Foreign Correspondent Moose in Germany

31 May 2009

This week Moose signs in from Bavaria and I'm happy to report that the hops are growing well there with no damage. Moose tells me there have been thunderstorms, but thankfully no hail.

Read more... Foreign Correspondent Moose in Germany

30 May 2009

These photos also show the Augustiner Brewery & beer garden.

Read more... Foreign Correspondent Moose in Germany

29 May 2009

This week finds Moose in Salzburg, Austria. These photos show the Augustiner Brewery, a private brewery that is 50% owned by the monastery. These pictures show the brewery, tapping of a keg (literally a wood gravity-fed "keg") of Marzen, the outdoor beer garden under the chestnut trees, the wash basin for washing mugs & the beer warmer.


Hallertau Crop Damage - Northwestern Europe

This is a message sent to the Brewers Association with some bad news...

Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 7:02 AMSubject: Hallartau Hop Fields Almost Completely Destroyed
Dear friends,
Last Monday night until Tuesday morning massive thunderstorms sweptover North-Western Europe. They were joined by serious hail fall.These storms caused a lot of damage and threw traffic into turmoil.But the most sad result of these storms is that it looks like most ofHallertau Hop fields have been completely wiped away. Staff ofBayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephaner, who live throughout thearea, have all reported the complete destruction of hop fields in the region.
As I soon as I get pictures of the damage done I will send them over,but eye witnesses say it's worse than what they have ever seen intheir lives. Storms have caused damage before, but never of thismagnitude. It also seems to be too late to start a second try atgrowing new plants – generally the hop harvest in Hallertau starts midto late August.
What this may mean for your and our industry is pretty clear. Let'spray the first damage estimates prove pessimistic, and that some ofthe harvest and plants could be saved. But for now, the situationseems serious enough so prepare yourselves brewers.
Bier&Co Amsterdam
Rick Kempen, Export Manager
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Bavarian Barbarian to Bottle Beer!

28 May 2009

Here's a little tidbit from Mike @ Bavarian Barbarian Brewing. Mike tells me he just finished submitting label designs for approval to be able to bottle some of his beers. If all goes well we may see Bavarian Barbarian bottles as early as July 4th. Very exciting.


Troegs Scratch # 19 - Major Spillage

So here's the story of Scratch # 19 from Ed @ Troegs:

Every beer tells a story, and some are longer than others.Consider Scratch #19; originally designed as an enhanced take on Scratch #15 with a slightly higher ABV, our brewers went to town to deliver a brew slightly more akin to our fabled Scratch #5, the Imperial Oatmeal Stout brewed for The Flying Mouflan Experience.
For Scratch #19, we teamed up with St. Thomas Roasters of Linglestown to create a special blend of espresso beans. They added Kenyan beans to the mix because of a strong citrus flavor that compliments the hops. Creating en environment akin a French press, the beans are combined with whole flower hops in the hopback, and the hot wort passes through the vessel on the way to fermentation giving Scratch #19 a lush coffee espresso nose and hints of coffee flavor. There is a silky quality to the mouthfeel and a citrus hop finsh coming from the Kenyan beans and hops.

Some stories have twists, and unfortunately a faulty valve in the fermentation cellar led to a dramatic beer tragedy one afternoon in the brewery. Risking life and limb (while keeping his mouth open to sample the beer), a heroic brewery team member took the dive reconnecting the valve and saving about half the batch of Scratch #19.
So for your amusement (and our final relief), we give you a draft-only release of a third-take on a style that demands continued research for the Troegs Brewery staff. Enjoy!


Weyerbacher Zotten - Belgian Pale Ale

From Weyerbacher:

May 27, 2009
Weyerbacher Brewing Company, a small craft brewery in Easton, PA announces the release of Zotten, a Belgian-style Pale Ale and a brand new addition to our seasonal line-up, debuting in June.
Zotten (rhymes with verboten) is bottle conditioned, with a small amount of yeast sediment and carries the distinctive flavors of the house abbey yeast strain that Weyerbacher uses for its Merry Monks' Ale. At 6% abv, this is one tasty session beer. With a dry hoppiness for balance and fruity notes on the palate the bottle conditioning finishes this beer with a very nice complexity.

