Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 – Yards Brawler

14 August 2009

YardsBrawler In today’s show we lamented the end of summer and the end of summer beers…BUT…since I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow, my summer is still going strong!  It’s sad how every year someone hit’s the summer-gas-pedal on July 4th and we speed full tilt into the fall, but much less sad since I’m going on vacation tomorrow!  Spring amber ales and bocks give way to more hopeful summer seasonal beers that bring to mind thoughts of swimming pools and decks and suddenly the fall ‘Fest beers are upon us…but who cares since I’m going on vacation tomorrow and I’m taking all of the above beers with me!

OK enough vacation gloating, and on to the show.  Today’s beer of the week was Yards Brawler, a malty little session beer from one of Philly’s finest.  Today’s beer comes to us courtesy of our very own Krugel’s Georgetown Deli & Beer (Thanks Joe).  Having just polished off a case of Yard’s IPA myself (with the help of Mrs. Beerbuzz of course) I can’t tell you how nice it is to have Yards in our market.  Brawler clocks in at 4.2% ABV so it’s a great session beer and given Yards Brewing’s proximity to us, you’re likely to find it fresh.

I do have one disagreement with Chip this week.  Chip said that, “he sometimes finds himself after 8-beers a little inebriated if he’s drinking a stronger beer.”  I beg to differ.  After 8-beers, I don’t find myself, someone else usually finds ME….but what do I care because I’m going on vacation tomorrow!

Cheers guys….funny show.  I’ll be thinking about you when I’m drinking my non-session beers on the beach tomorrow!  Speaking of which, here’s a little vacation photo peek from a previous year at the shore.  Any of you recognize the beer??  Comment in if you’ve had it or recognize it.


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stingo 14 August, 2009 10:11  

Darn, when I saw Yards I thought I was ahead of the curve in that I bought a sixpack of their Pale Ale at Wegmans this week. Still, good to see them getting some press.

In a somewhat related note, I'm hoping Philadelphia BC products find their way here too.

mybeerbuzz,  14 August, 2009 10:23  

I think it's only a mater of time before PBC arrives up here. We really enjoyed the Yards much so the case only lasted a week ro so.

Anonymous,  14 August, 2009 20:02  

I actually just picked up a case of Yards IPA a few days ago on my way through Allentown. Really good stuff. While I do enjoy the hop monsters, there's something about an IPA with a nice malt backbone that just tastes right. Buzz where have you been able to get your hands on it by the case up our way? I've seen the sixers but not cases 'round these parts. Location and varieties if you please.

mybeerbuzz,  15 August, 2009 22:41  

I believe Mrs. Beerbuzz picked up our case of yards IPA @ Pikes Creek beverage

mybeerbuzz,  24 August, 2009 14:46 one has had Rogue Hohe Wuster?!!!

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