Shawnee Craft Brewing Co- New Brewpub @ Shawnee on the Delaware

31 January 2009

Because so many people have asked about a post I did earlier today...I thought why not add more info.

The new brewpub I mentioned earlier will be called Shawnee Craft. It will officially be a brewery & restaurant and located at the Shawnee Inn & Golf Resourt @ Shawnee on the Delaware. For those unfamiliar, this is in the Delaware Water Gap National recreation area and is managed by Peter Kirkwood (a avid brewing fan himself). As I mentioned already, the brewmaster will be Leo Bongiorno (formerly of Butternuts Brewery) and Leo tells me he is aiming for a late March 2009 opening. Coincidentally his first beer will be a stout, just in time for St Pat's day. Leo mentioned a Milk Stout, a a wheat, an amber and a lighter Pilsner style lager as his core beers with some special brews as time allows.

But here's the kicker. Leo plans to specialize in not only Kentucky-Bourbon-barrel-aged beers but it turns out Leo's specialty will be Belgian Flanders-style sour ales. Leo will be brewing some strong ales to "break in" the barrels followed by a re-use of the barrel for his sour ales. Should make for an interesting mix of unique beers.
By the way I've seen the photos and these barrels are BIG,a nd he has about 30 of them just to start! Stay tuned and thanks Leo...

"Fidelis in naturem, in artem fidelis." Translated, that's "True to nature; true to the craft."...the logo and branding for the Shawnee Craft beers.


Stoudt's Brewers Winter Beer Festival

Limited to 500 people

New Event BREWER'S WINTER BEER FESTIVAL Feburary 28th from 7 to 11pm

A Sampling of winter warmers from various micro breweries. Music by "The Youngers" A $30 ticket includes: 4 hours of beer sampling, a sample glass, live entertainment, food buffet, and free shuttle bus service to local accommodations. TICKETS LIMITED * Call 717.484.4386 x 204 to reserve

Breweries so far:



Union BBL works
North Coast
Sam Adams/Boston Beer


New Brewpub in Shawnee on the Delaware

Last weekend I ran into Leo Bongiorno co-owner, co-brewer and co-creator of Butternuts Brewing in NY. Leo tells me he's starting a new brewpub in what I believe is a converted skating rink in the Shawnee on the Delaware area. Stay tuned for more details but after talking to Leo, I'm very excited about the beers he's planning to brew. Leo related the stories behind Butternut's famous Porkslap, Heinnieweisse and Snapper Head names which are even funnier than I thought. I especially loved the Snapper Head origins which I'll save for later. Leo tells me he may start with a cream stout that he plans to name "cream stout." Based on what a wonderfully creative guy Leo is, I bet him a pint that his plan for plain common beer names quickly evolves back into some wonderfully creative beer names that I'm sure we'll all love. Stay tuned for details...


Breaker Brewing Co - More Photos

And more photos...


Breaker Brewing Co - Photos

So what does a garage pico-brewery look like? Glad you asked.


Breaker Brewing Company

We've had quite a few questions since we broke news of the new Pico-brewery in the Plains/Wilkes-Barre area a few days ago. First off Pico-brewery is sort of a generic term to designate breweries less than a micro-brewery....typically about 1bbl or so. Breaker Brewing Co plans to brew small batch beer, selling to local beer bars only with no real brick & mortar storefront. As I mentioned a few days ago the beers will be brewed in a home garage in Plains. And yes these guys are serious and seem to have everything in order for a successful launch. Current plans are for a Pale Ale, Vanilla Porter or Stout and a Scotch Ale. And here's the brewery (see photo).


One Guy Peach Wheat Returns

30 January 2009

If you were lucky enough to get a taste of One Guy Brewing's Peach Wheat this fall, you'll know why I'm extremely excited to report that Guy held back 6-kegs of this wonderful brew for his anniversary celebration. You'll be even more excited to learn that it's ON TAP NOW!


Southern Tier Black IPA

From Southern Tier:

(Lakewood, NY) - Southern Tier Brewing is adding a second big beer to its lineup early this year.

Iniquity Imperial Black Ale is a ‘black’ IPA, the color coming from the use of debittered black malt.

So what is the difference between this beer and the brewery’s existing imperial IPA, Unearthly? The new beer is a bit lighter in alcohol at 9% ABV and uses willamette in the hop back stage. Unearthly uses styrian golding hops at that point as well as chinook in dry hopping. The malt bill is obviously a bit different between the two beers.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Penn Brewing vs Cave Creek

Today's show came to us from the Rock 107 Super Bowl Tailgate Party @ Garrity's. In true super bowl style, Chip decided to stage the epic beer battle between Arizona Beers and Pittsburgh Beers. Granted from the start this certainly favors P'Burgh and could only be more biased if we decided to compare Arizona canyons vs Pittsburgh's canyons. So guess who won....well lets not jump the gun without talking about the beers.

Starting lineup for Arizona: Crazy Ed's Cave Creek Chili Beer (complete with a Serrano pepper in each bottle), a beer so hot that even their website crashes when you try to load up the chili beer page. Also a beer so hot that even the tiny 1-ounce pour that Chip did was too much for everyone except John. I believe John said it was the only beer that made him more thirsty the more he drank.

Starting lineup for Pittsburgh: Penn brewing Penn Dark (Dark Lager), Penn Gold (Helles Lager), and Penn Weizenbock (Wheat Bock). Now not only were the Arizona beer fans outnumbered 3 to 1, but we also had a great local connection. As I stated many times in my blogs, Penn Brewing beers are now contract brewed out of our own local Lion Brewery. A winning combination that's hard to beat.

As much as my sentimental winner of the day had to be John's "Crowd Pleasin' Chart Toppin' Hot Potato Salad", my favorite part of the show was hearing the Lion get some good publicity and some great compliments for their work in contract brewing the Penn Brewing beers.