Available on draft on June 3, 2009 simultaneously at over 40 different bars in various states. Bottles available in 12 oz. 4-packs will be shipped to wholesalers across Weyerbacher's market area at the same time. Head brewer Chris Wilson says, "This is a very significant release for us as well as the beer community out there. Here we have a very "sessionable" beer that has significant flavor, complexity and hops to satisfy the most discriminating palate, and its perfect for this time of year as."

In the Lehigh Valley, PA, Weyerbacher's home, Zotten will debut on draft at Pearly Bakers' Ale House, Porters' Pub, Starters Riverport, Liberty Street Tavern, Tally Ho, Blue Monkey and Bear Creek.

In the Philly region the following pubs will be pouring Zotten: Craft Ale House, Theresa's, TJ's, Capone's, Spinnerstown, Ortino's, The Belgian Café, South Philly Tap Room, Johnny Brenda's, Standard Tap, Grey Lodge, Brigid's, Hulmeville Inn, Old Eagle Tavern and Race Street Café.

In Baltimore the following pubs will be pouring Zotten: Max's, Mahaffeys, Jack's Bistro, Lures, Racers, Alonzo's and Frisco's.

In Washington, DC: Brickskeller, RFD and Pizza Paradiso M Street

In Pittsburgh, all 4 Sharpe Edge pubs with be pouring Zotten.

Weyerbacher, which bills itself as an "artisanal" brewery makes over 2 dozen different styles of beer throughout the year with such names as Blithering Idiot, Imperial Pumpkin Ale, and Slam Dunkel to name a few. Brewing 5500 barrels in 2008, Weyerbacher is expecting growth of 15-20% in 2009. President & Founder Dan Weirback stated, " We prefer to grow organically, through word of mouth. We do extremely little advertising as we prefer to put our resources into developing and brewing great beers and providing a meaningful career choice for our fantastic staff."
Zotten, which is Flemish for "fools", fits right into the Weyerbacher stable with its jester's cap icon. The name originates from a time several hundred years ago when an Austrian king, visiting Brugge, Belgium witnessed a parade through town to honor him. Many were dressed as court jesters and king was heard to say, "Brugge is a town full of zotten".
Zotten release in draft and bottles is June 3 everywhere Weyerbacher is sold.


Dogfish Head - Upcoming Releases

For those that follow along with DFH beers, it's always interesting to see what's new and when their extensive line of seasonals are being released. Highlights include Chateau Jiahu (an 8% ABV brew based on a 9000 year old Chinese fermentation beverage of rice, honey & fruit), Sah'tea (a 9% ABV modern update on a 9th century Finnish proto-beer, with the wort caramelized with white hot river rocks), and Burton Baton (a 10% ABV oak-aged English strong ale) among others.

Clicky HERE to check out the latest list.


One Guy Brewing - Biergarten & Pub Expansion

27 May 2009

My previous photos were taken Sat (5/23) and Guy was kind enough to send these new photos yesterday (5/26). See if you can figure out what Guy did on his Memorial Day weekend.


Sierra Nevada & Rogue in NEPA - Let the Drama Begin

26 May 2009

For anyone tuning in late, there's considerable craft-beer-drama in NEPA. This drama concerns the distribution of Sierra Nevada and Rogue products, specifically in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties. Before I go any further I'll apologize, because there's simply not a lot I can post at this time and not a lot of info available to the general public. I've been following the development of this story for a while, and due to the overwhelming demand for info, I thought I'd at least post some of my observations and opinions.

Bottom line for local craft-beer drinkers is that both Sierra Nevada and Rogue beers may become very difficult to find in NEPA. In a vague sort of way I can say that the problem is a result of a dispute in distributorship rights and territories. Let's just say that the "party of the first part" has filed actions against the "party of the second part" in an attempt to clarify SN & Rogue territories...and yes of course the LCB is apparently involved. I can also tell you that both Rogue & Sierra Nevada are aware of the situation, but given the nature of distribution rights in the lovely state of PA, there is apparently little they can do. For those guessing on their own, yes...a familiar face in our local beer market of course seems to have his hands in the mess.

