NEPA Beer Lovers Tasting Event - The Movie

28 February 2009


NEPA Beer Lovers Tasting Event - The Beers

I'll admit I'm still feeling a little foggy....I know there are many beers missing from this list, and I also know that in the craziness of the night I didn't get a photo of all the beers. If I'm missing a beers from the list or have the names wrong please comment or e-Mail it in, AND if anyone took a photo of the beer carnage, please also send it in. Here is just a PARTIAL list of what we tasted last no particular order:

Rochefort 10
Ommegang--The full line-up of bottles
Iron Hill Imperial Russian Stout
Trummer Pils
Spoetzl Brewing 100 Year Commemorator
Spoetzel Brewing (can't recall the name of this one)
Stone Cali-Belgique IPA
Corsendonk Christmas
Stone Double Bastard
Bavarian Barbarian Dunkel
Barley Creek (Tim--I enjoyed it I just didn't remember which of your brews you brought)
Berkshire Brewing Co Coffee House Porter
Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti
Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi
Greene Kings Olde Suffolk Ale
Opa Opa Double IPA
Russian River Pliny the Younger
Middle Ages Black Heart Stout
Middle Ages Kilt Tilter
Weyerbacher Riserva 08
Southampton Imperial Russian Stout 09
Southampton Scotch Ale
Iron Hill Russian Imperial Stout
Brooklyn Local 2
Samichlaus 06
Brewer's Art Resurrection
Ommegang Bier De Mars
Wedge Brewing Super Saison
Sly Fox Incubus
Leffe Blonde
Ommegang Hennepin
Ommegang Ommegeddon (Sorry Johnny)
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
Troegs Nugget Nectar
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
Stone Old Guardian
Experimental: Porter/Fermented Root Beer
Experimental: Oak Aged non-spiced Warmer
Experimental: Eisbock
Homebrew: Mad Leprechaun Double Chocolate Celtic Ale
Homebrew: Second Coming WInter Warmer
Homebrew: Darel's English Barleywine
Experimental: Doppelbock wort, five varieties Pacific Northwest wine grapes, Fuller's ESB yeast

And the included photo of the comically oversized bottle of Dopplebock courtesy of Larry Horowitz of Iron Hill Brewery North Wales.


NEPA Beer Lovers Tasting Event - Thank You

I'll follow up with more later on once the beverage-induced fog lifts, but just a quick thank you note to everyone involved with last night's tasting event. I struggled to come up with a name that included all of the various clubs & people represented there and the best I can do for now is NEPA Beer Lovers. This started with the NEPA Beer Club and spread to include the Dean Martin Book Club, some of our local home brewers and the wonderful brewing professionals at our home town brewery. If I forget anyone it, I apologize...but thank you to Leo, Bob, Darel, Tim, Josh, Kevin, Bob, Brian and everyone who came along to share an AMAZING collection of beers and some wonderful conversation & company. Cheers to everyone and stay tuned for more details to follow.


Sierra Nevada Makes Fuel from Beer

Now I know what you're thinking here, and as much as you're close it's ethanol, (not methane).
From Sierra Nevada:

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to create onsite ethanol from spent yeastSierra Nevada Brewing Company and E-Fuel Corp have joined forces to create a high-grade, inexpensive ethanol fuel.

They plan to make fuel from discarded beer yeast using the Efuel 100 MicroFueler. The first-ever home ethanol systems will be housed at the brewery in Chico, California.

“The plan is to have a machine here on site that would distill the ethanol that’s remaining in the yeast slurry,” said Cheri Chastain, Sierra Nevada Sustainability Coordinator.

“We could make it available for employees. If we have a lot of it we could end up selling it. We could use it for our shop vehicles and company vehicles,” said Chastain.

Currently, production waste is sold as dairy feed to local farmlands. In fact, Sierra Nevada sells 1.6 million gallons of beer yeast waste annually. But not once this system is in place. Testing will start in Q2 of this year with a goal of full-production by q3.

The beer yeast contains between five and eight-percent alcohol content, but the MicroFueler is expected to raise the level to 15-percent.

“Creating ethanol from discarded organic waste is an excellent example of how the MicroFueler can help eliminate our reliance on the oil industry infrastructure. This is especially true when considering Americans reportedly discard 50% of all agricultural farmed products,” said Tom Quinn, E-Fuel founder and CEO. “Using a waste product to fuel your car is friendlier to the environment and lighter on your wallet, easily beating prices at the gas pump.”


Beer Finds of the Week

This weeks beer finds (yes that's Plural) come to us from Dugan's. Not only does Charlie have Rogue's new bottle Captain Sigs Deadliest Ale (from the Deadliest catch TV show), but also Troegs Nugget Nectar AND Stoudt's Smooth Hoperator on tap. Yum!


Beer Wars - The Movie Trailer

27 February 2009

I know there's been all sorts of chatter about this, and I assume most beer lovers have found it already.....but just in case I present Beer Wars!

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Troegs - Scratch Update & Flying Mouflan

I just heard from Ed @ Troegs and he tells me Scratch #16 & #17 are kicked on tap but available in limited supply in bottles only. Scratch # 18 will NOT be ready this weekend. Instead today they will be tapping the Scratch # 13 (Oktoberfest) and if (make that WHEN) that kicks, they'll tap Scratch # 12 (IPA). Apparently the brewhouse issues from a few weeks ago are still delaying some of the beers. Also the flying mouflan will not be packaged until mid-march at the earliest -- still waiting on labels. Mouflan is a re-make of the Scratch # 4 (the 10th anniversary celebration beer). This is an aged barleywine style (2008 GABF Bronze) to be released in bombers only---and yes the name is simply a creature name the brothers made up. Here's the press release for those wondering:

Tröegs Brewing Company announces the release of The Flying Mouflan. The Flying Mouflan will be available in 22 ounce bottles only starting in mid-March.
Originally brewed as part of the Scratch Beer Series, the Flying Mouflan is the first beer to come out of the one-off series to become part of the brewery’s roster of production brews. It will be unveiled at numerous events during Philly Beer Week, March 6-15.

“The Scratch Series has given us a chance to incubate new beers that might one day be part of our production line-up,” said Chris Trogner. “The Flying Mouflan was originally brewed as Scratch #4 in 2007. After it won a bronze medal at the 2008 Great American Beer Festival John and I felt it was important to release this beer. The Flying Mouflan is the first release in what will become a line of 22-ounce seasonal brews.”

