Philly Beer Day - The Movie

25 March 2009

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tazio 25 March, 2009 11:28  

Thanks! Very nice. And an inspiration on multiple levels.

mybeerbuzz,  25 March, 2009 12:50 was fun to build the movie (and perhaps more fun to film)...

stingo 25 March, 2009 13:16  

Looks like a good time for sure. I'd also add that just around the corner from Eulogy and Triumph is the City Tavern, where Yards' historical brews can be had on tap. A bit pricey, but worth it in my opinion.

I had to laugh when I saw the Irish Pub. I've been there many times over the years and have really enjoyed its food and its beer. They actually have a stout brewed for them now - no idea by whom (or at least they did when I last darkened their door. But you're right, I can easily think of 4 or 5 other Irish inflected establishments in Center City. How many days is it til Easter?

mybeerbuzz,  25 March, 2009 14:06  

We ran out of time more than options, but I debated City tavern...we easily could have spent most of the day in any one of the places we visited and had a great're a better man than me (How long 'til Easter?)

tazio 25 March, 2009 15:41  

Khyber is close to Triumph as well and they had a decent selection of craft beer when I was in during a pub crawl day not too long ago. The back bar is a delight too, if you're into old bars.

I thought the bartop in Triumph was way too high! Or was the stool way too low? Or was it just me? But the beer was great.

I've never been to Eulogy and Monk's--I may be a bit low-brow for those sorts of places. They do seem interesting based on this report though. Maybe next time.

Oh! Does anyone know of craft beer places in Philly with good happy hours? I'm always on the lookout for a good deal!

stingo 25 March, 2009 15:56  

18... not that I'm counting or anything...

mybeerbuzz,  25 March, 2009 20:54  

We didn't hit Khyber this trip...and we sat outside @ Triumph so not sure about the bar height. You SHOULD go to Eulogy & Monks....there's no-brow-limit at either believe me. Neither is cheap but neither is super-expensive.

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