Breaker Brewing Co Belsnickler Bottles NOW Available

30 November 2009

BreakerBrewingBelsnicklerBottlesBreaker Brewing Co Belsnickler Bottles are starting to find their way out to our local beer establishments.  Stay tuned to this post for updates. So far you can find Belsnickler bottles at:



Ice House - Mountaintop


Troegs Releases Scratch # 25

TroegsScratch Troegs Scratch 25 has been released today.  The beer is being nicknamed “Movember Rye” and clocks in with an amazing IBU of 115.  The beer uses Bravo & Cluster hop varieties and Rye grains.  Should be very interesting.


More from Troegs:

#25-2009: Magical Moustache Rye:
is the month of the moustache (no lie). If you don’t believe us check out or take a look at all the scraggly caterpillars residing on the top lips of numerous Troegs employees. In honor of the completion of the Troegs Moustache-Growing Contest we give you S...cratch #25-2009 – Magical Moustache Rye.  This mahogany ale packs a lingering, earthy hoppiness. The addition of more than 20% rye to the grain bill gives a creamy mouthfeel and hints of spice that compliment the bitterness of hops. Subtle fruitiness come through from the Bravo hops added during the boil, but the Cluster and Liberty varieties used in dry-hopping this beer are the true flavor drivers in this spicy ale. Dark in color and intense is flavor, Scratch 25-2009 finds true balance in a beer that could have easily gone way over the top. Enjoy.


Berwick Brewing Co – Dark Days of December

29 November 2009


This little teaser from Berwick Brewing Co…

The Pils made another stealth appearance, it will rear its head again in the near future. However the tap it was on is now pouring Atomic Punk IPA! So at the moment we're offering 5 beers.
Watch for the "Dark Days of December ". Is it possible there's one last keg of Bourbon Barrel Stout lurking in the brewery? Is something dark and raspberry-y waiting to emerge?  Will Bill's Porter continue its impressive and popular run?  These are questions that need answers...


Weyerbacher Hotel - Now Shipping

Weyerbacher Dan has confirmed that the next release in the Weyerbacher Brewers Select Series, Hotel will be shipping in kegs and bottles this week.  Hotel is a strong baltic-style Imperial Porter and clocks in at around 8.4% ABV.  Dan also tells me that the second release of caged Double Simcoe has hit the streets and they are brewing the final batch of Winter Ale today.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

Call me on this one if you’d like, but even the professor will agree that this is a label we have not posted yet….it’s subtle, but different.




Troegs Brewery

27 November 2009

Thanks to Steve for the photo and for the Scratch that came back with him!


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

Who knew the professor did a Bock beer?  I present Bartel’s Bock Beer (with reputation old).




Lion Brewery - The End of 16oz Returnable Production (The Movie)

26 November 2009

I put together a quick movie so you can all experience what the Lion Brewery soaker machine and bottling lines are like in action and so you can all get a peek at the last day of 16oz returnable bottle production at Lion Brewery. As I said Monday, this is a very historical event and one I'm excited to be a part of. Thanks again guys!


Lion Brewery - Sabco System

25 November 2009

DSC07526 I know I mentioned a few months ago that Lion Brewery purchased a Sabco Brewing system to test and prepare for different brewing opportunities.  On my visit Monday, I had the opportunity to snap a quick photo for all of my readers to see.  So check it out….


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

Since everyone loves the Professor, let’s hit a few Bartel’s labels in a row….in no particular order…




Lion Brewery – Stegmaier IPA?

24 November 2009

DSC07525 As part of my trip to Lion Brewery yesterday, the guys were nice enough to share a sample of a test beer.  Keep in mind this is VERY preliminary, and there are certainly no definite plans, names or recipes firmly in place…but I believe the beer I sampled yesterday will eventually in some format become a new beer to be sold under the Stegmaier label as Stegmaier IPA.  Again I remind you all how preliminary this news is, but very exciting to see Lion Brewery dipping their toes more and more into the craft beer market.  I’m also very excited to see the Stegmaier name be possibly gaining more and more marketing support.  Stegmaier has always been a historical local brewery line and for me a line that speaks of history and relevance in today’s market.  I’m hoping local beer drinkers get more and more opportunities to share in this history and drink from the same label that their fathers and grandfathers have enjoyed for decades.  No matter what decisions are made, I think this is a wonderful move by everyone at Lion Brewery.


