Lion Brewery – Label Fun

30 October 2009

I’ll admit that this is perhaps one of my favorite all time Lion brews….I present for your enjoyment, Brewery Hill Carmel Porter.



Split Rock – Great Brews Classic Beer Festival

BeerFest2005 010 I’ve been holding off on posting this because the details have been changing quite a bit….but what they are now calling the “New & Improved Great Brews Classic Beer Festival” will be held Nov 21st & 22nd 2009 from 12PM-4PM.  For anyone who’s attended their festivals before, this was formerly the Great American Beer Festival…but this year it’s different.  First and foremost, Saturday’s event is pre-sale tickets ONLY!  According to what they are telling me, if you do not buy a ticket in advance for Saturday, you will not get in!  This is being done to limit ticket sales so hopefully Saturday will not be such a zoo.  Sunday ticket sales seem to be open to all.  Clicky HERE for info and advanced ticket purchase.  Pricing looks like it will be $33 in advance and $45 Day of Festival for Sat and $28 in advance and $35 at the door Sunday (UP from $25 last year!), so you may just want to buy in advance anyway.  Here’s the latest list of breweries:

Abita Brewery Abita Spring, LA
Allagash Brewery Portland, ME
Amstel Holland
Becks Germany
Bethlehem Brew Works Bethlehem, PA
Boulder Brewing Co. Boulder, CO
Bitburger Germany
Breaker Brewing Co. Plains, PA
Brewdog Scotland
Cape Ann Brewing Co. Glouster, MA
Clipper City Brewery Baltimore, MD
Cold Springs Cold Spring, MN
Cricket Hill Fairfield, NJ
Coopers Australia
Corona Mexico
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Milton, DE
Erie Brewing Co. Erie, PA
Fullers United Kingdom
Guiness Ireland
HackerPschorr Germany
Harpoon Brewing Co. Boston, MA
Harp Ireland
Heineken Holland
Hometown Beverages Oceanport, NJ
Intercourse Brewing Co. Creamery, PA
J.J. Bitting Brewing Co. Woodbridge, NJ
Konig Ludwig Barvaria
Kostritzer Germany
Lancaster Malt Brewing Co. Lancaster, PA
Lomza Poland
Negra Modela Mexico
Mercury Ipswich, MA
Murphy's Ireland
Paulaner Germany
Reaper Ale Lake Elsinore, CA
Samuel Adams Boston
Singha Thiland
Smithwicks Ireland
Spaten Germany
Straub Brewery Chico, CA
Stone Brewing Co. San Marcos, CA
Stella Artois Belgium
Tröegs Brewing Co. Harrisburg, PA
Unibroue Canada
Unich Germany
Warsteiner Germany
Weyerbacher Brewing Co. 
Easton, PA
Yuengling Brewery Pottsville, PA
Zymiec Poland


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Beau Baden

Andechser We wasted no time and went right to the drinking this morning (my kind of show).  The guys (and Ruthie) tasted Andechs Dunkel, and after Ruthie declared last weeks Andechs Helles to be a “wussie” beer, it was a Dunkel love-fest….and why not.  This is a wonderful beer and one I was lucky enough to have come back with Mrs. Beerbuzz’s on her trip to Berlin last fall (see photo).  We still have a bottle laying down in our cellar to enjoy in the future.

Today’s guest appearance on the show is Scranton native (and brewmaster @ BrewWorks in Bethlehem), Beau Baden.  Beau brought a few beers to taste including their 2009 GABF winners Bagpiper’s Scotch Ale (Silver 2009, Bronze 2008) and Rude Elf’s Reserve (Bronze 2009).  Congratulations to Beau & BrewWorks for their GABF medals.  The REALLY big news of the day is that BrewWorks has received TTB Label approval and will be bottling their beers.  Looks like Hop’solutely and Rude Elf’s Reserve will be bottled in 22oz cork & caged bottles for distribution in our area.  Since Beau grew up literally across the street from Coopers, watch for BrewWorks bottles @ Coopers and possibly at a few other local outlets.  Cheers to Beau and the guys (and of course Ruthie)…can’t wait to try the new bottles heading our way.


