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15 September 2009

SabcoI just heard from Leo, and he tells me Lion Brewery just purchased a 1bbl Sabco system.  The system will be used for brewing test batches and one-off brews.  For those unfamiliar, the Sabco system is used and endorsed by Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head.  DFH uses it to test many of their brews before they go into large scale brewing.  This is very exciting news for local craft beer lovers, and I think it adds considerable flexibility for Lion allowing them to experiment and create some interesting and potentially small-batch beers.  CHeers guys…please keep us up to date.

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sam k,  16 September, 2009 08:57  

NICE! Lots of potential across the tracks there in W-B if it's pursued judiciously.

I've got my fingers crossed!

sam k,  16 September, 2009 08:59  

MBB, on second glance, that thing looks like a keg washer. Is it the actual brewing system?

mybeerbuzz,  16 September, 2009 10:02  

You bet it is a brewing system...perhaps one of the best in my semi-educated opinion. Be sure to check out and watch Sam Calagione's video about how they use it. It's supposed to be one of the best AND most consistent brew systems you can buy.

sam k,  16 September, 2009 13:53  

Lots of info on their site. Pretty interesting setup. Their specifications claim this to be a 1/2 bbl system, though.

My question (and I don't expect MBB to have the answer in his head): how is the "perfect" brewing method achieved by the Sabco replicated in a commercial brewery where there are inherently more variables encountered?

mybeerbuzz,  16 September, 2009 14:06  

I saw the contract brewing portion of the site finally launched but I haven't details of the sabco system on there yet. Leo tells me it's a 1bbl system which is consistent with what I had read about it. I'll let the experts answer, but in my research, the reason many brewers choose the Sabco system for test batches is because of it's ability to replicate larger scale brewing practices. I suspect it will be not an exact science, but a test method that will put you pretty close to where you can adjust to spec in the large scale process.

Darel Matthews,  16 September, 2009 20:22  

It's not a 1 bbl system, the system size is limited by the mash tun. Max is probably about 1/2 bbl of beer - you can fit up to about 25# of grain, if you're doing an English Barleywine this is about seven ounces of beer. Something lighter, English Bitter perhaps, or Berliner Weisse, and you can quite easliy squeeze 15 gallons of beer out of a batch.

And may I say that Sam's Sabco is a Model T compared to our hot rod...

mybeerbuzz,  16 September, 2009 20:50  

Thanks Darel...can't wait to check out the hot rod....I still have one EBW of your's left and believe me 7-ounces may be the perfect size.

stingo 17 September, 2009 22:03  

I'm guessing this leads to more experimentation at the Lion. Always a good thing. By the way, I'm assuming the Lion crew reads this website - just wanted to say, very nice job with the Midsummer White and the Oktoberfest. I had a bottle of each tonight and very much enjoyed both. Keep up the great work.

mybeerbuzz,  18 September, 2009 07:58  

Yes the guys from Lion do participate (Thanks Leo, Darel & Bob) and I'd agree...this year's O'Fest is very tasty.

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