Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Cold Springs Honey Almond Weiss

04 September 2009

WebsterCan I’ll start today’s post by saying something I rarely ever say.  Today’s beer of the day is not only a beer I’ve never tried, but a brewery I’ve never even heard of.  Who knew Minnesota had a brewery called Cold Springs, let alone a beer called Honey Almond Weiss.  Sounds interesting to me, but as a lager, I’m not really sure how this one would taste to my non-lager-liking taste buds.  In any case interesting choice guys.

Today’s show made me a little envious.  Not of the beer but of Chip’s upcoming trip to Munich for Oktoberfest.  One of these years, I’ll try it out for myself, but it certainly sounds like a lot of work, a lot of expense BUT a lot of fun.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the highlight of the show.  No I’m not talking about the Rock 107 small-town tour visiting beautiful Harvey’s Lake, I’m talking about Chip’s zinger of the day.  I’m pretty sure the rating of the show went from PG-13 to R when John said he’d take it “when” he can and Chip repeated that John takes it “in the can.”  It was hilarious guys and certainly a blush that I was able to hear over the radio.

Good stuff as always….Cheers and enjoy Oktoberfest.

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August Schell,  04 September, 2009 08:54  

Never heard of it? Brewery has been around since 1874! tsk tsk. In all fairness, it isnt usually distributed in these parts but fact is it is kind of like the Lion of Minnesota, with my own brewery being the older, more known Yuengling.

Took their Gluek Bock to a camping trip a few years back and it was the surprise of the trip, everyone liked it, a bock in a can...

mybeerbuzz,  04 September, 2009 09:05  

Thanks August....I'll take my deserved tsk's just one I've never crossed paths with...I'll be watching for it in our area...I suspec Joe has it up at Krugel's so I'll check that out also. No August Schell's I have heard of and I've actually tried your Snow Storm from last year...very nice beer. Are youa ssociated with the brewery??

August Schell,  04 September, 2009 11:18  

Yes, I am associated with it. I founded the brewery!

My Schmaltz's alt is quite good as well... and Schmaltzy was quite the character.

Glad you enjoyed the Snow storm, that's a relatively newbie that they came up with.

mybeerbuzz,  04 September, 2009 13:00  

Thank you August. I never know if someone is using a name and is a fan of the brewery or is REALLY that person. Welcome and thanks for joining us. I like a good Alt so I'll watch for yours. Do your need get distributed in our area? The one I had was not consumed locally and I don;t think I've seen it here before. SO who was Schmaltzy?

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