Bullfrog Brewing Label – Sneak Peek

29 October 2009

BullfrogLabelHere’s a sneak peek at a design in-progress for a new beer/label series from Bullfrog Brewery.  Very cool looking design and everyone involved should be proud.


Breaker Brewing Belsnickler Bottles

I just love saying that!


Read more... – New Features

AmongUsMap I’ve been test-driving a few new features and so far I think they are keepers.  My overriding mission for is bringing great beers and great people together.  In that light, I’ve tried to add some features to support that effort.  We’ve recently added:

NEPA Beer Calendar:  This was announced earlier, but you’ll note we’ve tweaked it a little.  The calendar can be found on the right menu bar (scroll down), and it contains all of our local beer-events.  Feel free to e-Mail me contributions.

Retweet:  We’ve always had a “Share on Facebook” link at the bottom of every post to allow you to easily share the content of a post with your Facebook friends.  In that same light, I’ve just added a Retweet button to every post.  For current Twitter users, this button allows you to tweet the content of any post to all of your Twitter followers.

Chat with ME:  Under the “contact me” section in the right hand menu bar, I recently added a Chat link to allow you to directly chat with me on-line.  The button will indicate my availability, but keep in mind “available” only means I’m logged in and not necessarily sitting at the computer.  I’m still testing this one, but I think it’s a great tool to ask questions or even report a tap handle change.  e-Mail, Facebook & Twitter contact formats are available as well.

Among-us:  This is a little counter I added on the right hand menu bar to indicate how many users are currently reading at any given time.  It also allows you to see where the readers are coming from (see the map above) and some historical stats.  It’s a gadget for sure, but interesting to see who’s among us.

Printing alternatives:  Finally in an effort to keep “green.”  I’ve added some printing alternative buttons on the right hand menu bar.  These buttons will allow you to e-Mail content to yourself or friends (in standard or PDF format), and also allow you to download a PDF file of my page for sharing or future reference.  This will hopefully reduce the printing of and save some trees in the process.

I’m certainly open to suggestions as well so please feel free to suggest what you’d like to see on


Old Forge Brewing Co – Pumpkin Fest & One Year Anniversary

28 October 2009

OFBCMenuFrom Damien:

This week we are having a pumpkin festival from Thursday to Saturday. Smashing Pumpkin Ale is being tapped up on Thursday. I used roasted pumpkin (cooked 3 hours in the oven with brown sugar), Saigon cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and nutmeg, all in the boil with the pumpkin. Then I added some vanilla in the conditioning tank. It came out great!
OG 1.054, 5.4% ABV

We are having a special pumpkin filled menu (see above) Thursday thru Saturday and on Saturday we are having a pumpkin carving contest 12 - 4 all ages!

We are also having a One Year Anniversary party on Saturday, 12/5. Live music all day from noon until 11 pm, various local musicians throughout the day. Special menu that day plus we will unveil a special anniversary beer as well. I'll send more info as we get closer plus our website should be up to date with info as well.


Lion Brewery – Barrel Aged Stegmaier Holiday Warmer

MBAALionNov2008 016CensoredI’ve got some great news for lovers of our local holiday ale.  The guys at Lion Brewery are working on this years Holiday Warmer reserve barrel aged ale…and it’s in the barrel!  This years brew starts with the aged 2008 Holiday Warmer, and will be split in two barrels.  The first will be straight oak aged warmer, but the 2nd will be re-pitched with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis yeast and aged for another 6 to 8 weeks in a barrel.  This should make for some interesting brews so stay tuned here for further details.  And speaking of aged warmer, don;t forget that Kern Brother’s in Dallas has a VERY limited quantity of 2008 aged Holiday Warmer, just released last week by Lion.


Bullfrog Brewery – Current Bottles

27 October 2009

Edgar IPA
Houblonium P-38 $16
French Kiss $16
Undead Ed $16

These beers are packaged in 750ml, cork-finished bottles. They are bottle-conditioned and cellared at the brewery prior to sale.

Read more... Welcomes Ice House Pub

Cheers & welcome to Ice House officially participating with Welcome aboard Tracey...the beer loving community thanks you!

Click HERE to go to the mybeerbuzz Ice House Pub page.


Shawnee Craft Brewing – Leo in Action

Thanks to and Lew Bryson for pointing this great little snippet of Leo in Action!