Cheers and congratulations to Lion & Pittsburgh for winning the first annual Chip the Beer Guy super-biased super-bowl beer challenge.

Great show as usual guys....and please report back on who ate the pepper at the bottom of the Cave Creek bottle.


Allagash to Release Confluence Feb 2009

29 January 2009

From Allagash's Jason Perkins:

Confluence is brewed with our house primary strain and our proprietary brett strain. The two are pitched at primary and ferment together. We had to work hard to get the Brett happy enough to compete with our house strain as we wanted both to ferment equally (you can learn all about Allagash and its one-of-a-kind brett strain in last month’s Beervana article). We shall release the beer in February. It will likely be brewed again and released later in the year. (Tentative label shown)

Tentative 2009 Release Dates:

Confluence - February
Hugh Malone - March
Victor and Victoria - April
Interlude - May, September
Fluxux 09 - June
Odyssey - July, November
Mattino Rosso - ? (Wild red ale It was brewed with 350 #’s of local raspberries and is aging in French Oak with a variety of wild yeasts and microbes that will likely be released in the fall, although we will have to see how it progresses)


Troegs Scratch # 18 - Triple Rye Ale

The title pretty much says it. Troegs Scratch # 18 will be a Triple Rye Ale. Stay tuned for more details.


Old Forge Brewing Co - Jan 2009

From Damien & Maria:

Happy 2009! It is very exciting to be starting out a new year at OFBC. It is also thrilling to imagine all the new beers that will be made and consumed in 2009! Cheers to that thought!

For the past few weeks we had a “name that beer” competition. The ale is an easy drinking british mild, light bodied but dark and malty, a low alcohol session ale. The name that was chosen is sensessionale! We did have some suggestions that we would like to share with you, hoping that it brings a smile to your face as they did for us: “Thomas had a big brown beaver ale”, “I’m not larry ale”, “what the ale”, and “braveheart ale – long live William Wallace” and some others that aren’t fit to print! A big ‘Thank you’ goes out to everyone who tried to “name that beer”.

At OFBC we are working hard on getting our eight taps filled, though it is easier said than done, due to the rate of consumption exceeding the rate of fermentation and conditioning. The beers that are in the process of being brewed or in fermentation are: Old Forge Alt, T-Rail Pale Ale, and Sensessionale.

We have started to have live music at the pub. If you know of any local musician (or you yourself have a hidden talent that you would want to share) please email or call and let us know! We had trivia questions on New Year’s Eve night, which was a huge hit, which leads us to investigating that as an idea as well.

Martha has started our weekly specials, which have been scrumptious! Martha continues to incorporate the beers we have on tap into her food dishes creating quite the palate pleaser.

We hope the New Year brings everyone happiness, good health, and good beers to be drank!

Damien and Maria Malfara


Breaker Brewing - New Pico-Brewery hits Wilkes-Barre/Plains

We've actually been holding off posting this info until more of the details were in place, but it seems the cat is out of the bag so I thought I'd finally push out what I know. Breaker Brewing Company has officially been launched by owners Chris Miller & Mark Lehman in Plains...out of a garage in Plains no less. But don't let this 1.5bbl all-grain setup fool you. Breaker Brewing Company (website under construction HERE) has their PA Brewers License and their brewers notice from the TTB (That's the Alcohol, tobacco tax & trade bureau to you and me). They also appear to have several local beer bars prepared to sell their beers so good news for everyone in the beer community. According to Chris their beers should be out in local bars in a few months so stay tuned. I'll add photo & details later tomorrow as time allows.


Brooklyn Announces Blunderbuss Old Ale

28 January 2009

From Brooklyn Brewery:

Since ancient times, people have complained that “things were better in the old days”. In the 1840’s, English brewers became nostalgic for beers of the previous century, strong dark ales with robust flavors. Thus the term “old ale” was born and these beers were re-popularized. Our Brooklyn Blunderbuss Old Ale brings back the grand old style.

It’s brewed with flavorful English Maris Otter malt with a dash of equally flavorful raw demerara sugar from Malawi. Challenger and East Kent Golding hops give the beer appetizing earthy/fruity aromatics. The bitterness is crisp, balancing a solid center of orangey fruit with caramel and chocolate notes. It dries into the finish, leaving a warm glow of malt. Perhaps some things really were better in the old days.

Enjoy Brooklyn Blunderbuss Old Ale with steaks, burgers, roast beef, lamb chops, Mexican mole and black bean sauces and hard cow’s-milk cheeses.

Malts: British Maris Otter, Crystal, and Chocolate malts
Other sugars: Raw demerara, Malawi
Hops: Willamette, East Kent Golding, Challenger
O.G.: 19° Plato (1076)

ABV: 8.2%


Happy One Year Anniversary to One Guy Brewing

Jan 26th marked the 1-year anniversary of One Guy Brewing's grand opening. Please stay tuned for details on a possible celebration. Guy wants to do it right so it may take a few weeks to brew enough beer for the party. Congratulations Guy. It's been a year of great beers!


Brooklyn Local 2 out Feb 4th

27 January 2009

I know this may be old news to some but Brooklyn Local 2 is set to hit the streets on Feb 4th. I've heard it is very similar to their Grand Cru, however here's the official description...

"Belgian-inspired bottle-conditioned strong dark abbey ale, with sweet orange peel and raw wildflower honey from a local family apiary."


