Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Penn Brewing vs Cave Creek

30 January 2009

Today's show came to us from the Rock 107 Super Bowl Tailgate Party @ Garrity's. In true super bowl style, Chip decided to stage the epic beer battle between Arizona Beers and Pittsburgh Beers. Granted from the start this certainly favors P'Burgh and could only be more biased if we decided to compare Arizona canyons vs Pittsburgh's canyons. So guess who won....well lets not jump the gun without talking about the beers.

Starting lineup for Arizona: Crazy Ed's Cave Creek Chili Beer (complete with a Serrano pepper in each bottle), a beer so hot that even their website crashes when you try to load up the chili beer page. Also a beer so hot that even the tiny 1-ounce pour that Chip did was too much for everyone except John. I believe John said it was the only beer that made him more thirsty the more he drank.

Starting lineup for Pittsburgh: Penn brewing Penn Dark (Dark Lager), Penn Gold (Helles Lager), and Penn Weizenbock (Wheat Bock). Now not only were the Arizona beer fans outnumbered 3 to 1, but we also had a great local connection. As I stated many times in my blogs, Penn Brewing beers are now contract brewed out of our own local Lion Brewery. A winning combination that's hard to beat.

As much as my sentimental winner of the day had to be John's "Crowd Pleasin' Chart Toppin' Hot Potato Salad", my favorite part of the show was hearing the Lion get some good publicity and some great compliments for their work in contract brewing the Penn Brewing beers.

Cheers and congratulations to Lion & Pittsburgh for winning the first annual Chip the Beer Guy super-biased super-bowl beer challenge.

Great show as usual guys....and please report back on who ate the pepper at the bottom of the Cave Creek bottle.

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ClockworkOrange 30 January, 2009 11:46  

But, Cave Creek is made in Tecate, Mexico not AZ...

stingo 30 January, 2009 12:54  

Dang, talk about no contest. I love Penn Brewery's beer, and I've actually had the Crazy Ed's too. Stay with Penn. Definitely.

sam k,  30 January, 2009 13:08  

How can you even begin to talk about Pittsburgh beers without bringing along some "Iron?"

mybeerbuzz,  30 January, 2009 13:37  

Or East End.....or the Church breworks...

Agreed....P'burgh wins the beer-bowl.

John 03 February, 2009 16:06  

Didn't have the chance in the middle of a supermarket with another hour and a half to go on the radio but I'd love to get to the bottom of a bottle of Cave Creek just to see if I really wanted another or if a whole bottle of it would change my mind.

mybeerbuzz,  03 February, 2009 16:10  

Hi John....very funny show....Even really good beer does a number on my gastro-region...but with bad beer...god bless your plumbing...especially with a pepper at the bottom. I like spicy...but maybe not in my beer. Please do report back if you get to the bottom of one.

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