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

26 October 2009

Here’s one I’ve been trying to track down, and finally found it.  I present the rare Red Baron Cherry-Flavored Beer!



Coopers Seafood House Halloween Beer Dinner



Berwick Brewing Co / One Guy Brewing – Peach Wheat

24 October 2009

[OneGuyPeach3.jpg]Just a quick bombshell to say that One Guy/Berwick Brewing Co Peach Wheat is now on tap.  For anyone that remembers it from last year, it was double-yummy.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

As long as we’re riding the Gibbons train, why not post another Gibbons label.  Today I present Gibbons Premium Quality Ale.  This is the 1950’s versions of the label and I think it’s a really cool looking label.



Troegs Scratch # 24

23 October 2009

TroegsScratchLimited details at this point…but SCRATCH 24 – Van de Hoorn Available Today (10/23)---Belgian Pale Ale (Troegenator with Belgian yeast).


Bart & Urby’s – Stegmaier Tasting

SECRET TAPPING OF A 2 Versions of Amber Lager


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Breaker Brewing Co Pot Belly Pumpkin

BreakerBrewingC On today’s show we discussed the concept of beer & food pairing …matching interesting beers with foods that compliment them, or vice versa ;).  I’ll admit this is a concept I’ve just started to become interested in and other than Nachos, Pizza and cheesy-fries; I’ve done little experimentation.  The guys paired pasta and Vodka Sauce with a German Blonde Bock that Chip brought home in the patented (or yet to be patented) beer suitcase.  Now I’ll admit I wouldn’t have jumped in with a Italian sauce and German light Bock beer, but again what do I know.  For anyone interested there has been some discussion of a beer & food group locally…stay tuned for details.

So on to the show….It’s always nice to hear Mark & Chris on the air and today was no exception.  Today the show featured their Pot Belly Pumpkin Ale (available at Kelsey’s in Ashley).  I hope to be tasting this beer tonight actually at Elmer Sudds, but it sounded good.  The guys also discussed the reformulated I Love PA (another beer I hop to be trying this evening), the upcoming holiday Belsnickler Ale, and their work on the new 16-ton Imperial IPA to be released late winter/early spring.  Turns out there are two versions of the Belsnickler Belgian-ish ale, one darker than the other.  I’m not sure if they will each be bottled or if the guys intend to blend them before bottling.  Either way it sounds like we’re in for an interesting 8% ABV + holiday warmer and an exciting Imperial IPA in the spring.

Cheers Guys…..great show….and be sure to click on the photo.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

22 October 2009

Here’s another beer that I wasn’t aware of, and one I’m very curious to hear more about.  Gibbons Premium Quality Porter.



Lion Brewery – Vintage 2008 Holiday Warmer

21 October 2009

StegHolidayWarmer I’ve just heard from Leo…turns out Lion Brewery held and aged some of their 2008 Stegmaier Holiday Warmer for release this year.  Leo tells me there is a VERY limited quantity available at Kern Brothers in the Dallas Shopping Center (Rt 309 near Friendly’s).  If this isn’t good enough news, Leo tells me the price will be right around $20 a case!  I’ve spoken to several people, including Leo who all tell me it tastes fantastic….and at that price, it’s a steal.


Weyerbacher Harvest Ale – Plaza Beverage

WeyerbacherHarvest In Mid Sept Weyerbacher announced that their 2009 Harvest Ale had been shipped to NEPA.  After a few weeks passed, and none of our mybeerbuzz members were listing it as a new beer, I started asking around.  Turns out only about 45 cases made it to our area, and after a few weeks of asking (Thanks Charlie), Plaza Beverage was finally able to get a VERY limited quantity.  I’ve yet to taste this years, but I’m hearing it’s real good….and yes the photo is the hatch of my car.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

20 October 2009

Here’s a favorite label of mine coming to us from the 1940’s, Stegmaier’s Ale!



Breaker Brewing Belsnickler Bottles

imageI couldn’t resist the alliteration and an easy excuse to show you a peek of the 22oz bottles getting ready to be filled with Breaker Brewing Belsnickler.


