WILK Friday Beerbuzz - 21 May 2010 (Stegmaier Summer Stock Pilsner)

21 May 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 Week three of the Friday Beerbuzz and I’m starting to get the hang of things.  Nancy and John make it all look so easy, but trust me…they are very good at what they do (thank god).  I’ll admit it’s taken me three weeks to notice the “On Air” light in the studio, and with my back to board operator Bosco, I suspect I’m still missing quite a bit of what goes on behind the scene.

Last week the Friday Beerbuzz followed a live interview with Joe Biden, which was a lot of fun for me.  Now granted I got to sit quietly in the studio while Joe was on, but it was still a really fun experience….thanks to Nancy for landing that interview.

I know as you read this you're already saying, “two paragraphs and no mention of the word beer?”  Well here we go.  Today we were lucky enough to have a real treat.  Our beer of the week offered us all a sneak peek (or should I say sneak-taste) of a yet-to-be-released beer.  Today we tasted the re-released Stegmaier Summer Stock Pilsner.  This is a beer that was put out in 2006 as a summer seasonal following the spring addition of Stegmaier Bock.
Summer Stock Pilsner is the first lager-style beer we’ve tasted on the show, and I think a really solid choice in that it is not only a traditional northern-German lager but also a Pilsner style.  Since most Pilsners have a little more hop-backbone to them, this fit nicely with our first two weeks of tasting hoppy-ale-style beers.  This beer is a crisp, clean VERY slightly-lemony and VERY sessionable and drinkable Pils.

I’m not sure why so many people ask, but I think it is usually evident what everyone on the show thinks of the beers.  I encourage people to taste them several times, but to also be honest about their preferences.  Also many times after the show, we get a chance to talk and taste more and opinions many times do change in a positive way after a few more tastes.  Needless to say this was a beer everyone enjoyed.  Look for Stegmaier Summer Stock Pils to available very soon and look for it to be priced similarly to the other Stegmaier seasonals.

If you’d like to taste it NOW….there will be a special Meet The Brewer Night tonight (5/21) 5:30PM at Madisons in Nanticoke.  Darel Matthews from the Lion brewery will be on hand with Summer Stock Pils and some of the other new Stegmaier brews like their Pale Ale and IPA.  Stop in to Madison’s tonight and try today’s beer for yourself.

Thank you to Leo Orlandini, Bob Klinetob, Darel Matthews and everyone at the Lion Brewery for brewing some new and exciting beers, for seeking the input of our local beer community, for listening to our input AND for sharing their new beers with everyone on the show.  A second thank you goes out to John, Nancy, Joe, Sue and Bosco for making this yet another fun Friday Beerbuzz……

Bringing good beers and good people together.

As always to check out the show video on WILK you can click HERE.  We encourage your beer suggestions, input and opinions so please be sure to comment on WILK, or here on mybeerbuzz.com OR feel free to e-Mail Nancy, John or myself.

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John 21 May, 2010 09:47  

Bill, the outpouring of comments via email, Facebook, phone calls, and in person week in and week out regarding The Friday Beerbuzz tells me we're doing something right thanks in no small part to you!

Congratulations and thank you for landing the not-yet-released Stegmaier Summer Stock Pilsener today and most of all thanks for supplying your knowledge and expertise for those who already enjoy craft and micros as well as for those who are just now discovering how good beer can really be.

Have a great weekend and see you next week on The Friday Beerbuzz!


mybeerbuzz 21 May, 2010 10:03  

Thanks John...the Friday Beerbuzz gets more fun every week. Have a great weekend and enjoy your weekend beverages....hmmm...now what should we sample next Friday.....

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 10:06  

Best show ever and Nancy liked the beer. My Friday is always fun after I listen to your show. i'll say hi at madisons if you're there later. and wow how did you get an unreleased beer and allow . thank you lion too

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 10:19  

I am a first time listener and now I'm hooked. I love the show and if I can convince my wife we'll get some at Madisons. You guys are funny and you make me want to try the beer too. JJ

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 10:20  

I was a chip listener on the old station but I like the new show much better. you guys have fun and I learn about beer too. How can you not like that.

Amy, Dallas

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 10:22  

love the show and love the beer. I had it back in 2006 and I voted on your website to have Lion bring it back too and they did. So what will you be drinking next week??? Thank you for featuring a beer from a brewery I remember in my childhood. My dad loved Steg and now I can too.

Bob G

PS Bill knows beers!

mybeerbuzz 21 May, 2010 11:02  

Thank you everyone. We love featuring local beers too and no worries...you'll see more. I'm always happy to hear a new generation of beer lovers discovering how good the Stegmaier Beers are. Come out tonight and join us at Madisons and try it for yourself.

