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VictoryYak Just wanted to post up a photo from today’s beer-run to Plaza Beverage.  Before you ask, this was the last case of Victory Yakima Twilight and Charlie isn’t sure he’s getting more.  So far it’s still hard to come by in our area, although Tracy from Victory assures me it’s on the way.  You’ll also note in the photo my recent favorite session beer, Yards Philly Pale.

For anyone that hasn’t stopped by Plaza Beverage be sure to do so.  Charlie has a fantastic selection of beers, with new cases coming in all the time.  He carries lots of great local beers and all sorts of hard-to-find craft beers from all over the world…so stop in and check it out.

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  1. There's something about the name ``Victory Yakima Twilight'' that sounds really good. You don't trade beers, do you?

  2. Taz...we trade beers all the time. The Yak is tasty and it hides the 8.9% ABV really well. It reminds me a little of Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye.

  3. Just broke into a case of the Yakima... What can I say - WOW! Hoppy and tasty but with plenty of body to go with it. It's not as strong or alcoholy as a sierra nevada bigfoot, but it reminds me of it some. I don't know a lot about this beer, but in reading the label it sounds like it's a version of a fresh/wet hop beer, but it's dark with a malty edge to it. Not sure if there are many beers out there like this right now. BTW Buzz, kudos on your "all local" trunk!

  4. Thanks Anon. We're really enjoying it quite a bit too and the only thing we're been able to equate it to is the Hop Rod Rye as I mentioned, but I haven;t had Bogfoot in a while. We did just get a bottle of Zeno's Hoppy Rye made by Ottos so I'll let you know if that tastes similar. And yes we buy quite a bit of local beer.


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