Friday Beerbuzz – The Teaser (6/18/2010)

16 June 2010

WILKFridayBeerbuzz4 Last week we sampled a pre-release Lancaster Kolsch in their first time can packaging.  The beer was an easy drinking summer style beer and the can packaging also made it an interesting story.  Funny to see what sort of questions I received, but I guess not terribly surprising.  Our top three questions of the week were, Where/How did you get the Kolsch ahead of the public?, You’re an Ale-Guy so how did you like it?, and once again…what did everyone on the show think of the beer?  It’s not a huge secret how I was able to get the beer, but it’s not necessarily something I’ll post just yet.  As far as me being an Ale Guy…Yes it’s true.  I generally like Ales much more than Lagers.  The Kolsch was nice as was the Steg Summer Stock so I’m still cautiously keeping an open mind toward Lagers, as I would expect all of you to do with the other beers I feature.  And as far as who liked the beer, I think everyone enjoyed it and perhaps Joe liked it the best.

As summer marches forward I started thinking about beer choices and appropriate beers for the show….so now you ask what will we sample this Friday??  Hint:  For the last three weeks on the show we’ve tasted a beer that was represented at Philly Beer week….AND this is true for this week’s beer.  Tune in and see what beer we move on to on the Friday Beerbuzz on WILK this week…bringing good beers and good people together.

Tune in this Friday (6/11/2010) at 8:30AM on WILK (103.1FM or and see what beer it is!


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sam k 16 June, 2010 16:29  

Hey, MBB, you should be reminding everyone that KOLSCH IS AN ALE! I've seen a few comments here referring to it as a lager, and this post does nothing to clear that up.

John 16 June, 2010 16:34  

Sure it's the end of the week but The Friday Beerbuzz makes Friday something that's even more to look forward to...and I don't think you're supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, hence this part!

mybeerbuzz 16 June, 2010 16:52  

Thanks Sam...yes we did highlight on the show that it is a top fermenting beer using cold lagering methods but I appreaciate the reminder. I think some beers certainly blur the definition of Ale and Lager quite a bit.

mybeerbuzz 16 June, 2010 16:53  

And I am looking forward to another fun Friday! What will we taste this week??

mybeerbuzz 17 June, 2010 09:58  

Keep the e-Mail guesses of you was actually close but incorrect so guess again. To the other it's not going to be Mountain Dew. ;)

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