I do not expect that SN & Rogue will drop off the shelves completely in our area, but do expect to see less and less of them on tap and in bottles, and do expect to potentially see prices change as a result. The truly troubling part for me is that I see no solution. Given the situation, I see very few possible results that will help the NEPA craft beer drinkers.

This is all of course my opinion and my assessment of the situation....stay tuned for future details.


Troegs Scratch # 19 - Won't be Bottled !

Word out of Troegs is that Scratch # 19 won't be bottled. It will be growler-only and sales will be limited to one growler per customer. This is apparently due to the extremely low yield.


Harveys Lake Beer - Lake Bistro

For those of you who may live in or frequent the back mountain area, you know craft beer can be tricky to find. Yes we've recently seen Mr. Z's and Thomas' Beertown open, but the further west you go, much of the beer dries up. Now I have no real details on this yet, but Lake Bistro recently opened on the west side of Harvey's Lake and in addition to a gourmet coffee bar, a deli, free wi-fi and a view of the lake, they feature beer and wine by the glass and what sounds like take out beer. I've also recently heard that at some point they held some sort of beer "tasting" event, so I suspect they may have some craft beer. I'll have more details soon but for now Clicky HERE to check out their new website.


One Guy Brewing - Biergarten

25 May 2009

Guy was nice enough to take me on an extensive tour of the 1GB facilities over the Memorial Day weekend. Needless to say the place is huge and the plans are extensive. As proof I submit three pictures of the future One Guy Brewing Biergarten.... overlooking the Susquehanna river. The view is wonderful, the atmosphere will be great and the beers are fresh....stay tuned for details.
I should also add a few other details:
  • Guy has a bunch of authentic looking orange German beer tables ready to go.
  • There are all sorts of expansion plans in place that will slowly transform 1GB into quite an establishment
  • The pizza kitchen looks ready to go and Guy was actually experimenting with some pizza dough recipes while I was there
  • I finally had the pleasure of meeting the "other" guy----Steve and he's doing a great job
  • The remainder of the 1GB building is amazing with all sorts of hidden treasures and expansion opportunities
  • There was ALL sorts of brewing equipment that as been acquired to expand Guy's capabilities for brewing and packaging.

All in all a very exciting visit and I can;t wait to see what Guy will do next.


One Guy Brewing - Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout

24 May 2009

I'm not sure how many people caught on to Guy's hints, but here's your crappy cell phone camera proof. In case you can't read, Guy has tapped his 3-moth bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout....and it is TASTY!


Happy Memorial Day to ME !

23 May 2009

We had a wonderful day @ One Guy Brewing today....with more to follow...but I just found out that THIS is heading my way....YES it's a whole case and yes it 2x Simcoe Caged!


One Guy Brewing - Surprise Beer Memorial Day Weekend

The Memorial Day weekend is upon us and summer is in the air. A three-day weekend, family picnics, the Indy 500, the Charlotte 600 and the start of the summer season. What could possibly make the weekend even better you ask? Well I have an answer.

How about some fresh 1G beverages! This Saturday (5/23) I and a few other beer loving friends plan to take a ride down to One Guy Brewing in Berwick for an afternoon of tasty 1G beers. Break your lawnmower and put the cover back on the grill and celebrate Memorial Day with us @ One Guy Brewing. Hope to see you all Saturday.

*****As a further update, Guy sent me a little teaser saying there may be an appearance of something Dark and Strong that has been in a Bourbon Barrel for the past 3 months!!!


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Guinness 250

22 May 2009

It's week one of the Rock 107 small town tour. This week takes us to Jessup, and what better way to kick off the Jessup fireman's festival than to have CBG International Beer Week. Woot woot..