Lion Brewery to End 16oz Returnable Production

23 November 2009

I was lucky enough to be invited down this afternoon to witness the end of an era at Lion Brewery. As of the end of today’s production schedule, Lion is ceasing the use of 16oz returnable bottles. It was exciting to see the last batch of bottles going through the soaker, and the last batch of bottles being filled with Stoney’s Beer. It’s always an amazing trip inside the Lion Brewery, but I was lucky enough to see the soaker in action. As Darel put it, the soaker is an amazing Rube Godberg-type machine that cleans bottles, removes old labels and prepares them for filling. This machine is the size of a house and has been in action since 1964 at the Lion. It was incredible to witness the giant gears, shafts and arms as the soaker swallows empty bottles and kicks out sparkling clean bottles.

After today, the Lion will begin bottling in 12oz non-returnable bottles. The soaker will eventually be removed, the line changed and even a building addition will be added to allow Lion to implement a canning line in the future, so stay tuned for details on that.

The photos below show 1) The used bottles being organized to go into the soaker, 2) The bottles being loaded into the soaker chains, 3) the bottles entering the soaker, 4) The clean bottles exiting the soaker, 5) the back of the filling line before the pasteurizer, and 6) the bottling lines running the last of the 16oz returnables-- Stoney’s Beer.

Returnable bottles go way back for the Lion Brewery so it is certainly a historical day for local brewing. Thank you to Darel and the rest of the guys at Lion for inviting me down to witness it for myself.

**As an added bonus…be SURE to tune in tomorrow for some more exciting news from Lion.

DSC07511 DSC07513
DSC07515 DSC07520
DSC07521 DSC07522


Thank You Moose – Check Out These Beers

I can’t say thank you enough to mybeerbuzz foreign correspondent Moose for his recent gift from the motherland and it’s associated provinces (and of course to Mrs. Moose for keeping the home fires burning).   Rather than trying to spell it all out…I’ll just say thank you and show you the photos….and yes we’ll be waiting until April 23 2012 to enjoy it.

MortSubite (1) MortSubite (2)

Read more... T-Shirts

During the beer festival yesterday, we had a lot of people asking how to buy a T-Shirt.  Although cafepress takes their cut, proceeds do go to supporting the mybeerbuzz site and we have LOTS and styles and colors available.  The photos below show just some of the many styles available including the one I wore yesterday (1st photo).  Click on both store links below to check them out!


Baseball Jersey Fitted T-Shirt
Organic Men's Fitted T-Shirt (dark) Green T-Shirt
Dark T-Shirt 2-sided Logo & Avatar Shirt Avatar Golf Shirt Sweatshirt (dark)


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

Yes it’s Premium Jersey Lager Beer…another label I had not heard of.  Am I the only one amazed at how many brews have come out of Lion?  Am I the only one amazed there no one (except perhaps my feeble attempt) has compiled these into some sort of retrospective?  I’m betting I’ve only hit a small percentage of the labels.




Split Rock Beer Festival 2009 - The Movie

22 November 2009

We just hit home from the Split Rock Beer Festival. We had a great time and wanted to post up the promised. Thank you to everyone we met and shared the day (and MORE than a few beers) with...and thank you to our friends at Breaker Brewing Co for letting us be a part of the excitement. We've witnessed every year of the Split Rock festival, and it's hard to recall a more exciting release than today's release of Breaker Brewing Co Belsnickler Holiday Ale. The fun started at 3PM and the line never let up until it the keg kicked. It was amazing to see our local micro-brewery do so well at Split Rock and a ton of fun to experience it from both sides of the jockey box. Thanks and congratulations to Chris & Mark.


