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16 November 2009


Today's old (and very cool) photo comes to us from the Stegmaier Brewery circa 1950’s and shows the Cooker & Masher.  What a great photo.

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Lee Botschaner,  16 November, 2009 10:54  

Great picture, thanks for sharing! Any old timers around who drank beer from that brewery?

sam k,  17 November, 2009 09:05  

Wish I could say that I had! I didn't have my first Steg until the mid-seventies, once production had already shifted.

I remember reading an article from when Steg closed, and a Lion official saying they intended to remain true to the Steg process, down to adding a cooker for the corn grits that Steg used. The Lion used corn flakes at the time, which, if I recall correctly, don't require the conversion that grits do. So, the cooker referenced in the photo would be their corn cooker, I believe. Anyone know otherwise?

Also note the fabricated I-beam above the equipment, a three-piece riveted design, made before the widespread acceptance of extruded beams of that size. The only brewery I know of where you can still see these is at Straub in St. Marys.

mybeerbuzz,  17 November, 2009 09:15  

Thanks Sam...I would assume the same and I DID notic ethe beam. Impressive technology for it's day.

Darel Matthews,  17 November, 2009 09:39  

For those of you asking if anyone drank Steg from the old brewery, you might be interested to know I have a filterman here now who was a kettleman at the original Steg!

mybeerbuzz,  17 November, 2009 11:21  

Wow...lifetime employee...

Lee Botschaner,  17 November, 2009 13:17  

where do you have him and can you do an impromptu interview with him or at least get him to document some of the beers, stories, information? I'd like to hear specs about some of the beers they were making back then.

Darel Matthews,  17 November, 2009 19:56  

I keep him encased in shellac in a hyperbaric chamber in the bowels of C-cellar. :)

His stories about the old place are great - evidently it was a real showpiece. Every Friday they would shut down production to polish brass railings and such.

Wish I could have seen it just once. I was really excited when Leo first showed me these pictures. I love the old grant, when he gets around to sending that one over.

mybeerbuzz,  17 November, 2009 20:23  

Thanks Darel...ahhhC-Cellar....I think I have a photo of him ;)

Can't wait to see more and I would have loved to have seen it in it's day.

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