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13 May 2010

WILKFridayBeerbuzz4 We’re marching toward our sophomore episode of

the Friday Beerbuzz on WILK’s Webster and Nancy show and it’s been a really fun week. Last Friday we featured Troegs Hopback Amber Ale and ironically enough we found it on draft at Dugan’s Friday night. It won’t last long so be sure to stop by and try our first week’s “show” beer for yourself and let me know what you think.

After last week’s show, I ran into a lot of friends, readers and even family members who tuned in last week. Most common question I’ve been asked is “What beer will be on next week AND can I come on the show and drink it with you guys?” Funniest question I’ve been asked is, “What day of the week are you guys on?”…and mostly funny because people somehow were asking what day of the week the “FRIDAY Beerbuzz” would be on….hmmm….let’s see…..

Of course I’m kidding but it’s been exciting to hear all of the chatter and questions…things like “Was that really YOU?” or “Is that really LIVE?"”…or even “Who writes the script?” Well to answer them all at once, Yes it’s me, Yes it’s live and No there is no script….that’s what makes it fun and hopefully that’s what makes it fun to listen to.

We also encourage you to interact with us. Tell us what you think of last week’s beer, tells us what beers we should bring on the show and lets us know what you like (and don’t like) too. We want this to be a show that beer lovers and future beer lovers can all enjoy, so speak up.

We’ll be live in the WILK studio this Friday (5/14) on 103.1 FM 98 AM and on-line at in the 8:30AM half hour. I’ve chosen this week’s beer already and lets just say this is another beer I know you’ll want to go out and try for yourself. It’s also a beer that has made more than one of my friends a beer-believer…so don’t miss the show.

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John 12 May, 2010 17:02  

Now Thursdays are even more "Friday Eve" then they ever were before! Think the anticipation of a kid on Christmas Eve but with a bottle opener instead of a stocking!

Looking forward to The Friday Beerbuzz on...Friday!

mybeerbuzz 12 May, 2010 17:10  

and sugar plums are dancing through my head for this weeks beer.....;)

Come on Friday.....lets get here!

Darel Matthews,  13 May, 2010 19:53  

What day is the Friday BeerBuzz on again?

mybeerbuzz 13 May, 2010 20:04  

We're still working that out, so we're open to suggestions. We want to go with the happiest most hopeful day of the week but we can't decide if that's Monday or some other day.

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