Split Rock Beer Festival - Today

BeerFest2005 008 We’re getting ready to head up to the Split Rock Beer Festival. We’ll be rockin’ the T-Shirts and filming this year’s festival movie so be sure to stop and say hi. I’ll even buy you a 2oz sample beer ;) See you there! Stay tuned tonight (or tomorrow) for the MOVIE!


Breaker Brewing – Belsnickler Pre-Release

21 November 2009

BreakerBelsnickler8 The guys at Breaker Brewing were nice enough to invite me down to the brewery for a pre-release tasting of their new Belsnickler Holiday Ale. We sampled a glass or three and I’m excited to say the brew came out wonderful. The nose is sweet with candied-sugar and the finish easily hides the 8.1% ABV. I’m excited to report that the first BBC holiday ale is tasty and I can’t wait to sit one down and see how it tastes in the future. Belsnickler will be available on tap at many of our BBC bars and also in bottles (release dates and locations coming soon)….so stay tuned for details. Thanks to Mark & Chris for the pre-release sample and for Tom and Brandon (and Kirby) for the entertaining evening. Sorry for the late night guys…

By the way I also had a chance to sample the latest Malty McGuire and I Love PA recipes, and you’re all in for a treat…so watch for release dates and don’t forget the guys will be pouring this weekend at the Splitrock Beer Festival so be sure to stop by and say hi.


FLOW Bar & Restaurant Beer Tasting Dinner 12/10

From Joan:

This Year, My Resolution is To Drink Better Beer
Start your resolution early by joining FLOW for our Seasonal Beer Tasting Party Thursday December 10, 2009 6:30 p.m.

What better way to spend an evening after work then with a premier Beer Tasting Party at FLOW hosted by Executive Chef Nate Weida. This five-course tasting begins at 6:30 on Thursday, December 10th. Please make reservations in advance by calling 570-325-8200. The cost of $65.00 includes five courses of premium beer and fresh house made, farm-to-table cuisine.

Flow's Holiday Beer Dinner Menu

Course 1 (Pretty Things Jack D'or)
Dayboat Maine Sea Scallop, Lemon Spaetzle, Parsley, Saison Beer Blanc

Course 2 (Stoudts Double IPA)
-Ginger Butternut Squash Soup, Pickled Oyster Mushrooms

Course 3 (Troegs Mad Elf)
Smoked Duck Breast, Arugula, Parsnips, Dried Cherry Vinaigrette

Course 4 (Founder's Breakfast Stout)
Braised Pork Shoulder, Sweet Potato Pave, Red Cabbage

Course 5 (Dogfish Head Raison D'etre)
Bread Pudding, Strong Ale Anglaise

So come, celebrate! Get an early start on your resolution to drink and eat better. Enjoy the company of friends new and old in the comfort of Flow Bar and Restaurant. Call 570-325-8200 to reserve.

FLOW Bar + Restaurant
268 W. Broadway
Jim Thorpe, PA 18229


Breaker Brewing Co @ Split Rock Beer Festival

breakerBrewingFestival Just a quick photo of Chris manning the coal car jockey box @ the Split Rock Beer Festival…see you all there tomorrow (Sun).


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

Who could forget BunkerHill….OK I’ll admits I would have had to have heard of Bunkerhill to forget it…but I didn’t forget to include it here.



Shawnee Craft – Beer Engine

20 November 2009

ShawneeCraftHandPumpOr as I like to say, “Leo’s got a hand pump!”  Real Ale coming soon!


mybeerbuzz Member Twitter Feeds

Twitter.comWe’ve just added the live Twitter feeds for each of our members on the sidebar of their page.  Now you’ll get live info and breaking news from each of our members as it happens.  Some members do not use twitter, some are not very active, but some are VERY active so be sure to check it out.  If I’ve missed any feeds please let me know and I’ll add them.


Weyerbacher Repairs & Avatar

WeyerbacherTwitterThe bad news is that Weyerbacher is currently working to repair an equipment problem.  If all goes well the WP will be repaired and they will be back to brewing on Monday.