Yes I'm kidding. After a brief discussion of the damage that occurred to the CBG special beer suitcase, we're off to the international beers. I should mention that Mrs. Beerbuzz and I also have a special beer suitcase, only we call ours "luggage." We also have the special packaging compartments with the special foam, only we call our foam, "clothes."

Yes I'm kidding. Our first international beer is Peroni Grand Reserva, a 6.6% strong lager that I've actually had in my belly. I'm not sure I'd call it memorable, but the guys were right...for a Peroni beer or an Italian beer, it was very drinkable. Now before you jump down the beerbuzz throat, I only mean that Italy and Peroni are not known for making the styles of beer I typically enjoy.

Our second international beer of the day was Forst. Very confusing heritage to say the least. The bottle script seemed Austrian and the brewery Italian with a .bz web address which is Belize. A little googling shows that it is an Italian brewery with Austrian roots. Since the beer sounded to be not-so-hot, we'll leave it at that.

Finally our beer of the week (available at our very own Krugel's Georgetown Deli & Beer--and the sponsor of CBG) was Guinness 250. This new stout was brewed and named in commemoration of the 250th anniversary of Arthur Guinness signing a 9000-year lease on the St. James Gate, Dublin brewery property. I was lucky enough to share some with Charlie Dugan last week @ Dugan's, and found it to be a tasty little stout. I'm a big fan of regular Guinness, but only in Ireland. In the states, for whatever reason it tastes a bit watery & bitter to me. In Dublin the taste was creamy and sweet. Guinness 250 for my taste buds comes a step closer to the Irish version. Guinness 250 is Co2 charged (not nitro) and feels slightly sweeter, facts all reinforced by the guys as they tasted it on CBG.

Finally I decided that rather than posting a picture of the Guinness 250 label, that a photo I took of St. James Gate itself would be more appropriate. This is from a trip I did several years ago to Dublin....cheers guys!


Breaker Brewing Co - Keystone Edge Coverage

21 May 2009

Here's a little tidbit from the Keystone Edge website featuring Breaker Brewing Co. The article was written by Rory Sweeney. Those of you in attendance for the Elmer Sudds premier will remember Rory taking notes and interviewing the guys from BBC. Congrate guys and Thanks to Rory and Keystone edge for mentioning

Clicky HERE to check it out.


Breaker Brewing Co - Goldies Strawberry Blonde Ale

20 May 2009

I just spoke with Chris and he tells me they are experimenting with a new version of their Goldies Ale using 20lbs or so of fresh Strawberries to be called Goldies Strawberry Blonde Ale. Stay tuned for updates.

Chris also tells me they'll be appearing on Chip the Beer Guy in the next week or two....again stay tuned for details.


Irish Festival - Frankfurt NY

19 May 2009

A NEPA Beer Club member has passed on some info to me about a large Irish Festival in Frankfurt NY July 24th thru 26th. Of course you have to love a festival sponsored by a beer distributor and featuring a band called "Enter the haggis."

Clicky HERE for the details


A Tour Through London's Pubs by Bob's my Uncle

18 May 2009

The following is courtesy of a local NEPA beer lover...Bob's my Uncle...with pictures to follow...
Londoner’s take their drinking seriously. Pubs open at 11 am and have a decent crowd before noon, most of whom are local workers in for a pint and some lunch, though the crowd stays steady through the day, into the evening and until closing which for most pubs is 11 pm. Some pubs qualify for a late license, but on weeknights these are few and far between and, unless you have an experienced guide, difficult to find.

Most pubs in London are owned by breweries, though there are some independents. Despite this, every pub I visited had a great selection of beers, both on tap and in bottle, although American beers, aside from Budweiser products, were scarce. This, I learned, is because Anheuser-Busch operates a brewery within the London city limits.

As I suspect most people do, I expected that drinking in an expensive city (where the average studio flat runs $1500 per month) would be equally as expensive. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Most of the pints I enjoyed were 3 GBP or less, which at the time was $4.50. And, as pub employees are paid by the hour, tipping isn’t required, and in some cases, seen as an insult.