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 11:14  

Now I have to try this beer. See you at madisons

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 11:17  

So after 10 years of beer drinking I not only never knew the styles of beers between ales and lagers I also didn't realize there was a difference. I learned something about beer today. I just assumed Yuengling was just called lager. Thank you for the fun and the beer-education! Jeff

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 11:19  

I like regular beers like Coors and Budweiser. But after hearing the show I realized that there are other lagers (thanks for teaching me that) that I may like better. I'd really like to try the Stegmaier beers because I'd rather drink local if they're all lagers like my Bud. Thank you Friday Beerbuzz

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 12:54  

Wanted to give the show a couple of runs before I came to a conclusion in comparison to 'Chip the Beer Guy' and now I can say with confidence: Beerbuzz > Beer Guy. It got old hearing about Anheuser-Busch seasonal beers and other faux craft selections. If the selection of beer so far is any indication of what's to come, the Beerbuzz will be worth tuning in every single week.

mybeerbuzz 21 May, 2010 13:21  

Thanks Brad I appreciate the compliments, although I'm excited that our area can support two beer radio programs.

I plan to choose beers that will both entice the new craft-beer lovers and excite the long-time craft-beer experts (obviosly not all in the same week but who knows). Thanks for tuning in and stay tuned for next week's beer selection...

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 13:23  

You guys ROCK, wait I mean you guys TALK (just kidding webster) I love the show. I tried and liked the hopback, tried and loved the bells and now I want to try the Steg. Keep up the good beers. Rob

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 13:28  

Fantastic that you featured our hometown brewery. My grandfather drank Stegmaier, but I never did. Now you have me excited to try it. If Nancy liked it I'm bound to love it.

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 14:08  

You took my advice and did a local beer. Count me in guys.

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 14:16  

my weekend now officially starts Friday morning on the Friday Beerbuzz!

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 14:19  

Lion Brewery should be proud. I can't wait to try this beer! Lion should do this more often in the local market and you guys have the perfect show to make that happen. Go Stegmaier!

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 14:23  

John is funny, you know your beer and Nancy and Joe ask some great questions that we all want to know the answers to. Can you feature some darker beers like a Porter or stout or are you only doing regular beers? How about Stone smoked Porter maybe? In any case I love the show.

Jake RR

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 14:55  

I like the show but it goes by so quickly. Then again I can listen to beer talk all day :) Keep it up everyone. WILK has another HIT!

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 14:58  

no one can hit a golf ball that far but I do like the beers.

mybeerbuzz 21 May, 2010 14:59  

Yes I know I can't hit a golf ball that far Anon...and yes we will feature ALL sorts of beers including stouts, porters and a few you may not even have heard of...stay tuned.

Anonymous,  21 May, 2010 15:15  

Whos worrying about a golf ball with all the great beer going on. I get the metaphor Bill. Hey when can we expect a breaker brewing beer? How about a homebrew? I have some friends that brew a great beer at home you'd probably like. And when can we buy some WILK Friday Beerbuzz shirts?

Pete & June

mybeerbuzz 21 May, 2010 15:27  

Thanks Pete & June....I'm sure you'll see a Breaker Brewing beer on the show and I'm sure Mark & Chris have something new up their sleeves already. Homebrews are a possibility for a future show and yes I've had some really good ones. As far as WILK shirts I'll plant the seed with John & Nancy ;)

Anonymous,  22 May, 2010 12:06  

We hit Madisons last night and tried the Summer Pilsner on draft, and Darrel even walked around and gave us a sample. Very good beer that I wouldn't have found had I not heard it on the show. Great to see Stegmaier promoting their beers locally. I'll buy this beer and we tried two other Stegmaiers with dinner. (Chris)

Anonymous,  22 May, 2010 12:08  

Webbster and Nancy I like your show and I listen a few times a week when I have time. I really like the beer show and the beer guy is really good. Keep up the good work.

JJ Peters

Anonymous,  22 May, 2010 12:08  

What beer is next? Come on give it up! And why no big beers yet?

Anonymous,  22 May, 2010 13:26  

I was skeptical so I just tuned in and waited for you guys to be terrible. I'll admit I like it. It's a good balance of good beers, great information (Even I'm learning), and fun. It's perhaps a little too short, that or time flies when I'm having fun listening. Maybe some interviews eventually with some local brewers, but other than that I think you guys found a good beer-guy that obviously loves beer and is well spoken and you mixed that with John who is funny and loves beer too and some other who are learning beers like many of your listeners. All in all a great show that I now look forward to every week.

Martin O

mybeerbuzz 22 May, 2010 13:31  

Holy crap people....you're inflating my ego for sure. I do love beers and I do all of this (blog and radio) to promote our local craft-beer community (i.e. you guys). Now someone quick tell me I suck so I can get my feet back on the ground ;]

Anonymous,  22 May, 2010 13:45  

OK you suck.


mybeerbuzz 22 May, 2010 13:57  

I knew I could count on you guys....back to normal again 8]

Tom 22 May, 2010 15:56  

For those of you who didn't get to Madison's to try the Steg Summer Pils, I suggest you get down there soon so you don't miss out. It's a fantastic session beer, ideal for the warmer months.

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