Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Genesee Bock

Today we featured the three P's of beer. Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Pizza. Now I know this may sound like a dollar store pack of lip gloss or exotic massage oils but it's not. I also know the quantity-beer lovers are thinking a whole different thing when I say three P's, and it has a lot to do with breaking the seal or running behind a tree...but again it's not.

Apparently even without his beer-luggage, Chip managed to smuggle back a bottle of Mama-Mia's Pizza beer from the exotic port of Pittsburgh, a bottle of Voodoo Love Child (with Passion Fruit) from Meadeville, and in his belly, a Pineapple beer from Monroeville. It was of course very entertaining to hear the chatter, especially Ruthie's cry of foul at the Pizza Beer. Now I've had a Love Child, and even a pineapple lambic....but not Pizza Beer so without having tried it, my knee-jerk reaction would be the same as Ruthie's...That's Just Wrong.

When we hit the beer of the day I thought to myself we just went from three P's to a fourth when I heard Genesee. As John said, most of my high school...uh...wait make that...uh....College...uh...maybe like later in College would be better....(damn lawyers)..well in any memories of Genesee going back to when I was legally allowed to drink it...all involved hiding the Genesee and running into the woods. It was cheap, available and easy to run with...all the things I wanted in a beer. Of course back then you couldn't leave any evidence, so genny was consumed in full case quantities, so I remember very little about the flavor, at least not when it went down the first time.....BUT...

Genesee Bock is not a bad beer. I've tasted this little guy and I'd have to agree with the boys that it's an easy drinking bock beer. I'd have to disagree with the guys that I actually LIKE the label...but then again I'm a big fan of green. I probably wouldn't buy a case of Genny Bock, and it certainly would not be my first choice if I were choosing a bock...but it's not a bad brew, especially for the price.

To end, I just wanted to thank John for passing on the info about the Stegmaier experimental Oak Aged Holiday Warmer to his listeners. For anyone that didn't see it yet, the last keg of the season is on tap at the Anthracite Cafe. For anyone that hasn't tasted this's a great little oak aged warmer from the wonderful brewing staff at Lion...but more importantly it's a wonderful gesture from Lion as they move toward more and more interesting craft beer offerings.

Cheers, Happy Spring and may your eggs all stand on their ends today...

Clicky HERE to listen to the podcast--Choose Genesee Bock and be sure to listen to the last 10 seconds of the show ;)

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  1. Lee Botschaner20 March, 2009 14:29

    I dig Genny bock, and their cream ale as well. Not as much as liebotschaner but there is room for both.

    Can you get genesee bock up there in the northeast? I have never seen it for sale in Pennsylvania.

    Oh, for what it's worth, i LOVE the label. How can you NOT?

  2. Klaus Kernanski20 March, 2009 14:31

    Do you know where one can pick up a case of Genny Bock in Central Pa?

  3. Genny was big n our area when I was "younger..." Not so much now...but I agree the label is great.

    Klaus...I don't know off hand but I'll check and see what I can find out...perhaps some of my central PA readers will chime in also... but perhaps Pletchers or Nittany Beverage??

  4. I think I mentioned this morning, the last time I remember drinking Genny had to be a firemen's picnic twenty years ago. Before that I gotta say, oh, 1978, Genny Cream Ale, $6 a case and the scenery involved a dirt road and red ash hills dumped as part of a mine fire reclamation project that shielded us from view of the houses 3/4 mile away. As long as we didn't turn up the 8 track too loud we were good to go.

    Still, the Genny Bock is, as we all seem to agree, a decent beer. The label design, decidedly retro so it has that charm. The thing sure is green!

  5. Sad to say but we chose beer based on price and it's ability to be hidden or it's ability to be "run with." Of couse in '78 I'd be a high school junior and not exposed to beer in any way...funny now to think about driving to the end of a dirt road and then dragging a case of beer back into the woods and sitting quietly (at least for the first few) drinking it. Times change I guess. Remeber Schlitz, Gibbons, Steg, Natural Bohemian (Natty Bo) or Rolling Rock hand Grenades?

    I do like the Genny Bock label...


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