In ten days I visited quite a few pubs, always making an effort to stop in when I saw a pub that was interesting, had some historical value, or when I was thirsty which, traversing the expanse of London on foot, was often.

Two blocks from my hotel I found what would become my local for the duration of my stay, The Rising Sun. I immediately took to it. The barmaids were friendly, full of questions about my visit and poured a perfect pint and the atmosphere reminiscent of Dugan’s Pub in Luzerne, my original home away from home.

Served just below room temperature, a casked Fullers’ London Pride, with its rich, smooth, malty body and very crisp hop overtones, was perfect for a gusty, overcast Friday. Having only had it in the bottle in the States, it was quite a different experience, and at 4.1%, the two I had before lunch weren’t debilitating.

The Rising Sun also featured Fullers’ IPA, casked as well. Being a fan of IPAs I was eager to try a pint, but found it very disappointing. Unlike America craft brewed IPAs; it was lacking a distinct hop flavor, and seemed quite flat, which may have been an effect of the hand pump.

A pint that surprised me was Staropramen, a beer brewed in and imported from the Czech Republic. A light, crisp, slightly hoppy pilsner, along the lines of Troeg’s Sunshine Pils, Staropramen was a welcome change from the complex ales on an unseasonably warm afternoon after miles of walking.

Two blocks in the opposite direction was a completely different type of pub. The Marlborough Arms, centered among King James College, The University of London, and London College University is a quintessential “uni” bar. Populated by twenty-somethings, the Marlborough Arms features more cider, wine and a more diverse selection of everyday beers, including Stella Artrois, Budweiser and Becks; session beers. The crowds outside smoking leave the inside roomy and the service quick. At any time, the smoking crowd was twice the patrons inside.

Before settling for a pint of Becks’, I tasted a few of the ales available – the bartender was a great help, obviously excited to have someone interested in something other than the typical session fare. After tasting several, I settled on Harvey’s Thomas Paine Original Ale, a very interesting beer with fruity malt, flowery hops and a hint of molasses, both sweet and hoppy, I was surprised to find out it is considered an ESB, and at 5.5% packed a little more of a wallop than the London Pride, though I would consider them in the same class.

The Marquis of Granby, in London’s SoHo section, is a one of a kind pub. It isn’t the selection of beers; they presented the common fare, but its atmosphere. Populated by writers and artists from its opening in 1830, it has a bohemian vibe that is very comfortable, but the distinction is its communality. There are a few tables for two, or four, but the majority of the seating is large low wooden tables with benches, where patrons are encouraged to sit with others.

I took this as an opportunity to see what others were drinking, ask about favorite beers, and get a better feel for what Londoners were drinking. I had to laugh when the bartender arrived with a tray of Guinness. To be honest, I limit my Guinness consumption to an annual pint for St Patrick’s Day, which I typically observe in Dugan’s pub. To be even more honest, I never cared for it, and do so out of respect for my home away from and its Irish proprietor. I trusted my new friends, and with the first sip realized this Guinness was a completely different animal, sweet and creamy, unlike American Guinness, which I find to be watery and bitter.

I learned later on that the reason for the exceptional difference between the two pints is geography. The Guinness you buy in the UK is brewed in St James Gate, the home of Guinness. American Guinness is brewed in Canada. The distinction goes a long way.

I did in my travels find American microbrews, at the Borough Market, a gourmet farmers’ market on the south side of the Thames. Open in all seasons, the Borough Market offers the best of London’s food and drink. In the southeast corner I found the beermonger.

A beermonger. An actual live, living, breathing man who lives to sell beer, any beer, and every beer you can imagine. High blue shelves offered hundreds upon hundreds of types of beer, from American microbrews to Belgian triples, and everything in between. There was every Rogue in both 12 and 24 oz, at pretty reasonable prices, and a great selection of Troeg’s and Stone.

A few highlights:
The Market Trader in East London, site of Jack the Ripper’s fifth victim, and home of the original Blood Mary happy hour special.

