Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Stegmaier Bock

20 February 2009

Lets just get it out of the way right up front, since there's no way I'll get through even two sentences without a toot of the horn. It was VERY exciting to hear mentioned in today's Chip the Beer Guy show, and I thank Leo, John, Chip, Ruthie and the rest of the guys for mentioning our beloved local beer blog. I do this for the love of the beer and it's very exciting to see other people motivated by the same passion. An early Cheers and thank you to Lion Brewery, Rock107, Chip the Beer Guy, and our local beer community.

So on to the show....I was equally excited to hear the star of the show today would be Leo Orlandini from Lion Brewery. Leo hasn't been on the show in a while, and during that time I've been lucky enough to meet and get to know Leo. For those that don't know, Leo is not only a wonderful brewer and businessman, but also a lover of all beers (and a 1st class gentleman too). Leo, Bob , Darel and the rest of the Lion team have actively been reaching out to our local beer community, and I think this is a testament to their commitment to being our hometown brewery. A second cheers to our hometown brewery.

The show featured Stegmaier's Brewhouse Bock and it was fun to hear the bock beer myths and facts. No it's not the "bottom of the barrel before it gets cleaned" beer, but it is a very tasty high malt beer. As Leo put it, "the Bock style is a high malt beer with no hop aroma and just enough bittering hops to balance the sweetness of the malts." Keep this in mind as you try the Steg Bock and you'll like it even more. It was also fun to hear many of the contract brews that Lion does, including Lancaster, Penn Brewing, Southampton, Legacy, McSorley's, the new state-by-state Hometown Lager series and who could forget Bad Monkey (formerly called Butt Monkey Beer). Sounds like the Lion is doing well and I'm excited to see what the guys will be brewing next. Also a belated congratulations to Lion for being recognized by "Packaging Digest" for the new Lionshead lion-claw 6-pack carrier. I think the new/retro packaging looks great, so it's nice to see the packaging industry agrees.

Now I know what you're saying.....Why all the "warm and fuzzy?"...Where's the humor in today's post?...Where's the "poppy the toppy" and "blurry webcam" humor?...Where are the "schnitzengiggles" jokes?...Where's the sarcasm?...Where are the witty jabs? Well I'm actually feeling so honored by the plug that there simply aren't any jokes today (but do tune in next week).

John tells me the podcast of today's show will be up on-line later today so be sure to check it out and play it over and over and over again (like I'll be doing later today). Clicky HERE to listen.

Cheers and thank you to everyone on today's show for your support of mybeerbuzz, but more importantly for your support of our local beer loving community.

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Anonymous,  20 February, 2009 09:51  

Congrats to mybeerbuzz for getting deserved publicity. My beer friends all heard the show too

chris,  20 February, 2009 14:45  

whoo hoo keep up the good Work!!

---Guy,  21 February, 2009 21:53  

Congrats Bil! Thanks for doing such a great job.

mybeerbuzz,  21 February, 2009 23:04  

Thanks Guy...

Cody Ace 22 February, 2009 22:52  

Awesome stuff!

I picked up a 6 pack of Steg Bock from Mr Z's in Tannersville (checked it out for the heck of it, they have some ok stuff)....yummy stuff! Had my first one before EBF, and look forward to the rest of them this week :D


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