Philly Beer Week 2009 partners with SEPTA

From Jennie Hatton:

PHILLY BEER WEEK 2009 PARTNERS WITH SEPTATO ENSURE THAT PARTICIPANTS ‘SIP SAFELY’ Philly Beer Week 2009 (PBW) is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA): Sip Safely with SEPTA, an unlimited, all-day, bus-trolley-rail pass that will be sold for $9.00, valid any one day between March 6 and March 15. This pass is valid on SEPTA services, to encourage PBW participants to travel safely, rather than driving from event to event. Sip Safely with SEPTA passes will be available for sale at most SEPTA locations starting January 30. For a complete list of sales locations, or to purchase a pass online, please visit and click on travel. “Nothing is more important to Philadelphia’s reputation as the best beer drinking city in America than making sure our drinkers are safe,” says PBW co-chair and noted author Don “Joe Sixpack” Russell. “We are delighted to be able to offer this affordable, convenient alternative to driving to ensure that Philly Beer Week is not only fun but also responsible.”The pass is valid for unlimited rides, all day long, until the end of service, and will feature a festive, specially designed PBW 2009 logo to signify SEPTA’s partnership with Philly Beer Week and their unified commitment to the safety of participants. Sip Safely with Septa passes are not valid on Regional Rail Trains arriving in Center City before 9:30 AM and are not valid for travel to or from stations in the State of New Jersey.Philly Beer Week 2009 is the second annual celebration of Philadelphia’s dynamic and diverse brewing culture. More than 10,000 attendees are expected to attend the over-200 events, tastings, tours and educational seminars on all things beer and brewing. National and international brewing celebrities will attend, as well, bringing with them their incredible depth of knowledge and of course, kegs and casks of their esteemed lagers and ales.Questions about Philly Beer Week 2009 should be directed to Profile PR; call (215) 985-2106. For general information, including the ever-expanding schedule of events and list of participants, please visit For SEPTA travel information, please visit or call 215.580.7800.


Dogfish Head & 3 Floyds Create PopSkull

26 January 2009

DFH & 3-Floyds are working on a beer to be called Popskull to be released in April.

From The Chicagoist’s report last week, “Described as an “Old School, German Brown Ale with Palo Santo Wood and Botanicals,” 60 barrels of Popskull will be distributed in limited release around the time of DarkLord Day 2K9 [...]” And one RateBeerian implies that the beer is currently on tap now under the name, Bird o Prey, at Three Floyds Brewing in Indiana.

Sources are saying Popskull was brewed on Thursday of last week (Jan 22nd). I heard Nick Floyd, Barnaby (of Three Floyds) and Sam Caligione talk about the beer and when the brewing would take place. The Chicagoist reported incorrectly that the beer was available at DogFloydAPalooza, and there is very little chance that a beer brewed on Thursday is already on tap at the brewpub. The Bird o Prey could be a test batch I guess, but Popskull was brewed last week.


Dead Guy Lives On

25 January 2009

From Rogue:

Rogue expands Dead Guy brand to spirits production

Rogue’s Dead Guy family has a whole new spirit—Dead Guy Whiskey, created on the Pacific Ocean and Yaquina Bay in a multi-step process.

Northwest Harrington, Maier Munich, Klages, and Carastan malts are combined with “Free Range Coastal Water” in a 100 BBL 3,000 gallon brew system. Distiller’s yeast is then added to the wort, fermented, and then hauled across the parking lot to the Rogue House of Spirits (est. 2006) where its double-distilled by Master distiller John Couchot in a 150 gallon Vendome copper pot still and then aged in charred American white oak barrels. Each 3,000 gallon batch yields 100 gallons of Dead Guy Whiskey.

Dead Guy Whiskey is created with the same 4 grains used to make Dead Guy Ale, which was created in the early 1990s to celebrate the Mayan Day of the Dead (November 1st, All Souls Day).

Rogue Spirits has been distilling White, Dark, and Hazelnut Spiced Rums since 2003, producing Dead Guy Whiskey, Vintage Vodka, Spruce Gin, and Pink Gin. Distiller Mel Heim operates a 50 gallon copper pot still in the historic Pearl district in Portland, Oregon.

In October Rogue will sponsor the 5th Annual Great American Distillers Festival – a gathering of small distilleries from across the country who come to Oregon to share their products, their passion, and their expertise in hand-crafting spirits.


mybeerbuzz Friday Beer Adventure

23 January 2009

Thought I'd post up a quick jealousy-photo of what's lurking in the trunk of the mybeerbuzz-mobile..and also to pass on a few tidbits from my trip that the locals may be interested in. For the visually challenged (OK my cell phone camera sucks)...Yes that's 2 more cases of Nugget Nectar and some bottles of Bells Hopslam.

Sabatinis--Bells Hopslam is ON TAP NOW. Don't miss it. I'm sure it won't last long. Despite my best efforts Lindo also has some Hopslam bottles and Nugget Nectar bottles left. I would be remiss if I did not mention that Lindo has an amazing selection of bottles. Each time I'm in there I leave amazed at what he has...and I see the full list every week on mybeerbuzz.

Plaza Beverage--Charlie has a few cases of Nugget Nectar from his 2nd shipment available first come first serve. Hopslam will be much more difficult to find (Shangey's is only allowing distributors & bottle shops 1-case per just like regular customers), but Charlie is working on it. Stay tuned for updates. Charlie DOES have Sierra Nevada Harpoon, ESB as well as a few cases of Celebration in stock also.

River St Ale House--The NEPA Beer Club will be doing their split at RSAH tonight. Should be a fun time and a great group of people....not to mention some cool beverages. Do stop in and meet the club if you can.

Way too many good beers to mention but, do stop in to see Lindo and'll be amazed at what they both have. Cheers guys and thank you.


NEPA Beer Club @ Lion Taproom

I know I added this a few weeks ago when we worked out the date but I thought it would be good to re-post as an enticement for new beer lovers to join the NEPA Beer Club...

Some of the details are still being finalized but we've managed to organize an event with the NEPA Beer Club and Lion Brewery. Members of the club will be meeting Feb 27th at the Lion taproom for a beer tasting event. What a great time to join the club and visit the Lion taproom. Stay tuned for details.