2009 PA Flavor Event

 flavor_poster_v3[1]Ed from Troegs was nice enough to pass on some info about a unique beer-event coming up in our area.  The event is sponsored by the PA Brewers Guild and the PA Dept of Agriculture’s PA Preferred Program.  The program will feature a beer sampling from about 40 different PA brewers and food samples from about 60 different PA Preferred Program food producers and 20 different PA Preferred restaurants.  For the beer lovers it looks like we’ll see about 100 different beers from the likes of:

Troegs Brewing Company

Appalachian Brewing Company
Barley Creek Brewing Company
Boston Brewing Company
Church Brew Works
East End Brewing Company
Elk Creek Café & Ale Works
Erie Brewing Company
Lancaster Brewing Company
Marzoni's Brewing Co.
Otto's Pub and Brewery
Sly Fox Brewery & Eatery
Stoudt's Brewing Company
Red Star Brewing Company
Rivertowne Pourhouse
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery
Yuengling Brewing Company
Victory Brewing Company
Voodoo Brewing Company
Weyerbacher Brewing Company
Yards Brewing Company

The event will be held Sat Nov 14th 1-5PM @ The PA Farm Show Arena in Harrisburg.  For additional details clicky HERE.


Old Forge Brewing Co – Sept/Oct Newsletter

OFBCDamienMaria I’ve just heard from Damien & Maria @ Old Forge Brewing Co:

  • OFBC is holding a Pumpkin Fest Oct 29th-31st---pumpkin carving contest & Smashing Pumpkin Ale.
  • OFBC is planning their First Anniversary party for Dec 5th---Live Music, Beer & Food specials all day.  Stay tuned for more info.
  • Looks like Damien & Marie attended the GABF in Denver….see the photo!


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

18 October 2009

I know we just mentioned Lieb, but why not do it again, especially if it’s a different label. Liebotschaner Select Beer! This one comes to us from the 1960’s.



AuRants – Congratulations & Thank You

17 October 2009

AurantsLogoFinal I just wanted to put out a quick post to say congratulations to everyone at AuRants. We stopped in to visit last night on a very busy Friday night at the end of a very busy grand opening week…and we had a great time. Despite their recent loss, the family @ AuRants have worked very hard to make the business a success and they certainly deserve our congratulations and support. Congratulations to Dave, Chris, Teddy, Allison (my appendicitis pal), Matt and all of the members of the AuRants family…and my thank you to Terry (three incredible beers last night!), Darel, Kellie, Tom, Jason, Steve, Donna, Deuane (nice to finally meet you), Kevin (can’t wait to try the Scratch # 22), Joe, Paul, Jim, John (who would have thought someone else grew up on Shaver Ave!), Sean, Nicole and everyone else who made it an evening of good food, amazing brews and wonderful beer company. My apologies if I missed (or forgot) any names. Cheers to everyone…


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

16 October 2009

I just checked and we’ve been doing the Lion Brewery label fun for over a month…so why not revisit our favorite professor.  Today’s label is Bartel’s Porter…with reputation old.



AuRants – Firkin Friday

AuRantsDuchessJ ust a reminder that tonight (10/16) is Firkin Friday at AuRants, featuring a special flemish red by Terry from Bullfrog called Duchessse de Duryea.  See you there!


Shawnee Craft – Saison du Pump

Just thought you’d want a peek at what Leo is calling Saison du Pump Pumpkin Ale.  This will be a VERY limited release for the Gem & Keystone opening on 10/22.  Below we see the roasted pumpkin (what Leo is calling the magical ingredient) and the brew foaming out of the wooden cask.  Looks yummy Leo!

ShawneeCraftPump ShawneeBarrel


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Carbondale Brew Fest

DSC07461Given the chaos that is my Friday, today’s post will be brief.  Fortunately the show was fairly brief so it won’t be hard.  Our guest today was mayor of Carbondale, Justin Taylor.  The city of Carbondal will be hosting The Pioneer City Fall Brew fest tomorrow (10/17) near City Hall on Main St in, you guessed it, Carbondale.  I believe the mayor said there will be about 19 different beers to try, samples will be served in 5-ounce plastic pilsner glasses that are included with the price of admission ($15).  Tickets are still available and there will be food, and the schnutzengiggles (no way I spelled that right) will be providing the music.

