Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Flying Fish Belgian Abbey Dubbel

BlindRobins Into every life a little rain must fall.  The best of friends and the closest of families are not immune.  What may appear to be one big happy beer-loving family may only serve to disguise the truth that goes on behind the scenes.  If you think drama is limited to General Hospital, and Days of our Lives; I’m here to tell you that there is strife and controversy at the Chip the Beer Guy show.  I know everyone seems so happy and drunk, but there is obvious tension on the show.  On today’s show Chip was hurling insults subtly disguised as beers.  First he slammed Ruthie by gifting her a “Hair of the Dog Ruth” beer named after both a grannie and a dog.  Low blow Chip.  Then he went on to slam John saying that much like the Flying Fish Belgian Abbey Dubbel, John had a generous body, a fruity nose and an immense head.  It’s hard to watch those you love not getting along, but especially hard to see an innocent beer used in a hostile manner.  Can’t we all just enjoy a beer and get along? ;)

Obviously I’m kidding, and even though commenting that a co-worker has a “generous body” can quickly get you on board the sexual harassment freight train, don’t go hiring a lawyer for John just yet.  I assure you it was all in good fun and mostly good fun for me.

Watch for Greg Koch (CEO of Stone Brewing) to be on the phone next week (1/29) to help the guys (and Ruthie) taste some Stone beers, and also Beau Baden, Jim Koch and Garret Oliver to appear on future shows.

Today we tasted Flying Fish Belgian Abbey Dubbel (2008 GABF Silver Medal).  Who knew it is a beer that goes well with Blind Robins.  Now I’ll admit that either I wasn’t hanging around in bars at that age, or I simply didn’t see them, but apparently a “blind robin” is a salted pickled herring and the guys remembered them, including the smell.  I have included a photo, but be warned… does NOT recommend performing a google image search on the words “blind robin.”  Since most of you are now running to google, I’ll simply say cheers….funny show guys.

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  1. Immense Head John here...and you found a picture of the Blind Robin's but if you actually find the real deal, lemme know where!

  2. I dare you to make the Blind Robin your Avatar on FB! Here's the linky to the photo

  3. I know you are making light, but the Ruth was a tribute to a girl who's come a long way with beers in a few years..besides who doesn't love their Grandma. Ruthy is my beer buddy. And the Flying Fish that was just pure coincidence. Believe it or not I didn't realize that until I read my notes before going on the air. Both are tasty beers if you haven't you've got to try them.

  4. Thanks was fun to listen to and we all love Ruthie too. I have had the Flying Fish recently but I'll have to try the Ruth. Maybe I'll catch you down @ Berwick brewing tomorrow for the anniversary party.


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