NEPA Beer get together @ Coopers March 7th

I've heard from John (johnnyirishman), who is organizing a get together for all of the beer lovers in NEPA. The event will take place March 7th 2009 @ Coppers in Scranton. Here are the details:

N.E.P.A. Beer Tasting/Meet and Greet.Cooper's Seafood House, in the LighthouseScranton, Pa
March 7th @ 5pm until ?

Everyone Attending should bring a beer to share with the rest of the group. A 6pk, 12pk, 22oz Bomber, 750ml bottles, or Growlers all welcome. We will be in the "Lighthouse" at Cooper's. When we are through sampling what everyone brought we will proceed to Cooper's Main Bar Area to partake in their fine fine brews at hand. I hope everyone could make it!! Any questions feel free to send me a message on here or send me an email.Please send me a list of beers you are bringing and an updated list will be posted so no one brings the same beers..
Thanks and we'll see you on March 7th,-Johnny


Is Craft beer Recession-Proof?

This is just one indicator of how well the craft beer industry did in 2008, but a positive sign that perhaps craft beer is recession-proof.

From Magic Hat Brewery:

Magic Hat enjoyed a 26% growth in sales in 2008, with December sales up 40% from the previous year. Debuts in several new territories, including Chicago, Milwaukee and Atlanta, as well as continued double-digit sales growth in mature markets, helped Magic Hat’s flagship beer, #9, enjoy a 14th consecutive year of double-digit growth. Sales for the not quite pale ale were up 33% in 2008.

Alan Newman, president of Magic Hat Brewing Company, commented, “Our 26% increase in depletions in 2008 is a testament to the growing demand for full-flavored craft beers, and the strength of the Magic Hat brand in this industry. We’ve gone from making kegs for a few Burlington bars to being the 12th largest brand in the country. People have really flocked to our beer, and become devoted when they do. It just goes to prove that if you put out a quality product, have fun doing it, and respect your customers as you go, the universe will deliver the rest.”

With Magic Hat’s brewery expansion nearly complete, the brewer expects to put out 165,000 barrels in 2009, a significant increase over the 127,586 barrels brewed in 2008.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Leinenkugels 1888 Bock

So who knew last week's Chip show was an encore performance? Apparently Chip declared his own 2-hour delay and the real show ran on Monday....again who knew? On today's show (which I don't THINK was a repeat) the guys (and Ruthie) talked about the beer somalier, or cicerone as it's called in the beer world. This is a topic I wrote about a few months ago in my infamous "No readin' writin' or 'rithmetic...just drinking" post. My post was about a much lesser program, however now there's now an organization called that for a fee will declare you a Master Cicerone. Turns out it only costs $495 to be a beer expert. Silly me spending thousands of dollars drinking all sorts of great beers with no cicerone to show for it when I could have just spent $495 and been a true ninja-beer-master. Clearly the beer-force is not strong in me. As Master Yoda would say, "drink the beer you are too much skywalker."

Our beer of the day (or is it beer of the week), was Leinenkugel's 1888 Bock. Now I'll freely admit that Bocks (& Lagers in general) are not my cup of tea. I've found a few I genuinely like (thank you Berwick lager), but most are just not the sort of beer I chase. So imagine my shock when I hear that Ruthie appears to genuinely like the Bock! I'm not sure why I'm shocked but I was waiting for the polite "it's not my favorite" from Ruthie...but no...she liked it. I'll admit I actually like the Sunset Wheat (like Ruthie does) but Ruthie....we'll have to agree to disagree on the Bock.
My other shocker for the day is the pencil test. For those that tuned in Chip floated a pencil on the head of the Bock...thus it passed the "pencil test." Now I'm not sure who's idea this was, but putting lead into my beer and then drinking it? Couldn't they have come up with some sort of "poisonous-substance-free-object test" instead? The mybeerbuzz lawyer has advised me to add the disclaimer that " in no way shape or form condones the floating of a lead-based object in your beer or any other food, and that if you do choose to float lead in your beverage that you should consult with a proper lead-remediation specialist before drinking said beverage."
Cheers guys....very funny show.
Update: Please realize my comments on the cicerone program were meant to be self-depricating and not at all meant to poke fun at the cicerone program or those who have worked hard to become a cicerone master. I realize it is a serious program and not an easy certification to obtain. Just a little Friday fun..and no this statement was not a result of the mybeerbuzz lawyers.


Troegs Barleywine is in the Tanks...

22 January 2009

Just a quick note to say that apparently Troegs Barleywine (AKA Scratch # 4) is in the tanks as of 1/19. This will be bottled in 22oz bombers later in Spring 2009 (or possible later in Fall--see below). For those that have been cellaring Scratch # 4 this is good and bad news. Stay tuned here for more details...such as will they oak age it or not.....


Zenos Festival Schedule Released

From Zenos:

$20, 3-8pm. food included (more detail to come)

Jan 31 - Dave’s Pick’s…….(hell, there ALL Dave’s Pick’s, but lets see what he comes up with)
Feb 28 - Blackness - the beauty of the ROAST
Mar 28 - Exotics, Oddballs, Extremes, One Offs and Strange brews - $30
Apr 18 - Celebrate Pennsylvania - The Commonwealth rocks…. stay tuned.


Yuengling to Prooduce Bock Beer

Dave from Zeno's was nice enough to pass on this tidbit and he tells me he'll be getting this beer if anyone is interested in trying it.

Yuengling has announced that they are producing their Bock for the first time since the 70's when Dick's father was at the helm.

