer City Oktoberfest Saturday, 10/2 from 2pm. Check them out in today's Times-Tribune too or online at www.scrantontimes.com and search Krantz.

Fun talking to Sebbie Buhler of Rogue today, who is the woman actually on the label! Thanks for another great show Bill and thanks too to Krugel's, our sponsor!

Hope to see a lot of folks out to meet Beki and Frank in Carbondale on Saturday!


mybeerbuzz 01 October, 2010 09:55  

Thanks John...another fun filled action packed show

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 09:57  

I love the beer you featured today. I'm also amazed to hear the atual lady thats on the label. Who knew she was a real person. Excellent Show.


Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:05  

I met Sebbie once. Very nice woman and a gret rep for Rogue.

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:07  

Lots of show today like you said and FINALLY A STOUT! and a good one too. Rogue beers are great.


Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:09  

We try to taste every beer you feature, but we have this in our house already so thanks you. We're also heading up to carbondale tomorrow, we try to hit the events you recommend too and thank you for the heads up. We love Chimay Red so we'll be visiting the big cow at Krugels.

Marty M

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:09  

My husbands favorite beer today Rogue Choco but now he's going to make me go get some. Maybe I'll aim for 5PM at Krugels =}


mybeerbuzz 01 October, 2010 10:10  

Thanks everyone. I was a jam packed show today and a lot of fun as always. Todays beer did come from Krugels and 5PM would be a perfect time to stop up there and get one. Lots of Oktoberfest events this weekend too so be sure to check the NEPA Beer calendar.

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:12  

You continue to smoke the other beer show. Not sure if you caught them but they repeated a week old show last week and then this week they borrowed your beer news segment idea. Ironic how they never did a beer news and events segment until you did it. Keep up the good work Friday BeerBuzz!

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:17  

That last post is right. next thing you know they'll be using your logo and your beer news segment.


Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:18  

an A+ beer and another great show. Phone guests, studio guests beer cookies Wow!


Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:23  

I usually don't comment in. Not because I have nothing to say but simply because I love the show every week and I just don't want to post that over and over again. This week I feel the need ot post. I love what you're all doing. The show is exciting every week and different every week. I'm not sure who's booking your guests but he or she is doing a fantastic job. The beer choices have been amazing, the brewers coming on the show have been amazing and the show itself continues to get better and better. I do try to resist comparing your show to Chip. I think having two shows is great for all of us. I can't help but notice the Chip show has become odd, and I'm sad to say between repeats and the lack of chemistry, it's become painful to listen to, but I do hope they fix it. Your beer today is a classic and getting the woman on the bottle from Rogue to call in was genius. She was a great spokesperson for Rogue and clearly knows her beer & food pairings.

Thanks again Friday BeerBuzz crew!

Justin (Dunmore)

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:24  

I say it every week but I mean it. Best show yet!

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:25  

Not fair making me want a chocolate stout in the morning. At least it's Friday. And either you guys are showman or the cookies must have been good. Tell the truth.

JP (Scranton, PA)

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:27  

Just stumbled on your site after listening to the show today. First time listener and first time commentor (is that a word?) The Friday BeerBuz is really a fun show and I don't even like beer, but maybe I will now. My only recommendation would be to put it on TV too. I hear you have a video on wilk so I'll check that out but I'd love to see the show live too. In any case I'll b searching for the big cow to get some chocolate stout.

Steve P

mybeerbuzz 01 October, 2010 10:29  

Thanks again everyone. We DO read allc omments and e-Mail and we DO pay attention to what you request.

Thanks Justin. We do appreciate the comments.
Steve...not sure I have the face for TV but you never know ;)
JP...I'll speak purely as the completely biased son of Mother BeerBuzz....the cookies are amazing. They melt in your mouth and have a sweet buttery kick that just won't quit.

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:30  

I've had the Krantz beers so I'll be heading up to Carbondale tomorrow to try them again. Thanks for promoting craft beer and for promoting our local brewers.


mybeerbuzz 01 October, 2010 10:33  

Thanks Alan. We really enjoyed Beki & Frank's Fuggles IPA today and we're excited to see what happens next for Krantz Brewing Co.

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:35  

I can't believe I just had a driveway moment. I actually sat in my car in my work parking lot in the rain so I could catch the end of the Friday BeerBuzz. Great show and a beer I already enjoy a lot.

Ron BBBb

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:36  

Good stuff and action packed from beginning to end. You guys should be on TV.

