Get your Magic Pyramid Hat ready...

29 April 2008

Looks like Vermont's Magic Hat Brewing & California's Pyramid brewing are planning a merge.

Click here for details.

I'll take suggestions for the new beers but here are a few of mine...

Snow Cap # 9
Apricot Circus Boy
Curve Ball Jinx
Imperial Feast of Hefe Fools
Thumbsucker Amber Weizen
Single Broken Chair Rake Ale

Read more... Welcomes River St Ale House

26 April 2008

Cheers and welcome to River St Ale officially participating with Welcome aboard guys...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the River St Ale House page...and stay tuned for some great new bottles coming up soon.


I'll admit it....I love Chocolate beers! Apparently I'm not alone.

OK so I'm hooked. Yes there is a case of Rogue Chocolate Stout in my basement...and I'll admit that there are cans of Youngs Double Chocolate Cream Stout chilling in my 'fridge right now. There's just something innately satisfying about a sweet chocolate or cocoa-based stout. Thankfully I'm not alone. In the same light as their Midas Touch meade-based beers, Dogfish Head has chased down the DNA of an ancient cocoa-based brew found on shards of pottery dated from 1100 B.C. in Honduras. The beer is called Theobroma and although I've heard rumors of sightings (tastings) in their Rehoboth brewpub, the beer is scheduled for release in Aug 2008. I can't wait!

Click Here to check out Getting Drunk on Chocolate in 1100B.C.

And Click Here for the DFH description of Thoebroma

Read more... Welcomes Elmer Sudds !

25 April 2008

Cheers and welcome to Elmer officially participating with Welcome aboard John...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the Elmer Sudds page...and stay tuned for some great new beers coming on draft!


Grotto Pizza Beerfest 2008 - May 10th

I'm still chasing down some details on this one, and there is no information on the Grotto web site as of today, but here's what I know. On Saturday May 10th from 4PM until 10PM Grotto Pizza Harvey's Lake is holding a Beerfest. It sounds like this is in the Harvey's Lake Grand Slam sports bar location only, and from what I can gather it's free admission. It sounds to me like a small event with about 12 beers, and I'm not sure what those beers are. Grotto does list Sam Adams Winter Lager, Sun Dog, Dos Equis, & Smithicks as their "standard" beers, and we have seen Troegs & Leinenkugels available at the lake...but again so far I don't know what the May 10 event will include. Stay tuned for details...


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - DFH 60-min IPA

Today's tasting beer turned out to be Dogfish Head's 60-minute IPA. DFH comes to us from Rehoboth, DE and was not only one of the first craft beers I personally ever tasted, but their beers remain some of my favorites today. Chip profiles what DFH terms their "Session IPA", and it was nice to hear someone finally explain accurately what the 60, 90 and 120-minute designations really mean. If I had a pint for every time someone told me that 60-min Ale is fermented for 60-minutes, I'd be....well you get the idea. 60-min=60-minute boil, 6%ABV, 60 IBU; 90-min=90-minute boil, 9%ABV, 90 IBU; 120-min=120-min boil, 20%ABV 120 IBU (and 450 calories!). I'm not sure how they managed to get the IBU & ABV to magically line-up with the boil times, but I'll take their word for it. DFH 60-minute is widely available in our area on tap & in bottles, and for those chasing the elusive DFH 120-min Ale, check Sabatini's for the big bottles. For today's quote I was tempted to go for the Otto's T-Shirt ("You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning"), but Websters quote was much better; "Don't be afraid of flavor in your beer." Cheers guys!

To hear Chip's PodCast CLICK HERE

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23 April 2008

Cheers and welcome to Lion officially participating with Welcome aboard...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the Lion Brewery page and stay tuned for more details from Lion Bewery.


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22 April 2008

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Thank you Dugan's !

21 April 2008

A big thank you to Charlie for helping get the word out. Arguably this is not Charlie's funniest sign, but so far it's one of my favorites (Even though I still love "Hoppy Days are Here Again"). Click on the photo or go to the the Dugan's page to enlarge the picture.

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20 April 2008

Cheers and welcome to One Guy officially participating with Welcome aboard Guy...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the One Guy Brewing page...and stay tuned for new beers coming from Guy.

Read more... Welcomes Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Co

Cheers and welcome to Bavarian Barbarian officially participating with Welcome aboard...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Co page...and stay tuned for new beers coming from Mike.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Mojo IPA

18 April 2008

Today's Chip the Beer Guy on Rock 107 featured Boulder Mojo IPA. This Amarillo-hopped IPA comes to us from Boulder Brewing in (you guessed it) Boulder, CO. For those unfamiliar with Amarillo hops, you'll find the hop is characterized by a grapefruit-y flavor much like the more common Centennial hops (currently growing in my back yard) or the stronger Simcoe hops. Chip did a little beer-history to explain where the IPA style came from. Personally I like to think of IPAs as history's first attempt to avoid skunked beer. Let me paint the picture...giant wooden boats, out on the open ocean for months, direct sun, no shade, no refrigeration, no Capt Steubing, no Gopher, no Isssac (sorry I got sidetracked), thirsty sailors, wooden casks, Not a great place for beer.....UNLESS the beer has so much hop oil it can't possibly skunk. Ta-Da!...the IPA. As you know, I always like to pull out a favorite quote from the show...for today it would have been easy to use Chip's reference to "herbaceous ale", or perhaps "England conquering India" but I'll let both of those go and head right for the best quote of the show. "Beer without hops is like potatoes without salt." Thanks guys....always entertaining.