A spring seasonal, Yuengling Bock will be produced at the Millcreek plant.
5.1 % ABV

bottom fermented

1/2 barrels only

Look for it in early February


Bells Hopslam hits NEPA

21 January 2009

I've just heard from Lindo @ Sabatini's and he tells me he will be tapping one of the few kegs of Bell's Hopslam to make it to NEPA (Shangey's only had 8) on Friday 1/23. Sabatini's will also have bottles of Hopslam.


Weyerbacher Fireside Ale Label

Just thought you'd want a peek at the new Weyerbacher Fireside Ale (aka Charlie) label.


Weyerbacher Seasonal Beer Schedule for 2009

From Dan Weirback:

January - Fireside Ale
February - Heresy & Insanity
March - Slam Dunkel
April - Blanche
May - Muse & Riserva (lots more Riserva this year!
June - Belgian Pale Ale (another new brew!)
July - Fourteen
August - AutumnFest & Imp. Pumpkin Ale
September - Harvest Ale (wet hopped) to all areas this year!
October - Winter Ale
November - QUAD
December - T.B.A.


Back Yard Ale House

20 January 2009

I've heard forom the guys at back Yard Ale House so I have a few updates. They're currently carrying over 150 different bottles and their beer club should be up and running by the end of the week. Here's their current tap list:

Franziskaner Dunkel
Bells Two Herated
Yuengling Lager
Coors Light
Blue Moon
Rogue Yellow Snow
Humboldt Red Nectar
Lindemans Framboise Lambic

And here's the bottle list:

Budweiser Lions Head Budweiser Light Michelob Lager Bud Light Lime Michelob Light Budweiser American Ale Michelob Ultra Coors Pabst Blue Ribbon cans Coors Light Rolling Rock Killian’s Irish Red Yuengling Lager Miller Lite Yuengling Lager Light MGD Yuengling Black & Tan MGD 64 Import Bottles .....

Think Globally, Drink Locally Amstel Light Hofbrau Dunkel Ayinger HefeHofbrau Hefeweisen Bass Labatt’s Beamish Stout Can Labatt’s Light Becks Lowenbrau Becks Dark New Castle Boddingtons Can Orkney Skull Splitter Chapeau Strawberry Lambic Pacifico Chimay Red Paulaner Hefe Corona Peroni Corona Light Pilsner Urquell Corsendonk Brown Red Stripe Delirium Tremens Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout Lindemans Framboise Lambic Sam Smith’s Nut Brown Lindemans Peach Lambic Samiclaus Floris Apple Lambic Schneider-Weiss Aventinus Franzikaner Dunkel Schneider-Weiss Hopfweiss Franzikaner Hefe St. Bernardus Trappist 12 Deg 25oz Gruut Wit Stella Artois Harp Smithwicks Heineken Trappistes Rochefort 10 Heineken Light Weihenstephan Lager Hoegaarden Zywiec Beer Micro & Craft Beers…..

Take The Tour Abita Purple Haze North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout Allagash White North Coast Red Seal Ale Anchor Steam Ommegang Abbey Ale 25oz Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA Pyramid Apricot Ale Anderson Valley Barney Oatmeal Stout Rogue Dead Guy Arcadia Hopmouth Double IPA Rogue Double Dead Guy 25oz Bells Kalamazoo Stout Rogue Mocha Porter Bells Two Hearted IPA Rogue Shakespeare Stout 22oz Blue Moon White Rogue Hazlenut Brown 22oz Blue Moon Harvest Moon Rogue Chocolate Stout 22oz Boulder Never Summer Sam Adams Boston Lager Brooklyn Lager Sam Adams Light Brooklyn Chocolate Stout Sam Adams Cherry Wheat Buffalo Bills Blueberry Stout Saranac Pale Ale Dale’s Pale Ale can Saranac Season’s BestDogfish Head 60 Min Sea Dog Apricot Dogfish Head 90 Min Sea Dog Blueberry Ale Dogfish Chicory Stout Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Dogfish Head Midas Touch Sierra Nevada Big Foot Barley Wine Dogfish Head Raison D’Erte Sly Fox Pils Can Flying Dog Doggie Style IPA Smutty Nose IPA Flying Dog Double Dog Southern Tier Raspberry Porter Fort Collins Chocolate Stout Stone IPA Great Divide Titan IPA Stone Ruination Ithaca Apricot Wheat Stone Arrogant Bastard 22oz Ithaca Cascazilla Stone Double Bastard 22oz Harpoon IPA Thirsty Dog Raspberry Hook N Ladder Brown Thirsty Dog Old Leg Humper Humboldt Nectar IPA Troegs Dead Reckoning Porter Left Hand Milk Stout Troegs Dream Weaver Long Trail IPA Troegs Pale Ale Lost Coast Downtown Brown Troegs Troegenator Mad River Steel Head Pale AleVictory Hop Devil Magic Hat #9 Victory Prima Pilsner Magic Hat CircusVictory Golden Monkey Mendocino Red Tail Ale Victory Storm King Stout Mendocino Imperial IPA Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot North Coast Old #38 Stout Weyerbacher Merry Monk North Coast Pranqster Belgian


Brewery Ommegang Releases 2009 Beer Schedule

From Ommegang:


Wherein, Ommegang makes a 2009 resolution: To get our act together and give out the news you need well ahead of the game.

(Cooperstown, New York) In years past Ommegang released our specialty beers on a schedule seemingly based on every other random time period. With ongoing growth, the challenge of the guessing game has worn off. For 2009 we've committed to a schedule designed to keep everyone informed well in advance of releasing specialty beers. Let us know what you think, if you so desire, and remember to take frequent breaks from the demanding job of journalism to enjoy a fine beer. Happy 2009.