Dubbed the Flying Mouflan (for reasons that become clearer toward the bottom of the glass) this strong alluring ale is two beers in one. Cracking open a fresh bottle unleashes hops and heat with more than 100 IBUs emanating from three hop varieties and sweet burn of 9.3% ABV. Cellaring the Flying Mouflan in a cool dark place at 50 degrees for a minimum of four months will mellow out the hops and wash away the heat. If you can resist temptation you will be rewarded with two memorable beers in a single bottle.

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Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier

It's been a very busy & chaotic work-week and I've done nothing but write all week, so I thought today's show would be in business format....i.e. bullets!

  • Chip's beer-quest adventure this week takes us to St Catherine's to a Mexican restaurant that smelled like stale beer and bleach, and Irish pub with Keith's Lager and the Merchant Ale House...where the beers are less-hoppy and the kitchen is closed.

  • In Canada you can apparently brew & sell your own beer, much more easily than you can in the states (i.e. no TTB or LCB to tap dance around).

  • Chip brought back some Niagara's Best Beer, which sounds like a pico brewery to me. The guys (and Ruthie) sampled the Blonde (complete with a BLOND on the label), and the Lager (complete with a LOGGER on the label). Unfortunately it sounded like the beers weren't exactly the "Best" the guys had tasted...I believe Ruthie's was even a dumper.

  • We coined a new phrase on the show....this tastes very "Beer-y." I like it and I know what you're describing Ruthie. I will use that phrase (actually I hope I don't have a beer that I need to use it with but who knows.)

  • I actually heard Jay Daniels taste a beer & speak. Now I'll admit I'm never completely sure who's talking at any given point in the show, but Jay always seems so quiet or not there at all; it surprised me to hear him. Cheers Jay and welcome to the show....and I mean this sincerely. I'm a long-time listener of the guys (back to the Swami Salami days) and they still are my favorite radio team.

  • Ruthie & Chip haven't previously tasted a Strawberry Wheat...well now's your chance. Elmer Sudds is currently tapping our very own Lancaster Strawberry Wheat (Wilkes-Barre, PA). Very refreshing beer I might add.

  • The beer of the day was the brewers select Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier. Every time I hear about this beer I'm reminded how beer tasting is so very subjective. I sampled the Sample B (Coffee Stout) and Sample A (Blackberry Witbier) with some friends @ River St Ale House. We unanimously loved the Stout and thought the witbier was extremely perfume-y tasting...and the witbier wins by almost 2 to 1. Just goes to show you everybody has an opinion, and there's no right or wrong...especially with beers.

I'll break out of bullet style for the closing since it involves a mybeerbuzz fond memory. A few years back Mrs Beerbuzz and I (and the beerbuzz extended family), toured Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Cape Bretton Highlands. These were all incredibly beautiful places and everywhere we went the beer was Alexander Keiths. Now mind you the Keith's IPA was hardly an IPA and not a great beer....BUT the Keith's Red was actually a very tasty and drinkable beer. To hear Chip mention Keith's in the show today brought me back to that trip and the Keith's Brewery in Halifax....Cheers guys and thanks for the fond memories.


Weyerbacher Echo to be Release This Sat (2/28)

26 February 2009

From Dan:

The latest entry in our Brewer's Select series of one-off brews, Echo will be released in bottles at our Visitor's Center at the brewery this Saturday February 28. Only about 50 cs total are available. Echo in draft form is currently being shipped to wholesalers in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland and Florida. We have timed the release of Echo draft to coincide with Philly Beer Week. We will be attending more than 15 events throughout the city and suburbs, and plan to feature Echo at most of them.Echo is a "Rye-PA" at 6.8%, brewed with pale, crystal, carapils, and 30% rye malts, bittered to 60 IBUs, and late-hopped with Simcoe and Centennial Hops. This dark-copper ale combines the citrus kick of the hops with the spicy flavor that comes from using 30% rye. This winter IPA will help you bridge the gap between now and Spring.Cheers!


Beer Fermentation Workshop - Scranton 3/6 Shawnee Craft

Our own Leo Bongiorno from Shawnee Craft Brewing will be holding a workshop on Beer Fermentation at the Cigar Club in Scranton March 6th. This event is being held by the NEPA Fermentation School and features three half hour discussions followed by a tasting and critical analysis. The details can be found HERE.


mybeerbuzz - What's in My Belly?

25 February 2009

Welcome to the first of a series of posts I like to call "What's in my belly?" Now I'm not sure even I want to know what's actually in my belly, but believe it or not, I've had requests. Now you may debate if I have requests at all or if someone actually would request belly-info...but it's true. Now far be it from me to review a beer, but in response to your's what's in my belly this week and I have pictures to prove it--and note the bottles ARE empty.

My belly is a frightening place, so I'll ease into is slowly. My belly-beer today is Troeg's Hopback Amber. This is a "go to" beer for me and no matter what the mood or meal, it's always a favorite. Cheers to today's belly-beer and

"Me Likey!"


Brew-Ski - Weyerbacher & Sam Adams

I just heard from Sarah at Sinuate and she tells me they are running a unique getaway package at Blue Mountain Ski area. The package is called "Brew-Ski" and includes a little skiing at Blue Mountain AND the best part....sample packs of either Samuel Adams or Weyerbacher brews delivered cold to your some cool souvenir merchandise, some food/beverage vouchers, breakfast for two and direct-to-slope ticketing/access. As a skier...and OK as a beer lover too, this sounds like fun to me. Blue Mountain has some trails that will challenge the experts...and just think about a cold Weyerbacher waiting for you when you're done.

Lots of other details, so enough of my chatter....check out the details HERE.

The Press Release document can be found HERE
and they even have a Facebook site HERE and a site to check skiing conditions HERE.
A Brew-ski is sounding pretty good right now....Cheers!


Shawnee Craft Brewing - PA Licensed

Just another little tidbit about Shawnee Craft Brewing. I spoke to Leo this morning and he tells me he's completed the official PA State brewer licencing process and is now officially a PA state Brewer. Congratulations more step done.

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24 February 2009

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Fun Beer Crap - Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2009

In my other never ending quest to present all sorts of "Fun Beer Crap", I give you Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2009. Holy Krausen Batman!

