MBAA @ Lion Brewery Part # 6 Special Surprise!

20 November 2008

I promised a Special Surprise here it is. I'm sworn to secrecy on any further details, and yes the photos are intentionally blurry (as were many of my other photos) and intentionally censored. I can confirm that this photo was taken inside the Lion Brewery last Friday, those are oak barrels, and there IS beer inside them. Beyond that you'll have to stay tuned here for further details to come when Leo and Bob say it's OK. Thanks again Leo & Bob.

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sam k,  20 November, 2008 19:31  

Our good old Lion Brewery...getting better by the day, and still more creativity and diversity of style up their sleeve than any traditional regional I know of. God bless ya', boys!

mybeerbuzz,  21 November, 2008 13:57  

Good call was nice to see newthings happening at Lion in person. Stay tuned!

Anonymous,  23 November, 2008 11:52  

think i know what this is but i won't blab...yuuuuum!

mybeerbuzz,  23 November, 2008 17:42  

Come on Anon....DO BLAB!

Darel Matthews,  23 November, 2008 17:58  

Post up...I'm curious to see what the speculation is...though if I told you I'd have to kill you...

mybeerbuzz,  23 November, 2008 19:13  

Darel...I spoke to (and was grilled by) a few people Friday night and 10 or 20 people today at the Beer Festival. Surprisingly the speculation is both positive (which I expected) and fairly accurate. You can certainly kill me, but you'd be amazed how many people I spoke to that speculated fairly well...although no one knows the real story (wink wink). Cheers and thanks for the Holiday Warmer today....check out the video...I believe you have a starring role....

Lee Botschaner,  24 November, 2008 13:45  

Do you have information (and can you divulge) about where this beer will go? How we the public can get it or where it will be sold?

mybeerbuzz,  24 November, 2008 14:51  

Thanks Lee...nothing to divulge now except to say that if there are opportunities to sample these beers or an event where they are released to the will hear about it here on mybeerbuzz...and it's not out of the question so STAY TUNED!

Lee Botschaner,  24 November, 2008 15:02  

always do. My most checked beer blog in beer land!

mybeerbuzz,  24 November, 2008 15:36  

Thanks made my day with that comment!

mybeerbuzz,  24 November, 2008 15:36  

Thanks made my day with that comment!

Anonymous,  24 November, 2008 16:23  

i thought that i heard somewhere (lew bryson's blog perhaps?) that they racked some of this years Winter Ale (which is fantastic btw) into barrels and will tap them at next year's Oktoberfest..
you'd never know there was a hop shortage by the flavor of this beer!

mybeerbuzz,  24 November, 2008 18:14  

You saw it here and on Lew's blog....but there's more to the story than just that...

Darel,  24 November, 2008 19:20  

Well, gee, thanks Lew!

Guess I should have boned up on my STAG backblogs before assuming the barrels were a huge secret. However, please notice one thing: there are only two. The entire contents' production run would only last ten minutes, five tops at Oktoberfest.

It's safe to say that perhaps at best there are only a couple of people here who may get to sample the barrel beer, however don't get discouraged. Take this as an indicator that renewed focus has been placed on experimentation, and on bringing new, exciting, high-quality craft beers to Pennsylvania's true beer lovers, and by this I mean beer geeks who do not order beer by color.

Geez, that really sounded like a marketing guy wrote it. Sorry. Suffice it to say the Lion will be getting in touch with its' inner homebrewer, and you all will be the ones to reap the benefits.


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