To hear Chip's PodCast CLICK HERE


Péché Mortel Available in NEPA !

16 April 2008

I'll keep this short & sweet so you have time to run out the door. River St Ale House has a little less than half a case (no thanks to me) of Péché Mortel from Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel in 12oz bottles available. Don't miss now...thank me later!

By the way Péché Mortel is French for 'Mortal Sin.'

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Cheers and welcome to Trö officially participating with Welcome aboard...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the Tröegs Brewing Co page...and stay tuned for new beers coming from Tröegs.


Belgian Beer Pronunciation

How many times has your beer-infused tongue become tangled in a Belgian brewery pronunciation? After listening to Chip struggle with Duchess, I though I'd post a pronunciation guide for you to check out. Yes, you can actually listen to the American-ized, Flemish or French pronunciations on your computer. So turn up your speakers and be sure to stretch out first so you don't pull a tongue-muscle.

Click HERE for the pronunciation site.

Read more... Welcomes T.J.'s Everyday

Thank you and welcome to TJ's officially participating with Welcome aboard...the beer loving community Thanks you! T.J.'s is a little out of the way for the NEPA crowd, but after you see the selection & bottles in the cellar you'll want to visit. Click Here to vist the T.J.'s Everyday page.


Top 50 Breweries by Sales (Craft & Overall)

13 April 2008

Let's start the week with some interesting beer-stats. The Brewers Association of America just release the top 50 craft brewing companies by beer sales volume and the top 50 overall brewing companies by beer sales volume. Unfortunately we only get the rankings and not the actual numbers, but be sure to take a peek and see what "micros" are becoming pretty "macro." For the local flavor, check out #6 Overall!

Click HERE for the rankings...and if you really want to get an idea of what the numbers really are (at least for 2005) Clicky-click HERE.

Read more... Welcomes Plaza Beverage !

12 April 2008

Cheers and welcome to Plaza officially participating with Welcome aboard...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the Plaza Beverage page...and stay tuned for new cases coming from Plaza Beverage.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Duchesse de Bourgogne

11 April 2008

Todays Chip the Beer Guy show on Rock 107 featured Duchesse de Bourgogne. Today's beer (courtesy of Purvs Beer & More), highlighted not only the Flemish Red Ale style, but also the blended beer method. Duchesse ale is a blend of beer aged 18 months in oak barrels with beer aged 8 months to create a unique blended red ale. Speaking of blending, the highlight of the show was Chip's pronunciation of the brew...."doo-shay de boar-goan yay" (sorry for the horrific phonetic). Needless to say I'll be nervous the next time I order one...perhaps I'll have to stick to "Duchess." Chip also explained the woman on the bottle is the Duchess of Burgundy and her falcon, who apparently died at the age of 25 by falling off a horse during a falconry event....perhaps drinking and falcon-ing should be left to the experts. Duchess comes to us from Brouwerji Verhaeghe of Belgium and comes in at a very tasty 6% ABV.

To hear Chip's PodCast CLICK HERE

Read more... Welcomes Dugan's !

10 April 2008

Cheers and welcome to Dugan' officially participating with Welcome aboard...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the Dugan's page...and stay tuned for upcoming news @ Dugan's.

Read more... Welcomes Sabatinis !

Thank you and welcome to officially participating with Welcome aboard...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the Sabatinis page. Check out their bottle list!!


Why Oh Why can't Wilkes-Barre/Scranton have a Micro-brewery?!?

09 April 2008

Consider this the kick off blog for the campaign to have a micro-brewery/brew-pub in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton. You'll find as this campaign progresses that the lack of a local micro makes me crazy. We have the beer crowd, we have the real-estate, we even have the talent...but alas no micro. Why? Was it the demise of Black Rock (for non-beer-related reasons), or is it something else? Today I present to you two pieces of evidence. Exhibit A is the 2007 Craft Beer Industry Statistics. READ THIS and tell me what Wilkes-Barre is missing? These micros are popping up and thriving everywhere! For Exhibit B (and the end of today's rant) I offer up Williamsport. TWO Micros now live in Williamsport, and yet we have none. If you're not crying already I suggest you CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE, or even CLICK HERE. I'll pause while you finish sobbing over our loss of Terry....I'll end today's rant with a plea...Please Bullfrog, please Weyerebacher, please Troegs...please open a brew-pub in NEPA!

OK local beer lovers...Please click on the comments link below and tell me I'm not alone here....

Read more... welcomes B.F.J'Eat !

A hearty welcome to B.F.J' officially participating with Welcome aboard...the beer loving community Thanks you! Click HERE to go to the B.F.J'Eat page.


