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04 September 2009


Here’s a little tidbit that I had never seen before.  Check out the Lion Brewery label and be sure to read why it’s named “Half.”  Interesting huh?

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sam k,  04 September, 2009 10:49  

Very interesting! I've never seen that one, either. I assume this is from the 80s, when breweries were trying to come up with the next "light beer phenomenon." Hudepohl in Cincinnati was the first in this low-alcohol genre, with a product called Pace.

Kind of bizarre, comparing yourself to the 500 pound gorilla right on the label.

mybeerbuzz,  04 September, 2009 11:01  

Very funny isn't it....and saying half the alcohol meant to be a good thing...not half the calories or anything like that. Hopefully Leo will know more when he sees this. in "Pace yourself?"

Lee Botschaner,  04 September, 2009 13:58  

This one escaped me too, and I'm a devotee of all of the Lion's historical brews: like Otto's oat bran beer, esslinger, peter pipin' porter, neuweiler, etc.

Although I am not a fan of light beer and in the 80's the low alcohol boast would have had a negative impact on me!

mybeerbuzz,  04 September, 2009 14:19  

Me too...more alcohol please...

leoorl44 05 September, 2009 11:24  

Wow! This one escapes me. I will have to do some research on this one.

mybeerbuzz,  05 September, 2009 13:25  

Thanks Leo..I was hoping you'd check it out...

sam k,  05 September, 2009 17:18  

The Lion also made classics that were very early attempts at some of these weird categories: Red Baron cherry-flavored beer, Sting Ray clear malt (the first clear alcohol malt beverage, beating even the much-loved [ha, ha] Zima), and Calvin Coolers, among the first flavored malt-based coolers.

Great beer trivia from this brewery!

mybeerbuzz,  05 September, 2009 18:54  

Thanks Sam...interesting isn;t it. I think this particular label seems to have generated some real interest.

leoorl44 06 September, 2009 10:03  

I remember all of the brews that Sam mentioned. Red Baron Cherry Beer. Sting Ray (in Rum and Gin and Tonic) flavors. I remember physically making all of those brews. Right before I started they actually made Kuhn's Cooler, which was straight up malt base for the holidays!. We also did all the Hope Beers. I remember doing Hope Red Rooster Ale, with dry ale yeast( my first experience with an ale), the brewmaster pitched the dry yeast into the old open wooden fermenters that we had at the time. When I came in the next morning to check on the brew, I opened up the cellar door and the their was at least a foot of foam all over the floor!!! Lots of stories to tell over my 21 year work history with the Lion.

mybeerbuzz,  06 September, 2009 10:38  

Gosh I'm amazed at all of the brews that have come out of Lion over the years. Funny how we think the craft beer revolution "started" the unique and crazy beer fact it looks like experimentation has been going on for years. I'd love to hear more and I think you have some great stories to tell Leo. Someday, perhaps if time allows we can get you to write some down for us to read. I for one am fastinated by the history of Lion and all of the interesting beverages (and stories) that have gone on there.

Anonymous,  08 September, 2009 20:26  

yeah leo, this site has lots of Lion should start your OWN blog!

sam k,  16 September, 2009 13:56  

Don't forget Otto's Oat Bran Beer!!!

mybeerbuzz,  16 September, 2009 14:07  

I've been looking for details on that beer and haven't seen much yet...any details Sam??

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