WILK Friday Beerbuzz – 11 June 2010 (Lancaster Kolsch)

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 Today was interesting for a lot of reasons, and I’m not really talking about my “marble-mouthed-morning.”  Yes I felt a little tongue-tied today, but the real story was our beer and it’s packaging.  Today we sampled a brand new beer and our second pre-release beer in 4-weeks.  The competitive me always like to be the first to cross the finish line and beer is no different.  I really enjoy being the first to get to sample a new beer AND the first to bring it to all of you.
Today’s beer of the week was Lancaster Kolsch Summer Seasonal.  Now this is a big story on it’s own because this beer isn’t available to the public yet.  It premiered this week at Philly beer week and should be in stores soon…but for now we’re the first to get to try it.  The second big story is cans.  This beer is a golf, camping, portable beer and Lancaster even spells that out on the packaging.  Cans protect the beer from light and cans have a great environment story as well.  Turns out cans get recycled more and save roughly 6oz of gas per can in energy costs.

As I mentioned on the show this beer is brewed and packaged at our very own Lion Brewery.  I reported back in Nov on the removal of the Soaker at Lion and the end of their 16oz returnable production…which in turn made way for their new canning line.  I’ve seen the Lionshead and Lionshead Light in cans, but this is the first contract brew in a can I’ve seen come out of Lion…very exciting.

So how was the beer you may be asking?  It was a really tasty easy drinking summer lager.  Now I’m sure if you ask in the comments here or on WILK, Nancy John & Joe will be happy to reply, but I’m happy to report everyone really enjoyed today’s beer…which for me is success.

Try it for yourself (when it comes out) and let me know what you think, and stay tuned for more great beers coming soon. 

So what beer should we taste next Friday?  You beer-input is always appreciated so please comment or e-Mail us.  Thanks to John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE.


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  1. Great job on the exclusive "get" of another pre-release Bill!

    And let me just say that the Lancaster Kolsch looks like summer, tastes like summer, and holding the can it even FEELS like summer! A crisp, easy drinking beer that will go perfectly with a hot sunny poolside (or golf course) day!

    Another great show today and another great beer!


  2. Thanks John...it was a ton of fun tasting another pre-release beer with everyone....even with my marble-mouthed-morning. Looking forward to next Friday already.

  3. Another great show and you tok a caller. Very exciting. You guys are getting more and more entertaining each week.


  4. Best show yet. I like the caller thing even though it does get cut off on the video.

    How do you get these beers and who write sthe script for the show? Need any guest samplers?

  5. Thank you everyone. It was fun to take a call and I suspect we'll do more of that, even with our limited time. Amy I have friends in "high-beer-places" who are nice enough to share...script...does it sound like a script...nope we're winging it ;) and I'm sure we'll have tasting volunteers (purely in the name of science), but alas our studio is a little too small to invite you all in. Who knows what we'll do in the future though....stay tuned.

  6. Other than Hop Hog I'm not a Lancaster fan. I was surprised to learn their beer sare brewed here in WB. I'm curious about the Kolsch so if you hear it available in NEPA please let us know.


  7. Jason:

    Lion does much of the bottle and canned stuff and Lancaster does mostly kegs at their brewing facility. I like Hop Hog also as well as a few others and I will let you know when the Kolsch is out.

  8. Who thought this light a beer was a good idea? Lets get back to some real beers.

  9. You've presented an interesting variety of beers and even though several of them I don't drink, many of your listeners probably do. Now lets get DARK please. I'd like to see Stouts Porters, Belgian Dark Ales and maybe a few others.


  10. Dont care for the hop hog but love the milk stout and winter warmer. Will definitely give the kolsch a try if I can find it.

  11. So many beers and so little time ;)

    We'll get to them all....

  12. I want you all to know that I now actually set my alarm to wake up early on a Friday just to listen in live. I hope you're happy :}

  13. I like beer but I'm not sure about listening to people drinking it on the radio. Just seems odd.


  14. I'm honored Anon...not even Mrs. Beerbuzz gets up early to listen to me ;)

    And thanks for keeping my feet on the ground JR.

  15. I know you like Ales so who's holding the gun forcing you to do all these Lagers? Just kidding...nice beer choices so far and I really like this show a lot.


  16. Love the show, love your website but I really enjoy out local beer market so no shocker there. I'll say it since no one has yet this week. I wish the show was a little longer. But then again I wish the show was on Friday night at 5:30PM and held in my local corner bar. Wishful thinking I guess.

    Joel K

  17. So when will you all be taking the show on the road and making some appearances? Maybe at your new sponsor or at one of the local beer places. It's been a fun but really smart show so far. I do like that you're responsibly promoting good beer and not turning it into a frat party. I like that you have fun with it too. A+ guys and A++ Nancy!


  18. Thank you all...and in order...no there's no gun...I expect you all to have an open mind about new beers so I should be no different.

    Joel...depends on the bar but my friends do put on a beer show of their own every friday as some of our local beer bars ;) So you never know when it may happen.

    TTara...no plans for a road trip at this point. John and I will be judging the Wyoming Valley Hombrewers Club competition at the northeast fair on 6/19 (2-4PM) but I'm not sur ethat really qualifies as an appearance.

    I'll be appearing all weekend on my living room couch (watching the world cup) and John will likely be appearing at Sam's CLub or perhaps Wal-Mart too....

    TTara I agree...A++ to Nancy...we're starting to hit on some beers that she and everyone like and it's exciting to see that happen. Now if I can only get Brewery Ommegang to brew Four Philosophers ;)

  19. No big comment to add but I like the new show and I'm a listener of Webster and Nancy's show now too. Cheers Luke

  20. So why doesn't everyone on the show come out Friday night so your adoring fans can buy you a beer? I joke but after listening to your beer chatter on the show I'd like to hang out and talk beer some time over a beer. I'll buy.


  21. Let me cast the first vote for a WILK Friday Beerbuzz TShirt!


  22. Wow...free beers and TShirts...reminds me of ...well nevermind.

    Thanks Judy. We all do get out from time to time so you never know. And OK Lou...I'll cast a vote too ;)

  23. Belgian Beers, German Wheats and a longer show.

  24. I feel like I should be answering like the Amazing Karnak from the Johnny Carson Show...but thanks Ryan. We love questions and we love input. As you saw today we actually to a beer-phone-call...so I appreciate the input...and there will be Belgian and German beers for sure!

  25. Canned beers are a great idea but only crappy beers end up in cans.


  26. Hello Moto ;)

    I think Oskar Blues, and 21st Amendment breweries would disagree...not to mention some of the beers Lion will be canning soon also. It's environmentally sound packaging and if that's not enough for you, remember how it protects your precious beer. No light gets in .(period)....a very good thing for beers.

    I'm not going WAY out on a limb here when I say you WILL see MORE AND MORE canned beers coming very soon.

  27. I just checked out the video and I like the music and captions. I was momentarily lost with the phone caller but thanks to Nancy for explaining. The beer map thing is a great idea and I really love that I can find out who has what on tap on your page. Who knew beer was so popular.

  28. Great summer beer. Can't wait to try it.

  29. Hey Moto, guess there's a lot of crappy beer in kegs then too, since kegs are just big cans.

  30. Good point Anon...maybe we can call the cans "hand-held kegs"

  31. Yes and maybe Sam...it's a top fermenting yeast so yes an Ale, but it uses traditional lager ingredients and is cold lagered like a lager. Either way it was a tasty beer.


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