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30 January 2010

 LionStegAnniversaryLabel Here’s another great label courtesy of Jesskidden.  This one features.Stegmaier Anniversary Brew in the 32oz (! quart) size.

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sam k 30 January, 2010 16:14  

I'm assuming this would have been for their 100th Anniversary, but not sure. Do you know, Jess?

JessKidden 01 February, 2010 06:12  

Not clear in the reproduction above, the copyright date in the bottom right corner say "1955" - pretty close to 100 years after 1857- so that's what I've always assumed.

Of course, the next question always becomes if it was the same beer or a "special" brew. The fact that the label is otherwise identical to Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer of the same era, I'd say it's just an anniversary label (just as some beers of that era used to have "Christmas" labels and other packaging, but were not the special "Christmas" seasonal beers of today).

Gotta say, I miss quarts. To me, the 22 ounce "bomber" bottle isn't a "big" bottle of beer, it's a smaller "large bottle" and a rip-off- 10 less ounces that the once standard multiple serving size quart bottle. And that's not even considering the outrageous premium some brewers charge for the larger bottle, rather than the once tradition better deal per ounce for a larger size.

mybeerbuzz 01 February, 2010 07:54  

I was wondering what the "anniversary" was. Thanks Jess. Seems like we only see 22pz, 24oz (Sierra Nevada mostly) and growlers. I'll admit I enjoy sharing the 24oz better and I'm surprised no one was bottles a 32oz bottle so two people can share and each get a 16oz glass.

JessKidden 01 February, 2010 08:18  

Very infrequently, I'll see Yuengling in quarts - "Yuengling Premium" usually but maybe the "Traditional Lager", too? I used to buy them once in awhile when they were in the "stubby" quarts for nostalgic reasons, but I think they've switched to a long neck quart (similar to Bud or Miller) now. Do any other "old line" brewers still do quarts? Quarts of Genesee, Utica Club, the mid-Western breweries?

Matt's Saranac was using those 32 oz. "mini-growler" bottles for some of their beers - I guess they have the glass and equipment since they contract-brew the "Mississippi Mud" brand. Nice package but the prices were not tradtional "quart" prices, that's for sure.

Of course, one could say that the "40" has taken the place of quarts for many of the older, light lager brands owned by Pabst, along with malt liquors.

mybeerbuzz 01 February, 2010 09:07  

For me the 40oz starts to cross into being too large for 2 people and not large enough to share with more people like a growler. I hate to say it but there's also what I at least perceive to be a bad connotation for a 40oz bottle.

Lee Botschaner,  01 February, 2010 14:57  

Jess, Yueng still does the stubby quart I saw the lager a couple months ago. I'll try to snap a pic for you of one. Premium it's been a few years but that beer is just hard to find in a take out place anymore.

I would occasionally buy and consume or present to friends 40oz'ers of ballantines ale. They loved it for football games.

sam k 01 February, 2010 16:40  

Genny uses a 40 now, too.

mybeerbuzz 01 February, 2010 18:17  

thnks guys...yes I'd love to see a photo Lee.

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