Inauguration Ale (a.k.a. Obamagang)January - February6.2% ABV - Draft only

The TTB won't let us call the beer Obamagang on the keg label. So it will be known legally as Inauguration Ale 2009, but the tap handles will be The style lies between a porter and stout, with a bit of Kriek and a touch of chocolate blended in. It will be on draft only, beginning with the inauguration - in limited areas including DC, NYC, Syracuse, Philly, Chicago and Boston. We will donate a percentage of sales to charities in the respective cities where the beer is sold, and we've asked our distributors to match our donations and pick the local charities. (Also please note that the beer is not an endorsement of Obama.)

Ommegang Biere de MarsJanuary - March6.5% ABV - 750 ml bottle only

Belgian-style amber with Brettanomyces in the secondary fermentation, and also dry-hopped, making Biere de Mars amber ale with a bit of extra zing, extra tartness, and a touch of farmhouse funk. The original batch was brewed in the summer of 2008 for sale only at the brewery, but the response has been great, so here it comes for all.

Ommegang Rouge Flemish Red AleApril - June5.5% ABV - Draft only

Authentic Flemish Sour Red Ale. Brewed with our Belgian partner Bockor Brewery and imported to the US. The beer is spontaneously fermented, and then refermented and aged at least 18 months in French oak casks. It's an unblended "Grand Cru- style" Flemish Sour Red Ale. Available on draft only, and an amazingly pleasurable drink.

Ommegeddon Funkhouse AleJune - August 8% ABV - 750 ML bottle only

Ommegeddon is an 8% ABV Belgian-style ale with a wild twist - a dose of Brettanomyces yeast and a blast of dry hopping. It's a strong blonde ale with a sharp citrus flavor that, like other Ommegang ales, has a dry finish. Its dryness and funkiness begat the name of Ommegeddon. This will be the fourth official brewing of the beer and we expect it to continue to evolve.

Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence
September - November
7.0% - Draft and 750 ML bottle

Since the 2007 - 10th Anniversary Edition - of Chocolate Indulgence Stout, our brewstaff and Department of All Things New and Delicious have been conducting research and experiments to further develop the character of the beer. (We tend to never sleep when it comes to fine-tuning the flavor and character of our beers.) We feel that the just-released 2008 batch has been honed to sublime levels of chocolaty / malty / decadent goodness - and that the 2009 brew will break some other new ground.

Ommegang Christmas/Noel/Winter Beer
November - December
It's never too early to start thinking of next Christmas. The final name, ABV and packaging are under wraps for now, but the beer will - probably - fit somewhere in the range of a high-gravity Belgian-style winter warmer, with an Ommegang twist. (Feel free to send ideas, recommendations and samples of Noel beers you love. We promise to use for educational purposes only.)


The Pinkus Muller Brauerei: May the Beer-Force Be With You Too by Mrs. Beerbuzz

19 January 2009

As some of you may know from previous posts, I (aka Mrs. Beerbuzz) was in Germany for two weeks at the end of October. Because I knew I would be nowhere near Bavaria and because I knew I would not have a lot of personal time, I didn’t really do any research into visiting breweries. But as any spiritual beer-girl knows, the beer-force is always with you and while I was not actively seeking out beer or breweries, they somehow sensed – and found - me.

This was the case in Munster, a small college town of about 300,000 in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. On the first night of my group’s arrival, our German hosts (shout-out to Andreas, Tobias, Christina, and Beatrice at Westphalia Wilhelms Universitat) took us to the Pinkus Muller Brauerei.

It’s not that I didn’t feel like I was in Germany while in Berlin or Hamburg, but once I stepped into the Pinkus Muller Brauerei, I could see and smell bits and pieces of Germany as I had always imagined it. We sat at heavy picnic-style dark, wooden tables that were scarred with the carvings of numerous patrons, and we were served by a smiling waiter who could have been my grandfather. Our food and drink were served in folksy blue and grey heavy ceramic pottery, while photos of seven generations of Mullers and Pinkus Mullers smiled down upon us from the plaster and wood-beamed walls.

Our hosts encouraged us to order “traditional” German fare, and that we did. Along with our fresh-from-the-kegs brew (first an Alt with dinner, then a Heffe for dessert), I had sausage, ham, fried potatoes, and sauerkraut. It was seriously the most wonderful gastronomic experience I have had in many years- I only wish Mr Beerbuzz had been there to experience it with me. But since he couldn’t, I am including pictures with this post. Even though you can’t smell or taste the photos, I hope you enjoy them. And by all means, if anyone else has had the pleasure of visiting the Pinkus Muller Brauerei, please chime in with your comments. Enjoy!


mybeerbuzz is Faced !

17 January 2009

Last week mybeerbuzz was a twit (announcing our new twitter feed) and today we're "faced." Now again, I know what you're thinking but that's not what I'm talking about. The popular social networking site facebook allows people to share content and post messages, photos, links and text. While does maintain a minimal presence on facebook, what I've added today is a way to easily share with others on your facebook site. You'll note at the bottom of every post is a "Share on facebook" link. If you click on that link (and have a facebook site) you can now share any on your facebook profile. I've even set it up so you can choose the picture/icon to accompany that post. I know not everyone is on facebook or even interested in facebook, but we do want to give everyone the ability to share content. We now feature RSS Feeds, ATOM Feeds, Google blog follower feeds, twitter feeds and now Facebook. Cheers and be sure to share us...


Nugget Nectar is IN...

16 January 2009

NEPA and my trunk!

For those that have patiently waited for NN to arrive I have good and bad news. Five cases of NN arrived at Plaza Beverage this morning. Unfortunately the 5 cases are already reserved or sold.