Clicky HERE (and be patient)

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23 February 2009

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Philly Beer Week - Opening Tap Kickoff Event

22 February 2009

From Jennie Hatton:


PHILADELPHIA, PA – The second-annual Philly Beer Week (PBW) 2009 will kickoff on Friday, March 6 at 7 p.m., in the spectacular Comcast Center lobby and Winter Garden (17th street and JFK Boulevard) with the Opening Tap, a celebration honoring over 30 regional breweries whose beer help make Philadelphia “the best beer-drinking city in America.” The Opening Tap will begin with a ceremonial ‘first tap’ using the official Philly Beer Week Keg Mallet, followed by a strolling beer tasting and a festive awards ceremony. Opening

Tap tickets cost $40 and can be purchased online at ($50 at the door.)“The Opening Tap is a one-of-a-kind event featuring our local breweries and their beers, as well as the men and women who create them,” says Don Russell, who along with Tom Peters and Bruce Nichols are the founders of Philly Beer Week.

Invited breweries for the Opening Tap include: Appalachian Brewing, Barley Creek Brewing Company, Brew Works, Dock Street, Dogfish Head, Earth + Bread, Erie Brewing Company, Flying Fish, General Lafayette, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, Lancaster Brewing Company, Legacy, Lion, Manayunk Brewpub, McKenzie’s, Nodding Head, Penn Brewery, Philadelphia Brewing Company, Porterhouse, Reading Brewing Company, Riverhorse, Rock Bottom, Roy Pitz, Sly Fox, Triumph, Stewart’s, Stoudts, Troegs, Twin Lakes, Victory, Weyerbacher, Yards and Yuengling.

A group of local beer writers created the awards that will honor each brewery represented at the event. An emcee will announce each award and invite the brewery representative to join them, get their photo taken and receive their PBW award.

“These are not your traditional “Best Of” awards. They have a definite Philly attitude! In this town, we may take our beer seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously,” says Russell who created the awards with fellow beer writers George Hummel, Bryan Kolesar, Lew Bryson, Jack Curtin, Suzanne Woods, Rich Wagner, Woody Chandler and Carolyn Smagalski.

Food will be available for purchase from the Market at the Comcast Center, and live music is also planned. Attendees must be at least 21 years of age, and no children will be admitted.

Those wishing to take public transportation to Philly Beer Week, can purchase Sip Safely with SEPTA, an unlimited, all-day, bus-trolley-rail pass that will be sold for $9.00, valid any one day between March 6 and March 15. This pass is valid on SEPTA services, to encourage PBW participants to travel safely, rather than driving from event to event. Sip Safely with SEPTA passes are available for sale at most SEPTA locations. More information is available on the Travel section of the PBW site.

To purchase tickets for the Opening Tap or find general information including the ever-expanding schedule of events and list of participants, please visit


Breaker Brewing Co - Times Leader Coverage

I ran into Chris from Breaker Brewing Co Friday night and things are progressing very well. With their first beer in the tank and TTB label recognition the final hurdle, watch for the BB beers to be available soon. The guys also appeared in a Times Leader Article this week. Click HERE to check it out.

Read more... on Rock 107 Chip the Beer Guy

21 February 2009

For those that have asked...the podcast of Friday's Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 show has been posted. The show features Leo Orlandini from Lion Brewing and the mybeerbuzz 15 mins of fame. Please do check it out HERE (It's the Stegmaier Brewhouse Bock clip starting at about the 10:30 min point in the show).


Wassup? Lachky says Goodbye!

From A-B:

A-B’s marketing brain for 20 years is moving on. Bob Lachky, Chief Creative Officer for A-B and who for two decades has helped craft trademark campaigns from "Whassup?" to "I love you, man" to the Budweiser frogs to "Real men of genius," is leaving the company at the end of February in what he calls a "generational change." He says that A-B's sale to InBev of Belgium has nothing to do with the decision. "I just felt this was the perfect time for me to reevaluate," he says.

Lachky, who played a key role in helping A-B become a dominant advertiser on the Super Bowl, joked that he was "fired more times than Billy Martin" for some of the zany ideas that emanated from his department, Jeremiah McWilliams reports. Lachky says he intends to "explore new challenges and opportunities" but he rules out working for the competition. "I'm a Bud man," he says.

A team of senior executives -- many of them groomed by Lachky -- will take on newly decentralized creative functions. His departure will not be welcome news at A-B's roster of creative agencies, however, which regarded him as their primary client and a key personal relationship, according to Ad Age's Jeremy Mullman. Before joining A-B in 1989, Lachky worked at its current lead agency, Omnicom Group's DDB, Chicago, reporting directly to Ron Bess, who today is North American chairman of Euro RSCG, another A-B roster shop that works on Michelob.


Bavarian Barbarian Tasting @ Back Yard Ale House

Mike from Bavarian Barbarian will be conducting a beer tasting at The Backyard Ale House on Thursday, February 26, from 7pm to 9pm. Backyard Ale House is at 523 Linden St. in Scranton. Their phone number is 955-0192. They'll be pouring 4 BB beers plus I believe Back Yard Ale House will have a 5th one on tap.

Read more... - Beer Find

This week's beer find comes to us from Elmer Sudds, and it's a favorite of my every year when it comes out. Top shelf in Elmer Sudds cooler, you will find Dogfish Head Fort. This is the seasonal brew that literally features a ton of raspberries. After almost killing one of our friends with raspberry allergies (Sorry J), we really enjoyed our Fort...but be aware. DFH Fort comes in at a whopping 18% ABV, so this brew ill kick your butt and take your name. Cheers and be sure to share one with your friends.

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Philly Beer Week - SEPTA Answer

I tried to wait until most people had put in their guess on "what was wrong with this picture?" contest. Turns out the makers of the SEPTA pass actually used the skyline of NY City and not Philly at all. Now after all the clamor (imagine that), they have updated the passes to include the Philly Skyline. Honestly, by the end of Philly beer week most attendees won;t be able to tell the difference between New Your City & Philly anyway.


