WILK Friday Beerbuzz – 18 June 2010 (Stoudt’s Heifer-in-Wheat)

18 June 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 As we approach mid-June I wanted everyone in the studio to finally experience a full-on traditional Bavarian-style unfiltered wheat beer.  Rather than run out and pick up Weihenstephaner or one of the other German wheats, I decided to go for a locally-brewed traditional and seasonal wheat.  This is a perfect beer for summer and a perfect beer to sample yourself
Today’s beer comes to us from Adamstown, PA.  The brewery is Stoudt’s and our Beer of the day is their Heifer-in-Wheat.  So I’ll admit I love the name and it’s and interesting play on words for sure.  I’ll let you google “Heifer” and see for yourself ;)

Heifer in Wheat has the traditional tastes of, banana, clove and maybe even the mystical bubblegum flavor that I never seem to completely get.  Perhaps the bubblegum portion of my taste buds is broken, but I almost taste it in this beer.  I was also surprised to hear this beer is only a 50% wheat malt.  You’d never know it by the taste.

So what about show chatter you say?  We’re excited to have Beer Solutions on board and the show has been a blast.  Yes I occasionally get all marble-mouthed, and I occasionally still forget to breath..but it’s getting better.  I’m starting to really understand John, Nancy and Joe and that makes it a lot more fun.  We’re mapping out some beer-guests to appear in the future, some beer appearances for the Friday Beerbuzz Team, and I’m of course mapping out some good beers and some fun to go along with them…so stay tuned and see what happens.

So what beer should we taste next Friday?  You beer-input is always appreciated so please comment or e-Mail us.  Thanks to John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE.

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John 18 June, 2010 09:33  

Definitely a beer that's perfect for the weekend weather Snedeker says we're expecting. Hot, sunny, humid! The bubble gum thing, maybe power of suggestion, no matter. A great wheat beer from just down the road that's easy to get and won't break the bank? Sign me up!

Thanks for another great featured selection Bill and thanks for another fun show!


mybeerbuzz 18 June, 2010 09:37  

Thanks John. A perfect beer for a perfect weekend. Stoudts makes some really good beers that I'm sure we're sample in the future...and the fact that they are local makes it even better. Another fun show...amazing how the time flies.

Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 09:38  

I was wondering when you were going to do a wheat beer. I was guessing from your hint that it was going to be a Victory beer so I was close. I like wheat beers and thanks for turning me on to one I never heard of. I'll track it down!


mybeerbuzz 18 June, 2010 09:40  

Thanks JJ. This beer does fly a little under the beer-radar so I'm glad you found it. I'm also not sure everyone caught on to the complete hint. Did anyone notice the tune in and see what beer we "Move" on to part....or should I have said "Mooooooo ve"? So who has googled Heifer??

Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 09:41  

A+ on the show and beer choice. Snedekers story was a little odd, but funny after the beer show. You are all very funny hosts and my wife wants to try this beer.


Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 09:42  

Tickets for the show please! I'd love to come on and taste a beer with you all.

mybeerbuzz 18 June, 2010 10:17  

Thank you Marty and I would encourage your wife to try it. It's a tasty beer and a style that offers a lot of alternatives to try.

No tickets just yet anon but we are talking about appearances in the future. We'll be at the Wyoming Valley Homebrewers competition at the NE Fair on Saturday and the Backyard Ale House Brew Works night on Sat also if you want to say hi.

Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 10:26  

I love wheat beers and I'd be happy to see you do 10 more in a row. You definitely have the best beer show and I don't beother anymore with anyone else. I like the beer and the beer events you do are helpful. I plan to head to the fair and I'm trying to convince the wife to hit the ale house.


Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 10:27  

I like darker beers or strong belgian beers so please taste and recommend some of those. With the prices on some belgian beers as high as they are I want to wait for you to recommend one. You were right on the money with three philosophers and now my wife picks it up whenever she goes to Wegmans. I'll say hi on Sat if I see you.

Ryan W

Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 10:28  

Cheers to the friday beer buzz team. My new favorite show. I cannot wait to see today's video.


Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 11:02  

Super show. Need I say more. I hope I can have a beer with you all some time when you hit the road.


Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 11:20  

I've never liked Blue Moon or some of the other wit beers but I'll give this Heffer a try. How about some Sierra Nevada Stout on the show or another Stoudts beer.

Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 11:21  

I don't like beer at all but I really enjoy listening. Keep up the good work John.


Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 11:22  

give it up! what is next weeks beer and what about the July 4th weekend?

Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 13:10  

Cow in Heat is odd but funny. I like Stoudts Fat Dog so I guess this makes sense. A+

Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 13:52  

You have a great combination of hosts and it's fun to tune in. I've bought 4 out of the 7 beers so far and liked all of them


Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 13:53  

I look forward to some dark beers but other than that you've made some good choices and managed to get two beers that weren;t even out yet. Beer-kudos to Bill & all of you.

mybeerbuzz 18 June, 2010 13:58  

Thank you boys & girls...

We'll do more wheat beers...probably not 10 in a row but there wil be more this summer for sure.

Thanks Ryan...glad to hear it. I love many dark and belgian beers and you WILL see some great ones coming up in the future.

Jason the vidoe is up on wilknewsradio.com and Paul we look forward to being able to share a beer with our listeners as well.

Try the Heifer out Anon...it is pretty different from Blue Moon and many of the other Belgian-wheat beers....and yes we'll do some Sierra Nevada beers.

Thanks Ariel & Marcus...and tune in on Wed for the teaser post for next Friday's show because it WILL include a hint for what beer we'l be sampling.

Anonymous,  18 June, 2010 13:59  

It took me a few shows but I really like the vibe of your show. Now by your 7th show I'm a fan. Now I have to start trying some of these beers.


Anonymous,  19 June, 2010 09:19  

I'm finding that even if I don't like the beer I do enjoy the show. I've had this one before and don't really care for it but maybe I'l give it another try. JJ

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