The good news is that Weyerbacher is currently using my photo of a caged Double Simcoe bottle in the sand at the beach as their Twitter Avatar.  Check it out!


Weyerbacher Beer Releases

From Dan:

Latest Release: Quad 11.9% ABV. Belgian abbey-style quadruppel ale. Quad was the only US beer to make the top 10 in the New York Times panel tasting of Belgian style brews in 2005. Notes of date, fig and malt intrigue the palate with just enough hops to balance things out. Ages to perfection in 6 to 12 months.

Next Scheduled Release: Fireside Ale in January. An intricate dark ale with a touch of smokiness. The rich malt flavor, crisp bitterness and smoke reach perfect equilibrium in this brew.

Still in the stores: Winter Ale is plentiful in most stores but is moving fast. Grab your cases soon. If you look hard and are lucky you may also still find some pumpkin.

Recipes:, Mark Myers, a chef at Wegmans, is developing recipes featuring our products. Rib Roast with Caramelized Onion and Winter Ale Au Jus is on our web site and sounds delicious. You will also find other recipes such as for Bigos (Polish Pork Stew) and Pumpkin and Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta made with Pumpkin Ale. As soon as we have the Quad recipe we will post it on the web site.

Comments from both Chris (es):
Chris Wilson and Chris Lampe are responsible for producing all of our wonderful beers. Chris Wilson, Head Brewer develops all of our recipes. He and Dan Hitchcock brew to very tight standards. Chris Lampe and his crew cellar and package our beer. Chris watches all of the cellaring activities closely to ensure you buy quality products.

Chris Wilson, Head Brewer: We have installed a new 40bbl whirlpool which allows us to utilize our 40bbl boiling kettle to its maximum and doubles the volume of a single brew. Installation was not a simple endeavor, but with the help of some excellent riggers and welders it went as smoothly as possible.  Make time for a visit so that you can see our new equipment.  It looks like a new building..

Chris Lampe, Production Manager: We have also been busy installing new equipment. A new 40bbl Bright Tank came in with the Whirlpool and is in place thanks to the diligent efforts of Geoff Michalski, Production Supervisor and Plumber Extraordinaire. On top of that we were able to install a number of pallet racks which (as Chris mentioned) make it look like a brand new building. Check the website in the near future for photos of all of the new equipment.

Visitor Center: , The VC is open every Saturday 12 – 3 for tasting and tours. We will be open 12-26-09 and 1-2-10. We always have every style currently available for tasting and if Chris Wilson has brewed anything special that will also generally be available. Hotel, the last 2009 one off will be bottled (for the VC only) this week.
Other News: In PA our Big Beer Variety Pack is available at most distributors. It is a great case containing 6 each of Double Simcoe, Merry Monks, Blithering Idiot and Old Heathen. Look for them at your favorite distributor. For those of you outside of PA you have the luxury of being able to mix and match. These styles complement one another.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Michelob Craft Sampler Pack

image Today we dipped our toes into the shallow end of the craft beer pool and tried four beers from the Michelob Craft Sampler Pack.  Now before you go accusing me of being a beer snob (a term I’m really NOT crazy about as you’ll see), realize that I’m simply being funny.  That’s what I do.  I’m also leaning on John’s line that drinking Port Brewing Panzer last week was like jumping into the “deep end” for a non-craft-beer-lover.

Before we jump into the beers I try to never pass up an opportunity to address the whole beer elitism issue.  As a beer lover I see both sides of the fence.  Someone new to craft beer is naturally a target of someone who has beer a purveyor of fine beer for many years.  A beer newbie legitimizes their craft beer expertise and gives them an opportunity to be an “expert.”  Now I certainly understand that being a beer newbie is kind of like being the freshman in the frat house.  You’re bound to have a little beer hazing, but I hope for most part this is just good natured fun.  As a craft beer lover I want nothing more than to cultivate other craft beer lovers, regardless of what beers they like…but let’s not be so quick to play the beer snob card.  All too often I see a misunderstanding, and all too often I think we jump to the conclusion that someone who loves beer is somehow a snob.  I get it that beer is supposed to be a more “pedestrian” beverage for the working class and common man.  I get it that someone rising up to support beer as a better and finer alternative can be perceived as a pig trying to make his way out of the mud…but why the label snob?  Drink what you like and don’t label anyone a newbie or a snob.  Beer is a social drink and it makes me crazy when beer causes disagreement and anti-fun behavior. <end of rant>.