Details can be found @


Breaker Brewing Co – Belsnickler & News

15 October 2009

Breakerbelsnickler-v3 From Chris @ Breaker Brewing:

Our Pumpkin has been selling well and is on tap at a variety of our bars.  Coopers Scranton an AuRants will both soon be serving BBC Beer. Speaking of the Potbelly Pumpkin Ale it will be available next week during Backyard Ale House Fest.

We submitted our label for Belsnickler Ale to the TTB for approval in 22oz bottles.

The latest version of I-Love-PA came out I think where we wanted it to be...Grotto @ the lake just purchases 3 kegs of that, finally changing out the Anthracite Ale the has been running all summer.

Also we have been getting some requests to brew the Malty Maguire again so I believe we will be doing that before years end....

And it sounds to me like the guys maybe looking for some more real-estate (i.e. a building!)


Back Yard Ale House – Weekly Tastings & Events

BackYardAleHouseFall I’ve just heard from Tony @ Back Yard Ale House and he tells me:

  • Tonight (10/15) is their Victory beer event (free glasses & a fleece giveaway)
  • Backyard Ale house is going to have a weekly beer tasting event run by Billy Nasser.  Billy is going to select 5 breweries a week and do a 5 beer tasting for $5 dollars. 
    Next Tuesday's (10/20) breweries:
    1.  Bells
    2.  Two Brothers
    3.  Smutty Nose
    4.  Saranac
    5.  Schneider-Weisse
  • Back Yard Ale House Fall Festival will be 10/23, 10/24 & 10/25…one of the items they will be raffling off is a Split Rock Beer Fest Weekend Package for 2.  Hotel, Meals, Beer fest tics for sat and sun, and sat night pairing dinner..  Valued at $675


Rock Art Brewery Vermonster vs Monster

I’m not sure how many of us locally are following this story, but it’s getting pretty interesting.  Basically Monster energy drinks is suing Rock Art Brewery to force them to cease and desist selling their Vermonster barley wine.  Rock Art is likely to win, provided they have the funds to chase it through the courts…and those funds are pretty extensive.  In the end the court fight between a small brewery and a billion dollar corporation is likely to bankrupt Rock Art.  For now it seems that Matt is willing to fight his fight in the media, because he apparently has little financial choice, but is still unwilling to change the name of Vermonster.

So where do you come down on this issue NEPA?  Should he change the name and walk away or fight the fight and potentially lose lots of money and maybe the brewery in the process?  What would you do?  Do you or would you still drink Monster Energy drink after hearing the story?  Can we as consumers help?  Speak up NEPA….Comments please.

For those wanting more details clicky HERE to watch the YouTube video.


Plaza Beverage – Beer Haul

14 October 2009

PlazaBeerHailOct2009 With the arrival of a few new exciting beers, I decided to head up to visit Charlie @ Plaza Beverage and re-supply our beer-basement.  Here’s a little photo of the haul.  From bottom to top we have the Sierra Nevada Wet Hop Harvest Ale, Bells Two-Hearted Ale, Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye, and who could resist our local favorite, Stegmaier Porter in their new packaging.  Charlie has several cases of the Sierra Nevada Wet Hop Harvest that just came in and no, despite previous reports, Troegs Mad Elf has not arrived yet.  Stay tuned here for details on when it hits our area.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

Here’s one I remember from my childhood.  No not from drinking it but from seeing advertising everywhere.  I present to you Gibbons…or as it’s better know…G-I-B-B-O-N-S..pure refreshing Gibbons, that’s why Gibbon’s is good so next time you should say Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gibbons!



Grand Opening Tap List @ Shawnee Craft

Leo tells me for the grand opening on 10/22, they will have:

Pumpkin Saison- made w/142# of our organic garden grown pumpkins, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg (all organic)
ABV 6.4%, !0-15 IBU (difficult to calculate as the hops are aged).

Also (1) night only (10/22):
Our own Bier Blanche blended with heirloom variety blackberries. I purchased sets from the grower and all the berries he could spare, so we have precious few pins of this one.


Backyard Ale House – Victory Event

13 October 2009

I’m still awaiting details, but there is apparently going to be a Victory promotional event @ Back Yard Ale House on Thu 10/15.