The York in Islington, a worker’s pub, has a good selection of ESBs and IPAs and incredible burgers and meat pies.

The Spread Eagle off Oxford Street – well, so you can say you had a drink at the Spread Eagle.

On my next visit, I plan on a tour of the Fullers’ brewery in Chiswick and look forward to writing about it – in a timelier manner.


Read more... Foreign Correspondent Moose in Prague

17 May 2009

One last one from Moose in for a beer spa?


Weyerbacher - Double Simcoe Bottle Conditioned & Corked & Caged

16 May 2009

Yes it's bottle conditioned Simcoe x2...yes it's mine, yes we may actually have 2 cases, yes I have a great brother and yes he lives in Easton....need I say more?


Wegmans Wilkes-Barre Beer & Food Pairing Event June 13th

Read more... Foreign Correspondent Moose in Prague

More from Moose in Prague. This is the U Vejvodu brew pub, voted one of the top ten brew pubs in Prague...check out the handles.

Read more... Foreign Correspondent Moose in Prague

15 May 2009

Yes that's right...Moose is now in Prague. Moose wanted to crosss into Prague to try the original Buweiser Budvar. Check out the cool beer menu.


mybeerbuzz - Some Local Events

I realize that not all of these are truly "local", but I also know a few of my readers have cars and are actually licensed to drive. If anyone attends any of these please drop me a note.

May 15: Third Annual Appalachian Brewing Company Homebrew Contest – Camp Hill, PA

May 15: Munich in Mayfair #?: Dunkel - Dig It! at The Grey Lodge Pub – Spaten Munich Dunkel is now available here in the USA in bottles. Dunkel remains an under-represented style here. Of course there will be some tasty German food specials as well. Spaten USA folks will be on hand with some goodies. 6-8pm. 215-825-5357 or

May 15: Beer Tasting at Weyerbacher – From 5-7pm at the brewery, there will be a special tasting and sales event on a couple of new products, with brewers on hand to answer all of your questions. First up is their Special Edition, Unfiltered, Fully Bottle-Conditioned Double Simcoe IPA in 750ml Cork n Cage bottles. Also debuting will be Foxtrot, the latest in their Brewers' Select series of one-off beers. This dark-amber Biere de Garde is the creation of brewer Dan Hitchcock. A few other surprise tastes will be on hand as well, and for those who can't make it out Friday night, they’ll have some remaining inventory available the following day during regular tour hours. 610-559-5561 or

May 16: 2nd Annual Belgian Bierfeesten at World Café Live – This festival will give attendees the opportunity to sample the offerings of over three dozen Belgian breweries. Spend a splendid Saturday afternoon strolling from booth to booth, educating your palate to the nuances of the Belgian brewers' art, while dining on well-paired savory offerings prepared by our Executive Chef Matthew Babbage. 1-4:30pm. $55 per ticket includes beer, food, and a complimentary pilsner glass for tastings. Tickets at or 215-222-1400.

May 16: Sierra Nevada Artisinal Ale Experience at TJ’s in Paoli – Join Patrick Mullen from Sierra Nevada and sample from their Southern Hemisphere Harvest, Chico IPA, Saison Brown, Summerfest, Pale Ale, and Kellerweis. The Kellerweis is one of two kegs coming to the area for the launch of Sierra’s new year-round bottled offering. 6-10pm. 610-725-0100 or

May 22: 12th Annual ArtsFest Film Festival (with beer!) - Tröegs Brewery will host the kick-off event with a free outdoor screening of Strange Brew, the 1983 cult classic highlighting the adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie and their love of beer, back bacon, jelly donuts and all things Canadian. No tickets are available but the "theatre" site will close when full (up to 400 people). Bring your own chair. Seating begins around 6pm and the movie will start around dusk. The first 100 attendees will each receive one free jelly donut. There will be popcorn, food and beer concessions available from 6pm until the end of the movie. 717-232-1297 or http://www.Tröegs .com/.

