One Guy Brewing Oktoberfest – Berwick Brewing Co

10 October 2009

First and foremost let me just say the One Guy Brewing Oktoberfest was wonderful.  Fantastic brews, wonderful food and amazing company.  Hanging out with Chip, Mrs. Chip, Jason, Paul, Amy, Carmen, George, Mary, Kip, Rodger, Tom, Steve, Thomas and of course Guy was the highlight of the day.  Getting to taste some amazing 1G beers and to enjoy the secret Figaro was of course a lot of fun…BUT there is news from Berwick.  Consider this just a tease, and Guy promises me that he will send in details for everyone to read as soon as the Oktoberfest dust settles, but look at the photos.  Yes there’s a little multiple personality brewing going on here and yes this is early in the process…but after counting WAY more than 1 guy working behind the bar (perhaps as many as 9), I believe One Guy Brewing may also now be known as Berwick Brewing Co.  Turns out way back in the day there was a Berwick brewing Co that never worked out and the building is now a machine shop.  Flash forward to 2009 and One Guy Brewing may quietly be fulfilling the hopes and dreams of the original Berwick Brewing Co.  I present for you a few teaser photos and a few photos of the celebration, including Chip in his authentic German garb (Rockin’ the Lederhosen !!!), and the double-fisted Oktoberfest & Figaro glasses of Mrs. Beerbuzz.  Good news for everyone out there is that there there are still plenty of days left to enjoy the celebration.  Get your ass down to One Guy and celebrate Oktoberfest…and stay tuned for details on Berwick Brewing Co.

DSC07451 DSC07457
DSC07461 DSC07458

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Anonymous,  10 October, 2009 23:52  

I stopped in today with my brother as well. I really enjoyed the fest beer, it was malty good, and the first time I tried Guy's. It did not disappoint. And how good was the figaro? Very tasty. I expected it to be sweeter when I heard the discription, but it was right in the area I like a porter. Definite black coffee bitterness and tasty. I'll be heading back next weekend for more great food and beer.

mybeerbuzz,  11 October, 2009 00:02  

Thanks Anon...I'd agree the Figaro was tasty and not the honey/maple syrup I was expecting. A nic ebeer for sure. I'm sure we probably crossed your path at some point...were you inside or outside? We too want to get back next weekend for the rest of the festival.

Anonymous,  12 October, 2009 09:16  

Fun time on Saturday night. Nice crowd and the beers were excellent. Thank Guy

Anonymous,  12 October, 2009 09:18  

We'll be down again next weekend. Can't get enough of the One Guy Oktoberfest but don't change the name. Well ok if you do change the name as long as the beer and food stays the same.

Anonymous,  12 October, 2009 09:18  

Big crowd and great pizza and what better beer to wash it down with. The Figaro was good but the Oktoberfest was fantastic. Thanks guy

Anonymous,  12 October, 2009 09:20  

Got to meet Chip and enjoy the food and beer. Thanks chip and thanks guy. The Oktoberfest is my favorite beer of yours and my wife loves your wheat with apple cider. We'll be back soon.

Anonymous,  15 October, 2009 15:35  

mybeerbuzz....check out facebook. Looks like some other bloggers are trying to steal your breaking news about Berwick Brewing but 6-DAYS after your story! Keep up the good work.

mybeerbuzz,  15 October, 2009 15:41  

Apparently I'm the Rodney Dangerfield of beer respect ;)

Anonymous,  15 October, 2009 19:49  

Any news on suprize items in Berwick this weekend

mybeerbuzz,  15 October, 2009 20:01  

No news yet...but if there is a suprise beer you'll find the details here...

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