Details:  8-10PM Keep the pint night and enter to win a Victory fleece jacket!


Shawnee Craft Brewing – Homegrown Pumpkin Ale

ShawneeCraftLogo From Laurie Monteforte (PA Home

SHAWNEE ON DELAWARE, MONROE COUNTY - ShawneeCraft Brewery is ready to introduce its new Pumpkin Ale. One early taster described it as "Autumn in a glass."

Brewmaster Leo Bongiorno said, "It's manufactured with pumpkins and pumpkin pie spice."

The pumpkins are grown at Shawnee, processed at Shawnee and served at Shawnee. Bongiorno said, "The pumpkins themselves were planted in late Spring here in our organic kitchen garden."

Brewing company manager Pete Kirkwood added, "We planted the seeds in the spring and watched the pumpkins grow and they were big, beautiful orange pumpkins."

Bongiorno chopped up about 140 pounds of pumpkin and cooked into a pale beer. He said, "It's more a celebration of the harvest than a production type beer."

Shawnee will sell he ale at the Gem and Keystone Restaurant beginning next Thursday, October 22. Beka Paulino got a sneak taste of the new brew. She said, "It's great." Then she added, "I think it's a great program that they're doing."

Shawnee expects to sell out of the Pumpkin Ale fast. The Bongiorno mixed up enough ale for just about 2,000 glasses.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

12 October 2009

A perennial favorite and a beer that promises to make a re-appearance very soon.  Liebotschaner Cream Ale.



AuRants – Grand Opening, Firkin Friday & Fall Beer Dinner

11 October 2009


Just a few exciting events to pass on from AuRants….can’t wait to try Terry’s firkin!

From Teddy:

  • wednesday october 14th is still the grand opening.  we'll be doing our normal wheats and wings specials with $2 Franziskanner drafts and 35 cent wings (dave's fusion style of course)

  • friday october 16th will be Firkin Friday!  Terry from Bullfrog will debut a beer.  it's a cask conditioned, 18 month old blend of 3 different oak barrels of flemish red ale, re-fermented w/ belgian dark candi sugar and a fresh dose of brett bruxellensis yeast.  we've named the beer duchesse de duryea!  we'll be tapping the firkin around 7pm!

  • Sunday November 15th will be our first annual fall beer dinner.  seats will be extremely limited.  approx 70 tickets only.  It will be a 4 course meal paired with 4 fall seasonal beers and a free aurants pilsner glass to keep with a printed date to mark the occasion.  A menu will be available soon.  Ticket price is $50. 


One Guy Brewing Oktoberfest – Berwick Brewing Co

10 October 2009

First and foremost let me just say the One Guy Brewing Oktoberfest was wonderful.  Fantastic brews, wonderful food and amazing company.  Hanging out with Chip, Mrs. Chip, Jason, Paul, Amy, Carmen, George, Mary, Kip, Rodger, Tom, Steve, Thomas and of course Guy was the highlight of the day.  Getting to taste some amazing 1G beers and to enjoy the secret Figaro was of course a lot of fun…BUT there is news from Berwick.  Consider this just a tease, and Guy promises me that he will send in details for everyone to read as soon as the Oktoberfest dust settles, but look at the photos.  Yes there’s a little multiple personality brewing going on here and yes this is early in the process…but after counting WAY more than 1 guy working behind the bar (perhaps as many as 9), I believe One Guy Brewing may also now be known as Berwick Brewing Co.  Turns out way back in the day there was a Berwick brewing Co that never worked out and the building is now a machine shop.  Flash forward to 2009 and One Guy Brewing may quietly be fulfilling the hopes and dreams of the original Berwick Brewing Co.  I present for you a few teaser photos and a few photos of the celebration, including Chip in his authentic German garb (Rockin’ the Lederhosen !!!), and the double-fisted Oktoberfest & Figaro glasses of Mrs. Beerbuzz.  Good news for everyone out there is that there there are still plenty of days left to enjoy the celebration.  Get your ass down to One Guy and celebrate Oktoberfest…and stay tuned for details on Berwick Brewing Co.