So enough soapbox for one day…on to the beers.  The Michelob Craft Beer Sample pack is available in cases and 12-packs and includes tasting notes, a beer-flight sequence, food pairings and even pouring suggestions.  Today’s show was a little like the Evelyn Wood speed reading (or drinking) show.  The guys (and Ruthie) sampled Michelob Wheat, Pale Ale, Rye-PA and Porter in rapid-fire succession.  I assume you have a time boundary that you bump up against, but geesh guys couldn’t we maybe play one less Skynyrd song and slow down enough to enjoy the first beer before opening the third? B e e r   s h o u l d   b e   r e l a x i n g   a n d   e n j o y e d   s l o w l y.

Now that we’ve slowed back down I’ll say Cheers and thanks for another entertaining show.  I’m now actually curious to try the Rye-PA….a good thing huh?


Loin Brewery – Label Fun

19 November 2009

Here’s yet another I had never heard of.  Commonwealth Boston Blonde Ale!



Lion Brewery – The History

LionBreweryStegmaierLauterTun This photo is incredible and shows the ornate detail of the Stegmaier Brewery Lauter Tun.  In a modern brewery the Lauter Ttun is an industrial functional piece of working equipment.  Back in these days, it was more that than…MUCH more than that.  Thanks Leo.


Backyard Ale House – 5 for 5 11/24

18 November 2009


Breaker Brewing Co – Split Rock Beer Festival

BreakerBrewingVanJust a quick reminder that the guys from breaker Brewing willbe pouring their beers at the Split Rock Beer Festival this Sat and Sun (11/21 & 11/22 12-4PM).  Be sure to stop in and sample their beverages and show your love for our local brewery.


Breaker Brewing Co – Some New Tap Handles

17 November 2009

Mark & Chris not only brew the beer, but they also create the tap handles.  Thought you’d like a peek at the tap-handle-assembly-line.  Astute viewers will note the Belsnickler handle!  The guys also tell me they plan to pour their beers at the Split Rock Beer Festival this weekend.  See you guys Sunday!


PCNTV Tours Lion Brewery – New Air Date

MBAALionNov2008 050Leo tells me the PCNTV Tours program from Lion Brewery has been moved to December 27th.  Please check your local listings.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

We continue to plow forward with some great Lion Brewery Labels.  Here’s one we missed….Stegmaier 1857 Dry…and I’m SURE There are SO MANY MORE out there we have missed….keep ‘em coming.



Lion Brewery – The History

16 November 2009


Today's old (and very cool) photo comes to us from the Stegmaier Brewery circa 1950’s and shows the Cooker & Masher.  What a great photo.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

15 November 2009

As we head down the holiday highway, I thought I’d post up one I know Leo will remember…Hope Christmas Ale.



Lion Brewery – Label Fun

I couldn’t resist just one more recent contract brew from Lion….Stoudt’s Gold.



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Johnny's Beer Tasting - 2nd Annual NEPA Beer Tasting

14 November 2009

I just returned home from Johnny's beer tasting and wanted to put out a quick post. We had a great time and sampled some great beer (and perhaps surprised a few of the Back Yard Ale House regulars with all the seemingly free beer.) First and foremost, thank you to Back Yard Ale House for hosting us all (nice to meet you Patrick), Plaza Beverage for donating some of the beverages (and to Charlie for helping us drink some of them), to Jessup Beverage, Purv's Beer & More, Chico's Lounge and Andidora Tobacco for sponsoring the event. I'd also like to thank The Pieroguys for donating the wonderful pierogies and for also sharing the evening with us. Their website is and I'm sure we'll hear more about their yummy pierogies and how well they go with beer in the future. We tasted way too many beers to list so I'll include a quick video of the event (yes I spent the night drinking, not filming) and a quick thank you to Tom, Deuane, Carolyn, Johnny (very cool sampling glasses), Darryl, Brian, Joe Paul, Jim, Charlie, Patrick, Matt, and WAY too many other names to mention. If I missed anyone or messed up names, my apologies....I'll buy you a beer next time. Cheers and thanks Johnny.