Philly Beer Week - Outdoor Events

From Jenny Hatton:

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The second-annual Philly Beer Week (PBW) 2009 (Friday, March 6 through Sunday, March 15) will include beer runs and bike rides among its more than 500 events. Perfect for beer lovers who also like to get a little exercise, these events will combine running, biking and craft beer. The four active events are:

Saturday, March 7
Le Tour de Philly Brew, a scenic yet strenuous 60 mile ride starting at Yards Brewery (901 North Delaware Avenue) leaving at 10 am sharp with stops at General Lafayette Inn, Iron Hill North Wales for lunch and Manayunk Brewery before recovering back at Yards. Limited to 25 riders. For more information contact

Dock Street to Dock Street - BrewLounge Scavenger Run, a five-mile scavenger run starting at 10 am at the Vietnam Memorial Plaza at Dock and Front Streets, ending at Dock Street Brewery (701 50th Street), including a post-race buffet that is free for participants. For more information, please contact

Monday, March 9
Run and Drink with the Brewers, a 5k run through Philadelphia’s beautiful Fairmount Park starting and ending at the Bishops Collar (2349 Fairmount Avenue) with Adam Avery of Avery Brewing, Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head, Brian O’Reilly of Sly Fox and Tom Kehoe of Yards Brewing on a “pace scooter” handing out beers. Refreshments from Avery Brewing at Bishops Collar after the run. Run is limited to 100 runners. To sign up, please visit The Bishops Collar on

Saturday, March 14 – Visit your Local Brewery Day
The Brewery Bike Ride, a leisurely 14-mile ride open to all skill levels that will visit five of the breweries within Philadelphia’s city limits. 11 am start at Nodding Head Brewery (1516 Sansom Street), then on to Dock Street, Yards, Philadelphia Brewing Company and ending up at Triumph Brewpub. To sign up, please contact

The second-annual Philly Beer Week (PBW) 2009 will kickoff on Friday, March 6 at 7 p.m., in the spectacular Comcast Center lobby and Winter Garden (17th street and JFK Boulevard) with the Opening Tap, a celebration honoring over 30 regional breweries whose beer help make Philadelphia “the best beer-drinking city in America.” The Opening Tap will begin with a ceremonial ‘first tap’ using the official Philly Beer Week Keg Mallet, followed by a strolling beer tasting and a festive awards ceremony. Opening Tap tickets cost $40 and are available for purchase online.

For general information, including the ever-expanding schedule of events and list of participants, please visit


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Stegmaier Bock

20 February 2009

Lets just get it out of the way right up front, since there's no way I'll get through even two sentences without a toot of the horn. It was VERY exciting to hear mentioned in today's Chip the Beer Guy show, and I thank Leo, John, Chip, Ruthie and the rest of the guys for mentioning our beloved local beer blog. I do this for the love of the beer and it's very exciting to see other people motivated by the same passion. An early Cheers and thank you to Lion Brewery, Rock107, Chip the Beer Guy, and our local beer community.

So on to the show....I was equally excited to hear the star of the show today would be Leo Orlandini from Lion Brewery. Leo hasn't been on the show in a while, and during that time I've been lucky enough to meet and get to know Leo. For those that don't know, Leo is not only a wonderful brewer and businessman, but also a lover of all beers (and a 1st class gentleman too). Leo, Bob , Darel and the rest of the Lion team have actively been reaching out to our local beer community, and I think this is a testament to their commitment to being our hometown brewery. A second cheers to our hometown brewery.

The show featured Stegmaier's Brewhouse Bock and it was fun to hear the bock beer myths and facts. No it's not the "bottom of the barrel before it gets cleaned" beer, but it is a very tasty high malt beer. As Leo put it, "the Bock style is a high malt beer with no hop aroma and just enough bittering hops to balance the sweetness of the malts." Keep this in mind as you try the Steg Bock and you'll like it even more. It was also fun to hear many of the contract brews that Lion does, including Lancaster, Penn Brewing, Southampton, Legacy, McSorley's, the new state-by-state Hometown Lager series and who could forget Bad Monkey (formerly called Butt Monkey Beer). Sounds like the Lion is doing well and I'm excited to see what the guys will be brewing next. Also a belated congratulations to Lion for being recognized by "Packaging Digest" for the new Lionshead lion-claw 6-pack carrier. I think the new/retro packaging looks great, so it's nice to see the packaging industry agrees.

Now I know what you're saying.....Why all the "warm and fuzzy?"...Where's the humor in today's post?...Where's the "poppy the toppy" and "blurry webcam" humor?...Where are the "schnitzengiggles" jokes?...Where's the sarcasm?...Where are the witty jabs? Well I'm actually feeling so honored by the plug that there simply aren't any jokes today (but do tune in next week).

John tells me the podcast of today's show will be up on-line later today so be sure to check it out and play it over and over and over again (like I'll be doing later today). Clicky HERE to listen.

Cheers and thank you to everyone on today's show for your support of mybeerbuzz, but more importantly for your support of our local beer loving community.

Read more... Welcomes Wegman's Wilkes-Barre

19 February 2009

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Stegmaier Brewhouse Bock Bottled and on it's way...

18 February 2009

For thos ethat missed it in the comments section, Leo tells me the Stegmaier Brewhouse Bock came out very nice, it was bottled last week and it's on the way to the distributors.
UPDATE: As of 2/19 Wegman's Wilkes-Barre has Brewhouse Bock

Read more... Welcomes Breaker Brewing Co

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Shawnee Craft Brewing - Sneak Peek

17 February 2009

Just thought you'd want a peek at the Shawnee Craft Brewing tanks. Can't wait Leo!


Yuengling Bock Rollout Party @ Zeno's

Mark your calendars.
Wed 2/25 8-10 PM @ Zeno's Pub
Yuengling Bock Rollout Party
Yuengling girls, free samples...

Read more... Goes Digital

Ahead of the nationwide transition, will be switching from analog to digital this morning. This is an important transition for both the quality & content of the signal from analog to digital converter boxes are currently available and will help readers make the transition which is occurring as we speak. Be sure to 1101 0110 1011 0111 0001 1010 1000 1101 0110 1011 0111 0001 1010 1000 1101 0110 1011 0111 0001 1010 1000 1101 0110 1011 0111 0001 1010 1000 1101 0110 1011 0111 0001 1010 1000 1101 0110 1011 0111 0001 1010 1000 1101 0110 1011 0111 0001 1010 1000.


Save Three Sheetz

16 February 2009

I'm a huge fan of the MOJO TV show Three Sheets. For those unfamiliar, the host is Zane Lamprey, (who is a riot on his own), but basically Zane visits different cities & countries and "reports" on their drinking culture & hang-over cures. He's a tremendously funny guy who can really hold his alcohol, and yes that alcohol usually includes beer. Well MOJO is off the air so now Zane is running a "Save Three Sheetz" promotion trying to get it back on the air. They're selling shirts, hosting rallies and even hosting "Zane Patrick's Day." As Zane puts it...."I was told I'd never get a job drinking and being a wiseass", so please check out the site and show your support for someone living the dream.