Troegs Celebrates No-Pro Day - Sorry for the late notice

Troegs & the Dauphin Co Historical Society will be holding "A spirited celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition" (try to say that 3-times fast). Friday April 11 7:30PM @ the brewery (800 Paxton St, Harrisburg). Looks like our buddy Lew bryson will be speaking and signing his book also. Firkin tapping @ 8PM, Scratch Beer #11 unveiling, aged Scratch beer tasting and other Troegs favorites. Sounds like a blast to me....

Click Here for details.


Samuel Adams issues recall for glass in bottles.

08 April 2008

Not that I suspect too many of us have Sam Adams in the 'fridge, but the brewery has issued a recall for select 12oz bottles from the Cincinnati brewery because of glass chips found in bottles. Boston Beer Co is stressing that no glass has been found in any consumer bottles. The bottles affected will be 12oz bottles labeled "N35 OI". This is the first recall in the history of Sam Adams beer...


Happy No-Pro Day - April 7th 2008

07 April 2008

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition in the here's your history lesson for the day. In 1932 FDR ran his presidential campaign with the promise to repeal prohibition. Now he claimed he was doing it to stop organized crime from profiting through bootlegging, but we all know he really just wanted to legally crack open a beer. Of course he was elected, and in 1933 (do the math), he repealed prohibition. What most people don't know is that in April 1933, FDR raised the legal alcohol level to just over 3%, which in that day made it just enough for the typical American Lager beer to be legal, but not high enough for regular spirits. Of course this is where August Bush, of Budweiser-fame, marched the Clydesdales through the newly opened door and into history. So be sure to toast FDR when you pop a brew this week.


Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Ithaca Beer Co

04 April 2008

Chip the Beer Guy was live from the Hilton Hotel in Scranton today on Rock 107. Today's featured beer was Ithaca Beer Co's Apricot Wheat. This is their number one seller and features an unfiltered wheat beer infused with a mild apricot extract. Chip also brought their seasonal Flower Power IPA and their Casca Zilla hoppy red ale for tasting after the show. Ithaca Brew Co has been available in PA for about a year, but only for a few months in our area. Ithaca Beer Co is distributed locally by LT Verastro and is available in many outlets in the area. Look for their color-coded seasonal variety packs (4 per year), for some interesting beer sampling.

To hear Chip's PodCast CLICK HERE


Become a mybeerbuzz reporter !

01 April 2008

At we're always looking for mybeerbuzz reporters. It's a simple job. All you do is go out and drink some great beers (like you normally do), and report back to mybeerbuzz with such things as beers on tap, upcoming beers on tap, new bottles, upcoming events, or anything new or interesting at the beer bar or craft beer distributor. These details can be sent via e-Mail, phone, or even by entering a comment on the mybeerbuzz web site. You may be asking what's in it for you (other than the beer)? Only together can we crate this site and keep it up to date. How cool will it be to see the tap list for all of the local beer bars on one web site, AND have it accurate an up to date. How cool would it to be the first to know when new beers arrive at the distributor. Together we can make this a reality. If you have any questions or to become a mybeerbuzz reporter, drop me an e-Mail by clicking on the e-Mail link on the right or click here to contact me.


Beer bar owners, Craft beer distributors & bartenders join now.

So how does work? First off, this is a FREE yes, you get FREE advertising just by participating; but we do need your help. Our goal at is to build a web site that contains accurate an up-to-date beer tap listings for all local beer bars & new cases listing for craft beer distributors. This will give beer lovers a way to see the great beers you have at your establishment, the upcoming beers you'll soon have, your new bottles, any new or interesting bar news, and even upcoming events. As a beer bar owner, craft beer distributor or bartender, all we ask is that you update us (as frequently as you have time for) with any details that you can (i.e tap lists, new bottles, new cases, upcoming beers, special bar events). This info can be sent via e-Mail, phone, or even as a comment on the mybeerbuzz web site. If you have any questions, or to become a mybeerbuzz member, drop me an e-Mail by clicking on the e-Mail link on the right or click here to contact me.


Split Rock Beer Festival Tour

Our buddy Carl is running another beer tour. This time it's going to the International Beer Festival @ Split Rock Lodge on April 12th 2008 (1PM - 5PM). Check out Carl's website for details.


Michael Jackson Rare Beer Club March - Mailing

This month's beer for the Michael Jackson Rare Beer Club (MJRBC) is a Belgian Buckwheat Brown Ale called Leireken Buckwheat Bruin. This beer is brewed by Leo De Smedt, the brewer of Affligem abbey ales and Celis White prior to moving to Leireken.

For March the club is delivering three bombers (1 Pint 9.4 oz) champagne corked bottles which come in at 6% ABV.

Stay tuned for the tasting later in May.


Dugan's adds a new craft beeer tap handle.

A visit to Charlie @ Dugan's pub in Luzerne yielded some very good news (and I don't just mean Charlie's new doggie). Charlie has always had a great selection of Rogue bottles, but recently he added a new tap handle. As of 3/28 Charlie was featuring Troegs Sunshine Pils, and it sounds like this handle will be dedicated to only craft beers like Troegs and Dogfish Head (DFH). Very good news for those of us who already love the food and friendliness @ Dugan's.


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Please feel free to contact me or comment!



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