One Guy Brewing – 20lbs of Raspberries !

27 July 2009

I spoke with Guy Friday night, and he tells me he has 20lbs of raspberries that he plans to use in a new beer….AND…he wants our suggestions. SO what should he brew?! OK readers….here’s our chance to suggest a beer to Guy. Be realistic, but let’s talk Raspberries. Guy plans to brew 1-barrel only….What should Guy brew with 20lbs of Raspberries? PLEASE COMMENT!!!!

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Anonymous,  27 July, 2009 22:23  

A rasberry chocolate stout. it would probably be ready right around the time it's getting cooler and if it's still hot out you can pour some over your ice cream..... I've always been fond of the combination of rasberry and dark bitter chocolate.

Anonymous,  28 July, 2009 07:45  

I'll go out on the wild side...what about a raspberry flavored IPA or Pale Ale Atomic punk Raspberry IPA

ClockworkOrange 28 July, 2009 08:12  

I agree with the above comments. A raspberry stout sounds good. An atomic raspberry punk sounds even better, kind of along the lines of the now retired Founders Rubaeus. Anything but another raspberry wheat beer. The market is saturated with those. Raspberry Punk FTW!

Anonymous,  28 July, 2009 08:22  

I second the raspberry chocolate stout idea. I always thought that Weyerbacher's Rasberry Imperial Stout would have been great with chocolate. Also, the combination of Young's double chocolate and Lindeman's Framboise is incredible.

sam k,  28 July, 2009 08:48  

Southern Tier does a Raspberry Porter, which sounded great, but had too much raspberry for me and not enough porter. I still think it would be a great combination, but that Raspberry IPA idea is pretty interesting...

Anonymous,  28 July, 2009 09:17  

Leave the fruit to the wine-o's and breakfast cereal

Jeffrey 28 July, 2009 09:47  

Yes! Please do a Raspberry Imperial Chocolate Stout. Guy's Imperial Stout was his masterpiece, IMHO. I REALLY enjoyed that one.

mybeerbuzz,  28 July, 2009 13:23  

Lots of interesting ideas. I'd agree that some of the Raspberry Porters I've tried haven't balanced well. I'll also admit I was expecting the Chocolate Raspberry Stout and Raspberry-IPA. I'm a sweet stout lover, so that sounds good, and as much as I'd say that IPA's play better with sweet than tart; I'm curious how that would taste. I'm also a huge fan of anything Guy adds to his wheat and I know that would be good as well. I guess my vote would be for a Guy Hagner interpretation of a raspberry brew. My initial thought was for some sort of Raspberry ESB...hasn't been done, should be a complimentary taste and sounded interesting....but then it hit me. With Fall on the horizon I started thinking what about Guys first beer?? Why not a Dark Lager with Raspberries. Consider my vote for One Guy ONE-Dark-Lager with Raspberries.

Anonymous,  28 July, 2009 13:27  

From Dev71 via Twitter Raspberry Porter

Anonymous,  28 July, 2009 17:55  

ill go with raspberry atomic punk or an imperial raspberry porter

stingo 28 July, 2009 18:07  

Ommegang did really well with Three Philosophers, so maybe brewing one raspberry flavored beer and a totally new beer and blending them... like a raspberry lambic-weizenbock, or a bourbon barrel aged imperial stout/raspberry chocolate stout etc...

mybeerbuzz,  28 July, 2009 19:11  

I like the 3-philosophers style idea also.

Anonymous,  30 July, 2009 10:51  

What no suggestions for a Raspberry Lager or Pils? Vote for that!

Anonymous,  31 July, 2009 14:32  

I'm with mybeerbuzz Dark Raspberry Lager!

Mrs Mybeerbuzz,  01 August, 2009 11:03  

How about a framboise-type of beer...something crisp!

Steve 10 August, 2009 14:19  

I'd throw my vote in for a Raspberry Saison.

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