WILK Friday Beerbuzz – 14 May 2010 (Bells Two-Hearted Ale)

14 May 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 Late last night the Friday Beerbuzz changed a little.  Somehow when the Vice-President of the United States is schedule to appear, and scheduled right before the Friday Beerbuzz….things change.  In the end it was a really exciting and fun change, and congratulations to Nancy, John and WILK for landing the interview.
There was a noticeable difference in our second ever live beer radio show today.  Most noticeable for me was the fact that I was actually able to breath during the show, (including exhaling).  In week one there were a lot of shaky hands (mine) and I’m not sure if I even remembered to breath.  Fortunately for me I now actually seem to enjoy the fine-line between excitement and terror.

It’s a ton of fun chatting about beer with beer lovers and future beer lovers, and so easy to get lost in great conversations over a great beer…and today was no exception.  In the run up to our first show, Joe Snedeker worried out loud that Nancy may “girl up” our “manly beer show.”  After speaking to Mrs Beerbuzz about this, she encouraged me to get John, Joe Thomas and even Joe Snedeker to embrace their feminine side…so we did.  I brought a special “Nancy beer” and the very “doily” that Snedeker was concerned about….but don’t get too lost in the fun.  The Peche Lambic Nancy tasted today is a really good beer that I’ve never seen anyone dislike….so be sure to try it out.  Most exciting for me is perhaps that Nancy actually liked the Bell’s Two-Hearted IPA even better. 


After tasting the Peche Lambic we moved on to the Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale.  Coming to us from the manly state of Michigan, Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale has not only been a favorite beverage of mine, but also a gateway IPA for many hop lovers.  Two-Hearted Ale is a really nice way to introduce people to a hoppier beer style like an IPA without knocking their socks off.  Try it for yourself, especially if you don’t traditionally like a hoppy beer and let me know what you think.  IPA’s aren't for everyone, but this is an IPA that may surprise you.

As always a big thank you to John, Nancy, Joe, Sue, Bosco, Joe Biden and everyone at WILK for making this another fun experience….and as always we encourage YOU to join in.  Please feel free to comment here or on WILK’s Friday Beerbuzz page (listed in their left hand menu bar).  We’d also love to hear what you thought about the show and any suggestions you have for future shows and beers.  All of our e-Mail and show links are on the mybeerbuzz Friday Beerbuzz page (linked from the top right of my main page).

So drink up and join in so we can all bring good beers and good people together and be sure to check out WILK’s Friday Beerbuzz page for our beer details and video’s of the show.

As always you can click HERE to check out a video of the show on WILK.

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Anonymous,  14 May, 2010 13:34  

First Joe Biden then the Friday beer buzz. I couln't be happier right now. I really do like the show and you've drawn me in. I'll be a listener every week. You guys obviously love the beer and both have a lot of fun beer facts to share. Keep it up and thanks to WILK.


Anonymous,  14 May, 2010 13:43  

Very funny show today with the doiley. Even my wife laughed and she doesnt like beer. We plan to get some of the Bells tonight to try because you all made it sound like a good beer to try. Well be listening next week too.

Anonymous,  14 May, 2010 13:59  

Mr buzzy you surprised me. I always liked Webster and his beer antics but you know your beer. I just read some of your beer stuff here and I see where the funny comes from. What a great combination with Nancy too. Josa

Anonymous,  14 May, 2010 14:12  

More local beers please!

mybeerbuzz 14 May, 2010 14:14  

Stay tuned anon.....week 1 was Troegs Hopback (local beer) and week two was Michigan's Bell's...we'll have plenty of beers that are brewed locally and pleanty of good non-local beers too...all in good time.

Anonymous,  14 May, 2010 14:23  

I like the format of the radio show and I get my friday fix of beer. I'll e-mail you some beer ideas and I'd like to hear more. Maybe you can do a longer show or two days a week.

Anonymous,  14 May, 2010 14:35  

I'm no Biden fan but i'll listen to him to get to your show. Jason

Anonymous,  14 May, 2010 14:43  

Both beers have been a home run so far. Keep it up. Why not do some Chimay when you can or maybe even a stout. Nancy and webster might like a stout.

Kelly, Scranton PA

Anonymous,  14 May, 2010 15:13  

I'm so glad to have a friday beer show again! I missed you john and I like the new beer guy a lot. BCAA

Anonymous,  15 May, 2010 10:47  

I bought some 2harted ale last night and the guy at Sabatinis asked if I heard it on the show so it looks like they were listening to the show too. The guy laughed when I said yes i heard it on your show. good job on the show and the beer.

J James

Anonymous,  15 May, 2010 17:39  

Wegmans has it too. I listened on friday and bought my husband some Bells today. Yes he loved the surprise and the beer even more. Now I have a way to surprise my husband every sat with a new beer. Keep up the good work Nancy, John and Bill.


Anonymous,  15 May, 2010 20:05  

So what will the beer of the week be this week? You have not dissapointed me yet. Did Nancy like the Hopback?

Anonymous,  15 May, 2010 20:18  

You all seem to have a knack for beer. John and Bill are experts and I like hearing what Nancy and Joe like too. Will you be trying dark beers too?

mybeerbuzz 15 May, 2010 20:22  

Thanks everyone. The comments have been really fun to read....and to answer a few questions...

Alicia...we'll feature a new beer each week and I'm sure your husband will enjoy them.

Anon...I don't tell the beer of the week until we put it on the air...so you'll have to tune in and see. Let's just say it's a really good beer and a you'll be sirprised what it is. I think Nancy liked the Hopback, but liked the 2-hearted better.

Thank you...and yes we'll have dark beers and some beer styles you may not have even heard of. We want to help everyone find some beers they enjoy AND help people learn about beer....so stay tuned.

Thank you everyone!

Anonymous,  17 May, 2010 09:19  

two solid beer choices. i've had hopback and i really like the two hearted ale now that i tried it. now i cant wait to see what you drink this week so i can go try another new beer. i think this is a great idea for a show and you guys know your beers.

Jim Duryea

Anonymous,  17 May, 2010 09:23  

I thought I knew a lot about beers but you guys really do. I learned new beer info in both shows. Now when will we get to the really rare beers and foreign beers? Thats what I want to hear about.

RReno (I'm from Scranton)

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