Don't despair...Charlie tells me they should see at least another wave or two of Nugget nectar shipments in the next week or two. Please keep your eye on the mybeeerbuzz twitter feed (on the right menu bar) for the latest details and Nugget Nectar sightings.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Troegs Rugged Trail Brown Ale

What Friday would be complete without the "stink monkey" being released into the forest? There's no way to put that into context except to say John is very funny. Not a lot to say today except that the beer of the day was Troegs Rugged Trail Brown Ale. Chip spent most of the morning defining "session beer." I love a good session beer, trouble is even a good low abv "session beer" kicks my ass after more than 3 or my session always ends early. A good session beer for me is called "water." Well enough of my low tolerance to drinking ten beers, and on to the real meat of the show. All kidding aside, for those of us who travel for beer, Chip's Tips on how to get it home in your special-beer suitcase and what a bottle of beer (glass included) weighs, may prove useful. Who knew a 12 ounce bottle weighs 16 ounces. Finally the big news of the day is new sponsorship for the show. Grotto Pizza appears to be gone and Bo Brothers on Wyoming Ave in Wyoming has taken their place. I'm not sure what happened or when it happened but I'll see what I can find out. We'll miss Grotto but we welcome Bo Brothers to the beer world. Cheers guys...great show.


NEPA Beer Club @ Lion Taproom

15 January 2009

Some of the details are still being finalized but we've managed to organize an event with the NEPA Beer Club and Lion Brewery. Members of the club will be meeting Feb 27th at the Lion taproom for a beer tasting event. What a great time to join the club and visit the Lion taproom. Stay tuned for details.


mybeerbuzz is a Twit!

OK so I know what you're is now active on Twitter. For those that don't understand Twitter or haven't heard of twitter it's a simple way to stay in touch via quick text messages. You can join Twitter for free by clicking on the "follow me on twitter" in the right menu bar on mybeerbuzz. Once you join you can follow me or any twitter feeds. If you put in your cell phone you can also receive these feeds on your phone (text message charges DO apply). OR you can simply check the twitter feed in the right bar for the latest mybeerbuzz twitter feeds. If you'd like you can also go to the twitter page (, and follow as well.

I'm still experimenting with this service so stay tuned. If you join, please let me know and I will also follow your twitter feeds. If you're out and about and a great beer comes on tap, twitter it and we'll all know. I plan to do the same with any breaking mybeerbuzz news as well.

This does not replace the "Follow this blog" link below. That service uses google/blogger accounts so you get my latest updates also. This also does not replace the RSS feeds available on all of my pages. (See the mybeerbuzz FAQ pages for more info)

Twitter is simply one more way to stay in touch with and the beer world. Stay tuned as I expand the use of Twitter and other methods to follow this blog. It is my intent to give you as many options (maybe even too many options) to stay in touch with so we can stay in touch with yes...clearly I'm a twit!

So for those who are now completely confused....I've added a few FAQ posts on our FAQ page that explains in a little more details what the google/blogger follow function does and what the twitter follow function does. I'm also happy to answer questions so please ask.


Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA to be available Nationally & Year Round

From Sierra Nevada Brewing:

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. announced the release of Torpedo Extra IPA as the newest addition to its year-round roster of beers. This is the first full-production IPA to come from the brewery and the first change in its year-round lineup in over a decade. Torpedo Extra IPA has been offered in limited draft form for awhile, the the addition of the IPA to the year-round lineup is a big move for the Chico-based brewery. The brewery has spent years experimenting, searching for a way to highlight bold flavors without resorting to hop extracts or pellets. Sierra Nevada has brewed with 100% whole-cone hops for 29 years. Whole-cone hops offer subtle flavors and complexities that are unavailable in processed form. The name itself comes from a device called the “hop torpedo” that was conceived, designed and developed at the brewery. The result is a revolutionary method of dry-hopping that harnesses the vital hop oils and resins that lead to an unusually flavorful and aromatic beer featuring the full, nuanced range of spicy complexity that hops have to offer. Torpedo Extra IPA will be available nationwide in 6-pack bottles starting late January 2009.


Stone Winter Storm

14 January 2009

Every so often I like to make my readers jealous. I'm not sure why, and in the end I'm equally jealous because I'm usually left out just like you are. I know this is not a Northeastern PA event, I know it's only going to make you jealous, I know it's going to make me jealous's such a cool looking event, even if ONE of my readers books a flight and decides to make us all jealous, I still have to point it out.

Sunday Jan 25th 2009 THRU Saturday Jan 31st

Where: Stone Brewing

What: Stone Winter Storm--The largest collection of Stone Beers on Tap at one time EVER!

Beers on Tap (fasten your seatbelts): Stone Pale Ale Stone Smoked Porter Stone IPA Stone Cali Belgique IPA Stone Ruination IPA Stone Levitation Ale Arrogant Bastard Ale OAKED Arrogant Bastard Ale Stone 7th Anniversary Ale Stone 8th Anniversary Ale1 Stone 9th Anniversary Ale Stone 10th Anniversary IPA Stone 11th Anniversary Ale Stone 12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 2004 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine 2005 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine 2007 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine 2008 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine 2004 Stone Imperial Russian Stout 2005 Stone Imperial Russian Stout 2006 Stone Imperial Russian Stout 2007 Stone Imperial Russian Stout 2008 Stone Imperial Russian Stout 2005 Double Bastard Ale 2006 Double Bastard Ale 2006 Double Bastard AleAged in Brandy barrels 2008 Double Bastard Ale Stone 06.06.06 Vertical Epic Ale Stone 07.07.07 Vertical Epic Ale Stone 07.07.07 Vertical Epic AleAged in red wine barrels Stone 08.08.08 Vertical Epic Ale Jolly Pumpkin/Nogne-O/Stone Special Holiday Ale Alesmith/Mikkeller/Stone Belgian Triple Ale Stone Supercalibelgoballistic Sawyer’s Triple36 Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale!