Clicky HERE to visit.


Iron Hill Brewery - Economic Bailout

15 February 2009

From Iron Hill:


WILMINGTON, DE – Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, the popular food and drink destination with seven area locations, offers guests their own “Economic Stimulus Package”: five times a week, at least one table of guests will be randomly selected to receive a “bailout,” meaning that Iron Hill will buy them their meal.

“People are watching their wallets now more than ever, so the least we can do is reward a lucky few with a great meal on us,” says Director of Culinary Operations Kevin Davies. “This is a lighthearted gesture that we hope will make people smile in these trying times.”At least five times per week, one table will receive, instead of a check, a card (see below) announcing that they have been bailed out and that their meal is on the house. All seven Iron Hill locations are participating in the bailout; some are offering bailouts more frequently than five per week, as well.

In late 2008, Iron Hill debuted a brand new menu of fresh, flavorful cuisine that ideally complements their award-winning beers. The new menu includes more than twice as many dishes as the previous incarnation, and covers a variety of cuisines including Asian, Italian and American. It has been enormously well-received by diners and reviewers alike.

“We’re proud of the food we serve, and proud of how well it pairs with our beers,” says owner Kevin Finn. “Our guests wanted more diverse options when dining with us, and we’re thrilled to have come up with so many delicious additions to our menu. It means that we can satisfy their appetites now better than ever.

”The new menu includes items in 14 categories: Housemade Soups, Salad Starters, Big Salads, Appetizers, Shared Plates, Artisan Pizzas, Burgers, Healthy Selections, Sandwiches, Brewhouse Favorites, Beverages, Chicken, Seafood, Pasta, Steaks, and Sides and Add-Ons. Menu items range in price from $3.95 to $27.95. The selections are incredibly comprehensive, with many favorites from the previous menu returning and every section supplemented with additional choices.

Critics and readers have heaped praise on Iron Hill; since 1996, they have consistently been recognized for their outstanding beers and cuisine, accruing more than 100 “Best of” awards from regional magazines. Their hand-crafted beers have also won acclaim and in total, they have received 39 medals from the three most prestigious beer events, the Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup and Real Ale Festival.

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant has seven locations, in Newark, DE; Wilmington, DE; Media, PA; West Chester, PA; North Wales, PA; Phoenixville, PA and Lancaster, PA. An eighth location, in Maple Shade, NJ, is planned for 2009. All seven locations are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. For more information about Iron Hill, or to make a reservation at any of their locations, please visit their website at


Breaker Brewing Co - The Beer is in The Tanks

Just a few more tidbits on Breaker Brewing Co that I know many of you have been asking about. Chris tells me the first batch of Anthracite Ale is in the tanks and should be ready in about 2 weeks. The guys are still waiting for their TTB label & PLCB registration to be approved. Once these details are finalized and the beers are ready, look for Breaker Brewing Co beers to show up at Kelsey's in Ashley & Elmer Sudds in Wilkes-Barre. I've head the descriptions of their first few beers and I can tell you they sound great and I'm excited to try them out. Cheers guys.....


Breaker Brewing Co - Now On-line

I've heard from Chris @ Breaker Brewing Co and he tells me they are slowly getting their website up to speed. The guys have listed their core beers, Anthracite Ale, Goldies, Malty Macguire & Old King Coal and put up some new pictures for you to check out. Stay tuned as the site gets completed and as the beers start to roll out.

Clicky HERE to check it out.


Victory Brewing Helios

14 February 2009

In my never ending quest to show off some of the cool new beers & labels from our local I present Victory Helios.

Read more... Welcomes Old Forge Brewing Co

13 February 2009

Cheers and welcome to Old Forge Brewing officially participating with Welcome aboard Damien & Maria...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the Old Forge Brewing Co page.


Name That Stout - Olde Main Brewing

So here's a little fun to spice up your cold February evenings. Turns out Olde Main Brewery (Yes it's in IOWA) is running a contest to name their new stout. Winner gets free beer & brewery tours, provided you can make your way out to the brewery. Anyway, just for fun click HERE to try it out.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Bells Pale Ale

Today's show was sort of a side-show to the Friday the 13th Valentine's Day spectacular Danger Boy versus Cupid circus. I listened all morning through arm wrestling, dizzy-bat and even the "half-pound of candy hearts in your mouth" contest to get to the beer segment. In the end I'm not sure who won, but I can tell you that cupid was apparently NOT a natural blond, and danger boy excelled at contests that involved putting things in his mouth. Probably too much information this early in the morning.

Our beer of the day was Bells Pale Ale. Now I'll admit when Chip mentioned the beer of the day originating in Comstock, MI; I got all excited to hear how the guys would react to Hopslam. When they started talking Pale Ale, I was a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I like Bell's Pale Ale, but when held side-by-side with the likes of Hopslam or even Two-Hearted Ale, it "pales" in comparison. Then to my surprise, Chip pulled out a Hopslam. Once again, I get all excited, but alas they never opened it. They talked about the high ABV, the rarity, the honey...but no poppy the toppy and no drinky the beer. What gives guys?
I haven't been in the habit of timing the show, but my seat-of-the-pants meter is telling me the Chip segment is getting shorter and shorter. Today I felt like they barely even drank the Pale Ale before the show was over. Guys is this just a result of the live segments that Chip was mixed into this week or is the show being shortened? Or was it simply that the drunkard Ruthie was feigning illness to stay out of the cold, so the show ended up shorter with out her inebriated chatter (I kid!)?
In any case it was nice to hear another plug for Purvs, Sabatinis, Jessup Beverage and even the Backyard Ale House, and always enjoyable to talk Bell's beers.
Cheers guys....


Six Point Brewing Raided by Feds for Hop Obama Beer

12 February 2009

From Sixpoint Brewing (Brooklyn, NY):

Sixpoint was raided by the Feds and they put the kabosh on our Hop Obama. Naturally, I was infuriated by the censorship so I decided to do what I've done from the start - turn it into a story and allow the company to serve as a platform for delivering the story. However, this was quickly squashed by the Feds as well. Apparently, they did not want us making the beer NOR did they want me to create a story out of it.

