Happy BirthdAversary to me...mybeerbuzz.com

30 November 2008

Last week we quietly passed a few mybeerbuzz.com milestones and since I can be fairly superstitious, I decided to celebrate them all late.

From our humble beginnings in April 2008 we've turned 8-months old. I know in human years that means we'd still be pooping in our underwear, but in terms of beer blogs it's not bad. The stats guy in me would also love to point out we closing on our 250th post and our 200th comment.

Now I know all of these are still puppy-land sort of stats so here's the big dog. In just 6 months and with limited promotion, mybeerbuzz.com has over 14,000 hits. Anyone who has tried to promote a website will tell you that getting 1000 hits in a year is big, so to get 14,000 hits in 8 months is very promising and very satisfying. Better yet, it means what we're putting out here is info people want and info that hopefully people enjoy. Thanks to all of our readers and a special thanks to everyone that contributes. Cheers!

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leoorl44 30 November, 2008 15:24  

Happy Birthday Bil.

Keep up the great work.


mybeerbuzz,  30 November, 2008 18:47  

Thanks Leo...

tazio 30 November, 2008 19:07  

Good deal. Congratulations and keep it up.

mybeerbuzz,  30 November, 2008 19:14  

Thanks Tony...

sam k,  30 November, 2008 22:25  

Hey, I've been here for a good chunk of that, and you definitely fill a niche in the beer ether. You are one of only two beer blogs I pay attention to. Lew's is the other one, and I stopped by because he recommended you. I stayed, though, because of the local focus and pointed insight.

There are obviously a lot of us who appreciate your efforts, and all of us wish you a happy, er, BirthdAversary!

BTW, I made it to Zeno's cask festival both days and got to try a lot of great beers because of the info I found here! Thanks again!

mybeerbuzz,  01 December, 2008 07:55  

Thanks Sam...glad to have you on board and I always appreciate your comments and insight.

Lee Botschaner,  01 December, 2008 10:18  

Congrats and keep up the good work. It's really cool to have such an articulate site that talks renders news about places (like the lion) that it is hard to find elsewhere.

Next time I'm in the valley I'll buy you a steg porter draft at sabatinis...

mybeerbuzz,  01 December, 2008 10:48  

Thanks Lee....I appreciate your participation & kind words....and I'm always up for a Steg Porter (just had one at the Split Rock festival last Sun and it was tasty)

stingo 01 December, 2008 11:10  

...but have you had the Imperial pint at Sabatini's?

Happy 8 month anniversary!

mybeerbuzz,  01 December, 2008 13:31  


Anonymous,  02 December, 2008 16:37  

congrats- great blog..here's to many more!

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