Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Leinenkugels 1888 Bock

23 January 2009

So who knew last week's Chip show was an encore performance? Apparently Chip declared his own 2-hour delay and the real show ran on Monday....again who knew? On today's show (which I don't THINK was a repeat) the guys (and Ruthie) talked about the beer somalier, or cicerone as it's called in the beer world. This is a topic I wrote about a few months ago in my infamous "No readin' writin' or 'rithmetic...just drinking" post. My post was about a much lesser program, however now there's now an organization called that for a fee will declare you a Master Cicerone. Turns out it only costs $495 to be a beer expert. Silly me spending thousands of dollars drinking all sorts of great beers with no cicerone to show for it when I could have just spent $495 and been a true ninja-beer-master. Clearly the beer-force is not strong in me. As Master Yoda would say, "drink the beer you are too much skywalker."

Our beer of the day (or is it beer of the week), was Leinenkugel's 1888 Bock. Now I'll freely admit that Bocks (& Lagers in general) are not my cup of tea. I've found a few I genuinely like (thank you Berwick lager), but most are just not the sort of beer I chase. So imagine my shock when I hear that Ruthie appears to genuinely like the Bock! I'm not sure why I'm shocked but I was waiting for the polite "it's not my favorite" from Ruthie...but no...she liked it. I'll admit I actually like the Sunset Wheat (like Ruthie does) but Ruthie....we'll have to agree to disagree on the Bock.
My other shocker for the day is the pencil test. For those that tuned in Chip floated a pencil on the head of the Bock...thus it passed the "pencil test." Now I'm not sure who's idea this was, but putting lead into my beer and then drinking it? Couldn't they have come up with some sort of "poisonous-substance-free-object test" instead? The mybeerbuzz lawyer has advised me to add the disclaimer that " in no way shape or form condones the floating of a lead-based object in your beer or any other food, and that if you do choose to float lead in your beverage that you should consult with a proper lead-remediation specialist before drinking said beverage."
Cheers guys....very funny show.
Update: Please realize my comments on the cicerone program were meant to be self-depricating and not at all meant to poke fun at the cicerone program or those who have worked hard to become a cicerone master. I realize it is a serious program and not an easy certification to obtain. Just a little Friday fun..and no this statement was not a result of the mybeerbuzz lawyers.

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Anonymous,  27 January, 2009 00:11  

ain't lead, it's grafite for kids sake

mybeerbuzz,  27 January, 2009 07:49  

Not that I'd want Graphite in my beer either...but it was just a joke....

Anonymous,  27 January, 2009 11:09  

For what it's worth I thought this was funny and not insulting as the disclaimer said. Are there any cicerone's out there or anyone working toward any of the levels?

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