Casks: Stone Smoked Porterwith Chipotle peppers Stone Smoked Porterwith Vanilla beans
Stone 10th Anniversary IPAwith Simcoe and Amarillo Hops

Bottles: Stone 8th Anniversary Ale• Stone 9th Anniversary Ale• Stone 10th Anniversary IPA• Stone 11th Anniversary Ale• Stone 12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout• 2002 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine• 2003 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine• 2004 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine• 2005 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine• 2006 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine• 2007 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine• 2008 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine• 2001 Stone Imperial Russian Stout• 2004 Stone Imperial Russian Stout• 2005 Stone Imperial Russian Stout• 2006 Stone Imperial Russian Stout• 2007 Stone Imperial Russian Stout• 2008 Stone Imperial Russian Stout• 2001 Double Bastard Ale• 2004 Double Bastard Ale• 2005 Double Bastard Ale• 2006 Double Bastard Ale• 2007 Double Bastard Ale• 2008 Double Bastard Ale• Stone 05.05.05 Vertical Epic Ale• Stone 06.06.06 Vertical Epic Ale• Stone 07.07.07 Vertical Epic Ale• Stone 08.08.08 Vertical Epic Ale• Sawyer’s Triple (2008)


Dogfish Head 2009 Release Schedule

13 January 2009

From DFH:

Year Round Beers:

- 90 Minute IPA
- 60 Minute IPA
- Raison D'Etre
- Indian Brown Ale
- Palo Santo Marron
- Midas Touch Golden Elixir

Seasonal Beers:
- Spring: Aprihop (available in March & April)
- Summer: Festina Peche (available in June & July)
- Autumn: Punkin' Ale (available in September & October)
- Winter: Chicory Stout (available in December)

Occasional Rarities (limited quantites, while supplies last):
- 120 Minute IPA (available in January, May & September)
- Burton Baton (available in March, July & November)
- Red & White (available in January & February)
- Black & Blue (available in March & April)
- BRAND X (will be available in April & May, but we're not ready yet to tell you what it'll be!)
- Immort Ale (available in April & May)
- Chateau Jiahu (available in June & July)
- Theobroma (available in July & August)
- Pangaea (available in September & October)
- Olde School Barleywine (available in October & November)
- World Wide Stout (available in November & December)
- Fort (available in November & December)

**Please note... we base our availability estimates with assumptions on when orders are placed and deliveries are made by our distributor and retail partners. We cannot guarantee retail dates for any of our beers. Please visit your favorite beer store, bar or restaurant for the latest on when they will have Dogfish beers available. thanks!


Iron Hill - Beers from the Barrell Feb

12 January 2009

From Iron Hill:

WILMINGTON, DE – Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, the popular food and drink destination with seven area locations, announces Beers from the Barrel, a celebration of Bourbon Barrel-aged Beers, throughout February. All month, each Iron Hill location will spotlight two house brewed beers that celebrate this uniquely American style of beer.

“In the past, our bourbon barrel aged beers have only been available sporadically, in small quantities,” says Director of Brewing Operations Mark Edelson. “With this month-long event, guests will experience a variety of these special beers, on draught – as long as supplies last!”

Featured bourbon barrel aged beers will include: Bourbon Porter, Iron Hill’s award-winning Pig Iron Porter has roasty malt and pronounced bourbon flavors with a nice vanilla aroma, served on nitrogen and sometimes described as ‘dessert in a glass’; Bourbon Russian Imperial Stout, a Great American Beer Festival medalist has a complex malt character and balanced, distinct bourbon and vanilla flavors; Bourbon Barley wine, with intense caramel-malt sweetness and aroma balanced with distinct bourbon and vanilla flavors; Bourbon Tripel, a traditional Belgian-style strong ale with complex aroma and flavor of plums, spice and bananas with a refreshing, balanced bitterness; and well as Bourbon Wee Heavy; Bourbon Baltic Porter; and Bourbon Dubbel.

American brewers such as Iron Hill started aging beers in bourbon barrels in the early 1990s. Law specifies that bourbon can only be aged in new oak barrels, meaning that after one batch of bourbon is aged, the barrel must be put to other use or destroyed. Often, other alcohol producers, including brewers, use the barrels to add a special character to their products. This aging process gives beer a distinct flavor of bourbon, oak and vanilla and is ideal for adding depth of character to heavier brews.

Critics and readers alike have heaped praise on Iron Hill; since 1996, they have consistently been recognized for their outstanding beers and cuisine, accruing more than 100 “Best of” awards from regional magazines. Their hand-crafted beers have also won acclaim and in total, they have received 39 medals from the three most prestigious beer events, the GABF, World Beer Cup and Real Ale Festival.

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant has seven locations, in Newark, DE; Wilmington, DE; Media, PA; West Chester, PA; North Wales, PA; Phoenixville, PA and Lancaster, PA. An eighth location is planned for Maple Shade, NJ in 2009. All seven locations are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. For more information about Iron Hill, or to make a reservation at any of their locations, please visit their website at


New Addition to One Guy Brewing

10 January 2009

Just when you thought fresh craft beer brewed on the premises with brats & potato salad was good....along comes a test....Not only does Guy know beers...but stay tuned because Guy knows pizza also. Guy managed to purchase a Blodgett commercial pizza oven and is now working on some test pizza. No it's not available yet at One Guy, but you can be assured that once Guy works out the perfect sauce for the perfect pizza (to match the perfect fresh brewed craft beer) you'll be able to get both. Just like one Guy has expanded to add a 2nd "guy", there will soon be a 2nd fantastic reason to stop in to One Guy Brewing.


Stegmaier Porter NOW Available in Sixtels

09 January 2009

I spoke with Leo from Lion Brewery this afternoon and he tells me that Lion racked Stegmaier Porter into sixtels this morning. They'll take a little time to get to the distributor, but you should see them soon. For those looking to tap Steg porter that can't fit a half, this is very good news.


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