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:38  

I noticed the mybeerbuzz members lists keep growing. Great job on the tap lists and the web site. I check it every week. I've really enjoyed the WILK show too. I've listened to every show live and I now have a permanent alarm on my phone to remind me when you're on. Love what you buzzers are doing and I'll buy you a beer the next time we see you out.

Tom T (Wilkes-Barre)

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:39  

So when will you take callers on the show???


mybeerbuzz 01 October, 2010 10:42  

Thanks guys....the website and show are a labor of love for sure, and I'm equally excited by the changes I've seen in our local craft beer community.

Cool Ron...glad to see we're keeping you on board for the entire show. We also do stream on wilknewsradio.com

Thanks again for the TV suggestion...call your local stations and recommend us ;)

BB We have discussed taking callers and I suspect we will try it out sometime in the future. Currently we're a little tight on time with some of our jam packed shows, but I do think it would be fun. There are also some technical hurdles getting the audio on our video each week, but I think we're working those out as well.

Stay tuned!

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:44  

I like when you feature some rare beers. They get me excited to go chase them down. I really love when you feature a beer I can go buy at Krugel's too. I'm amazed how many beers they have.


mybeerbuzz 01 October, 2010 10:46  

Kris...it is our goal to feature beers that someone new to beer will use as a gateway to better beers. We also want to appeal to existing craft beer lovers and bring on not only beers you can find locally, but also an occasional really-rare brew just to keep you abreast of what's going on outside NEPA....and I'd agree. Krugel's Georgetown Deli & Beer has an incredible selection of beers and we look forward to featuring many beers you can buy at Krugels.

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:46  

So does Mother BeerBUzz sell her cookies anywhere?

mybeerbuzz 01 October, 2010 10:47  

No..but I think she should sell them. I love them and I suspect many other people would too.

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:48  

Webster was right...but that was 20 gallons of show in a 5 gallon bucket not 10! great job guys.

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 10:58  

Thank you to the National Weather Service for NOT interrupting the Friday Beerbuzz. The weather gods much love beer.


mybeerbuzz 01 October, 2010 10:59  

Thanks Tina ;)
Funny you mentioned that. I was actually worried it might becauise it had been going off all morning. the weather gods must love beer!

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 11:00  

good job buzz team.

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 11:03  

Best of the Beer shows is the Friday Beer buzz! You officially win. Seriously it's sad to see what the other guys are doing.

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 11:04  

God job guys and Krugels is on my way home so I'm glad you pointe dthem out. I had no idea they had such great beer. The only bad news is I'll be stopping in every week now :)


Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 11:05  

I normally comment in about doing a stout and you did a great one today. Thanks for listening.

Marty M

mybeerbuzz 01 October, 2010 11:05  

Thanks Marty...we always listen ;)

Rogue Advocate 01 October, 2010 11:12  

Thanks for inviting Rogue to be on the show today and all the great comments from listeners! It was my pleasure and honor to represent John "more hops" Maier and the beers he's been brewing for 22 years at Rogue Ales in Newport, OR. Icing on the cake was your selection of Chocolate Stout, which I blog about since its me on the label (roguechocolatestout.com), and the weather is perfect for a dark roasted, highly hopped oatmeal stout with real bittersweet chocolate. Rise up ~ Join the Rogue Nation and take a Rogue-trip to Oregon!

mybeerbuzz 01 October, 2010 13:47  

Thanks Sebbie....it was a pleasure having you on and we really enjoyed Rogue Chocolate Stout. Please pass on our thank you to Joh Maier...we look forward to all of his new brews, and we still love the originals. Cheers!

Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 14:06  

Great show and we love ROgue up here in NEPA. Thanks Sebbie!


Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 14:56  

Thank you Sebbie! We love Rogue and it was great to hear someone from Rogue on our local beer show.


Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 15:00  

I have a Rogue bottle with Sebbie on it that I plan to save now that she was on the radio. I think there should be more women role models in breweries.


Anonymous,  01 October, 2010 16:47  

Good Talk Radio, Good Friends, Good Beer, Good Cookies!! :)
I just want to say “Thank You” again for having The Krantz Brewing Co. on the Friday Beer Buzz today. I had a really great time.
Also the Rogue Chocolate Stout was an excellent choice now that there's a “chill” in the air and pair all to well with Mother Beer Buzz’s cookies. I simply MUST have the recipe!!
Beki Kosydar-Krantz
The Krantz Brewing Co.

mybeerbuzz 01 October, 2010 16:56  

Tha Beki. I'll ask again but mom won't even give up the recipe to her favorite son...and she won't give it to me either ;)

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