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22 September 2009

This one is fairly unique, and another one (like the 1/2 label of my earlier post) that I had not even heard of…Trupert American Pilsner Beer!  Anyone know any details of this one?


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sam k,  22 September, 2009 15:58  

Should I wait for someone else to start this thread? I'm taking up a lot of space here!

mybeerbuzz,  22 September, 2009 16:08  

Sam..PLEASE do start. You're not taking up have wonderful insight on these labels and the history of brewing in our area. If I was able to get you to write a book in our comments I'd welcome it. Never hesitate to comment...

sam k,  22 September, 2009 20:41  

All I know is that it was a contract-brewed product commemorating Trupert Ortlieb, the patriarch of the Ortlieb clan who served in the Civil War, as outlined on the label. I assume maybe Henry Ortlieb had something to do with its development prior to his opening Poor Henry's in Philly.

The only case I ever bought was maybe in the late 80s at a bargain-basement price, probably to get rid of excess stocks, which would imply it didn't meet sales expectations. As I recall, it was OK at best.

What intrigues me with this example is the government warning on the label. Not sure that warning was required at the time I got mine, which might mean that it was brewed for a longer period than I would have guessed.

Pure speculation.

mybeerbuzz,  23 September, 2009 07:45  

Thanks Sam....that's great info. You'd be surprised how little info there is out there on the internet about many of these beers so you're an invaluable resource. I think there's a book in there somewhere for you Sam....

sam k,  23 September, 2009 08:40  

Yeah, old drunk dredges up useless trivial beer memories. It'll sell a million copies! I think I'll stick with the occasional My Beer Buzz entry.

Thanks for the kudos, though!

mybeerbuzz,  23 September, 2009 08:46  

I'd bet there's an audience interested in reading it and that finds it far from useless...

Anonymous,  23 September, 2009 16:21  

seriously! someone should write a book on the Lion's history/products/breweriana.

Lee Botschaner,  24 September, 2009 13:17  

I remember this one by name but not by label. I was around college age when Sam says this one was out and I really dont remember if I tried it. I used to give just about every lion product (except the lights) a try, anyone remember otto's oat bran? Not sure if the association with Ortliebs would have turned me on or off to it back then. On I suppose. Some of these brands you waited on thinking they would be around for a while and there would be a "push" behind them but then they disappeared...

mybeerbuzz,  19 December, 2009 09:42  

This just in from JessKidden:

Oh, BTW, "Truppert" was Joe Ortlieb's first entry into the craft beer world after selling out to C. Schmidt's (Truppert was the first name of the Ortlieb who founded the brewery)- mid-1980's? It was a similar beer to the contract-brewed Manhattan Gold (NYC's first brewpub

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