Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Michelob Craft Sampler Pack

image Today we dipped our toes into the shallow end of the craft beer pool and tried four beers from the Michelob Craft Sampler Pack.  Now before you go accusing me of being a beer snob (a term I’m really NOT crazy about as you’ll see), realize that I’m simply being funny.  That’s what I do.  I’m also leaning on John’s line that drinking Port Brewing Panzer last week was like jumping into the “deep end” for a non-craft-beer-lover.

Before we jump into the beers I try to never pass up an opportunity to address the whole beer elitism issue.  As a beer lover I see both sides of the fence.  Someone new to craft beer is naturally a target of someone who has beer a purveyor of fine beer for many years.  A beer newbie legitimizes their craft beer expertise and gives them an opportunity to be an “expert.”  Now I certainly understand that being a beer newbie is kind of like being the freshman in the frat house.  You’re bound to have a little beer hazing, but I hope for most part this is just good natured fun.  As a craft beer lover I want nothing more than to cultivate other craft beer lovers, regardless of what beers they like…but let’s not be so quick to play the beer snob card.  All too often I see a misunderstanding, and all too often I think we jump to the conclusion that someone who loves beer is somehow a snob.  I get it that beer is supposed to be a more “pedestrian” beverage for the working class and common man.  I get it that someone rising up to support beer as a better and finer alternative can be perceived as a pig trying to make his way out of the mud…but why the label snob?  Drink what you like and don’t label anyone a newbie or a snob.  Beer is a social drink and it makes me crazy when beer causes disagreement and anti-fun behavior. <end of rant>.

So enough soapbox for one day…on to the beers.  The Michelob Craft Beer Sample pack is available in cases and 12-packs and includes tasting notes, a beer-flight sequence, food pairings and even pouring suggestions.  Today’s show was a little like the Evelyn Wood speed reading (or drinking) show.  The guys (and Ruthie) sampled Michelob Wheat, Pale Ale, Rye-PA and Porter in rapid-fire succession.  I assume you have a time boundary that you bump up against, but geesh guys couldn’t we maybe play one less Skynyrd song and slow down enough to enjoy the first beer before opening the third? B e e r   s h o u l d   b e   r e l a x i n g   a n d   e n j o y e d   s l o w l y.

Now that we’ve slowed back down I’ll say Cheers and thanks for another entertaining show.  I’m now actually curious to try the Rye-PA….a good thing huh?

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  1. The Rye PA is a pleasant surprise considering the mass-produced nature.

    The beer snob thing, I'm onboard with that in terms of "not too fast to play that card". In the end I think beer is about what you like. I know what I like but when the selection is not expansive I won't ever turn my nose up at anything that's the right temperature!

    Thanks MBB!

  2. Thanks John...I'd favorite beer is usually the one in front of me (even if it's not cold).


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