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22 March 2010

LionNeuweilerLabel2 Here’s one from Neuweiler that I don’t think I’ve posted before.  This label is Neuweiler Traditional Lager Beer in the 12 oz size.

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Lee Botschaner,  22 March, 2010 10:59  

The neuweiler series was a fine product, and the mixed pack was enjoyed numerous times by me.

I remember reading many moons ago that the Lion was negotiating to buy the neuweiler name. That obviously never happened and neuweiler went away for good, for some reason.

---Guy,  22 March, 2010 15:56  

Barry Szmodis

JessKidden 23 March, 2010 07:44  

LB: "...went away for good..."

I thought Allentown Brew Works now owns, or at least, uses the Neuweiler brand name? Articles at the time (a coupla years ago now IIRC) suggested that the Ortlieb family still owned the brand name, and worked with ABW to develop their version.

mybeerbuzz 23 March, 2010 08:25  

Interesting Jess....I hadn't heard that ABW had ownership interest. STay tuned for some real cool Neuweiller stuff I have coming up...

Lee Botschaner,  23 March, 2010 16:33  

Hey Sam K, i'm going to be at Otto's and Elk Creek on Thursday night would love to talk beer with you if you are out then.

sam k,  23 March, 2010 21:46  

Lee, the time is right! I can't get to Elk Creek, but a rendezvous at Otto's would work. I have obligations on Friday, so it can't be too late...I'm an old guy! MBB can give you my email address.

Stock Ale was the Neuweiler re-incarntaion to beat, in my book. I think the porter was Steg with a different label, and as such was credible anyway. Not sure about the pedigree of the lager or the black and tan, but they were all really respectable products that would have had longer legs with better backing.

mybeerbuzz 24 March, 2010 07:51  

You bet guys....drop me an e-Mail at and I can get you Sam's e-Mail info....and again stay tuned for some really interesting Neuweiller stuff coming soon.

Lee Botschaner,  24 March, 2010 13:16  

Sam K, I agree regarding the porter. I could not tell the difference. I had a private tour with the assistant brewmaster in about 1994 and made a comment about the porters being the same. He kind of got a contemplative look in his eye and said "well, pretty much so." I couldn't determine if that meant there *was* a miniscule difference or if he just didnt want to come clean and admit that to a guy from off the street.

Either way, both products were excellent at the time!

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