DSC07451 DSC07457
DSC07461 DSC07458


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

LionStegBockOldLabelThis will be the 3rd appearance of the Stegmaier Bock Beer, and this one appears to be an old one, even though it is just Stegmaier and not Stegmaier’s.



Troegs Mad Elf 2009 is Out!

09 October 2009

Hard to believe but the 22oz bombers are starting to show up in stores…TroegsMadElf

From Troegs:

Mad Elf Release Dates
The holidays are right around the corner and Mad Elf will start arriving at stores towards the end of October. Below are list of dates that packages will start to be shipped throughout our territory:
*October 1st: 22 ounce bottles
*October 12th: 12 ounce bottles (6pks)
*November 1st: Mad Elf Gift Pack (includes 1 22oz. bottle and chalice)
*November 10th: 101 ounce bottle
*December 1st: Kegs


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Victory Fest & One Guy Oktoberfest

OneGuyFestBreaker I’ll admit that fest beers aren't my favorites, but I’ll be the first to admit I love this time of year in the beer calendar.  The beers are getting darker, the festivals are in full swing and my favorite beers (winter & holiday ales) are almost ready.  Today’s beer of the week fits right into the fest theme…Victory Fest.  Fest is Victory’s current seasonal and a tasty little Marzen-style beverage.  I’m excited also to hear that on Rock 107’s thirsty Thursday show they actually gave away a case of Victory Fest.

The real excitement of the show today was of course the guys showing love for our local breweries, Breaker Brewing & Lion and also for One Guy Brewing and Guy’s Oktoberfest.  For those that missed the details, One Guy Brewing Oktoberfest is going on right now!  Opening night was last night and the festival runs 10/8 to 10/11 and 10/15 to 10/18.  Check out the page for details on the beers and food.  As proof I offer up a photo from opening night showing Chris & Mark from Breaker Brewing with Guy and Tom from One Guy Brewing.  Note the gravity fed keg of One Guy Oktoberfest and make note that we’ll be heading down to 1G Oktoberfest on Sat afternoon (10/10).  Cheers guys…great show and hope to see you @ One Guy Oktoberfest.


Old Forge Brewing Co - Oktoberfest

OFBCLogoOld Forge Brewing Company Oktoberfest Sat. Oct. 10th all day
tapping up the Ludwig's for Oktoberfest
Special Menu:
mustard encrusted roast pork served over braised cabbage with potato pancakes
beer braised brats with carmelized onions and braised cabbage
german potato soup
authentic german desserts
live music from 7-10...Polka Punch!


Lion Brewery – Label Fun

08 October 2009

LionStegPorterNewLabelHere’s a familiar friend and again one of my favorite Lion brews.  Stegmaier Porter.



New On Tap @ Bullfrog Brewery

From Terry:

New on tap @ the Bullfrog.....DOUBLE COFFEE STOUT. A burly stout with 12 pounds of freshly roasted, fair trade, organic Fonseca coffee (dark espresso roast) added directly to the serving tank and cold extracted for 2 days. The result....INSANITY, oh, and a rich dark ale with an oh so smooth coffee flavor and zing!


Sam Adams & Weihenstephan to Brew Together

07 October 2009

Samuel Adams Partners with World’s Oldest Brewery to Push the Boundaries of Traditional Beer Law -- New Beer Style Available Spring 2010Germany’s Weihenstephan Brewery and America’s leading craft brewery embark on mission to harness 1,000 years of collective brewing knowledge.

Freising, Germany (October 21, 2009) – Dr. Josef Schrädler, managing director of Germany’s Weihenstephan Brewery, and Jim Koch, brewer and founder of Samuel Adams, announced today their partnership and plans to unveil a new style of collaboratively brewed beer next spring.  Weihenstephan is the world’s oldest brewery, founded by Benedictine monks in 1040.  The brewery is the guardian of a centuries-old beer purity law called the Reinheitsgebot and it has brewed according to this law since its beginning.  Every batch of Weihenstephan’s beer is evaluated by a panel of experts for color, aroma, froth consistency and flavor.  Founded in 1984, Samuel Adams is an American craft beer pioneer.  The brewery’s original style, Samuel Adams Boston Lager®, helped spark the American Craft Beer Revolution by leading a return to flavorful beer brewed in small batches. While keeping an eye on tradition, the Samuel Adams brewers continue to innovate and explore boundary-pushing beer styles and brewing techniques. Both breweries share great passion for the art and science of brewing and pride themselves on using only the highest quality ingredients to produce award-winning, world-class beers.