Then, the plot thickens....The Department of Homeland Security gets involved. We recently received an official cease and desist letter from them claiming we must take immediate acts to shut down and exterminate our production, dissemination, and distribution of this brand or the Federal government will enact punitive fines and/or seize control of our brewery.

Don't worry though, the Hop Obama will live on, and be stronger than it ever was. We have a plan.... Kind of like Obi-wan Kenobi when he was struck down by Vader and came back as the guiding voice for Luke Skywalker. There will be a new reincarnation of the beer, along with many others.


Victory Brewing - February Events

From Victory:

Valentine's Day - Aphrodisiacs Paired with Beer Love will be in the air at Victory. Bring your sweetheart to Victory and enjoy a tapas menu delightfully paired with Victory beer. $75/couple. Reservations available 6:30-8:30pm.

Chili Challenge - Sunday 2.15.09Celebrate Victory's 13th Anniversary & Get Chili with Someone You Love. Chili Challenge will showcase the culinary skills of Victory's creative staff. Free chili tasting Noon - 4pm. Stop by Victory, enjoy some chili & beer and vote for the People's Pepper.

Follow The Liter - Thursday 2.19.09Enjoy a bit of Bavaria at Victory Brewing Company. Celebrate with $5 mas liters of Festbier and Wiesen and feast on a German themed menu including Schweinshaxe and Oktoberfest giant pretzels. Try your strength in the Strong Arm competition. Wear your authentic German attire and get a free pretzel. Follow the Liter starting at 6pm in the Beer Hall at Victory Brewing Co.


Philly Beer Week - Whats Wrong With This Picture?

What's wrong with this picture of the Philly Beer Week SEPTA passes?


Tax Relief Legislation for Brewers

Beer Institute Press Release:

Beer Institute and Brewers Association Applaud Introduction of Bipartisan Tax Relief Legislation for Brewers
Bill repeals doubling of 1991 excise tax and provides additional economic relief to small brewers

Washington, DC – The Beer Institute and the Brewers Association today applauded members of the United States House of Representatives for the introduction of H.R. 836 the Brewers Excise and Economic Relief (BEER) Act, which effectively returns the federal beer excise tax back to its pre-1991 level of $9 per barrel.

“There is strong, industry-wide support for this legislation, and we thank Congress for its bipartisan effort to institute tax fairness for one of the most productive sectors of the American economy,” said Tom Long, President and Chief Commercial Officer of MillerCoors, and Chairman of the Beer Institute. “We commend Reps. Earl Pomeroy (D-ND) and Tom Latham (R-IA) for their leadership on this important issue, and we urge Congress to help provide relief to low- and middle-income families and businesses in America’s brewing community by passing this legislation as quickly as possible.”

Today, there are over 2,053 brewing companies in the United States operated by national brewers, regional brewers, regional craft brewers, microbrewers, and brewpubs. These job-creating businesses are in every state in the nation. In fact, a majority of Americans live within 10 miles of a brewery. In addition to reducing the tax burden on large brewers and beer importers the legislation introduced today provides specific relief to small brewers by reducing their tax burden from $7.00 to $3.50 per barrel.

“This type of tax relief can act as a stimulus to America’s small breweries,” said Rich Doyle, cofounder of Harpoon Brewery and Chairman of the Brewers Association. “While our industry has been able to remain successful in the recent past, we’ve faced raw material cost increases that have reduced our margins and severely challenged our bottom line. This measure would go a long way toward sustaining our businesses and our employees, benefitting local communities in all 50 states.”

The 1991 doubling of the federal excise tax remains the only so-called “luxury tax” still in place. All of the taxes on luxury products such as yachts and jewelry that were increased that same year have since been repealed due to the devastating consequences they had on jobs, the economy and the industries impacted. Today, more than 40 percent of the retail price of beer is comprised of various taxes, and beer taxes at all levels of government add up to more than $36 billion annually.

“At a time when the economy is struggling and manufacturing jobs are being lost, America’s brewers, beer importers and suppliers stand out as a rare positive story of local businesses committed to good-paying jobs and contributing billions of dollars in economic activity,” said Jeff Becker, President of the Beer Institute. “This relief will preserve American jobs and help breweries – large and small – remain competitive now and in the future.”

Directly and indirectly, the beer industry contributes approximately $190 billion annually to the U.S. economy and provides more than 1.7 million jobs with wages and benefits of nearly $55 billion.

“Many small breweries are family-run operations situated in small towns and communities across the country,” added Charlie Papazian, President of the Brewers Association. “These are exactly the types of small businesses that provide important local jobs and need tax relief in this struggling economy.”

Approximately 50 percent of all beer purchased in the United States is by consumers with household income of $50,000 per year or less. That means the relative impact of beer excise taxes on households in the lowest income brackets is 6.5 times greater than those with the highest incomes.

Companion legislation is expected to be introduced in the United States Senate in the coming weeks


Victory Wild Devil w/Brett & Helios Saison

11 February 2009

I know I reported on this a week or so ago, but I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing the label. Victory will be releasing a Brett yeast version of it's Wild Devil, and also a Bavarian-styled Saison called Helios. Look for the Wild Devil to come in around 6.7% ABV and the Helios around 5.5% ABV...available in the future @ the brewpub and in bottles.


Shadowbrook Beer Festival - Feb 28th

09 February 2009

Shadowbrook Resort in Tunkhannock will hold it's 5th annual beer festival on Saturday Feb 28th from 1-5PM. Tickets will be $20 per person and they are expecting about 50 brands. Mrs beerbuzz and I attended the first festival and it was nice. Mostly distributors, but the price and the crowd size were just right and it made for a fun day.