Beer Dinner @ Madison's

I was lucky enough to join some of my fellow beer lovers and the crew @ Madison's for our friend Tom's birthday beer dinner. What a fantastic night of incredible beers paired with one-of-a-kind dinner choices. My thanks to Tony and all of the staff at Madison's for their incredible and one-of-a-kind food. I'll tempt your taste buds with combinations such as Chicken enchilada soup with manchego cheese and yuco chips (served with Victory lager), flame roasted prawns withe serano chillies and candied lemon with crystals of sea salt (served with Yards Pale Ale), pork loin rib chop with southwestern rub and corn relish and crawfish studded potatoes (served with Stone 13th Anniversary Ale) and homemade cinnamon ice cream with carmelized figs and Mexican chocolate (served with Breaker Brewing Co Olde King Coal Stout). Keep in mind that Tony was also nice (and amazing) enough to create an entirely vegetarian version of this dinner for the lone vegetarian (yep it's me)...and I can't say thank you enough. We had a great night...thank you to Dawn, Tony, Mark, Sue, Chris, Lisa, Jason, Steve and everyone else (sorry if I missed your names) that joined us for an amazing birthday beer dinner...Happy Birthday Tom!!!! (next year I promise we'll get you the giant Panda)


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

13 November 2009

So we’ve started to run out of labels, so I thought I’d wander a little to the Stoudt’s Fest, which was of course contract brewed @ Lion Brewery for a little while.



Lion Brewery – The History

 LionBreweryHopRoomStegmaierBrewery Here’s the first of what I hope to be a series of “historical” and incredibly cool photos from the Lion Brewery courtesy of Leo.  This photo shows the “Hop Room” from the old Stegmaier Brewery.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Port Brewing Panzer

SanDiegoJune2008 185 SanDiegoJune2008 180

So let me confess up front that my Friday morning humor-gauge is running on empty.  After two weeks of trying to get our furnace “cleaned”, after two vacation days wasted on cancelled appointments and after FINALLY getting our furnace “cleaned” yesterday, we of course wake up this Friday the 13th morning to NO HEAT!       Good times…

Anyway, perhaps a beer will cheer me up…so on to the show.  Today’s German beer of the week was Weihenstephaner Vitus Weizenbock…a tasty little beverage and one that we love to pronounce (not!).  You’d be amazed at the pronunciations I’ve heard for Weihenstephaner and the guys even chatted up how to pronounce the name.  Short of Duchesse de Bourgogne, this one is one of the hardest…wait I take that back.  One of the beers I’m considering for this weeks Back Yard Ale House is actually called Jandrain-Jandrenouille IV Saison…say THAT 3-times fast.

Our real beer of the day comes from one of my favorite west coast breweries, Port Brewing.  Today the guys tasted the Port Brewing Panzer Imperial Pilsner…a light little 10% bomb of a beer and quite tasty to my non-Lager-loving palate.  Port Brewing is the sister brewery to Lost Abbey and is a location I’ve actually visited several times myself for their Real Ale festivals.  Port (or Pizza Port as their restaurants and bottle shops are know) have three locations, Cardiff, Solana Beach and the big restaurant and bottle shop in Carlsbad.  These guys make some really interesting beers and as the host of the Real Ale Festivals, they have quite a few rarities on tap.  The photos above show the bottle shop entrance and the rear of Port Brewing facility in Carlsbad, CA.

OK so that cheered me up a little thinking about warm California weather…but I still have NO HEAT!

Cheers (to everyone but my furnace company).


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