Lion Brewery – Stegmaier IPA?

24 November 2009

DSC07525 As part of my trip to Lion Brewery yesterday, the guys were nice enough to share a sample of a test beer.  Keep in mind this is VERY preliminary, and there are certainly no definite plans, names or recipes firmly in place…but I believe the beer I sampled yesterday will eventually in some format become a new beer to be sold under the Stegmaier label as Stegmaier IPA.  Again I remind you all how preliminary this news is, but very exciting to see Lion Brewery dipping their toes more and more into the craft beer market.  I’m also very excited to see the Stegmaier name be possibly gaining more and more marketing support.  Stegmaier has always been a historical local brewery line and for me a line that speaks of history and relevance in today’s market.  I’m hoping local beer drinkers get more and more opportunities to share in this history and drink from the same label that their fathers and grandfathers have enjoyed for decades.  No matter what decisions are made, I think this is a wonderful move by everyone at Lion Brewery.

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Professor Bartels,  24 November, 2009 12:13  

Oh swell, another enticing brew I WONT be able to get in South Central PA!

Darel Matthews,  24 November, 2009 22:34  

For what it's worth I got a nice surprise today - let marketing taste and they loved it, plus we got to look at label designs. This might actually happen, along with a much expanded craft line!

sam k,  24 November, 2009 22:35  

I had the Stegmaier 100th anniversary IPA (which really should have been Lion Anniversary IPA since Steg celebrated its 100th more than a half-century ago) a few years back. Is this a resurrection...a different direction...something else?

Good to know the boys in the brewhouse are busy tinkering, nonetheless!

Chris 25 November, 2009 07:21  

I hope Steg continues to do well. They are my "go-to" beers for keeping my beer fridge full. Can't beat the price. Picked up a case of porter for just over $20!

mybeerbuzz,  25 November, 2009 07:58  

Fantstic news Darel. Can't wait to see how it progresses and what the packaging looks like.

mybeerbuzz,  25 November, 2009 09:23  

Sam...I'll let Darel answer on the recipe as much as he can. I believe it is a new recipe and from my personal experience I found it to have a wonderful malty-backbone that I liked quite a bit.

Darel Matthews,  25 November, 2009 13:42  

Totally different recipe from scratch.

sam k,  25 November, 2009 15:12  

Good news! I found the last one rather harsh in its hop notes. Will look forward to this and all the others that follow!

Would_Like_Some_Steg,  27 November, 2009 05:56  

"I’m also very excited to see the Stegmaier name be possibly gaining more and more marketing support."

Would be great if Stegmaier could make it to SEPA. It's frustrating to read of it in Ohio, but not around here. Getting into Wegmans (Downingtown, Collegeville) would be particularly good.

Anonymous,  01 December, 2009 21:05  

An IPA would be great, especially in a variety pack with some porter and maybe that cream ale which was talked about last fall.

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