“The Weihenstephan Brewery is a mecca for brewers and people around the world who are passionate about beer and brewing. No brewer can stand at the site of this brewery without feeling a sense of reverence for what has been done here,” said Jim Koch, founder and brewer of Samuel Adams® beers. “It is a great honor to work together on this mission to explore the limits of the Reinheitsgebot and to brew a beer that represents the platinum standard in the art of brewing.”
“This journey we’ve embarked on with Samuel Adams is unprecedented in the beer world,” says Dr. Josef Schrädler, managing director, Weihenstephan.  “We are making history with Jim and his team of brewers; turning our traditional brewing techniques on their head will result in an innovative beer that is ground breaking, delicious and unique." 

Working in tandem for almost two years, the brewers from Samuel Adams and Weihenstephan are perfecting an innovative beer style that explores new brewing techniques within the boundaries of beer law.  Their yet-to-be-named crisp, pale brew is slated to debut in the United States and Germany next spring in cork-finished bottles.  This effervescent, Champagne-like beer will weigh in at more than 10 percent alcohol by volume, yet remain very dry and crisp, shattering the preconceived notions of what can be done following the Reinheitsgebot Law. 

The Weihenstephan/Samuel Adams beer marries new thinking from the world of American “extreme beer” with tradition and respect for the Reinheitsgebot, a German beer purity law that dates back to 1516 and states that all beer must be brewed using only the four ingredients: malt, hops, water, and yeast.  By tapping 1000 years of brewing knowledge and coupling it with American innovation, the brewers at Samuel Adams and Weihenstephan will brew a complex, higher alcohol beer of distinction with only the four classic ingredients.  This new beer will be ready to share with beer aficionados throughout the world in the spring of 2010.


AuRants – Menu via Photos

I’m excited to see that Dave is back up to speed in the kitchen at AuRants and I thought I’d share a few creations.  In order we have

1) the vegan velocity - a customized creation consisting of blackened asian tofu over thai chili sauce and marinated mushrooms and onions over a vegan cucumber sauce

2) smoked gouda mac & cheese and asian apple cabbage slaw

Yes I chose to show off the vegetarian-friendly dishes…but hey…it’s MY blog right?

AurantsMenu1 Aurants Menu2


FTC Cracks Down on Bloggers

Wow check out the new rules from the Federal Trade Commission for bloggers….I guess I should say the old rules that they say they’re now going to actually enforce.  Guess it’s a good thing I DON’T REVIEW BEERS….oh yea and a good thing that nobody sends me free beer anyway.

Clicky HERE for a little light reading.


One Guy Oktoberfest – Beer & Food Menu

OneGuyLogoBig For those that have asked I’ve just heard from Guy.  For Oktoberfest the beers will be:

Berwick Lager
Wheat Beer
Oktoberfest (from a Gravity Keg)

Food will be Bratwurst (Guy just drove 220 miles round trip to pick up what he considers the best brats in the US),
Roast Pork sandwiches
Potato Salad
Pizza, Extra Cheese or Pepperoni by the slice or whole pie

All subject to change


mybeerbuzz – NEPA Beer Calendar

06 October 2009

MybeerbuzzCalendar You’ve been asking and I’ve been working on it…and now I present for you the beta version of the NEPA Beer Calendar. Scroll down and you’ll see the calendar of beer-related-only events in NEPA and surrounding communities. I’m limited on size and space so I apologize if you have to zoom in to see what you want to see, and this is a work in progress so stay tuned. You can view the Month, Week and Agenda although you’ll see the Agenda View tab is barely visible on the right hand side. (See photo above). You will find the Agenda View VERY useful.

Please e-Mail in events and I’ll be happy to add them. All I ask is that they be beer-related events and preferably NEPA or surrounding/related beer communities.

UPDATE: If you are having problems viewing the calendar please let me know. I'm finding some platforms that may not work correctly.


WILK Friday BeerBuzz

2016 NEPA BlogCon Winner

2016 NEPA BlogCon Winner

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