Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun Gibbons for Easter

06 February 2010

 LionGibbonsEaster This advertisement is from 15 April 1949 and comes to us courtesy of Jesskidden.  It features the tagline “Easter Tips…You Can’t beat Gibbons for a GOOD Beer!” and yes those are Easter Lilies next to the beer.  Other notable details include Reuben Jaffee as the “Importing Distributor” in Philipsburg…and be sure to check out the phone number.  Importing from where…Wilkes-Barre?

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Anonymous,  06 February, 2010 12:49  

I so wish Lions would focus on local craft beer! I know currently they private label but how nice to have a local craft brewery:) Maybe they might consider one day?

mybeerbuzz 06 February, 2010 12:54  

So what would you have them do to focus on local craft beer anon?

Anonymous,  06 February, 2010 16:37  

Like I said I think they focus a lot on private labels. Would be nice to see them with a full line of seasonal beer or a wider selection. For an example like Weyerbacher. I did like the Holiday Warmer which is getting them into seasonal a bit. Lion Head Brewery has a beautiful location with lots of history. The word "Local" only pertains to me. So I shouldn't have said local. Would you consider Lions a Craft Brewery?

mybeerbuzz 06 February, 2010 16:45  

Lion owns the Stegmaier line among others. Steg does have a Gold, Amber Lager, Porter, and seasonals such as Holiday Warmer, Brewhouse Bock, Misummer Wit and Oktoberfest. There have also been other seasonals they no longer produce like Steg Summerstock Lager. Lion is a large brewery, and they do certainly produce a number of craft beers for their own labels and contract brews like Lancaster among others so yes I consider them a craft brewery. They're local for me also and I'm excited to see the moves they've made to embrace the local craft beer commmunity with special editions of aged and barrel aged Holiday Warmer, not to mention some interesting test beers I was lucky enough to get to try. They recently purchased a Sabco brewing system to test small batches and if yuo dig back a few months you'll see my post about a test IPA they ran. Stay tuned...I think you'll see Lion evolving in the years to come.

Lee Botschaner,  08 February, 2010 09:11  

Agree with Mr. Mybeerbuzz, I think you have the best of all worlds with the lion they have history and tradition, are a production brewery so they can keep their prices reasonable, make tremendous and affordable adjunct "lawn mower" beers, make exceptional "craft/micro" brews (have you tried steg porter, or read its rating on beer advocat???) AND they have a nice roster of seasonal beers, that change with each season.

What more do you want, anon?

If it's a new beer every 2 weeks like some micros, I disagree, and you're not likely to get that with a large production facility. anyway, there are dozens and dozens of others out their making "imperial belgian wheat rye double pumpkin ipas." I'ts unrealistic to compare them to a weyerbacher just as it's unrealistic to compare K-mart to a city corner grocer. Both have their places.

I suggest you grab a case or two of lions bock and steg porter and enjoy the price, history AND the flavor of your hometown beer.

mybeerbuzz 08 February, 2010 09:30  

Thanks Lee....good points.

Darel Matthews,  12 February, 2010 07:16  

I love you guys...

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