Wegman's Wilkes-Barre Full Beer List

08 February 2009

I'm still working to get Wegman's Wilkes-Barre on board so we can dedicate a full page just to Wegman's. In the mean time I have their full list of beers, so I thought I'd post that up. My thank you to Dave for helping out with the list:

Anchor Liberty
Anchor Steam
Bacardi Coolers
Dos Equis Amber
Dos Equis Especial
Lienenkugel Berry Weiss
Lienenkugel Honey Weiss
Lienenkugel Sunset Wheat
Lienenkugel Seasonal
Milwaukee's Best
Milwaukee's Best Light
Milwaukee Ice
Miller Chill
Miller Genuine Draft
Miller Light
MGD 64
Miller High Life
Rolling Rock
Rock Light
Seagram’s Wild Berry
St. Pauli Girl
St. Pauli Girl Dark
Straub Dark
Tsing Tao
Yuengling Light
Yuengling Lager
Yuengling Lager Light
Yuengling Black n Tan
Yuengling Lord Chesterfield
Yuengling Porter
Victory Lager
Victory Golden Monkey
Victory Hop Devil
Victory Prima Pils
Victory Storm King Stout
Victory Seasonal
Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot
Weyerbacher Merry Monks
Weyerbacher Old Heathen
Weyerbacher Seasonal
Amstel Light
Bartels n James Coolers
Blackened Voodoo
Blue Moon
Blue Moon Seasonal
Coors Light
Corona Light
Modela Negra
Modelo Especial
Extra Gold Lager
Franzs Hefe-Weisse
Heineken Light
Heineken Dark
Hook & Ladder Backdraft
Hook & Ladder Golden Ale
Iron City Light
Ithaca Apricot Wheat
Ithaca Caskazilla
Ithaca Seasonal
Labatt’s Light
Labatt’s 50
Labatt’s Honey Lager
Keystone Light
Keystone Ice
Killians Irish Red
Moretti Dark
Lions head
Lowenbrau Original
Magic Hat #9
Magic Hat Lucky Kat
Magic Hat Circus Boy
Magic Hat Seasonal
Mike’s Cocktails
Mike’s Hard Variety
Mike’s Hard Lemonade
Mike’s Hard Lime
Mike’s Hard Lemonade Light
Mike’s Hard Berry
Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade
Mike’s Hard Ice Tea
Mike’s Hard Ice Tea Light
Mike’s Hard Midnight
Mike’s Hard Pomegranate
Molson XXX
Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde
Pocono Pale Ale
Pocono Lager
Sam Adams Irish Red
Sam Adams Crème Stout
Sam Adams Weisse
Sam Adams Black Lager
Sam Adams Boston Lager
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
Sam Adams Light
Sam Adams Imperial Pils
Sam Adams Mix 6 Pack
Sam Adams Seasonal
Saranac Pale Ale
Saranac Black n Tan
Saranac Seasonal
Saranac Pomegranate Wheat
Spaten Variety
Spaten Optima or
Steagmaier Gold Medal
Steagmaier 150
Stegmaier Seasonal
Twisted Tea Light
Twisted Tea
Twisted Tea Variety
Woodchuck Cider
Woodchuck Granny Smith
Woodchuck Dark & Dry
Abbey De Leffe
Achiever Busch Seasonal
Bud Light
Bud Select
Bud American Ale
Bud Light Lime
Kirin Ichiban
Michelob Pale Ale
Michelob Dunkelweisse
Michelob Amber Bock
Michelob Lager
Michelob Light
Michelob Porter
Michelob Ultra
Michelob Amber Ultra
Michelob Infused
Tiger Lager
Wild Blueberry Lager
Bass Ale
Becks Light
Becks Dark
Beck Oktoberfest
Guinness Draught
Guinness Stout
Parrot Bay Coolers
Smirnoff Coolers
Appalachian Mountain Lager
Appalachian Purist Pale Ale
Appalachian Scottish Ale
Appalachian Wheat
Appalachian Seasonal
Appalachian Variety Pack
Genesee Light
Genesee Cream Ale
J.W. Dundee Honey Brown
J.W. Dundee Pale Ale
J.W. Dundee Craft Pack
Lancaster 4-Grain Amish
Lancaster Hop Hog
Lancaster Milk Stout
Lancaster Rare Rooster
Lancaster Strawberry Wheat
Lancaster Seasonal
Lancaster Variety
Mendicino Variety Pack
Young’s Double Chocolate
Unibroue Ephemere
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde
Unibroue Sampler
Troegs Seasonal
Troegs Nugget Nectar
Troegs Rugged Trail Nut
Troegs Pale Ale
Troegs Hopback Amber
Troegs Dreamweaver
Troegs Double Bock
Troegs Dead Reckoning
Stout Gold Lager
Stout American Pale Ale
Stone Ruination
Stone Pale Ale
Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard
Stone IPA
Sam Smith Taddy Porter
Sam Smith Organic
Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout
Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale
Paulaner Oktoberfest
Paulaner Hefe Weizen
Ommegang Witte
Ommegang 3 Philosophers
Lindeman Peche
Lindeman Framboil
Lindeman Kreik
Harpoon UFO
Harpoon Raspberry UFO
Harpoon IPA
Harpoon Seasonal
Green Flash IPA
Dogfish Head Raison
Dogfish Head India Brown Ale
Dogfish Head 90 Min. IPA
Dogfish Head 60 Min. IPA
Dogfish Head Seasonal
Chimay Red Premier
Chimay Grande Reserve
Chimay 500 Anniversary
Boulder Mojo
Boulder Hazed & Infused
Allagash White
Allagash Double
Abita Turbo Dog
Abita Purple Haze
Abita Seasonal
Sly Fox Phoenix
Sly Fox Pilsner
Sly Fox Royal Weisse
Sly Fox Dunkel
Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout
Bell’s Amber Ale
Bell’s Kalamazoo
Bell’s Pale Ale
Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale
Brooklyn Schneider Hopfen-Weisse
Brooklyn Local
Brooklyn Seasonal
Brooklyn Pennant Ale
Brooklyn Pilsner
Brooklyn Lager
Brooklyn EIPA
Brooklyn Brown
Brooklyn Weisse
Blue Point Hoptical Illusion
Blue Point Toasted Lager
Cape Ann Fisherman’s IPA
Delirium Tremens
Flying Dog Doggie Style
Flying Dog IPA
Flying Dog Old Scratch
Flying Dog Tire Bite Ale
Gaffel Kolsch
Great Divide Hercules
Great Divide Titan IPA
Great Divide Wild Raspberry
Humboldt Red Nectar
La Chouffe
Left Hand Jack Man Pale ale
Left hand Sawtooth Ale
Lost Coat Downtown Brown
Lost Coast Great White
Lost Coast Indica IPA
Mad River Steel Head Extra Pale Ale
North Coast Red Seal
North Coast Old Rasputin
North Coast Scrimshaw
Pyramid Apricot
Pyramid Hefeweizen
Rogue Soba
Rogue Back Obi Soba
Rogue American Amber
Rogue Brutal Bitter
Rogue Chocolate Stout
Rogue Dead Guy Ale
Rogue Mocha Porter
Rogue Morimoto Hazlenut
Rogue Seasonal
Sea Dog Blueberry
Sierra Nevada Porter
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Seasonal
Sly Fox Route 113 IPA
Smuttynose IPA
Smuttynose Old Brown Ale
South Tier Phin/Matt
South Tier Unearthly IPA
South Tier Seasonal (Krampus)
St. Bernardus Abby
Thirsty Dog Old Leg Humper
Two Brothers The Bitter
Val Dieu
Weihenstepan Lager
Weihenstepan Hefeweize
Wychwood Fiddlers Elbow
Wychwood Hobgoblin


Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron - The Movie

If you haven't had the beer or heard the story check out THIS LINK. I'm particularly fond of Palo Santo, but even if you're not, after watching the movie you will be. Check it out.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Hofbrau Dunkel

06 February 2009

We started this week's show with a brief recap of last week's Cave Creek Chili beer session. I did ask John fr a folow up plumbing report, but the guys seemed to want to focus more on the hot-taste of the beer rather than the gastro-results.

The beer of the week was Hofbrau Dunkel...a German dark lager that everyone seemed to enjoy. Chip chatted a little about yeast culturing and proprietary yeasts and how protective breweries are with their yeast...BUT then it happened....

Chip always mentioned Purvs and Jessup Beverage which we always love, but today a very pleasant surprise. Chip gave a plug for Sabatinis and suggested listeners go visit Sabs to check out their great beer selection. Congratulations to Lindo for getting some beer recognition he definitely deserves.

Cheers guys....good show as always and do get down here and check out Sabatinis.


Weyerbacher to Release Echo March 7th

05 February 2009

From Chris Wilson:

This is our upcoming release in the Brewer’s Select Series.

The beer should be available in the Visitor’s Center on Saturday, March 7th.

Echo - “A Deep-Copper Rye-PA”

We have timed the release of Echo to coincide with Philly Craft Beer Week (3/6-3/15). We will be taking part in events nearly every night throughout the Philadelphia Area, including the suburbs, and plan to feature Echo at most of them. Keep an eye on the website for a full list of events. You also have a chance to find it in Maryland, Western PA, Boston, NYC and parts of Florida. A very limited amount of 12oz. bottles will be available at our Visitor’s Center as well.

It will be a 6.8%, 60IBU IPA, brewed with pale, crystal, carapils, and 30% rye along with a good dose of Simcoe and Centennial hops. This deep-copper ale combines the citrus kick of the hops with the spicy twang that comes from 30% rye malt. It is a Winter IPA to bridge the gap between now and Spring.


Breaker Brewing Company - Update

03 February 2009

I had the pleasure of spending part of the evening talking with Chris Miller & Mark Lehman from Breaker Brewing Co. First off, I want to thank the guys for spending so much time on the phone with me and answering all of my questions...but more importantly I'm very happy to report that Breaker Brewing Co is a very exciting venture that I suspect will produce some really great local beers.

Mark and Chris literally built their brewing system by hand and even grew some of the hops in Chris' back yard and I'm confident that time, effort, and passion for brewing will come out in their beers.

I have all sorts of details that Chris & Mark were willing to share, and even more details to share in the future as they move forward. But here are the basics....Chris & Mark started with a home brewing kit about 5 or 6 years ago, progressed to a 10-gallon system, and eventually to the 1.5bbl system they just built for BBC. They are beer lovers and go in with the simple idea of always brewing a better beer.

The guys plan to brew a handful of core beers including a pale ale, a stout, a blonde ale, a scottish ale and possibly even a seasonal warmer-style beer later next winter. Yes these beers have names, but stay tuned for that. Once the label approval process is complete, I'll post out the names. I can tell you based on the specs they shared, the Pale Ale & Stout sound great. Look for the Pale Ale to be a 5% ABV, 40-50IBU with Centennial, Fuggles & East Kent Goldings among other hops, fermented with an american yeast. Look for the Stout to have chocolate malts, some mild hop character and a few other ingredients I won't share, that make it sound truly yummy.

Breaker Brewing Co will be keg-only for now with the possibility for growler sales at certain locations in the future. The guys shared some of the bars that their beers will be available in, and promised to get me a formal list as each bar signs on. I can tell you the list of verbal agreement bars will guarantee local beer lovers will be able to find BBC beers in many of our regular stay tuned.

The process to build a licensed brewery in your garage is not an easy one. Mark & Chris both related the steps they had to go through with the TTB, the LCB, the local zoning authority and even their neighbors to get all of the paperwork in line. I can tell you that anyone that goes through this process, including a phone-book sized collection of paperwork, must love brewing beers. I for one am very excited to taste their first few brews.

The guys have promised to keep us up to date, so stay tuned here for the latest Breaker Brewing Co news. I also plan to stop down and visit the "brewery" soon, so I'll send some updates after my visit. The Times Leader will also be interviewing the guys later this week, so watch for an article to appear there as well in the future.

Finally, I wanted to highlight that these guys are dedicated and passionate about the beers, and as I said above I think that energy will come out in their brews. Also know that Chris & Mark have many aspirations to grow Breaker Brewing Co, so watch as they brew, enjoy their beers and support them as they grow.

Breaker Brewing Company was named to pay tribute to the local miners and mining history of the Wyoming Valley and I'm excited that these guys plan to brew hometown beers for hometown beer lovers in that hometown tradition.

Cheers & Welcome to Chris & Mark...

UPDATE: If you know of any bars looking to carry Breaker Brewing Co beers please let me know and I will give them Chris' e-Mail info.


Southern Tier Cuvee 2

Yes I know it's been a sort of Southern Tier why not post more. Cuvee 2 is planned for a feb release. From Paul Cain @ Southern Tier:

“ALE IMPRESSIONS: Dark ruby red color, roasted malt flavor with apparent bitterness. Finishes with a rich caramel and espresso aroma.

AMERICAN OAK IMPRESSIONS: Impressions of vanilla crème, classic crème brûlée and nougat. A little more oak flavor than series one, but with creamy intensity.”


Southern Tier to Release Oak Aged Unearthly

02 February 2009

Looks like Souther Tier will be releasing an Oak Aged version of their Unearthly IPA in March/April 2009 timeframe.

ABV: 11%
23 Plato
2-row carapils malt
Red Wheat
Kettle Hops: Chinook, Cascade
Hop Back: Styrian Golding
Dry-hopped: Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook


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