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30 October 2009

I’ll admit that this is perhaps one of my favorite all time Lion brews….I present for your enjoyment, Brewery Hill Carmel Porter.


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Darel Matthews,  30 October, 2009 20:58  

Caramel Porter has a funny lineage. Legend has it there was a Steg Porter on the brew shcedule, and the recipe called for 160 lbs of Caramel 60 malt. The kettleman at the time (no one who's still working there) accidentally added an extra zero to that poundage. I'm pretty sure Leo was the brewmaster at the the true spirit of brewing he decided to ferment it out and see what happened, and Caramel Porter was born.

mybeerbuzz,  30 October, 2009 22:18  

And I'll admit it is still one of my FAVORITE Lion beverages. When I ask Bob about bringing it back he just shakes his head. Maybe Leo will chime in with the story...

Chris 31 October, 2009 06:59  

Caramel Porter was the first case of "craft beer" I bought, lo, these many years ago and thus began the madness...

mybeerbuzz,  31 October, 2009 10:00  

It was a gateway beer for me as well...I'll keep carrying the torch to bring it back.

sam k,  31 October, 2009 10:28  

Great story, Darel!

I was a Lion Brewery distributor rep when Caramel Porter came out (I'm guessing 1995 or '96), and it was the first beer I ever remember true craft brewers and competing distributors comment that it was the ultimate creative example of a great porter. It was "imperial porter" before there was such a thing.

I'm pretty sure Leo was the brewmaster then, and I gave The Lion credit for sticking with the concept for a few years, despite the fact that it didn't sell well enough to sustain production.

I of the best ever!

mybeerbuzz,  31 October, 2009 10:43  

Perhaps it was just ahead of its time.

sam k,  01 November, 2009 20:05  

No question!!!!

leoorl44 02 November, 2009 08:41  

Darel is correct. I was the Master Brewer at the time. One of our brewers added way too much Caramel 60 malt. We figured, what the heck, lets ferment it out and see what it tastes like. Suprisingly, it was very good and the powers that be let us bottle it as Caramel Porter.

Lee Botschaner,  02 November, 2009 08:41  

What a beer! I bought a half keg of it at the brewery-- when you could still do that-- and the worker who loaded it into my car seemed surprised and asked if i was going to "cut" it with anything. No way, says I, my friends and I are drinking it as is!

It went to a hotel room in Philly and made a lot of people happy.

mybeerbuzz,  02 November, 2009 08:54  

That's amazing....thanks to whoever put in too much carmel malt....accidental genius. It's a beer that I really miss in the Lion lineup. Too bad it didn; sell well.

mybeerbuzz,  02 November, 2009 08:55  

Thanks Lee....I'[ll count that as another vote to bring back the Carmel...

Anonymous,  02 November, 2009 16:33  

awesome! i had forgotten all about this beer... i got a case in NY once for just about a song, which led me to believe that the store owner hadn't aquired it legally. really fascinating origin!

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