Stegmaier Variety Packs (with the NEW IPA & Pale Ale) have arrived in NEPA

19 May 2010

StegIPAPale Plaza Beverage in Pittston tells me the new Stegmaier Variety packs have arrived.  We have really enjoyed both of these new beers so be sure to stop up and check it out.

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Josh 21 May, 2010 13:41  

Just picked up one of these new cases and have a couple questions (not sure if you know the answers Bil or if you can get Darel to chime in). One, on the White, is that a repackaged version of the Midsummer White, or a new recipe? Also, the Amber Lager bottles have the old labels rather than the new ones shown on the box; are these bottles the old recipe, or are they the new recipe with what's left of the old labels? Looking forward to trying them...

mybeerbuzz 21 May, 2010 14:05  

I believe the White is not the same recipe as the Midsumer Wit but I could be wrong since I haven't tried that one yet. The Amber is the original Steg 150 recipe. I suspect they were just using up the balance of the old packaging. I'll check with Darel. We've beer really enjoying the IPA and Pale and we're heading up to Madison's tonight for the Summer STock lager and a mett the brewer night if you want to ask in person.

mybeerbuzz 21 May, 2010 14:57  

Josh..>Darel has confirmed what I said about the Amber being the Steg 150 and the White IS the same recipe as the former Midsummer.

Josh 21 May, 2010 15:17  

thanks Bil. I figured as much but wanted to check. I like the new labeling and am glad that the styles are a bit clearer on the labels. Looking forward to digging in.

mybeerbuzz 21 May, 2010 15:29  

Happy to help Josh. The new packaging is nice, especially on the IPA and Summer Stock. Look for the IPA and Pale in dedicated cases with the next run.

Lee Botschaner,  21 May, 2010 15:48  

No sign of it in the burg as of yet. Wanted to have a case for this weekend.

mybeerbuzz 21 May, 2010 15:50  

call Verastro Lee ;)

Lee Botschaner,  21 May, 2010 16:31  

Wish I could, those guys service NE PA the Central PA/Harrisburg guys are deadbeats, I know, I've done many battles to get sixtels down here...

Bob Kempsell,  30 July, 2010 11:00  

After many trips to Wilkes Barre to purchase Stegmaier Beverages, I'm now able to get Stegmaier at Jims Bottleworks,Bel Air MD. Which saves me a 300 mi round trip. Stegmaier New Variety Pack has been a Joy! Looking forward to all the Seasonal Beer when it becomes available.

mybeerbuzz 30 July, 2010 11:03  

Great news Bob! Next up will be Oktoberfest

Bob Kempsell,  30 July, 2010 11:16  

Does Lion's Brewery plan on a Oktoberfest this year? Have enjoyed in the past, can't wait until the Keg is Taped and the Oktoberfest starts flowing. What Joy!!!!

mybeerbuzz 30 July, 2010 11:18  

Sadly there will not be an Oktoberfest celebration this year at Lion, however the beer itself will be ready soon.

Anonymous,  07 September, 2010 17:10  

where can i purchase a keg of Stegmaier amber lager?

mybeerbuzz 07 September, 2010 17:51  

They deal through LT Verrastro, but I have seen kegs at various locations including Plaza Beverage in Pittston...I'd call Plaza and ask.

Bob Kempsell,  29 January, 2011 15:33  

Does Stegmaier plan to brew A Bock Beer this spring. Their site doesn't show it?????

mybeerbuzz 29 January, 2011 16:29  

Bob...they are coming up with a new spring seasonal and they haven't named it yet. I'm not sure it will be a bock but I'm awaiting details.

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