May 23-25: Stoudt's Name That Beer at the Devil’s Den – Stoudt’s Brewery needs help naming their new seasonal, a German kolsch. Come out Memorial Day weekend to try it on tap and then enter your vote to name the beer. The winner will receive a case of Stoudt's Beer every month for a year and tickets to a Stoudt's Micro festival. Noon to midnight. 215-339-0855 or

May 28: A Rainbow of Flavor with Tröegs at The Institute – Tap into a firkin of Hopback Amber and drafts of Sunshine Pils and Rugged Trail Brown from the Tröegs Brewery. No cover, pay as you go. 6pm to ? 215-765-8515 or

May 30: Appalachian Brewing Company’s 12th Anniversary Fest in Harrisburg – Festivities begin in the afternoon with outhouse races, keg olympics, and a pig roast. The later-night festivities continue at The Abbey Bar. For more details call 717-221-1080 or go to

June 13: 18th Annual Microfest Benefit at Stoudts Brewing Co – Stoudts is hosting various breweries from around the country in their spacious courtyards and Brewery Hall. With taster glass in hand, attendees stroll from one table to the next sampling some of the best craft brews that the industry has to offer. Another well-known part of this festival is Ed's "Best of the Wurst" German style buffet. Included in this are German sausages, pasta salad, German potato salad, red cabbage and six different varieties of Eddie's homemade bread. Afternoon session: Noon to 4pm, or evening: 7-11pm. 717-484-4387 or


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Best Of Tommyknocker

This week's CBG show was a "Best Of" show from last Memorial Day featuring Tommyknocker Ornery Amber. If you'd like to re-read my post on that show clicky HERE. I really only decided to write anything today for two reasons: 1) To re-post my wonderful graphic proving that John may in fact be an east-coast Tommyknocker, and 2) to highlight that our very own member Krugel's Georgetown Deli & Beer is now sponsoring the show.


Read more... Foreign Correspondent Moose in Germany

14 May 2009

Today Moose takes us to the Bavarian Alps and makes another in-person appearance.


Bells Brewery Sues Classic Wines Ltd. Distributor

Here's a little beer tidbit to follow as it progresses:

Bell's Brewery Files suit against Classic Wines in Lansing

Bell's Brewery has filed a lawsuit in Kalamazoo County Circuit Court against its Lansing-based distributor, Classic Wines Ltd., seeking to stop the sale of distribution rights.

Classic Wines is trying to sell its distribution rights to M&M Distributors Inc., which is also an Anheuser-Busch InBev distributor, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that M&M's loyalties to A-B will not allow M&M to fairly promote and sell Bell's brands. Bell's, the largest beer producer in the state, refuses to consent to the proposal by Classic Wines to sell the distribution rights because it "does not meet the material and reasonable qualifications and standards required by Bell's."

The eight-page complaint addresses Anheuser-Busch's control of the U.S. beer market and its efforts to "stifle competition" from other Big Beer companies and craft brewers.

Classic Wines is the fourth-largest distributor of Bell's in the state, selling about 55,000 cases a year, Bell's president Larry Bell said. Sixty-five percent of Classic Wines sales are of Bell's brands, according to the lawsuit.

Bell's pulled out of Chicago in December 2006, after a public dispute with its distributor, Indianapolis-based National Wine & Spirits Inc., which sold distribution rights to another distributor, Chicago Beverage Systems. Just last July, a new distributor for Bell's was found, allowing the brand to be sold in Chicago for the first time in almost two years.


mybeerbuzz - What's in My Belly?

13 May 2009

This week's belly-beer-dance somes to us from Southern Tier brewery. This tasty little 11% ABV dark coffee stout will likely surprise you with it's coffee-content. Mrs. beerbuzz & I popped this tasty treat after an evening of sushi for her birthday celebration. This beer was a paradox for me...the 11% ABV left me sliding toward sleepy-land but the Jamaican roasted coffe seemed to keep me wide awake once I did try to sleep. As the bottle says..."An eye-openening experience."

"Me confused"


WILK Friday BeerBuzz

2016 NEPA BlogCon Winner

2016 NEPA BlogCon Winner

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